Kim Seokjin's Shoulders

anonymous asked: I don’t know if this is closed and if it is I’m sorry but what about a Jin shoulder appreciation? You could land a plane on them… And they’re great leg rests😘

omg sorry this was so late AND YES U RITE they would be great leg rests 

u can land a plane on here my god 

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just look at the shoulder difference my god i mean i love jimins shoulders too they great but jin’s…

all my sins r forgiven 

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closer pic



two things are in this photo….both equally satisfying 




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oh my what a cutie 




look he knows what he’s doing to us 

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i hope u liked it

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Making it Canon

PAIRING- reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS- use of some bad language but what ya gonna do, tiny bit on angst but mostly fluff :D 

Request from Anon-  Hey cutie May I request Bucky x fem!reader one shot, where reader was an HYDRA agent but left and joins the Avengers. She develops a schoolgirl crush on Bucky and Clint takes notice that they like each other and makes sure the otp becomes canon

This was really fun to write, I like writing Clint as a bit sassy and snarky, I hope you like it


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The most important turning point in your life so far was the decision to go against Hydra; you knew that fighting alongside an organization that had seeped its way into very government agency in America was never good. Hydra was like poison that suffocated you in every aspect of your life. So when you decided to help Captain America become a fugitive you knew for once in your life, you were doing the right thing. It also helped that you knew quite a lot of information about Hydra that you could use against them. Of course Steve and Natasha didn’t trust you at first, who would. A double agent always had his or her own agenda what’s to say that you didn’t. But when you take a bullet for the super soldier it’s hard for them to find reasons not to trust you, after you risked your own life. You fought alongside the Avengers in Sokovia you faced metal robots and fought along side the Hulk for Christ sake, you were a feared and respected member of the Avengers. So why did Bucky god-damn Barnes reduce you into a pathetic gigging school girl.

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Hello, can I have an apreciation of jungkook' eyesex,please?

sure beeby

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I hope you like it

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hi! may i request a short reaction? how would they react if you were best friends and they confessed to you? but you only like them as a friend.

This one was sad ToT But I hope you like it

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would do his best to handle your rejection well. He’d accept that you only liked him as a friend, and he didn’t want to lose that, so he’d assure you that this wouldn’t change anything; the two of you could still be best friends and he’d wish for your happiness with whomever you found it with, though he’d be a bit overprotective of you to ensure that your future significant others were good enough for you.

Yoongi would be numb; he wouldn’t feel anything after you rejected him, falling silent immediately after you shut him down and staying that way for quite a while. He just nods if you try to assure him that the two of you can still be friends and you didn’t mean to hurt him, not really listening to you; he’ll remember it later, once he’s recovered from the shock, but right now nothing will help and he wants to be alone, but he doesn’t want to just leave abruptly and have you think he’s mad.

Surprisingly, Hoseok doesn’t feel anything after you reject him; he was numb, which he figured was probably a good thing right now. He was able to laugh off your rejection, as if he had expected it and was completely fine with it. And that’s exactly what he told you; the two of you could go back to being friends and act like this had never happened despite the fact that he knew that the moment he was alone would be the moment he broke down.

Namjoon was ultimately very upset by your rejection, but he did a very good job of acting like he wasn’t; he managed to smile, assure you that it was fine - that he was fine - and agree to keep being friends without mentioning this ever again before coming up with an excuse to leave early. Once he was on his own, he moped around, dragging his feet and telling himself that he shouldn’t be so upset, which only served to make him more upset.

Jimin would try to assure you that he was fine - he’d continue being your friend and you could pretend this whole confession had never happened - but, despite how hard he tried to, he couldn’t hide just how upset he was by your rejection. He tried to leave, but he didn’t want to leave so abruptly and make you think he was mad at you or anything like that. So he moved between you and the door, flitting back and forth and wishing there was a good way out of this.

Taehyung was clearly upset by your rejection, and he didn’t bother trying to hide it or mask it behind a smile. He’d be very solemn and quiet for the most part, muttering that he understood in a whisper to attempt to keep his voice from cracking. He didn’t want to make you feel bad for rejecting him, so he nodded when you asked if he was okay with staying friends, but he was crying by that point, and all he wanted was a hug.

Jungkook was devastated by your rejection, and he doesn’t know how to hide it. He lowered his head towards the floor, not even so much as looking at your shoes as he backed away. He began muttering apologies, not really sure what he was apologizing for himself - leaving abruptly? Burdening you with his confession? Whatever the reason, he was apologizing as he made his way to the exit, hopefully leaving before you could see him tear up.

Merry Christmas, baby girl

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Requested by anonymous: AHHH I’m in love with your blog💗 do you think you could a fluff about Dylan around Christmas season and they’re cuddling and kiss and it’s all cute and cosy? I would really appreciate it


WORDS: 118

WARNING: really short, sorry

A/N: Thank you so much! Enjoy it :)

Y/N P.O.V.

“Dylan, where’s the cookies I made for Santa?”

He looked at me with his mouth full of cookies. I shake my head and laugh. Dylan ran at me and hugs me. He lifts me and smiles.

I turn the DVD on and I put The Polar Express. Dylan laughs at my choice and I sit on his lap. He hugs me and kisses my cheek. I play the movie and Dylan strokes my hair, I smile and look at him. I kiss his nose and he laughs.

“Can we just cuddle all day?” He asks.

I nod. I feel his arms around me and I kiss his neck.

“I love you, Dylan.” He smiles

“Merry Christmas, baby girl.”

BTS Reaction - About to confess but learns that you’re already in a relationship w/ another member

i’m not even sure if this is right(〜^∇^)〜 but i hope u like it

gifs not mine credits to the rightful owners ^^

Jin: Oh? I didn’t know about that. Well… I’m happy for you. *Fake smiles*

Suga: Oh.
You: What is it you’re about to say?
Suga: *GIF* Th-that’s n-nothing. I w-was just g-gonna check on you. I-I g-gotta go n-now.

J-Hope: *GIF* Y-Yeah h-haha. I’m soooo happy f-for you.

Rap Monster: (You’re on a video call)
I’m sorry I haven’t told you about our relationship.
Rap Monster: Oh that’s nothing, really. But I-I gotta go I have some really important stuff to do. See ya later bye! *Quickly ends the call*

Jimin: *GIF*

V: *Finds out through text message*
V: *GIF*

Jungkook: *GIF*
Hey. You okay?
Jungkook: *GIF*

Tyrell, you`re so fucking romantic

Why does it sound like a threat? (a cute threat, actually)

Why does it  remind me of #hannigram so much?

Translation from shipper language to English: 
Ok, I have a question: Does the Elliot`s crazy murderous cupcake Tyrell mean “the things”, that they do in fsociety`s headquarters or “THE MYSTERIOUS THINGS”, that they did in Tyrell`s car of love?

P.S. Elliot looks like worried wife, who finaly heard her husband`s voice on the phone.

gifs by  raymukada