We were delighted to see a wild herd join the Ithumba orphans at the stockades this week. In amongst the herd were Ex-Orphans Mulika and Yatta who we rescued when they were just months old and today they proudly display young wild calves of their own.

Thanks to you we have been rescuing and hand-rearing orphaned elephants for over 35 years and it is special moments such as this which bring great joy, pride and encouragement to the entire DSWT team. 

It is our duty to protect Africa’s wildlife and with your help we can ensure each new orphan returns back to the wild to join Tsavo’s great elephant herds.

(1) The brown earthy elephants stand out among the grey orphans!

(2) The herd mix with one another whilst browsing at the stockade.

(3) Ithumba Keeper Benjamin proudly admires the herd.

(4) The Ithumba orphans seem calm around the wild herd.

All images © 2013 The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, All Rights Reserved.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Thanks to our supporters, every elephant in this photograph has been afforded a second chance at a life back in the wild.

We could not respond to the rescue calls we receive about orphaned elephants, or provide those rescued with the dedicated care and husbandry they need to survive, without the generosity of our donors and foster parents. You make our work possible and looking at this image, taken at Ithumba, acts as a powerful reminder of the individual lives that are being saved and nurtured.

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