Ithaca Beer Erryday IPA, Cranbretty, and Milkstache - Went to Ithaca Beer taproom for Binghamton Beer wife’s birthday today. 

I started off with an Erryday IPA which was a really good session IPA. The 5 BBL series has been turning out a lot of these - wish they would pick one to bottle as they’ve pretty much all been superior to Green Trail.

The wife tried the re-release of Cranbretty. I had a sip. It’s interesting, but a little too close to cranberry juice for me. 

I finished up the meal with a Milkstache which was a milk stout with plenty of lactose added. Decent. A good desert beer.

For food I tried the BBQ chicken special. The sauce was made with Nut Brown and was pretty good. The chicken was a bit on the slender side. Slaw and cornbread were good. 


A few beers at Capone’s in Norristown, PA. On the top, Ithaca’s Flower Power IPA (a 4 of 4), Ithaca’s Java Power on the bottom left (a 3 of 4), and Port/Lost Abbey’s Dank & Sticky IPA (Hop Concept Brewing) on the bottom right (a 4 of 4). Three very different IPAs, and all great in their own way. Flower Power is, as expected, quite floral. The hop character has some great citrus/pine notes as well, and it’s all on top of a relatively clean and bright body. Some citrus-like sweetness and a moderate body carry a decent amount of bitterness well. Java Power is a coffee IPA - and it makes this very clear from the first smell. Lots of bright and fruity and roast coffee notes in the nose. Drinks with less coffee in the body, and a very similar bright profile as Flower Power. Finally, Dank & Sticky is just that - a thick, powerfully bitter IPA. Lots of bitter citrus pith notes and some resinous qualities as well. There’s some powerful sweetness here, but also a whole lot of firm bitterness and some vegetal notes as well.

Waiting and waiting and waiting on NHC results.

Another beer that seldom pops up around here, or just began distribution, not sure which. People rant and rave, like they did about Jai Alai.

So me, the non-IPA guy, picked up a 6er.

This is fantastic. It’s the kind of American-styled IPA that I like (in moderation, that is). It’s bitter, but the bitterness isn’t oppressive (as it was in Jai Alai), but it’s well balanced, and loaded with hop flavor and aroma.

Jai Alai grew on me as I finished off the 6er, but it wasn’t my favorite beer. I don’t think I’ll have a problem finishing the 6er of this. However, that’s going to burn me out on IPAs for a good, long while.

Hop Flight at Ithaca Beer Co Taproom - stopped in for lunch today and tried some new beers.

Rustic Harvest - the new beer in the box of hops mixed pack (which I skipped this year). An enjoyable reddish IPA. Would drink again.

Java Power - Flower Power brewed with coffee. Coffee IPAs seemed to be a bit of a trend last year, but this is the first I can remember having. It was fine, but didn’t stand out.

Anniversary 17 - the real reason for the visit. A wheat double IPA hybrid with Brett thrown in for good measure. I liked it. My favorite Ithaca anniversary beer since 13. I picked up a few bottles with the intention of letting the Brett really develop in at least one.

Dark Vine - the only non-“new to me” beer on the flight. A fine black IPA.