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I really hate how someone can knowingly break the law and smoke weed after seeing how it almost destroyed his shit group when his band mate did the same thing years ago and then tries to kill himself for media play, attention and sympathy, tbh I wish he’d tried a bit harder. The knetz who were so ‘cruel’ about him were just stating the truth. Bigbang would have been better off had he overdosed at home by himself after getting drunk on god knows how many bottles of wine like the pathetic excuse of a human he is as he probably would’ve died alone with no one there to help him. He is a failure as an idol and a total fucking joke who uses mental illness as an excuse to break the law. Imagine being such a fuck up you can’t even manage to kill yourself and do your band mates a favour lmao


TOP’s video during Last Dance



I know we love to joke about things as a Clique, but they worked their asses off to give us the Emøtiønal Røadshøw (trust me, the one I went to was so well done and they put so much into each show). Yes, it’s hard to wait for new content. Yes, we can analyze their merch and posts until the water runs dry.

But please, give the boys time to rest.

Their health and happiness is what matters here. If they’re happy and healthy, the album will be able to blow us all out of the water. Rushing them won’t help it to release any faster.

I’m sorry if I sounded rude, I don’t mean to be, I just want to make sure that the boys can rest before coming back into the music scene.

Stay alive, frens. Not just today, but tomorrow, too. |-/