ithaca community quidditch team


Well this snitch plays for the Ithaca Community Quidditch Team.  Matt was a snitch this weekend at Vassar’s IV Annual Butterbeer Classic on April 14th.  From the looks of it, this tournament went off extremely well, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.  I mean who wouldn’t with a snitch like that (and all the other snitches for that matter)

Just remember if someone has your broom up, don’t be afraid to ask us to share. 

Yooooo so since we’re such a small school and barely go to Tournaments besides Vassar and Snow Belt stuff every Quidditch blog/website predicted us going 0-4 in pool play and finishing like last in regionals. We went 2-2 in our pool (Losing to NYU and tournament favorite BU) and got placed 15/25 teams. We just won our first game in single elimination (against the fabulous UNH). 20 teams made it to single elimination, though I think some of the top teams got byes. We should be pretty close to the top 12, which means we’re super close to qualifying for World Cup. I don’t think we can afford a team trip to World Cup, but that feeling is nice since nobody believed in us coming into this. I think our next game is against Emerson so lolnope but I’m super proud we came this far