Check out this amaaazing TED Talk by Jill Andrew (who we’ve had the pleasure to get to know through our Fat’s How We Roll peer group!)!! Jill breaks down some of the ways fat bodies - especially black bodies - are impacted by discourses of fatphobia & health. 

*TW for discussion of fatphobia, self-hate and some ableist language. 

“Fat is just a description. Its not a prescription - and its certainly not an invitation for hate, for exclusion, for ridicule, for assaults against my body. And it sure as heck ain’t an excuse to make judgments about my health or my morality.”


Different bodies exist in different shapes and sizes and they always will – no matter how much we are taught to hate certain bodies and no matter how much we hate ourselves for being embodied in a way that is unacceptable to mainstream discourse(s). This is why fat bodies are always under attack: not because everyone cares about fat people’s “health,” but because in their very existence, fat bodies present a danger to the status quo simply because they ‘fail’ to conform to the many ways we are required to police our own (and each other’s) bodies every single day.
—  Asam / IGF
I absolutely adore the itgetsfatter project.

Even though I myself am not fat, I really think the movement is so amazing and inspiring. I am trying so hard to accept and love my body for what it is. During treatment anorexia nervosa, I stumbled into orthorexic tendencies. And I am now trying to recover from that, and it’s so hard to believe that I don’t have to be in perfect physical condition. That my body is okey even if it’s not all muscle and just leafy greens. And I don’t have to worry about whether or not something makes me fat, cause even if I gain a few pounds, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. This project has totally helped me with my fears to quit constantly working out and only eating healthy foods. I can eat sugar and processed things occasionally, because if it makes me gain weight, it’s okey, if it doesn’t, it’s okey. As long as I’m happy with who I am, my weight and bfp doesn’t matter one bit. I cannot thank them enough. I will definitely be following this project. Plus Jackie is a cutie.