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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - 2008 - Sony PSP - Opening Cinematic

Capcom’s ‘other franchise’ Monster Hunter is a big hit in Japan and a lowkey success in western markets - the game’s crafting and item system heavily influenced The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild and PSP gamers have predominantly appreciated the game’s long-haul RPG gameplay, massive stats, and of course its rewarding addictiveness. 

Either solo or with friends, the game’s basic objective is to hunt, carve up, and assemble armor, weapons, tools and items from a diverse cast of fantasy monsters - including massive enemy crabs, kong-esque apes, wily wyverns and of course the true ‘elder dragons’ of ancient legend.

Featuring a broad array of fighting styles, weapon types and armor classes, the open-ended game will eat up your free hours and a rich progression and home base upgrade system keeps things interesting throughout your hunting career.

One of the PSP’s hidden gems, the definitive version Freedom Unite made it to the underdog Playstation Vita handheld, where it enjoys faster loading times and the enhanced control system over the predecessor console. A truly essential title that you’ll find impossible to put down once hooked.


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Day 5 of Linktober, Rupees!

I always wondered how those sharp faceted Rupees never tore Link’s Wallet. So I decided to make a system where the Rupees are inlaid in a tablet with an eyelet on top so that people could carry them easily on a string or belt without hurting themselves. PS: The 1 Rupee tablet is less sharp than it looks

Also a shutout to my pals:

You guys are awesome! Your comments keep me energized to do art!

Sidlink Fic: Connecting Chapter 2


Chapter 1 // Chapter 2 // Chapter 3

    “It is good to see Link again. After all these years it seems he is still the same, reckless as always. It seems that he is happy.”

    Mipha turned to face Zelda, her features soft and kind. She rested a hand over the Hylian princess’ own.

    “He has been taken care of, yes?” Mipha looked down. “Not to say that I do not trust you. I worry about him, I cannot heal from such a distance. He was always one to get hurt due to his need to be heroic.” Mipha dropped her hand, smiling softly.

    “I fear he does not like me very much, Lady Mipha. He has spoken not a fair word to me since our meeting though he has saved my life. I understand that I was cruel, but despite my efforts nothing has changed.” Zelda sighed, leaning against the brick of the wall. Although she had not known the Zora princess long, she had seemed to emanate a comfortable aura. It was refreshing to meet a friendly face amongst all those who sought to only oppress her and use her as an item of a long foretold legend.

    “He has a good heart. If your intentions are true, then give him time.” Mipha touched the Hylian princess’ arm lightly before turning to leaving as she came; on an air of grace.

    Zelda closed her eyes for a moment, feeling the watchful gaze of her knight return. He was ever-present, and silent as the wind. To the expressive princess, it was disconcerting.

    There was a light tugging at her sleeve.

    “Hey Princess!” A Zora child bounced up and down in front of Zelda, grinning broadly. She recognized him as Mipha’s young brother, Sidon.

    “Yes?” Her brows furrowed as she recognized what he held.

    “Princess! I hope you don’t mind but I looked through your things because it’s all really really cool! I found this book, is it your diary? You write really pretty. Mipha has a diary too, how come you both talk about Link so much, huh? Sister says says I shouldn’t-”

    “Give me that!” Zelda grabbed the book quickly, holding it closely to her chest. Her cheeks flared an embarrassing shade of red as she hunched into the book as if trying to encase it in her body.

    “Are you upset? I just thought maybe-” Sidon began with widened eyes, fumbling slightly over his words. The Hylian princess stormed away in a flurry, chewing on her lower lip and fuming.

    Sidon stared after her, a confused expression crossing his features. The Princess’ knight lingered back with the young Zora. He came forward from the wall he had watched on from, kneeling in front of the Prince to match his height a little better.

    “Link? Link! It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen you! Do you wanna play?” The young prince completely lost his confusion, full attention now on the Hylian Champion. Link shook his head, and Sidon’s expression dropped.

    “Awe, why not?” He pouted, arms crossed.

    “You really hurt her feelings, you know.” Link said, looking in the direction Zelda had left in. Sidon’s shoulders slumped, and his gaze fell.

    “I did? Oh no! I just wanted to be friends with her! What did I do!?” Sidon snapped up, frantic.

    “You really shouldn’t look through other people’s things. It’s not very heroic.” Link rested his hands on the Zora’s shoulders, assuring.

    “It’s not? Link, what am I supposed to do!?”

    “Apologize to her when she’s calmed down.” Link said, giving his shoulder a squeeze. Sidon nodded vigorously.

    “I wanna be a hero, just like you, Link. One day I’m gonna be big and strong and I’m gonna be just like you. I’ll help lots of people and I’ll fight for my people, and I’ll be a nice king.” The Prince balled his fists, eyes sparkling. Link chuckled, standing.

    “You want to be a hero?” He asked. Sidon nodded again, determined.

    “Of course I do!”

    “You need to remember one thing while you’re fighting for what’s right, Sidon. You need to in order to be a brave hero for your people and your sister.”

    “What’s that? Anything, I’ll do it.”

    “Show the enemy no fear.”

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