I’ve dreamed of this since I first read the manga, when I was 14 years old - just like Usagi! I identified with her so much. Sailor Moon was such a comfort to me throughout a rather turbulent adolescence. I am so appreciative of Proplica and the 20th Anniversary line because it has provided me a wonderful opportunity to fulfill some long held dreams 💖 Moon Prism Power!

Items found in nature that can be placed on a Witch’s altar or home
  • Sea Shells: This is good to have around the house if you practice sea witchcraft
  • Stones: These don’t have to be gemstones-lots of rocks
    have a natural beauty while having no monetary
    whatsoever, and river stones can be particularly pretty.
  • Feathers: Keep in mind that it is illegal to own eagle feathers,
    and those of some other endangered species.
  • Leaves
  • Pine cones
  • Beach glass: This is glass been tumbled by the waves.
  • Flowers, both fresh and dried
  • Herbs, both fresh and dried: Many herbs have lovely flowers,
  • Acorns
  • Snakeskins: Snakes often shed their skins and leave them
    behind mostly intact. Snakes are a symbol of change,
    growth, and rebirth, so if you are doing magickal work
    involving these elements, a snakeskin might be a good
    thing to put on your altar (unless snakes freak you out,
    of course).
  • Antlers: At certain times of the year, you can sometimes find
    antlers that have been shed by deer (or other animals,
    depending on where you live).
  • Bird nests: Once the birds are through using them, you
    can often find compact and intricate nests. Just be sure they’re not the kind of nests that birds use year after year

Witchcraft on a Shoestring: Practice the Craft Without Breaking Your Budget by Deborah Blake

Negative Review: enchantedforest

Who: enchantedforest #176931

What: Scam

Why: Sent in items, received neither payment nor reimbursement despite obvious activity

When: 8/26/2015

Explain: Enchantedforest offered to buy 20,000 embers at 1k each, and when I sent over 65 they did not respond with the money. Recent forum activity proves they have been online, and others have sent in embers only to be scammed as well.


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Xur is back at the Tower this week. Find him in the Hangar on the balcony. This week he’s bought Peregrine Greaves leg armor for the Titan, Crest of Alpha Lupi chest armor for the Hunter, Apotheosis Veil helmet for the Warlock, Plan C fusion rifle, and an exotic gauntlets engram. If any of those fire your engines, get on over to the Tower with your coins and purchase some toys before he’s gone!