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Some Urban Witchcraft Things I Do
  • Using small shielding wards while moving in crowded spaces to stop people from entering my personal space, using it to get a space on the train while others try very hard to not be too close.
  • Being a regular customer at a coffee shop, where the barista knows your order, using that regularity and infusing it in the drink to ensure a smooth work day.
  • Tapping into the electrical energy of street lights, traffic lights, the tangles of power lines or the wire work embedded in the concrete. Tapping into it to feel the pulse of the entire city and how its as never-ending and expansive as nature and the cosmos
  • Borrowing energies from businesses, abandoned spaces and construction equipment for on-the-fly spells. (Once I used a buzz saw being used for a building renovation for a shield spell)
  • Pausing at florist displays to communicate with the small fresh spirits living in the cultivated potted gift plants, their energies foreign in the space.
  • Meditating on public transit, buses and trains, tapping into the circuits they run, the power that sustains them, and the thousands of people constantly on and off them.
  • Meeting eyes with the birds who brave the city streets, connecting a kin-ess of survival under such unnatural conditions. 
  • Marking sigils in the crook of my elbow in sharpie after designing them on the receipts that are tangled in my pockets.
  • Recognizing the glamor in mundane objects in stores, items being charged by desire and brand recognition by those who handle them, recognizing the residual affect it has on you after touching it.
  • Instinctively finding green spaces and specific plants you enjoy (for me its lavender, I can smell it from a block away) and having a mental map of where to pilfer powerful plants from city gardens. 
  • Feeling the spirit of the city, all the energies of thousands of people and history and industry only -just- covering the nature that existed there for millennia before it, feeling all this as you walk through the quiet dark streets in the early morning hours. 
When She Gets Sleepy

- This is my first “fic” well it will be more of a drabble -


Warnings: unedited, first fic I’ve ever written, hopefully super fluffy fluff

Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Summary: The boys have been really busy lately, reader is sleepy and clingy, the boys just love the way she acts when she needs more sleep.

AN: I hope this is good for the first imagine I’ve written, I was inspired by @a-schuylerr  ‘s poly!hamilsquad imagine, “heavy eyes”.  I wrote all this in one sitting, feel free to tell me if you like it or tell me some improvements, thanks :)


Originally posted by scientists-and-stars

     Now you weren’t going to lie, You haven’t been sleeping very well the past few days. 

     All the boys were very busy. Hercules with his tailoring, he is having to deal with a very picky rich woman who wanted everything to be her way or the highway. 

     Alexander was busy with all the work his boss, George Washington, was giving him. Then there is always fighting with Jefferson. 

     And John is busy…. Well you aren’t really sure what he’s been busy with, he’s just going in and out of the apartment constantly.

     Then there was Lafayette. He was busy with volunteering at a local high school, tutoring children learning French. In fact, he is loving teaching his native tongue to the youngsters so much that he is thinking of possibly applying to be an official French teacher.

     Now listen, it wasn’t that the boys were ignoring you, not by any means. They were just all so busy. Alex was staying up all night until dusk working on god knows what on his computer. Here being kept up late in his shop working on all his clothes he was making. John doing whatever it was John was doing.

     The point is, they all got into bed once you were asleep and all at ungodly hours in the morning. You missed cuddling with them. And you tried you damn hardest to get them all to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but no matter your persuasive tactics, they would not budge from their respective places.

     You all had the day off today, though they were at home, they were all still doing work. You were up, but still very sleep deprived and feeling sorta needy, you needed to touch them, you missed them. 

     But, it didn’t matter that you missed them and all you wanted to do was cuddle and watch a movie and eventually fall asleep. It didn’t matter because you had to go to the supermarket to get some food.

     “Hey guys, I’m going to go to the store to get some food, anyone want anything?” you asked by the front door slipping on your favorite pair of boots, ‘cause it’s cold as hell in New York during the winter.

      To your surprise, both Laf and John jumped up and said they’d join you.

      You were more than happy to have them come along. The three of you set off down the stairs of your building after you all put on your coats, Laf made sure both you and john had on a scarf and a beanie and were warm enough. 

     Once at the store you took out your list of items you needed and the three of you set off to look for your desired items. The trip ended up taking much, much longer than anticipated, it took two and a half hours.

     By the time you were in the check-out line, you were leaning heavily on Laf’s shoulder with your hand intertwined with his. John was looking at the two of you with so much love in his eyes. 

     “Mon amor, are you tired?” Laf teased.

     “Mhm,” was the only response you were able to produce.

     While you were waiting in this horridly long line, you closed your eyes. Above your head John and  Laf glanced at each other, down at your sleepy form, back at each other, then smirked.

     The boys love it when you got sleepy, ‘cause when you got sleepy you got clingy and cuddly and become very dependent on your four boys to take care of you and hold you. 

     John quickly texted both Herc and Alex to tell them that you were in this mood. He told them to get some blankets out and wrap up whatever they were working on.

     All whilst checking out, you leaned on Laf and mumbled half awake sentences about hurrying up. John and Laf only internally “awwww”ed and lightly chuckled at you behavior.

     On the car ride back to your apartment you sat in the back with John cuddled up to his side, your head on his chest. His soft humming, one hand running through your hair, the other rubbing your thigh in soothing motions, and the steady rise and fall of his chest were all coaxing you into sleep. 

     When you got back to the apartment building, John shook you awake. Your eyes fluttered open, you closed them again, your eyebrow creasing with the unwanted and unexpected awakening. You slowly brought you hands, curled in loose fists, to softy rub your eyes.

     “W-wha’s goin’ on? Wha’ happened?” you murmured sleepily

     “You fell asleep, baby girl, we’re back at the building now, you gotta get up,” John replied, a smile on his face. You were just so damn adorable.

      “Oh,” you pouted slightly, you were so tired you couldn’t see straight. You lifted your arms with as much strength as you could muster and made grabby hand at Laf, signaling to him that you wanted to be carried,

     Laf chuckled and did that thing people do when they see something so cute they frown and smile at the same time, trying not to exclaim out loud how cute and adorable and precious you were being.

     Laf scooped you up into his arms. You wrapped your legs around his waist, you arms wound tightly around his neck and nuzzled you head into the crook of his neck. His hands rested at you lower back and one under your jean-clad bottom to ensure you don’t fall. The placement of his hands pushed you closer to your boyfriend, you hummed contently, loving the physical contact.

     Oblivious to you, Laf’s head shot up to make eye contact with John. Their eyes wide, trying their damnedest not to make any noises about you kola like behavior. 

     Laf, with you curled around him, carried you to the elevator, John strolled behind you two, looking at your head and how every now-and-then you would nuzzle your nose into his neck, your eyes closed and a content smile in your face.

     When you finally got to your floor and into to the apartment, Laf set you on the bench near the front door that the five of you use to put extra bundle necessities in, and to sit in to put on and take off your shoes. 

     After taking off his own shoes, John bent down to unite and take off your shoes. While he was busy doing that you very slowly took off you coat and other winter accessories. 

     You softly rubbed you eyes again and looked up at John, who had now stood at full height, looking down at you making sure you got everything off without trouble. He smiled at you and offered you his hand. You smiled a small smile back and took his hand. He helped you up and you leaned against him.

     As you neared the living room, your feet dragged. You were just so sleepy. 

     Alex was sitting all alone on the couch. Unknown to you, Laf had quickly gone to him once he saw Alex was seated on the couch and told him of your adorable sleepy clingy behavior. He kissed him and told him he needs to cuddle with you alone for a minute. 

     Once Alex saw you his face lit up, when he saw how you leaned on John and how cute you looked. His smile got bigger and internally thanked whatever god or gods there were that this beautiful woman, and handsome freckled man beside her, loved him. Alex could write for days on how beautiful and adorable you looked, clinging to John’s arm.

     “Awwww, come here sweetheart,” Alex said to you, winking at John, silently telling him he knew what was going on and what was going to happen. John walked the two of you over to the couch, you crawled into Alex’s lap nuzzling you head into his neck, one hand at your side, the other wound in his hair. 

     Above your head John gave Alex one or two affectionate greeting kisses. After they parted, John planted a soft, lingering kiss to the top of your head, then headed to the kitchen to help put up the couple of food bags Laf had taken from him before you even registered that you needed to take off you coat, just seconds ago. He kissed Herc for maybe a little longer than needed, but nobody was objecting. The two men who went with you on your shopping trip filled in Herc on how cute you were acting, how they just love you leaning on them, your clingy-ness, your little stumble shuffle combo as you attempt to walk at a reasonable pace. 

     Alex looked down at you fondly and said something you didn’t quite catch… Wait, when did you get into Alex’s arms. Ohhh, he so warm, and smells so good. And him rubbing soothing circles on your back, the other on your knee and thigh. Good lord- you could drift off into sleep right now. You feel his warmth and affection seeping into you, you were just too tired to know what was going on. His actions soothed you, you were falling asleep again, but you felt as if somewhere, far away, someone was trying to talk to you. You whimpered, burrowing your face closer to his neck, if that was even possible.

      You are just about to fall asleep once again you feel his chest rumble as he says, “Hmmm, how ‘bout that,love? Would you like that? Did’ya hear me, little one?”

     You grunted out a small “what”, getting metaphorically drunk of his warmth, sent, and the warm breath being blown on to your neck as he talks.

     He chuckled lightly, if you’d have been fully responsive at the time you would have heard the smile in his voice as he repeated himself, “I said, how ‘bout we get you out of those jeans and into some sweats and we can all cuddle in bed, we have all had a long week, I think we all deserve a cuddle session.”

      You slowly nodded, liking that idea, but not quite understanding in your half-asleep, well mostly asleep, daze.

     As soon as you had finished nodding, your other three amazing boyfriends came out of the kitchen, Herc in the lead, eager to see you and cuddle you. 

     Herc crouched down in front of you and Alex and rested a hand on your thigh softy to get your attention. Your eyebrows crease once again, like they did in the car before you slowly lifted your head from the crook of Alex’s neck and was met with the face of your fourth lover, who had an endearing smile on his face, looking at you fondly.

     “Hey there, sleepyhead,” Herc murmured to you, but the room was quiet enough that everyone herd it, even Laf and John who were embracing each other and smiling fondly and the small group on and in front of the couch.

     “H-herc, hey, man, I m-missed you,” you mumbled, not having enough energy to speak very loud. You slowly lifted your arms from Alex to attempt to latch on to Herc.

     Your lovers all chuckled, they found it amusing yet endearing that you called people “man” and “dude” when you were, or weren’t, tired.

     Herc easily picked you up spun around in the direction of the bedroom, all after you had wrapped yourself around him, just like you had done with Laff not even ten minutes ago.

     The rest of the boys followed in suit, John stopping by the thermostat to turn the heat down a little, once you were all five in bed, with all those big, furnace bodies *cough, cough* Laf and Herc *cough,cough*, somebody is bound to get a little over heated *cough, cough* you or Alex *cough, cough.*

     Herc set you down on you feet, Laff by your side to keep you from falling over. John get you someone’s boxers, probably Alex’s, and grabbed a Black Lives Matter shirt, probably Herc’s, judging by the size, just a little bigger than Laf’s shirt.  

      John tossed the boxers and shirt to Laf so he could help you undress and dress. While Laf help you, the other boys got in more comfy clothes as well. 

       Laf slowly slid your jeans down your legs, being very patient while you wobbled and grabbed his shoulder to steady yourself when stepping out of them. Next came you panties, you were fine with being bare in front of them, they loved you for you. He steadied you as you stepped into the boxers. He slid them up your legs, when he stood at full height, he looked down at you and smiled, seeing your eyes closed and head tilting forward. 

      John kissed the place where Laf’s shoulder meets his neck and murmured in his ear, “You get comfy, I’ll finish changing our sleepy little one.”

     Laf nodded an okay, turned and kissed John on the lips, only to part a couple seconds late when they heard your tired needy whine. Laf chuckled against the freckled man’s lip, and muttered to him, “Our princess sure is cling today, better get moving, she just might, how you say… pass out? Oui, pass out.”

     Now it was John’s turn to nod. He pecked Laf’s lips once more, then turned to you. Your eyes were drooping closed, trying to stay awake, but failing.

     “Hey, darlin’, lets get you out of that shirt, huh?” John murmured against your forehead, his southern drawl coming out on certain words in his sentence. The more relaxed he was, the more that sweet hint of southern twang came out. Normally that would have soaked those boxers you were wearing, but you were much to tired to even fathom that.

     John slowly got your shirt and bra off, then slowly slid the shirt down your torso, his fingertips purposely skimming the sides of your breasts and your sides making you shiver and whimper a little. When you were sleepy and not focused, your skin’s sensitivity became heightened. But John knew not to go father, besides he was becoming more and more tired himself. When the shirt got to your waist he let go of the ends letting it fall and end a couple inches past your bottom. He pulled you in for a hug, which lasted at leas thirty seconds, your head facing sideways on the front of his shoulder.

     John released you from his tight embrace. Alex swept you up into his arms and guided you to the bed, where you crawled to the center, the sheets where ice cold making you whine as your sensitive skin came in contact with the ice cubes you called sheets. But hat discomfort faded away quickly as Herc settles in on your right, John cuddled beside him, Alex to your left, Laf on the other side of him. 

     You sunk into Alex and Herc’s warm embrace with no effort, sleepily think about how much you love your boyfriends. Them bed became warm. as the room filled up with the love and affection you held for each other. 

     You were the first to fall asleep, your boys soon to follow. 

     As you drifted off to sleep Alex’s arm curled around your waist, and Herc intertwined his fingers with yours. 

🍓🌙🌹Strawberry/Rose Moon Ritual🍓🌙🌹

For the strawberry/rose moon this year, I will be performing a ritual to honor beauty and self love*, as that is what I associate strawberries and roses with (along with the more obvious romantic love, but this particular ritual focuses on self appreciation, glamour, and honoring the rose and strawberry. I worship plants, so this is what works for my practice). 

The basics of this ritual is to honor the plants (and their spirits if that’s your thing, like mine) under the beauty and wonder of the moon. In exchange for your thanks and offerings, they may bless your desired items with their energies. 

Before beginning, since the moon, the strawberry, and the rose all have multiple correspondences, it is best to decide ahead of time which correspondences you are seeking during this ritual. For this moon ritual, I will be working with the following correspondences this year. 

The major materials and correspondences I will be using 

🌙The moon:

Balance: To place myself in a more balanced place, ready to accept the new energies coming my way through this ritual. 

Sensitivity: To remain sensitive. To energies, to vibes, to myself and my needs.

Peace: To still the battles within myself, to accept different terms, to accept how things are.

🌹The rose: 

Love: because of the roses properties for love, this can be used on the self as well

Protection: roses can also be used for protection. In this spell, it shall be to ward myself against my thoughts that would attempt to undo my progress. 

🍓The strawberry:

Love: because I dig those vibes 

Happiness: so that when I use the objects I charm, they make me happy


Any materials you want to charge with the properties mentioned above. Tools, jewelry, cosmetics, articles of clothing, anything you would use or hold to make yourself feel better when you’re feeling low. Also, SNACKS

My extra: I will be charging some rose water with the moon. Whenever I use it (every morning) I will have these properties placed upon me. I also will have bread, kombucha (I can’t drink alcohol so a floral kombucha has been my substitute for ritual) and some actual strawberries to enjoy during the ritual. 

The Ritual

pregame notes: The first part of the ritual is about honoring the energies you plan on petitioning first. The blessing and charging of your items is a bonus that occurs later. I feel this method to be more effective for me because the qualities I am honoring kind of pre-charge the area before I cast it upon my items. Basically, I feel surrounded by those energies and am therefor, more effective as a witch. 

- Set the stage

I take some time to really get the space just right. I cleanse my space, and pre-set my intention as I do so. I place everything I need in my area before I begin. 

Tip: take your time getting your items. Throughout the day, just make a “ritual pile” of stuff you’ll set out later. This gives you time to come up with ideas on what you want to work with. 

Do you actually have roses and strawberries? Awesome! Set them out! If you don’t, that is totally fine! Consider drawing them on paper or an object you would like to represent them. You could even print off a picture of them, or just use pics on your phone. 

 - Set your boundaries, if you do 

Do you circle cast? I personally cast a sphere if I am doing spirit work, however during rituals like this, I find my wards and shielding I already have in place work just fine, so I do nothing during this stage. 

- Greet the desired energies 

Welcome the moon, gaze upon it and notice small details. Actually look at the craters, look at the color. Does it have a ring? Is it cloudy? How is the light working with the sky right now? Tell it (aloud or in your head) that you welcome and honor it’s balance, sensitivity, and peace (notice I specifically called to the energies I want to work with) on this day. 

Welcome the strawberry (if you have some, hold some). Gaze (or think about) the details of the strawberry. Check out it’s color, the seeds, the texture. Tell it (aloud or in your head) that you welcome and honor it’s love and happiness on this day. 

Welcome the rose (if you have some, hold some). Check out it’s color, the petal texture, the smell. Think about it’s symbolism, and the traits you adore about it. Tell it (aloud or in your head) that you welcome and honor it’s love and protection on this day. 

- Meditate on the energies

When I say meditate, this can mean several things. Yes, you could put in a lovely guided meditation here to greet and work with the energies. In fact, since I worship plants and their spirits, I’ll probably meditate to communicate with their energies (i’ll make another post on that meditation at a later date). 

But not everyone likes or can do meditation to that extent. You can simply continue to think about the properties of each energy you appreciate. You can just spend some time fiddling with them (randomly hold strawberries while thinking about how good they taste if you need to). 

The point is to take a moment, a real moment, to feel their energies, their abilities. 

Atheist, or not into the spirit side of things? Try a mindful moment about how the strawberry came to grow, the rose, or how the moon is so glorious. Think about their symbolism and impact on beliefs and cultures from an objective point of view. Whatever you are comfortable with, connect with, or find fascinating. 

The purpose of this part is to be a little humbled and in awe of these things. That can be done through spiritual contact, just feeling the energies, or just appreciating them! 

- Petition for their aid in charging your items

Everyone may have a different way of doing this based on their practice. If you did the meditation, there’s a chance you already asked for help. 

Either way, now is the time to place your rose and strawberries (or items symbolizing them) near, on, or under the things you wish to charge. 

Hover your hands over the items and direct your personal energy towards them. I don’t typically do chants, I focus on visualizing my intent.

“See” the energy flowing from the rose and strawberry into your items. They work in, around, and through your things, ingraining their abilities within them. If it helps, you can also just think of the colors you would associate with those intents swirling around them. 

Once the energy from the strawberry and rose has worked it’s magic, I call down the energy of the moon. I petition it to send it’s energy of balance, sensitivity, and peace. I picture it’s powerful light beaming down onto my objects. This “seals” and charges things up, consider it an activating boost 

- Snack, give thanks, and close the ritual 

Near the end of the ritual is an excellent time for snacks if you brought any (if working with friends, spiritual or IRL, now is a great time to mingle a little and discuss your experience).

If it feels right to you, you can also consume the strawberry(ies) you charged. 

At this point, leave an offering for the rose, strawberry, and moon. Thank them for their help (for those that are uncomfortable speaking to them, you can just have a moment of gratitude) and leave them what you deem appropriate. For this specific ritual, I will be leaving some water and a bit of my kombucha behind. 

As you ready yourself to leave, do your normal closing routine (I’m being intentionally vague here, as some may feel the need to take down their circle, sphere, cleanse afterwards, or whatever it is you do for your practice). 

Bonus tips: 

- create a sigil to represent the rose or strawberry, and draw it on the supplies you charged!  

- charge a nice hand held mirror in the moon over night. Use it to charge crystals, cards, or herbs with the moon’s properties later! 

- leave some water and the roses in moonlight over night. The next day, make some rose water! It will have strawberry/rose moon properties! 

-  Make this your own experience, it’s important to do whatever you feel results in the most impact.


*Note: Self love in this post is referring more to self peace and appreciation. The peace needed to move forward to whatever your goal is. You do not have to be happy with your body, your attitude, or your current life situation to do this. For many, the traditional version of self love is difficult to achieve, and that is okay. You don’t have to feel warm and fuzzy towards yourself, this is more of a “be still, so I can grow” type of self love. A balm for your soul. A nod towards yourself, if you will.

Black and blue (Peter Parker x reader)

Name: Black and blue

Requested: I loooovvveeeeddd Pizza Slices! You’re such an amazing writer! Can you do a Peter x reader where y/n’s parents are abusive so she knows how to treat wounds and she notices when Peter starts getting mysterious bruises so she helps him out and they just fall for each other? Thanks love *Cute kissy face*

Warnings: Family problems, abusive parents, bruises, mentions of physical abuse, swearing.

Plot: When her best friend comes to her with strange bruises and cute littered around his body, she takes it upon herself to help him. Meanwhile, Peter is slowly figuring out why she knows so much about tending to wounds in the first place.

(A/N): Another really sweet request! <3, I had to type this out with the screenshot on my phone so I couldn’t put in the sweet emoji. Just thought u should know that the ask had a cute kissy emoji. Ok, enjoy! If this isn’t what you wanted, please feel free to dm me or just shoot another ask my way! This was my last request, so please hmu with more! I don’t bite. Also, sorry if this is really cringy! I was really in a rut when writing this, I went through like 3 different endings! :?

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Trip to the Market

[BTS] Park Jimin x Reader

Genre: Fluff | Romance

Summary: He had always dreaded doing the daily errands and chores that his older band mates forced him into. Then he crashed into a rather attractive employee at the local market.

Originally posted by kths

His hands were stuck down the pockets of his lightwashed jeans and his head was turned towards the ground, attempting to avoid the bustling crowds of people surrounding him. Jimin’s hand was occasionally lifted from his pants to pull his mask closer to his face. He sighed quietly under his breath, reaching for the few grocery baskets that remained at the entrance.

There happened to be a few stragglers inside the store, calmly searching for their desired items before waiting in the nonexistent lines at the cashiers. This was typical for him, however, as they usually went on market trips late at night, when there was hardly any chance for them to run into fans at this hour. Jimin reached for his sunglasses and placed them onto his snapback, yawning softly.

Although he had been used to the little hours of sleep because he had spent most of them in the dance studio, practicing in his free time, it didn’t mean that Jimin preferred to be awake to do overdue grocery shopping. He complained about it and had even asked the younger members to do it instead, but all he received was fluffy pillow in the face and a crumpled-up list of what was needed.

Now here he was, standing in the middle of the snacks aisle, deciding between which ramen flavor the others had requested for him to get. Jimin pursed his lips, tossing at least two of each of the three flavors. He glanced back at the list, reading off ‘strawberry pocky’ at the bottom of the list in handwriting that differed from Seokjin. He groaned internally, already knowing where this was leading.

Jimin glared childishly at the package at the top of the shelves, setting the basket down onto the floor. He puffed out his cheeks and stood onto his toes, attempting to reach the damned snack. His fingers just barely scraped the edge of the metal shelf, making groan out loud in annoyance. “Who’s idea was it to put them up there?” Jimin sighed tiredly, his voice sounding whiny and babyish.

“I think you need this more than I do.” He jumps at the sudden voice, making you take a step backwards. You set the step stool in front of him, giving him a polite smile before walking away from him. Jimin glanced at the stool and back at the direction you left with flushed cheeks. He grumbled quietly under his breath, reluctantly grabbing the treats and placing them into the basket.

“This is ridiculous, that girl was cute too…” Jimin pouted as he picked up the basket again, gripping the fin of his cap and lowering it onto his head. As he continued to walk forward, he stopped at the sound of light humming in one of the aisles. Letting his curiosity get the best of him, Jimin peeked into the aisle.

His eyes widened at the sight of you, seeing you turn back and forth between boxes of fruits and vegetables. In your ear, there is one earbud placed into it and the sounds of faint music. “Caught in a lie~” Jimin’s lips curl into a flustered smile as he recognized the lyrics and the rhythm of the song. He continues to watch, often biting down onto his lip when he sees your silly choreography.

Jimin removes the mask, covering his mouth when giggles escape from his lips. He resists the urge to walk up to you and start dancing along. “Aish, why is she so cute?” Jimin mumbles under his breath, stepping backwards when you turn in his direction. Your eyes widen at the sight of him, pulling the earbud out and ducking your head out of embarrassment.

“You’re pretty good, you know?” Jimin starts the conversation, walking closer to you. He smiles sheepishly at you, rubbing the back of his neck to relief himself from the nervousness settling in his stomach. You chuckle airily, shaking your head as your cheek began to take on a rosy hue.

“Just how much of that did you see, exactly?” Unlike the deeper octave you had when you were singing, your voice had become more higher-pitched and lighter. He sighed, scratching behind his ear.

“About I don’t know, since you sang ‘Lie,’ I guess.” Jimin answers, looking back at you with his crescent moon eyes as he grins brightly at you. Even though there had been a smile on your face, you were slowly dying of embarrassment inside. Standing in front of you was Park Jimin, in all of his adorable glory.

You had seen him earlier, already recognizing him from the mask and the snapback. He was an idol, so it was normal that he went grocery shopping like this. You had tried to play it cool, but Jimin had to catch you dancing and singing while stocking up on the produce. Clearing your throat, you motioned for him to follow you to the cashier.

Jimin gazed at you with confusion in his dark eyes before quickly trailing after you with his items in his hands. You went behind the register without another word, keeping your attention on the scanner and the item. It wasn’t that simple when he was leaning over the table with his chin in his hand. You couldn’t help but glance up at him, but when you did, he would sweetly smile at you.

“Seriously though, you were so cute.” Jimin speaks up, trying to get your attention. You look at him with a gaped mouth and even redder cheeks that made him grin even more. Taking a deep breath, you turn away from him, quickly rushing to bag his items before you could faint in front of him and embarrass yourself even further.

“Enjoy the rest of your evening.” You mumbled quietly, handing him all of the bags. He nods his head cutely, reaching up and ruffling your messy ponytail. You pout your lips as he walked away towards the entrance. Sighing, you couldn’t help but let your lips form a giddy smile.

Looking back the table, you see a small white sheet of white paper. You wrap your fingers around the paper, shaking your head in disbelief. “He forgot his receipt.” You mumble, looking over it until you see the black ink from the supposed blank side. Turning it over, your cheeks flush at the message from the infamous Park Jimin.

‘Hey, I was serious about you being cute. We should hang out sometime, maybe have a date, even? Text me soon, kay? xxx-xxxx’
High Tensions - Ten

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Reid x Reader

He’d dreamt about her again. This time she’d been lying on his bed with her legs spread wide and he’d been situated between them with his mouth pressed up against her, tasting her as he lapped away at her clit. 

He’d woken up a sticky mess once more, his mouth almost watering. He swore he could still taste the sweet, yet bitter taste of her but he knew that wasn’t possible. 

They exchanged texts this morning making plans to meet up later on in the day and he’d received a few suprise photos from her which made his dick immediately hard again. This had to stop, and soon. If he didn’t fuck her soon he was scared he was going to fall asleep on the jet and wake up with Y/N and the rest of the team laughing at him as he humped and came all over the leather seats, no doubt moaning her name. 

Yet he wasn’t going to be the one to end it. At least not yet. 

He wondered what tonight would bring. Spencer had enjoyed their little cinema “date” the other week, not exactly knowing what it meant for them in terms of their relationship with each other. But she’d been right when she’d pointed out that they were two friends with a mutual attraction who were trying to bang each other senseless. What other word really was there? They weren’t “friends with benefits” because so far, there’d been no benefits.  

He thought back to the last week and a half. The case had hit Y/N hard, it had affected them all but seemed to have hurt her more as she’d developed a bond with the parents of the child they’d initially been called in to find. That had happened to them all on occasion, it was hard not feel drawn to certain people and the parents had been drawn to Y/N, always seeking her out to check for new information. When the case had gone bad and the news delivered, he’d heard her crying in her hotel room later that night. He’d wanted to go to her but when he’d left his room next door, he’d saw her door closing softly and then sound of JJ’s voice through the wood. He’d settled for giving her a hug when they’d got back to HQ. 

She’d seemed fine this morning, back to her usual bubbly self during their text exchange but he wanted to do something for her to make her feel better. He racked his brains. 

After and hour of thinking he kept coming back to the same thing. He didn’t want to just buy her something, or take her somewhere. 

But would she let him do the thing he was thinking off? He’d found a loophole that would allow it, if she saw things from his point of view. 

Well there was only one way to find out. 

He knocked her door at 8pm, takeout bag in hand. She answered wearing a shorts and vest pajama combo, her hair piled on top of her wet. It looked wet and she didn’t have any make up on, although she still looked stunning.

“Hey! Apologies for the lack of proper clothes. I’ve literally done nothing but cleaning and laundry all day and I’ve only just got out the shower. I lost track of time.” She took the take out bag from him and he followed her to through to her kitchen area. 

“No worries. I did say don’t bother getting dressed. Admittedly I had something else in mind, but beggers can’t be choosers.”

She grinned at him, handing him a beer and pulling out some plates. “Actually Spencer, in this case, beggers could be choosers. You beg for it and you can choose to do what you want to me.”

He rolled his eyes at her trying to let the comment wash over his head. He helped her plate up their food and headed over to the couch, placing his messenger bag on the floor next to him and making himself comfortable. 

“So what are we watching?” he asked. 

“Well considering how much we’ve been talking about it recently, I figured we could watch this.” Y/N produced a dvd from the coffee table next to her. 


“You’re not being serious?!” There was no way he could watch that with her, especially given the dreams he’d been having. 

“No I’m not. We’re watching this instead.” She produced another film. Don Jon. 

He knew that film was about a man with a porn and masturbation addiction and he could do without watching Joseph Gordon Levitt wanking himself stupid. He shook his head at her. 

“Well that brings me to my third and final option, this.“ 

Beauty and the Beast. 

“What?” she must have seen the look on his face. “It’s my favourite film and it makes me feel happy. And after the last case, I could kinda do with that.“ 

“Fine…. Put it on.” He watched her bound over to her dvd player and slip the disc in, her butt sticking out as she bent over. 

They ate and watched the film in companionable silence, her shushing him whenever he tried to feed her a random fact. 

“Did you know this film is based on…. ”

“Yes I know.”

“Did you know that Beast’s name is actually….”

“Adam, yes I know.”

“Did you…. ”

She chucked a cushion at him. “Spence, this is my favourite movie. I’ve watched it like a thousand times. I doubt there’s anything you could tell me about it that I don’t already know. Now shut up and let me watch. We can watch Doctor Who or something you like afterwards.”

It wasn’t like he wasn’t enjoying the movie, although he was enjoying watching Y/N watching it more. Her lips moved along with the character’s quietly singing along with them, or mouthing their lines. She really must have seen this film a thousand times to know it off by heart. It was sweet. And just another thing about her to add to the ever growing list of items he found desirable about her. 

The movie finished and as the credits rolled he could see her wiping away a tear. 

“Y/N. Do you want a hug?”

She looked at him suspiciously. 

“No funny business I swear. It’s just…… You’re crying.”

“Because of the movie, stupid film.” But she inched closer to him on the couch. 

“I never suggested it was anything other than the movies making you sad.” He held open his arms waiting to see if she’d move into them. 

She moved, slowly wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body against his. 

Okay, perhaps offering a hug wasn’t such a good idea. The pajamas she was wearing didn’t offer much coverage and they were a thin cotton material. Luckily she was wearing a bra but he could still feel her chest pressed against his. 

“Thanks Spencer,” she sighed into his neck, her hands playing with his hair.

“What for?” he didn’t relax his grip on her, enjoying the feel of her against him. 

“Just….. I don’t know. Everything. I don’t think I tell you this enough but I honestly think you’re a great guy. You’re kind and sweet and you know when I’m feeling down and when I need a hug. You’re a great friend.”

Friend. Weren’t they a little past friends?

She continued, tilting her head slightly so that her words blew onto his neck. “Add that to the fact the you’re sexy as hell, and clearly know how to please a women in the bedroom. You’re obviously perfect.”

“I’m far from perfect Y/N. And sexy? That’s one word that doesn’t tend to get used in the same sentence as Spencer Reid.”

She was still pressed against him, her lips almost touching his neck. Her next words shocked him. “I think you’re perfect Spencer. Perfect for me at least. And……” she stopped herself, unsure of whether she should continue or not. He waited with baited breath. 

“And, erm….. Spencer. Maybe when we decide who’s won this little bet, we could actually go out on a proper date? One which we both know is an actual date.”

He knew that Y/N found him attractive, she’d said as much. And he knew that she must find him sexually attractive to have even been partaking in this game with him in the first place. 

If he was honest with himself he’d hoped and wanted something more to come out of it. But he was still totally surprised to hear that she wanted the same. 

He nodded at her. “We can do whatever you want Y/N.”

She broke the embrace and pulled away from him. “Well what I really want is for you to tell me you want me so I can win this damn thing and have a fucking orgasm.”

He laughed at her wondering if now was the time to ask her. It had to be really. 

“Y/N. Erm….. I was thinking earlier. I know how upset you’d been after the last case and I really wanted to do something nice for you.”

“You are doing something nice for me Spence. Just by being here with me.”

“Well I wanted to do something that would make you feel better…… And,  well I blame the fact that I’m in an almost constant state of arousal when I’m near you for pointing my brain in this direction, but the only thing I could think of to make you feel better was to offer to give you an orgasm. I’m not admitting defeat here by the way, but I found a loophole that I thought we could exploit just for the one night.”

He watched her face for a reaction, but she didn’t give anything away. A few moments later she finally spoke. “You want to make me come? Without breaking the rules?“ 

He nodded. 


He reached into his messenger bag pulling out the little box he’d picked up earlier and passing it to her. Now that had been an interesting shopping trip. 

“Spencer this is a vibrator. Why the hell do you have a bullet vibrator?” He could still see confusion on her face, but he detected a hint of a smile of her lips. 

“I bought it earlier. I know you have one, but the thing that you have, well it scares me quite frankly. This is much more simple and the woman in the shop said that it’s one of the best selling items.”

She laughed, the image of him in a sex shop amusing her. 

“I can’t use it though. It’s against the rules. It’s still self relief remember. If I use this on myself, you’d win.”

“That’s not what I’m getting at. I’d use it on you.”

Her jaw dropped and her cheeks coloured. 

“Technically we’re not breaking any rules because I wouldn’t actually be touching you. I’d be touching this. And you wouldn’t be touching yourself either. You get to orgasm and feel good, and I get to watch. And neither of us violates any of our self imposed rules. But it’s a one night only thing.”

“Why one night only?”

“Because otherwise, if I were to do this again, then you’d never admit defeat and I’ll never get to hear you telling me how badly you want my dick inside you.”

She breathed in deeply, before asking, “But what about you. You still don’t get to… Well, you know.”

“Honestly Y/N, twice now I’ve woken up covered in my own mess. The dreams I’ve been having about you…… Well, they’ll keep me going for a bit longer.”

He licked his lips at the memory,  hearing her whisper, “Oh my fucking God.”

“This isn’t a trick?” she clarified. 

“Nope, although if at any point you beg me to slip myself in, then I do still win. But otherwise, it won’t count against you. It will probably work in your favour to be honest. I’ve only dreamt about what you look like when you orgasm, seeing it might actually push me over the edge.”


She stood up from the couch, holding out her hand to him. He took it. 

The box in one hand, and his hand in her other, she led him to her bedroom. 

Careful what you Wish For - Peter Parker.

Warnings: Swears, like a couple i think. 

A/N: My first Peter Parker thing. I hope for it to be a small series if its liked? This is like the second thing on blog since i literally just started it. =) 

Words: 1,812 I think. thats kinda long. 


Y/N woke up with a bad feeling that day, a feeling in her stomach that said today just wouldn’t be her day. She got up out of bed and showered almost immediately after tearing herself from the warm comfy sheets, standing in the stream of hot water while brushing her teeth. 

As always, she looked at herself in the mirror after getting out the shower, her hands pawing at the skin of her stomach an thighs; making sure there wasn’t any stray hairs that may have left her head or soap that hadn’t washed off. 

It was a friday, a miserable looking one at that. The weatherman had said the weather would be nice today but the moment she left her home, the heavens opened to release the waters. 

Y/N walked into school sopping wet, meeting her friend at her locker as she always did. “I got a bit wet.” She told them, trying to look annoyed but the smile on his face was just contagious. 

“I can see that much. I keep telling you to change the station on your radio. That weatherman i never right.”

“Oh shut up, Peter. You and Ned still coming over tonight?” Peter parker was her nerd, the biggest dork she’d ever meet in her life and she loved him. He didn’t know this, but every time he smiled at her or laughed around her, her heart would actually physically melt. 

“Of Course, Wouldn’t miss for the world.”

“Or Stark?” Y/N asked, raising her eyebrows. She meant well by it, knowing that Tony Stark liked to whisk her friend away at certain moments, almost as if the man knew when she most wanted to hang out with Peter. 

Peter Stuttered his answer, the usual stuff “ Stark internship” “He texts when he needs me.” and her personal favourite is the amount of apologising Peter does to her; She’d get an apology at least ten times in one day. 

It was later that night that Y/N would finally get annoyed with Tony Stark and his stupid internship. Fridays had always been movie night and Peter incessent pushing of trying to have the Stars wars film on just so she could finally watch them had come to an end. 

She was finally gonna do it, finally gonna sit through a Star wars film for him and of course, It had to be the night that he bails. Y/N huffed as she turned everything off, Ned already having gone home realising that his friend wasnt turning up and Movie night was cancelled. 

Huffing again, Y/N went out, shouting to her mother that she was going down to the shop a few blocks away. That also happened to be the one night she decided to go out and almost get flattened to roadkill. 

The cars came towards her at an alarming speed and she knew, just knew that there was no way she was going to be able to dodge the cars heading in her direction. She slammed her eyelids together, not wanting to see the cars before they hit her, but as she expected pain, she instead got the sensation of being moved. 

Opening her eyes and there he was, an arm around her waist as the other was used to web them to safety. This was the first time she had actually needed to be saved by spiderman, Queen’s own little hero in red and blue. This was the first time he actually laid hands on her, or eyes for that matter. 

He placed her down on the ground and Y/N finally came bac kto her senses as her feet touched the ground. “Are you kidding me!?” She shouted to nothing in particular, startling the spider hero. 

“Today has just been terrible! Oh my god, First the rain this morning, then i spill my drink on myself, trip up in the hallway in front of everyone, get splashed by a passing car, peter doesn’t show up for movie night and now i literally almost just died! Can it get any worse!?’‘ 

Huffing and puffing after her small outburst, the silence around the two could have been cut with a knife. Finally, Y/N sighed and looked at her saviour ’'Sorry, it’s been one hell of day. Thank you.’' 

’'You seem stressed, perhaps a chill pill?” He realised his mistake the moment he said it, For our dear Spiderman - or Peter Parker - had said those exact words to Y/N earlier that day, after she had indeed tripped in front of virtually the whole school. 

It didn’t take long to pair the sentence with the voice and he knew, the moment her eyebrows relaxed and her shy smile dropped to an expressionless face. Y/N placed a hand to her face, thumb on her cheek, index finger sat next to her nose as her other fingers covered her mouth. 

Y/N shook her head, closing her eyes. “I don’t believe you.”
Peter knew that she had figured him out, his cat was out of its bag and there was no way it was going back in. “Y/N wait, I can exp-”

“I don’t need you to explain, Peter.” she interrupted him. “I need to go home and calm down before i lose my mind.” She walked onwards, turning her head to look at him before she left completely. “But do not think for a minute that i am not chewing out for this! I can not believe you didn’t tell me!”

Peter sighed as she turned the corner, leaving his line of sight. He knew he was well and truly in for the argument of his life, the moment she finds out that Ned knew and she didnt was going to put him right up shit creek without a paddle.

Y/N had stopped a couple of blocks away from where Spiderman - Peter - had dropped her. Trying to relax her mind before another voice stopped her. “Dear, you seem tired, come, take a seat.’' 

The old dear seemed to be homeless to Y/N, she wore black tattered clothes and seemed to be around the 70 mark. Seeing no harm in it, Y/N sat with the woman, giving her a few lose coins in her pocket so the woman could at least afford a hot drink. 

The woman thanked her, before asking what it was that had her so stressed out and tired. Thinking nothing of it, Y/N spilled the beans, all of them except the identity of Spiderman. ’'I just, I wish i could know what its like inside that head? Just be the one with these powers, trying to juggle normal life and a hero life, you know? How hard can it really be?’' 

’'You’d be surprised, deary.” The woman’s voice seemed different now, its tone taking on one that sounded rather uncomfortable in Y/N’s. The look on her face was a strange one too, almost sinister in fact. 

“I….should go.” Y/N said, standing up. “My mother and …..all that.” Y/N left before the woman could say another word, but if she had looked back, she would have she the widespread grin on the woman’s face. 

Dropping into her nice bed in warm pyjamas once she got home, Y/N knew she needed the longest sleep in the history of long sleeps. She needed a six month coma, thats what she needed. 

Once again, When she awoke, Y/N pulled back the duvet and with effort after her mother woke her for school, left the warm bed to go brush her teeth in the bathroom; taking today’s clothes with her. As she looked into the full body mirror, a shriek left her throat. 

What was once soft and wobbly was now hard and not so wobbly. Y/Ns stomach wasn’t smooth but bumpy as the she ran her fingers down the abs she now suddenly hand. Flexing her arms showed the muscle that now exsisted as if she had religously worked out for years. 

It was weird, so she changed clothes, opting more for skinny jeans and a baggy long sleeved shirt. Grabbing her back pack after breakfast, she left the house and made her way to school. 

Where normality lied, Peter once again was stood at her locker waiting for her, greeting her with that beautiful smile he always did. Though normality was short lived as she closed her arms around his neck, he no longer felt the same way as he did yesterday and his hug wasn’t as back breaking as it should have been. 

“'Are you okay, Y/N?” Peter asked, seemingly suspicious as his eyes roamed her face. It was just then that she realised, yesterday was friday….so why had her mother woken her up today? “Ready for Movie night?”

“Uh…” The sound left her throat as she tried to figure why Movie night friday was happening again. “Yeah?’' 

Peter laughed. ’'That sounded more like a question than it did a statement.” Y/N shut her locker after getting the desired items and the two walked towards where Peters Locker rested. “Not busy with the internship tonight?’' 

’'Internship?” Y/N repeated in confusion once more, both at the hoping tone of voice and the fact that she now had an internship, before her eyes widened at what Peter had just pulled from his pocket. “Woah, what the hell?”

“What?” Peter asked, placing the black rimmed glasses upon his face to see the numbers on the Locker’s dial. 

“Nothing. What internship?”

“Thats more like it!” Peter chuckled “Nothing come between three best friends and movie night!” Y/N gave Peter a hesitant chuckle. “You’re not with it today, Y/N. Better get your thoughts together before homecoming.’' 

The shock that flew through her head was astounding, Y/N pulled out her phone, an item she barely used unless it was to text Pete, Ned or her mother during the day. The date displayed on it was not what it should have been. 

Apologising to Peter, Y/N made up a lie that he seemed to believe and relay to Ned when the boy showed up before they all went to their classes upon the sound of bell. It was in class when she once again made a fool of herself. 

Peter and Ned sat together in front of her, Beside her was Michelle Jones, a beautiful girl who liked to observe everyone and everything.  Opening her bag, Y/N prepared to take out her book before another shriek left her throat and her butt left her backless chair. 

Inside her backpack, sitting all scrunched up, was a red and blue suit.

Why exactly did she have spiderman’s suit in her bag?

You're Going To Be A Dad: Brendon Urie

I slowly get up from the ground, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. Like a slug i move to the sink, turning on the faucet. I stare at the water trickle out as I think of what could cause this sudden illness. Do I have the flu, or is it something else?

I rinse out my mouth, turning off the faucet, and then creeping back into the bedroom. I roll into bed, wrapping myself in the comforter trying to warm up. I start at the ceiling, even though the light is off. My mind wanders to my husband of two years, Brendon. Unfortunately he’s away for the next couple of weeks doing interviews, a few photo shoot, and then a few concerts.

I wish that he was here to comfort me as I deal with being sick, what ever the sickness may be. But, I don’t want to stop or hold him back from chasing his dreams. I often find myself thinking about what the future with hold for Brendon and me as we grow older together Will we have children? Will Panic! last until our own kids are teenagers? There’s so many questions about our future that are left unanswered.

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V Route Theory and A Look in the RFA Orientation Guide Book

Okay okay okay I’m super hyped about the upcoming V Route that Cheritz has kindly promised to release in August. Honestly? V was my favorite for a very long time, probably since I played the Secret Endings (so you can imagine what I felt when… you know… V… RFA’s gonna need a new blue boy…)


As you can see from the Jumin and Saeyoung Routes, the boys and the MC have lived in the same home for a few days. MC checked in on Jumin after Elly went missing and helped de-stress him while Jumin wanted to un-dress her. Then with Saeyoung, he saved the MC from “Unknown” (or AKA: Saeran) and lived in Rika’s apartment for a few days with her. Even with Zen’s Route, the MC visited his home to check in on him. And in all of those routes, some, ahem, romance happens.

I’ve heard my fair share of V Route theories. The MC playing as Rika for one, then there’s the debate if it’s romantic or platonic. Either way I’m thrilled to see more of V, and probably see more of Rika and Saeran. But I got to thinking, Saeyoung’s pretty strict on security. He has a CCTV in Rika’s hallways and he has a password for his house in Arabic. When the information about the bomb in the apartment gets out… because, you know, in pretty much all of the routes the bomb is mentioned. Seeing the common theme of MC going to one of the boy’s houses (or them coming to her) it wouldn’t be a stretch to say in the V Route for the MC to go to V’s apartment for security reasons. I mean, in a Route for him, he’d probably be in the RFA chats more often. Maybe often enough to see MC kinda panicking about the bomb (honestly, who wouldn’t? One wrong typo on Saeyoung’s part and the whole apartment complex would fucking explode before he could say “oops”. Not that I doubt the child genius but… mistakes can happen) and invite her to stay with him. V often a time wants to take the burden on himself so since he technically owns the apartment, he knows the address and could easily go get MC or have MC come to him. But most likely go to MC, I mean for security reasons she shouldn’t wander off when Unknown is after her and the bomb could go off…

But yeah, and seeing how V doesn’t go on the chatroom very often it would be believable for most of the Route to be a visual novel, spare MC in the chatrooms. Since Cheritz confirmed it was an eleven day Route, I’m sure it follows the standard.

But something that gets to me is the “Another Story” title of the Route; it could really mean anything. Maybe an alternate universe, maybe in the past making the MC a past girlfriend before the RFA, or maybe even the MC playing as Rika (though I really doubt it, the fandom would throw their phone into hell before they play as Rika for the most part). Basically meaning, the title makes it even more curious and most of the fandom is craving to know what’s gonna happen. I’m dying to know how the V Route is gonna play out, but I hope my theory is true. It’d be nice to see how living with V is and how his description matches his living style. In the RFA Orientation Guide Book: For VIPs found in the RFA VIP Package, you can see he lives very simply. His hobby is art collecting, his favorite food is “simple and convenient pain de champagne”, he doesn’t really have a least favorite food, and his most used app is his photo album. Even his favorite quote is “The bud of our love will swell up during the summer wind, and blossom into a beautiful flower next time we meet” (also, in the 1 Year special chat with V, he said that “our relationship began during the season with the most bountiful sunlight”: probably summer. “The bud of our love will swell up during the SUMMER WIND”, was I the only one who noticed this btw? “And blossom into a beautiful flower next time we meet”: the next time the MC resets and meets V again, probably. Maybe Cheritz has been foreshadowing for months? Who knows)

Anyways, off track-slightly-and basically saying that living with V for a few days would be killer fun. You don’t hear anything about his family, except in the Christmas DLC where Jumin mentions something bad about his mother, and even the Guide guessed about his height. It said “179cm… Probably?”, he is a very mysterious character indeed. He has no desired items, his username is a pen name for his art, in the Guide his most recent problems are just labeled as “-”, and he maybe has ten inputs in the RFA chatrooms on average. It’s pretty cool to imagine learning more about him. Plus he has cool, brightly colored hair that I now want.

It yeah, my theory right or wrong, I’ll take it as I can get it. Cheritz is already blessing us with a V Route so what more can you hope for? Probably a Saeran Route, but we’ll have to see about that.

Now, I would like to talk about the Q&A V got in the RFA Guide.

The fourth question he was asked was about what he would do if he got involved in a love triangle. “I don’t want to imagine such a question. I’m sorry.” He isn’t interested in a love triangle, or rather he wants nothing to do with one, which is understand. V wants everyone to be happy and he wants to protect everyone, let it be two people all over him he’d probably feel horrible the entire time. Or maybe him having feelings for a person someone else has eyes for, he’d probably let the other person have them. Well… Jumin… Rika… well… I don’t think he knew Jumin had the hots for Rika…


The sixth question asked for his ideal type, he said that he just wanted someone to connect with, but that he doesn’t think he’ll meet another person like that. Well, the MC in the good endings usually are as empathetic as they can get and connects to the RFA members with ease. BAM! Ideal type. I believe that a reason that V is so attached to Rika and unwilling to give her up is because he doesn’t think he’ll find anyone like her. He’s attached to the idea of a “true love” so I doubt he had many, or for that matter any, ex girlfriends. He doubts that he can find someone else, which is terrible because he was in an abusive relationship and bent to Rika’s every will, which wasn’t good for either of them. Everyone who has ever been or is currently in an abusive relationship deserves to have a happy and healthy companionship. V’s philosophical and probably spent a lot of time analyzing and studying Rika, everyone knows the pain of losing something you spent so long working on be it a book series, a school assignment, a job, or anything like that. It’s frustrating and you want to hold onto it as tightly as you can because you don’t want to let it go. Rika and V held the first RFA party four years ago, they’ve probably been together for longer. They took in Saeran while he was still a teenager and met Saeyoung at an even younger age. They’ve been with each other for a very long time and it’s hard to let go of someone like that because you’ve already invested so much time into them and so many memories. It’s tough, I couldn’t even imagine how heart wrenching it was for him. I’ve stayed with most of my childhood friends and I haven’t delved into a long term relationship in a long time, and even then it was only for a year or so. V and Rika have been together for easily 6-7 years, V was invested from the beginning and it’s depressing to even think about him thinking all that time, energy, and emotions is lost if he loses Rika. Which ended up having Rika and the RFA lose him.

(Also wondering, the Guide said he has a sister and his parents, why weren’t they at his funeral? All of the RFA members (spare MC) shared a eulogy at the funeral while his family wasn’t even mentioned, if was even said that they lived abroad but certainly they would go down for their son and brother’s funeral? Just a thought)


V also said in question ten that he looks for a girl’s heart that he’s interested in. V’s a very sweet man and like I’ve said many, many times; I’m uber excited for a V Route.

Anyway, considering the fact V has terrible handwriting (Rika made him type letters instead of writing them because of it ;-;) it’d be nice for the MC to embrace his terrible handwriting and for V to be surprised. He’d probably be grateful and notice the difference between the MC and Rika (unlike Yoosung haha) because of it. While Rika wants to change V, the MC wants V to evolve into the best, happiest version of himself. That’s what the MC does in the good endings, she makes the RFA members happy and evolves them into something great rather than someone they’re not.

Now, in the Top Secret book from the VIP Package, you get to see concept V (a total cutie) and his backstory.

“We developed V as someone who truly achieves philosophical love. Because he had to be Jumin’s childhood friend and the leader at the same time, we wanted him to be soft but infallible.”

This is V’s character. He “truly achieves philosophical love” and he’s “soft but infallible”. Infallible basically means he can do no wrong, which isn’t really true to him. But another meaning is to knowing the truth with certainty, which relates to him more. He knew that Mint Eye was a bad idea and he knew Rika wouldn’t feel real joy from it. V knew the truth about most everything, and that represents his character. He kept things from the RFA, which was bad, yeah, but he knew the truth but instead of seeing help, he was “soft” and wanted to keep the RFA out of danger. Does that make sense to you guys? Sometimes translating things from my brain to typing it is a, uh, rough translation.


As a kind soul, it’s easy to grow deep bonds with his type of character. A lot of people from the fandom have fallen in love with his character and his personality. I can’t blame them, for me at least he reminds me of my dad who I love dearly and acts as a role model to me and it’s nice to imagine a relationship with a person who reminds you of half of yourself. It’s easy to relate and such, which I find beautiful about his character. I could honestly swoon and gush about his character for days if I had the opportunity. People usually love Saeyoung the most (popularity polls) and find his character complex. Which it is, but I find V’s character even more fascinating. Sorry, Saeyoung, but V’s my favorite.

That basically concludes this, I hope I made sense to you guys, and what do you guys think? Is it a possibility for MC to live with V in the Route? What did you think on my character analysis? Do you agree or disagree? Anyways, I hope this at least made you guys entertained lol.


Secret Witch Follow List

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Thanks for participating, but to avoid anyone figuring out or narrowing down who their Secret Witch is; I’m going to ask everyone who’s participating to follow one another before I continue to tell you who is your Witch Recipient!

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The participants above are encouraged to add any awesome tips they find helpful, and we thank you again for participating guys! 

We’re so looking forward to this!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this event!

Tips for participating in the Address/ PO Box Route for Secret Witches!

  1. Follow everyone in this list to avoid suspicion!
  2. Go to your local post office to find a suitable box/envelope to store your gift(s)!
  3. Hit your local crafts store! Find things that pertain to your Witchy Recipient’s craft,  and decorate the box according to their blog or in preparation to the October Solstice! ~(Samhain)~
  4. Get some cool (Cheap) witchy things to decorate your box for your Secret Witch, put in some things to remind them of the October Solstice or maybe try making them an item from scratch! (pendulum?)

Tips for participating in the Amazon Wishlist Route for Secret Witches!

  1. Follow everyone in this list to avoid suspicion!
  2. Edit your Secret Witch Wishlist by giving your Secret Witch options to buy you a few small (cheaper) items, in case all they can afford is the minimum ($20)
  3. Edit each item to a scale of desirability, such as 1 is not as desirable and 5 is super desirable.
  4. Leave a note to your Witchy Recipient, let them know that you hope they enjoy their gift(s) and that they have a great October Solstice! 

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The ones I have listed above are the ones who confirmed their route, and have given me the necessary information listed in the Secret Witch Rules and Information E-mail. 

We are still accepting entries for the Secret Witch until October 1st,2017. 


♥️️ CLOSED ♥️️ [Indonesia Only]


♠️Email to with details :
-Desired item & quantity [ also size for prints ] :
-Name :
-Address & postal code :
-Phone number :

♠️ Payment via local bank transfer
♠️ Please pay fully after invoiced max 3 days
♠️ The items will be delivered after the items finished produced (about one week after PO closed / longer depend on printing shop)



“Are you sure this is necessary?”

Will rolled his eyes, laying the Mythomagic cards down on the tray that had been dragged over Nico’s bed. It was day two of flu-hell in the infirmary, and Nico had been one of the first to come down with it. All of the campers that were sick had been quarantined, and half of the Apollo cabin was out giving vaccines to prevent spread.

“If it wasn’t necessary, you wouldn’t be here.” Nico had been too sick to do much of anything yesterday, with a high fever that had him out cold when he wasn’t throwing up, but now that his fever was down a bit and he wasn’t constantly vomiting, Will was trying to keep his spirits up when he wasn’t busy working. He was currently sitting crosslegged at the bottom of the bed, trying to learn the rules of Mythomagic.

“Will, I just want to go sleep in my own bed…” Nico complained, his voice hoarse from all of the puking, cheeks still a bit flushed.

“Sorry, angel.” Will said, shooting him a sympathetic look. “We’re trying to keep it from spreading and if you’re here, I can keep a better eye on you and keep you company on my breaks. How does this work again?” He asked, holding up one of the cards.

Nico heaved a heavy sigh, but let the subject change anyways, quietly explaining the attack value of the card before playing his own.

Twenty more minutes into the game and Nico was getting pale again, his hands shaking as he held the cards. “Hey…” Will murmured, “You oughta get some rest, I need to go check around anyways and see how everyone’s doing. We can finish later, okay?”

Nico gave a small nod, closing his eyes and exhaling slowly. Will smiled a little, moving to pick up the cards and clean off the table, humming under his breath. He was putting them back into the deck when Nico leaned over, rather suddenly, to vomit into the trashcan at the side of the bed, barely making it in time.

Will winced at the noise, pushing the tray aside and reaching down to grab the trashcan, bringing it up enough that Nico wouldn’t have to lean so much. Nico heaved once more, bringing up a thin wave of stomach acid and the water he’d tried to drink a half hour ago.

“Hey, hey… Just breathe, you’re okay…” Will murmured gently, helping him sit back and grabbing a couple of tissues. He climbed off of the bed, shuffling over to Nico’s side and fixing the pillows, grabbing a water bottle and offering it to Nico.

“No, Will–“ Nico croaked, shaking his head feverently. “I can’t, I don’t want to throw up anymore, please.” It looked like his fever might have been going up again, his words a little hysterical, his eyes wide and borderline teary.

“Hey, hey, you don’t have to drink it, just rinse your mouth out. Give your stomach a break.” Will murmured, stroking his hair back and kissing his cheek. “Just relax, getting worded up will only make it worse.” He promised. “Breathe, close your eyes. I’ll get you a cold compress, okay? I’ll be right back.”

Nico nodded slowly, and Will headed off to find the desired item, returning a minute or two later to find his boyfriend out cold, snoring softly. Head tilted back, his fever dampened hair slicked to his forehead, cheeks flushed from his temperature- Nico looked miserable, but he looked a little cute, too.

Will sighed, wrapping the compress in a damp washcloth and lying it on Nico’s forehead, fixing his pillows and blankets.

“Hey, Solace-“ Kayla called gently, grinning at him from a cot across the room. “Quit playing favorites and do your job, healer.”


  • you’re legitimately interested in pursuing something in the near future with this portrayal
  • it’s okay for me to approach you for wishlist items / desired plots that appear on the dash
  • it’s okay for me to approach you after solid development about potential ship related things ( doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic !! fwb / platonic / enemies / etc are all desired ships )
  • it’s okay for me to approach to you ooc ?? not always about roleplay !! i like to find common grounds with my roleplay partners as it helps me get comfortable.
  • it’s okay for me to spam you with memes when the mood strikes / tag you in random starters
Just another day.. grayson imagine

Working can be a right pain sometimes. Claiming all the overtime in the store but still finding that you don’t have enough money for the things you want in life. Dealing with the grouchy customers and the staff, it forebears brings your mood down. It’s tough.
It was a normal ordinary Thursday morning, waking up and stretching you reach over to your nightstand to pick up your phone. Turning it on, you’d expect a few messages from friends or family but the only thing on the black and white screen is a reminder telling you that you have work this afternoon. After some mental preparation you hop out of bed and start walking towards your wardrobe taking your uniform off its hanger and placing it on your bed before jumping into the shower to wash all the aches of sleep away for another day.
After a quick shower, you do your hair and make up how you’d normally do it for a busy day at work, putting your long H/C hair into a sleek ponytail, a swipe of mascara and a bit of blush for a hint of colour. Checking the time you realise that you have at least an hour before you have to leave for work, but sighing slightly when you think of the short walk to it. Slowly making your way downstairs, you prepare a small breakfast of toast and a glass of water, after placing the plate and glass in the sink, you pick up your bag and start the slow journey to work.. Walking along with your headphones in, blocking out the world you notice that your phone has shuffled to The Dolan Twins compilation which perks your mood up a little more. You’ve only watched a few videos but never been a big fan.
Walking into work, you notice how busy it actually is and think to yourself about how you’re gonna exhausted after your shift has finished.
Work starts pretty quickly with customers asking for your help left, right and centre. As a sales assistant, you know that you have to keep a smile on your face at all times and always be polite to the customers when all you wanted to do was to tell them to shove it. Looking at your watch, you see that you luckily only have 2 more hours left of your shift. Walking over to the stock cage that your manager has kindly dumped on the foot of the aisle, you pick up the heaviest box to get it out of the way, not knowing how heavy it actually was. With a slight struggle and customers blindingly getting in your way, you drop the box at your feet getting ready to place the items in its desired spot on the shelf.
After condensing the stock down and making a space for the items to fit, you start unloading the box, a few minutes later you hear someone approach you, so you mentally prepare yourself for the question that you’ve heard most of the day ‘excuse me, can you help me at all’ or the usual ‘can you show me where I can find this item please’ you ready yourself with the fake smile and laughter that you’ve mastered so well.
'Excuse me Miss, but I need your help, could you show me where I’d be able to find this item at all please?’
Turning round with your fake smile, you come face to face with the voice. A very shy guy with the most gorgeous pair of eyes, a chiselled chin that if you ran your fingers across you’re sure that you’d cut yourself and a pair of strong looking arms you begin to daydream.
'Erm, Miss. can you help me at all?’ 
'Oh, I’m very sorry! Of course I can! What is it you’re looking for?’ Way to go Y/N, you meet a cute guy and you’re already daydreaming about him?!. 
'Well my brother and I are trying to film a video for our YouTube channel and he’s sent me shopping with a list of food to grab, but in all honesty I’ve never heard of any of these before.’ He smiled and awkwardly laughed, hoping to ease his anxiousness, you help him along with the list. Walking round the store with him showing him where the food is for the video and telling him the best recommendations, he finally has a basket full of items and is ready to checkout which you’re pretty sad about, you think to yourself how lovely he sounds and how much you’d love to see him again!
His voice suddenly takes you out of your thoughts 'Thank you so much for taking time out of your day for helping me find these items, I’m kind of glad that I got the courage to ask for your help’. 'Oh, it’s no bother, it’s basically my job to help people you know being a sales Assistant and stuff’ you say as he slowly chuckles. As he’s about to leave, your mouth starts moving before your mind has anything to do with it. 'Erm before you leave, may I catch your name? You’ve intrigued me so much, besides I think I recognise you a little, have you been in here before?’ 'My names Grayson, Grayson Dolan. I’ve never shopped in here actually it’s my first time, it’s a lovely shop you work at. I may have to come in more often if it means I can see you more?’ Your thoughts go into overdrive, THE Grayson Dolan is standing right before you and you never opened your eyes to believe it, how stupid could you be! 
'I’d love it if you came in more, means I can sneak away from work for a few minutes to help you again’ you say whilst laughing. He smiles back at you, whilst silently ripping a piece of the receipt and writing something down which to you looks like a number. 'Here, if you ever get bored at work or outside, here’s my number. Perhaps we can go for a coffee and you can tell me all about yourself?’ 
You look up smiling with the piece of paper tightly being held in your hands, 'I’d absolutely love that’
Who knew that work would end up being fun?

Hey guys! Another imagine that I thought I’d try. Hopefully it’s a bit better than the first one! Loves and stuff😘

Tasks - Revisited

Public Access and Obedience

  • sit, lie down, up-sit
  • stay, here
  • left, right, front, between, “let’s go” (heel)
  • under (table), under (chair)
  • leave it and “watch me” - dropped food, offered food, heavy distractions
  • elimination on command
  • hit access buttons*

Mobility Related

  • Pick up dropped items and items that roll off desk
  • Carry items while handler uses a cane
  • Deposit based tasks
    • putting trash and recycling in appropriate receptacles
    • drag items to desired location
    • put mail, bags, medication, and other items on counter top
  • Bracing or counter bracing to prevent falls

Executive Functioning Related

  • Retrieve wallet, phone, leash, and other items
    • Retrieve shoes and leash
    • Retrieve water bottle
    • Retrieve canned fruit or other food stuff
  • Assist to tidy house
    • Bring “out of place” items to handler. Objects on the floor or which are not usually on a given surface.
  • Drag laundry basket through house
  • Assist handler out of bed by nosing and licking face and arms
  • Interrupt undesired repetitive task on command. (By nosing hands.)

Mental Illness Related

  • Turn lights on and off
  • Lie down in front of door on command
  • Find exist
  • Deep pressure therapy
  • Blocking
  • Guide to resting place during zombie episodes
  • Check room for intruders
  • Attempt to wake handler if someone approaches handler while asleep

Seizure Related

  • Assist from slumped to sitting position after a seizure to insure ease of breathing
  • Remove vomit from handler’s airway after seizure
  • Brace and help handler rise for floor after seizure
  • Seizure detection and alert
Sunday Respite - Monk-y Business

To turn one thing into another, one must spend time mastering their craft. A blank canvas becoming a piece of splendor does not require the commitment needed to turn silence to sound or order to chaos. To create art, one must devote years to achieve absolute perfection. However, even this conviction is but a passing moment for those who would take themselves and transform man into a weapon; swift as steel, strong as stone, and resilient as the sturdiest scale. Many would have their entire life pass beneath them - the waters of time flowing below the bridge’s bow - and still not succeed. It requires a mind devoid of distraction and vice, a soul clean of regret and fear, and a body which can withstand pain as the mountains resist the wind.

Or you could just multiclass into monk after 8 levels of barbarian and start punching anything that could give you XP. 

I have always preferred that the Monk, in games like D&D and so on, would be a prestige class of sorts; something requiring intense devotion and forethought in game rather than a sideways decision made after pawing through the character creation pages for twenty minutes. That’s just my stupid opinion, but I’ll tell you what isn’t stupid; this bag o’ stuff to hit things with, and its hastily scrawled-on label of ‘monk’. You can pluck from this and adapt whatever you get for usage within your game, satisfaction guaranteed, or your metaphorical money back.

Dwarven Knuckles of the Barrage of Brass

These are an angular pair of dwarven brass knuckles. They are geometric in design, favouring the regimented familiarity of squares and 90′ angles over the comfort of a fit around un-dwarven fingers. The design presents a scowling, helmeted warrior on the business-end of the implements, detailed in two shades of yellowed metal. They are broad, unwieldy, and weigh like a corpse chained to the wrist. Once per day, when the name of the current monarch is spoken aloud, in reverence or rage, the world slows around the wearer to where the beat of the bee’s wings matches that of the human heart. However, in this pause, only the torso of the wearer can move with any speed. This will remain the fact for the wearer until they have given a dozen attacks with the weapons, whereupon the standard flow of time will return and with it the simultaneous impact of all twelve strikes to whatever unfortunate creature was within punching distance.


This weapon is a quarterstaff of light, almost entirely flexible, bamboo. It has a red, woolen padding around the centered half and each end is capped with the iron bracing of a cudgel. The weapon strikes as well as any other, finding flesh with a painful pummeling the same way a landslide meets the valley, but it is not significant in terms of its wounding. It’s true utility is found when one cap is placed upon the ground. The quarterstaff will always stand erect, no matter the severity of its angle or intensity of its interference. This means that a talented acrobat can stay gripped to the Keenstaff despite it being precariously balanced atop a wind-worn mountain peak, roaring steam train, or in the hand of another performer.

Mantle of the Thousand Masters

The Thousand Master’s Mantle is uninspiring and insignificant to behold. A dull, leather shoulder cloak, bound with frayed laces at the front, affixed with a simple hood. It keeps the rain from your hair, the sun from your neck, and the wind from your collar, but it’s true capability is not apparent until worn in combat. When threatened with hostility, the mantle becomes a glimmering cloak of golden cloth, shining like silver with a shine beyond whatever light it is reflecting. Behind the the wearer’s head will sprout a tree of a half-dozen wooden humanoid hands of leaf and bark in a display of perfect symmetry. Each hand thinks and moves as their master’s, striking with their strength and precision, dancing with their elegance, gesturing as they see fit. They can hold weapons, manipulate objects, and interact with other creatures, but when the combat ceases, the hands will wilt like dying flowers, leaving behind only fragmented twists of twigs and litter as any sign of their existence.

Weeping Masque

This obscuring mask features the weeping, yet emotionless demeanor of a young person, neither explicitly masculine or feminine on detail, yet somehow both. The mask is made of porcelain and feels worryingly fragile, like you could snap it by looking too closely upon it. Once worn over the face, secured with a black ribbon round the back of the head, the eyes of the mask begin to weep a constant trickle of water, much like a steam of tears. However, the wearer becomes aware of their new ability to change the nature of those tears. Upon choice, the tears can change to a searing cascade of molten fire, a crumbling fall of rock and soil, a seeping drip of blood, and a dozen other variations. The wearer also finds that their own kicks, punches, and so forth, inflict additional injuries to their recipients in a manner represented by the mask’s emissions. Blood will cut the skin and cause bleeding, water will fill their lungs and have them choke and splutter, earth will slowly turn them to stone with every hit, and fire will burn the flesh like a red-hot brand.

Empty Hand

The Empty Hand is a gauntlet of boiled leather plates around a fingerless, padded mitt. It is stitched with the snaking trail of black and white thread of ancient masters of the craft and fits whatever hand wears it. The gauntlet allows the possessor to take any weapon they have - be it a blade, bow, mace, or whatever - and have their hand become equally as powerful. The wearer need only take the desired item and silently meditate and pray to the god whose glory the Empty Hand was made in. The weapon will then become absorbed into the gauntlet’s being, becoming one. The Empty hand now swings and severs with the power and strength of that weapon, while the possessor is still considered unarmed. A greataxe will have each strike open deep, dreadful scars and bone-breaking cleaves through skin and steel, whereas a crossbow will allow the hand to project bolts out forth from their palm at incredible range and precision.


Pixie x


Living With The Murderer Pt 4

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Title: Living With The Murderer.

Genre: Light fluff, little bit of angst and some tears.

Member: Zelo.

Word Count: 2511.

Description: Zelo is angry at you again, yes you are technically crying over spilt milk. But that doesn’t really matter because it turns out Youngjae is being pretty nice, nice enough to tell you there are some things you still don’t know.

This was hell, this was literal hell. You wanted to die on the spot, you didn’t care about a funeral or a grave site, as long as you were descending from the earth and being put as far away as possible from the five supposedly grown men you had been forced to go grocery shopping with.

“What do you need to make pasta again?” You couldn’t even answer their questions anymore, your ears were literally ringing because of their repeated show of stupidity and your body was ridden into that growingly familiar feeling of stiffness.

And what caused it this time?

Zelo again, of course.

His hand was on the shopping cart, right next to yours, just a mere millimetre away from making contact with your own hand. And even though the stupidity and the idiocity of the people you were shopping with proved to be able to distract your mind, it couldn’t distract your rigid body and how uncomfortable you were.

“What do you put in pasta again?” Jongup asked, holding up a packet of pasta in Daehyun’s direction and the older of the two shrugged as he snatched the packet from him.

“I don’t know, but it always tastes good”

“I know what goes in pasta” Zelo gasped and he approached the two, snatching the packet out of Daehyun’s hands to throw it in the shopping cart as you passed them. You chose to ignore them, Zelo had finally left your side which meant you were now free to roam around the supermarket without looking like a walking statue.

“Hummus, hummus, aha! Hummus” Youngjae clapped and picked up the said hummus once he had found it, he turned around to meet eyes with you and you blinked dully as he skipped towards the shopping cart with his desired item of food.

I swear on the life of me if Himchan turns into a fluffy, stupid little child like the rest of them I’m going to slap him.

You internally vowed to yourself as Youngjae put the hummus in the shopping cart and locked his grip on the side of it, pulling you along with his quickened steps as he dragged the shopping cart with him.

“I think Himchan went this way” Youngjae voiced as if he had been able to read your mind and you hummed in response, focused on not tripping over and actually finding Himchan by staying on your own two feet. When the two of you had found Himchan he was over by one of the fridge sections. His eyes were locked on two different types of cheese, one in each hand, and then they racked the options on the fridge shelves before him that he wasn’t able to pick up.

“Put the cheese down Himchan” You demanded as soon as you got near him, Youngjae reached for one of the cheeses to help Himchan put them down. But what someone had failed to inform you of was the fact that Himchan snarled like a pregnant cat when he was threatened, and clearly having the cheese taken off him was a threat.

“Himchan put down the cheese or a dowse you in vinegar” You threatened, taking the bottle of vinegar from the shopping cart and threatening to remove its lid.

Himchan hissed and with a flick of your wrist, you threatened him again. Himchan screamed and used his body to cover the cheese, waiting for the vinegar to spray him and you laughed at him.

“Dumb ass, it has a seal on it” Youngjae snapped and ripped the cheese out of Himchan’s hands. Once he got the dairy product out of Himchan’s grasp you used the cart to shove Himchan away from the cheese.


Finally, you were home, by the time you had managed to bring all the grocery bags inside you were exhausted both mentally and physically. If it weren’t for Yongguk coming out of his little hiding spot in the house to help you, you probably would have passed out and you figured that none of those idiots would have known how to help you if that were to ever happen.

Daehyun had disappeared, and Jongup left the kitchen with the excuse to find Daehyun and bring him back to help you. You had found that Himchan was still grumpy from the cheese event and you had no clue where Youngjae was, all you could do as you packed away the food with Zelo and Yongguk was hope that Youngjae wasn’t dead. Because if he were that meant Himchan was probably sitting on the couch with that scowl on his face waiting to murder you next because he didn’t get any wine or cheese on this shopping trip. The thought of that sent a small shiver down your spine but nothing could mess you up more then what was about to happen in the kitchen.

You looked down with an “oh shit” falling from your lips in a loud gasp as Yongguk who had been handing you food to put in the fridge jumped back to avoid having milk thrown on him. You hid by the side of the fridge, dropping the fruit on one of the shelves as you both watched a lidless milk carton fall to the floor. The milk splashed on the floor before spreading into a big puddle with you and Yongguk staring at it in devastation.

“Y/N, please tell me you bought more milk?”

“We did buy more mi-”

“What the fuck are you thinking Y/N?” Zelo snapped and you snarled back a reply for having been cut off and accused before you could even realise what was happening around you.

“I beg your bloody pardon you inconsiderate piece of trash why don’t you quit it with the snapping and take the time to realise it was an accident?” You finally turned to look at Zelo once you had finished your sentence and your eyes widened when you saw how angry he was and your mind almost went blank wit the state of shock you fell into.  

At least he wasn’t crying over spilt milk.

You couldn’t even chuckle over your little thoughts of sarcasm as Zelo slammed a fist on the kitchen bench and began yelling louder.

“That carton was still half full and now because of your stupidity, it’s all on the ground in an utter waste! Look what you’ve done!” He pointed a finger at the milk on the floor and you looked down at the mess, refusing to look back up as your whole body began to shake.

“Zelo calm down, will you? You heard what she said, it was an accident. Now cut Y/N some slack and we will clean the mess up while you finish putting the food away ok?” Yongguk cut in and Zelo shoved him out of the way in response so that he could be towering over your shaking figure. You shrunk in size, he hadn’t even truly begun yet and you were still scared, it made you realise how weak you were compared to how strong you imagined yourself to be.

“You truly are absolutely useless” A gasp escaped you and your head automatically flicked up against your will to meet Zelo’s dark eyes with your own that showed just how shattered you were by his comment.  Your breath quivered as silence passed between the two of you until Yongguk put a hand on Zelo’s shoulder and the taller male turned his body to face him with an angry flick.

“Y/N” Daehyun whispered in the gap of thick silence and you turned around to look at him, Jongup was standing next to him and your head automatically lowered when you realised they would have seen everything that just happened. And then you remembered Himchan sitting in the lounge room where you could hear everything that happened from the kitchen and your embarrassment immediately tripled, causing you to become a shame filled tint of red in the face.

You quickly ran around Daehyun and Jongup, avoiding looking into their eyes again as you passed them. You mentally scolded yourself for leaving Yongguk in there alone with Zelo, but you were too scared to go back in there and instantly promised yourself that you would apologise to Yongguk for the trouble you have caused him as soon as you got the chance to do so.

“God damn it, I promised myself I wouldn’t be like this anymore. Why can’t I ever be strong enough?” Tears had fallen from your eyes and left sparkling trails of your sadness on your cheeks as you slammed the door to your room shut and ran to the safety of your bed, where you yanked the covers back and fell under their warmth as gravity failed to hold them up. You used the palm of your hand to dry your cheeks and wipe away the continuing tears as you sniffled and pulled your pillow into your chest. Your eyes clenched themselves shut and your breath shook with every inhale and exhale. You shook your head, keeping your eyes closed as you forbid yourself to remember those times, you didn’t want to think about those times, you didn’t want to remember what happened to you and you didn’t want to have to feel the same emotions that came with those memories again.

But they played on your mind. They remained the only thing you thought about for hours. And Zelo stood outside your room later that night, wanting to tell you dinner was ready, that you should eat what was presented tonight because it was actually really good and Youngjae was extremely proud of it. Zelo wanted to try and get you to open up to at least somebody in the house, it didn’t even have to be him. Zelo wanted to knock on the door, ask you why he could hear your soft hiccups and the sniffles you were making. He wanted to have you allow him to give you a warm comforting hug while he asked if you wanted to tell him what was wrong, but for some reason, he was too afraid to make his presence known to you.

So instead he went back to the table with a look of defeat. Himchan blinked at him questioningly and Zelo had already given his answer before any of them could ask him where you were.

“She said she isn’t hungry yet” He muttered, not looking at any of them as he slumped down into his seat and snatched at his cutlery with a deep, very evident frown on his lips.

“Well, I mean that’s nothing new, but she has to eat. I’ll see if she wants to eat her meal in her room” Zelo believed that he had witnessed you and Youngjae bond and for a moment he believed that maybe you could find comfort in Youngjae. And once you found comfort in Youngjae maybe you would find yourself being friendly with the others, and eventually, you and him would get along like he wanted you to. Youngjae stood up, taking his plate and reaching across to the empty space on the table to grab yours, with one last smile directed their way, Youngjae gave small chuckle that had his eye crinkling.

“Wish me luck” He commented with a light voice before walking out of the kitchen. The other boys were left sitting in shock with a glum Zelo. It wasn’t very often that they saw a light and fluffy Youngjae, they thought that side of him must have died after being in the gang for so long.

“So um, Got7 have finally cleared off” Yongguk cleared his throat, quickly looking down at the food in front of him and shoving a spoonful of it in his mouth.

“About damn time” Daehyun muffled back through his cheeks that were puffed with half chewed food. Youngjae waltzed up the stairs and down the hall to stand in front of the door to your room.

“Y/N” He called as he used the heel of his foot to knock on the door. You blinked awake from the light sleep you were slipping into and turned your head under the covers to look in the direction of your bedroom door with swollen eyes.

“Can I come in Y/N? My hands are full” You heard Youngjae’s voice again and groggily sat up on the bed, letting the covers fall from your body as you continued moving to get out of the bed.

“I’m coming” You responded through a dry throat and dragged your feet towards the door. Youngjae met your tired, red eyes when you opened the door and his own instantly widened as he shuffled past you to set the plates down on your bedside table.

“What on earth has got you looking like this?” Youngjae asked and the emotions instantly came crashing back into your body as he grabbed you by your shoulders and lifted one of his hands to use a finger to poke your swollen skin under your eyes. You lips quivered and Youngjae watched with an expression of utter cluelessness on his face as your eyes began to water again.

“Zelo yelled at me for spilling the milk when we were putting the groceries away. But the lid wasn’t even on it and it was an accident!” You whimpered, your voice getting shakier and harder to use as you told him what was wrong.

“You’re crying over spilt milk?” Youngjae asked, blinking owlishly as you wiped at your eyes gingerly.

“I’m crying because Zelo got angry at me and Yongguk and it scared so I ran and left Yongguk behind with Zelo being angry” You cried and Youngjae sighed, pulling you into his body and wrapping his arms around you.

“Is that why you told Zelo that you weren’t hungry?” He asked and you looked up at him. It was your turn to hold the expression of confusion on your face as he watched you blinking away your tears.

“Zelo hasn’t been anywhere near me since he got angry at me. I was never told that dinner was ready, I had almost fallen asleep to” You hiccupped and Youngjae’s brows came to meet in the centre of his forehead as he pulled you back into his chest.

“There is so much you still don’t know about this house isn’t there Y/N?” Youngjae mumbled. You wanted to ask him what he meant, ask him what you hadn’t been told but there was a lump in your throat keeping your words at bay.

“Let’s try and eat and see if you feel any better after dinner” Youngjae suggested and you nodded, letting him pull you back towards your bed where you got comfortable and he handed you a plate full of amazing smelling food.

“It smells great” You chuckled weakly and Youngjae gave you a happy grin.

“Good, it better tastes as great as it smells too” Youngjae demanded and brought the food to his mouth, clamping down on it and chewing happily.

“Dig in Y/N!”

After much delay it’s finally here! I hope you enjoyed it and I’m doing my best to get more writing done as I am on a two week holiday right now so my plan is to fill it with updates and all that holiday homework I was given.

I love you xx

Satisfied~Part 1- Newt Scamander x Reader

Satisfied-Part 1

A/n: Hello! I finally completed the first part, and there will be more parts to follow. This is based off of the song “Satisfied” from Hamilton (this is also one of my favorite songs from there). Basically, a brief summary is that Newt has fallen for the reader, but he knows that you and his brother have a connection. He knows that he won’t be happy, but as long as you are, he’ll be okay, eventually. Thank you all for all of the amazing support still, and you are all wonderful and lovely and amazing!

Please Enjoy!

Warnings: slight angsty or heartbroken themes

Part 2:

The excessively large dining room was swarming with people that Newt had never had a conversation with or even heard of. Elegant place settings etched with shimmering gold foils reflected from the light of the glass chandelier hanging frozen above couples dancing and twirling to the sway of a distant violin. He sipped quietly on his glass, the bitterness of the beverage stinging the back of his throat slightly.

Normally this was not his sort of scene. Faces of people faded into the background and blurred with the music. Of all of the places in the world, this was at the top of the list for being one of the worst. It wasn’t that the party itself was terrible, as his brother Theseus was a wonderful host. He was charming, attractive, and strong, everything Newt thought he wasn’t, which is why he became discouraged when he saw you playfully laughing with him on the opposite end of the room.

Newt remembered the day he had first introduced you to his brother. He had stopped by for the enjoyment of the holiday season, and you had accompanied him. The snow was falling and softly forming into sheets as he led you up to his brother’s front door. Your hair was done up and your outfit was elegant enough to make the queen jealous. The lace shaped around your collarbone while the color highlighted the depth of your eyes, and it all molded to create pure beauty and poise. When Theseus invited the two of you inside, Newt had introduced you as his illustrator to his book, but Theseus saw you as more. He extended his hand to grasp yours, only to bring it back up to place a gentle kiss upon it. The rest of the night, he cracked jokes, rolled compliments off of his tongue, and quietly left subtle hints of flirtation towards you. As Newt led you out the grand door to head back home, he thought he saw a new glimmer inside of your eyes, and he felt a new sense of tightness around his heart. It was fiery and hot, like a burning coal left inside of a fanned flame, but he didn’t entirely grasp its meaning.

However, now Newt was well aware of that burning flame inside of him. He was in fact, jealous of his older brother. But who wouldn’t be? Was he a hero? You bet. Was he handsome and charming and dashing? All of those if not even more. Was he perfect for you?

Newt looked up to see you conversing still as Theseus offered an arm for you to take.

To answer his question, yes he was perfect for you.

You and Newt had met through the ministry as he needed someone with exceptional artistic talent to illustrate every detail of his creatures, from the rugged horn of the Erumpent to the miniscule scales of the baby occamies. With a quick interview and observance of your previous work, Newt had selected you to follow him on all of his adventures and to document not with words, but with shades and textures of all varieties. He hired you professionally, but after a few weeks together, you two were practically inseparable best friends. You both spent long nights busy at writing and drawing, and you would each alternate turns on making tea and cooking (even though you usually did the cooking since Newt frequently caught things on fire while doing it himself). When either of you were having a rough day or needed some cheering up, the other was moments away and fully prepared for deserved hugs. You were his friend, or at least that was what he constantly reminded himself when he looked at you.

At first, he denied ever having feelings for you. He couldn’t fall in love with the person who had become his best friend, that wasn’t how these types of relationships worked. It was simple really. He writes the book, you draw for the book, and that was all, but with time, it all began to morph and melt. You were a breath of winter air, pure, enticing, refreshing, and his lungs longed for you. He wasn’t supposed to think of you like this. He wasn’t supposed to look at you lovingly as you blew the stray hairs away from your face as your lips curled in complete concentration on your art. He wasn’t supposed to desire your laugh or the way you lit up a room with your joyful smile, grinning large from excitement. He wasn’t supposed to let his eyes wander down to the thin strip of skin that appeared on your waist when your shirt lifted partially as you tried to reach the top shelf, stood up on the points of your toes as you eagerly tried to grasp the desired item. He wasn’t supposed to fall for his partner or friend with a personality of both explosive fire and passionate serenity.

The day he introduced you to Theseus, it became a lost dream. Newt was well aware of what Theseus thought about you, as he often asked Newt if his “ravishing partner” was visiting with him when he would come over. He had even personally invited you here himself, and if that didn’t confirm that you weren’t Newt’s, then what did?

Newt emptied his glass, set it on a table next to him, and desperately tried to find a way out to the back gardens, for he knew that if he had to see the two of you together for the rest of the night, he would surely collapse and drown in a sea of tears himself. With every gesture that his famous brother expressed, a new crack appeared in Newt’s heart. He wouldn’t be satisfied with the constant feeling of ache and woe in his chest, the prolonged rejection of his own happiness and desire, but if his brother was happy, that would be fine by him. He still had you as a friend for now, but even that could slip into a faint memory. He had to accept that you were not his, and that you had eyes for another.

With a few more strides, he located the glass white door he recognized from previous visits and was out on the back gardens. He had come to this event with you, however, he had the broken realization that he was most likely going to leave alone.

The gardens were magnificent, just as much as his brother’s personality. He doubted that anyone had seen him slip out, and in all honesty, he didn’t care. He just needed to be out of there. From the tall paned windows he could still see you inside, oblivious to his disappearance. He wanted nothing more than to waltz back into the scene and pull you into a passionate kiss, not some brief peck of lust, but instead a heated one that would display all of his restrained affection and love. He couldn’t do that though, Theseus would be heartbroken. You probably would be too.

Sitting next to a row of rose bushes, Newt let his body limply droop down. Theseus would make you happy, protect you, and cherish you. He would care for you and perhaps start a family with you in the future, perhaps a future without Newt in it as much.

Tears cascaded down Newt’s face as the air pricked the hairs on the back of his neck. He wouldn’t be in a state of satisfaction, but you two would be happy. All he could ever ask for truly was that you, his love, were happy, even if what made you happy wasn’t him. He fiddled with a few fallen petals in between his fingers as he stared up at the night sky by himself.

At least you were happy.


Drabble: A Little Family

Drabble also found on Fanfiction:

Astrid’s eyes cracked open at the sound of a newborn’s cries. At first, she thought she was hallucinating. Then, she wondered what muttonhead had brought their screaming baby outside in the middle of the night. It took a gentle nudge from her husband to bring her into reality, to realize that the cries were coming from her own child.

As the blonde stood up, Hiccup’s tunic falling off her shoulder, she first became aware that she needed to change her rags. She then felt a sharp pain between her stiff legs. It was all coming back to her. Eight hours of labor and four stitches in a place she didn’t even know stitches could exist, followed by heavy bleeding and fatigue.

But she’d worry about herself later. Walking over to the cradle, the wooden floor cold on her bare feet, she could see her son’s face in the moonlight. Little Stoick Haddock II. She smiled at the sight of him, and suddenly forgot her pain. Carefully lifting his fragile body into her arms, she unsuccessfully shushed him as she made her way to the rocking chair Gobber had made for her and Hiccup.

“Hey, it’s okay. Mama’s here.” Astrid struggled to undo the drawstrings on the tunic with one hand while supporting the baby’s head with the other. Eventually, the garment fell to her stomach, allowing her to cradle the newborn against her breast.

Baby Stoick struggled to latch onto a nipple, and, with his mother’s help, finally managed to begin suckling, his wails dying down as he did so.

“Well, look at my family.”

Astrid lifted her eyes to see Hiccup standing shirtless in front of her, a candle in one hand and a blanket in the other. Nudging the blonde over, he squeezed onto the rocker beside her and tucked the furs around them.

“You okay, Ast?” he asked, watching as she massaged the baby’s tiny feet.

“I think he needs socks. His little toes are freezing,” she murmured, half to herself.

In an instant, Hiccup was out of the chair and scrambling to find the socks Valka had knitted for her grandson. Upon catching sight of the desired items, he grabbed them and hurried back to Astrid.

“Thanks, babe.” Astrid slipped the socks onto Stoick’s feet. Once finished, she leaned against her husband’s shoulder, enjoying the feeling of his warm, bare shoulder on her chilly face.

It wasn’t long before the newborn was finished eating. Hiccup offered to take him so his wife could re-fasten the tunic, and continued to hold him while she went to the outhouse to clean herself up.

Grinning, Hiccup gently kissed his son’s head. He felt sorry for Astrid, but at the same time, was tremendously relieved that she’d been the one to give birth and not him. People often wondered who was stronger, and as much as he wanted to sound like a “real” man, he had to let Astrid win on that one. He’d seen her hide how uncomfortable she was when she bled each month, then heard her get sick every morning for the first trimester of her pregnancy. He’d noticed her become stiffer as she’d gotten larger, and witnessed her pain while giving life to his child. Their child.

Yes, Astrid was definitely stronger than him.

Stoick began to fuss. Hiccup guessed he needed a diaper change, and he was right. After struggling to clean him up and pin a new diaper onto him, the Chief cautiously lifted him and carried him to the bed. Lying down, he placed the baby on his chest.

Astrid returned to the sound of her husband’s soft snoring, mixed with the quiet breathing of her son. Holding up the candle, she admired the sight before her for a few minutes before taking Stoick and placing him back in his cradle. As cute as the scene had been, she was scared Hiccup would drop the little one in his sleep.

Once she kissed the newborn and tucked him in, Astrid crawled into bed beside Hiccup. Pressing her lips to his shoulder, she spooned him from behind, nuzzled into his neck, and let out a sigh before drifting into slumber.

It wouldn’t be long before she’d be awoken by Baby Stoick’s cries again.