Tonight is the night of In The Flesh, you know it very well, Sundays at 10PM.

As in this amazing image we see at the beginning of every episode, the living come over the Undead to try to prevent them from rise.

As you know, we are the Undead, and as the metaphor goes, BBC has decided to be the real opresor, trying to prevent The Redeemed from rise every week.

This is why is so important to trend on Sundays at 10PM (UK), because we love In The Flesh, its cancellation has been an outrage and we need to call out this fact to have it back incorruptible for Dominic Mitchell to continue the story as it has to go.

We need you to come over and fight with us, tired of fight? How’s so? Things get time, but we have Twitter and Tumblr now to make clear to the media what shows we care about, with your help and only with everyone’s help, we will have back In The Flesh, but you have to let the cynicism and the bitter disbelief at one side, because you are making a favor to the executives that don’t want to risk in creative, honest works like this one.
Come tonight at 10PM GMT (UK), use the tag #InTheFleshMustRise (where is the lie?!) and fight with us to find another channel and more viewers that will be atracted by all the fuss.

This week you can win AMAZING BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS items that In The Flesh fans generously have donated for the cause. Usually they sell these items in their stores, today you can have them for free just for participate:

The amazing InTheFlesh-ART (@ITFart on Twitter) has made possible this giveaway, let’s celebrate it participating and making it a big trend.
Tweet in all the languages of the world, no worries about having to write in English, just be sure you include the tag #InTheFleshMustRise (only this one tag to make possible to trend, and trend high worldwide) and tag Netflix and Amazon in the tweets.

There’s only one way to make this happen, and is together, to have unit is the only way to make In The Flesh come back.

Day 2 of #9Daysof ITFart : Simon Monroe

I want to tell you about Simon, it’d be pages long, but if you know the show and his story, I don’t need to tell any more. If you haven’t watched the show(yet!) then I don’t want to tell you about him, you have to see it yourself how beautiful and complex his character is. 

Another reason to have this show back.

Please sign this petition to help us renew this fantastic show.