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Oh yea.. I like this view.. oh.. I think I’ve something with black haired guys and blue eyes… Can’t deny that hihihi *3* .. and I love long noses, LOL. (Argh, it’s all shadowsleepwalker and bubblegumblown‘s fault that I keep watching my sims noses ever since they fangirled over Ace and Saul’s nose =.=‘)

The one with the hoodie is Jake Tyson. He participated in ithink-iam-happy‘s BC(still ongoing), but sadly has been eliminated some days ago ;3; n’aw. *pats his head* He did become good friends with the bachelorette. 

The other one with his arms crossed is Hayate Goh and he participated in katkitsimmer‘s BC and won it! Huray \(^o^)/ 

Luke's Girlfriend

I think Luke would go for a girl who is really funny, chill, and maybe even a bit quiet. I think he would want to take her to the zoo just to see the penguins. He’d want to take her out to cute little dates, like picnics at the beach or even a simple little Ice cream shop. Even though Luke seems confident, I think he’d like for his girlfriend to give him little kisses all over his face and tell him how much she loves him and how great his is. He’d like for her to comfort him when he needs her, as he would do the same for her.

Can I just say that I have only gotten into Mianite last month and I literally watched the whole of Season 1 and 2 in around one week so I can catch up and now it has been an emotional roller coaster of salty tears.

I love this fandom so much despite the drama we’ve encountered. We’re all probably going to be salty tomorrow.

Everyone group hug and prepare for impact!!

PS: Thank you so much, bts team, you’re all amazing people. Thank you for the wild adventure from start to finish and for all the work you have poured into this wonderful world.