A lil idea I had recently! Tiny spell bottle charm + tattoo bracelet 🗝🍃🥀✨

This one contains:

Rosemary 🌿 to bring genuine happiness
Rose 🌹 to bring sweetness and love
Thyme 🍃 to clear away bad vibes
Lavender 🌾 for relaxation and peace

My anxiety has been bad lately due to withdrawal from going off of my last antidepressant, so this has been much needed ❣️


etsyfindoftheday 1 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 7.21.17

leather goodies by hustleandhide

let’s dive into our friday frenzy with some superrad leather finds from EFOTD go-to hustleandhide — whether you are looking for a sweet wrap bracelet or a new bag, this etsy shop has the cool styles and colors you’re craving.

Theory #1

I theorize the first bracelets the boys got were testing them to see if they were worthy enough to be the heirs of love, and when they got the second bracelets it was because they were deemed worthy as the prince’s of love.

(Here is one of my theories I hope hope you like it. And my ask box is open.)

Lucky Charm Bracelet

When you were a kid you may have worn a charm bracelet with tiny symbols that represented you interests or achievements. The symbols on the magick charm bracelet you make in this spell, however, represent your desires and intentions. keeping these symbols in your immediate energy field makes the bracelet work, well, like a charm.


  • A silver or gold link bracelet.
  • Small charms that can be attached to the bracelet.

Best Time to Perform the Spell:

  • Any time

Choose a bracelet that appeals to you and that can hold as many charms as you have wishes. you might want to wear a metal that relates to your goal. Silver embodies feminine qualities and corresponds to the moon. Its energy is receptive, intuitive, emotional, creative, and works through the power of attraction. Gold signified masculine qualities and relates to the sun. its energy is assertive, direct, logical, and works through the power of action.

Select charms that hold meaning for you and that depict your objectives. If your goal is to attract a lover, a heart is a apt symbol. A car or airplane might represent travel. Wear as many charms as you like. Add or remove them over time as your intentions change. Remember to wash your charms before wearing them, to get rid of any lingering energies left behind by other people who may have touched them.

“The Modern Guide To Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, & Spells,” by Skye Alexander