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i love your cc and you've really inspired to make my own! things are going well except for when i try to make things bgc? i can't find any helpful tutorials :( all i know is that i should change the cut numbers but whenever i make all the cut numbers the same (e.g. making all my mesh parts 0000). sorry if this bothers you i really hope I'm not being annoying but im just so confused rn

Tbh if I knew what u were making that would be much more helpful! But basically u clone out a bgc item with the same number of cuts as ur cc and replace that mesh with ur mesh

retail etiquette

alternatively titled, “how to be a decent human being to people who are suffering enough as it is to help your supposedly entitled ass”

1. get off your cell phone.  
      - cashiers ( not to mention the people patiently waiting in line ) don’t need to hear about how little Kelsey’s doing on the soccer team, or how your mother-in-law is coming into town for her birthday and you’re just SO INCONVENIENCED by having to purchase paper plates and cheap napkins before her arrival.  just tell them you’ll call them back when you’re done.
      - if you can’t be assed to think about other people, at least acknowledge the cashier with a smile or a wave.  if they speak to you or ask you a question, don’t shush them.  tell your BFF Tanisha to hold on for what might be a total of four seconds. 

2.  when an item doesn’t immediately scan, please say anything but “oh, it must be free!”  please, dear god, anything but that.  you’re not being funny.  or clever.  or original.  they hear this at least ten times a day.  

3.  the number of items listed on the express lane is not a suggestion.  if you know that you have more items, don’t go there.  it’s that simple.  the express lanes have to be kept open for people who have small orders, so they’re not stuck behind someone with a cart piled high with what’s maybe a week’s worth of food and clothes you’ll inevitably be returning. 

4.  while unloading your cart, put the big items ( i.e., packages of toilet paper, crates of water bottles ) last.  there’s very little room for the cashiers to work with.  when you’re done unloading your cart, pull it up to the loading space and start putting the bags and other items into your cart instead of standing there and staring off into space or fiddling with your phone. 

5.  when you ask a cashier a store-related question ( i.e., how many coupons are allowed per order, whether or not you’re getting the right BOGO deal, etc. ), and they answer you politely and confidently, don’t challenge them.  they work there.  you don’t.  they know the way the store works.  you don’t.  if they’ve forgotten something or made a mistake, by all means, ask them about it – but do it politely.  we all make mistakes.  

6.  do not – i repeat, do not – put your money down on the counter or conveyor belt, especially if the cashier is visibly ready to take it.  hand it over to them.  if you need to count out some change, tell them so they can wait.  oh, and if they’ve already cashed you out, don’t hand over some random amount of change after the drawer’s open.  

7.  if your card’s declined, it’s not their fault.  don’t ask them why it wasn’t accepted.  they don’t know.  and don’t get angry or impatient with them, or insist you have money because you just deposited a check – they do not care.  they cannot help you with problems that are clearly on your end.  

8.  do not yell at a cashier.  once again, for the people in the back:  do not yell at a cashier, especially someone who’s clearly new to the job.  would you appreciate being yelled at for something beyond your control, or a simple, fixable mistake?  no.  so don’t do it to them.  

9.  if you get an answer you don’t like from a cashier and ask to speak to a manager, guess what?  you’re most likely gonna get the same answer from them.  here’s a news flash: the customer is not always right, the company will not always pander to your temper tantrums, and making a scene in front of a line of people with quickly-diminishing patience will not change their minds. 

10.  overall, please just be polite.  these people are working their asses off to help their customers, most of which don’t appreciate their efforts at all.  they’re constantly ignored, mistreated, questioned and degraded, and over time, it really does a number on their emotional state.  just be kind and courteous.  they’re human beings, not mindless drones.  smiles and nice conversations go a long way.  

if anyone else has anything to add, feel free.  floor associates, back room / production workers – go crazy.  share your woes and pet peeves.  

Why yes, we should ring up every item.

I used to be a front end manager for a large hardware chain in the Midwest. It was early in the day (around 9 am or so) and my head cashier had called in sick so I was already behind in a lot of ways. Luckily I had a girl scheduled who was a former head cashier who had left the company and came back as a full time cashier. We’ll call her Jenny. Jenny was smart and worked hard, she was always professional and was quick with a joke. I liked when she was scheduled to work with me.

Jenny was around 7 months pregnant (and had the most awful things said to her because she didn’t have a ring on her left hand, but that’s another story) and I had given her the phone while I was trying to accomplish various tasks to set up my day.

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Voltron Force [Battlefront] damaged copies + digital PDF release

Finally makes a post about this–

Voltron Force [BATTLEFRONT] will be going back up for sale on September 20th at 3pm Pacific time. 

There will be books in new condition, damaged copies, digital PDFs, and sets of the exclusive Voltron military au dog tag necklaces. There is a very small number of items left. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to be doing a reprint of these books so please DO NOT ASK ME IF THERE WILL BE. 

The store link>>


After long last, here’s some information regarding digital PDFs of Voltron Force [BATTLEFRONT].

Digital PDFs will include all 62 pages of the doujin, including the guest pages and covers. However it will not come with the free postcard that comes with the physical copy of the books.  

THIS IS IMPORTANT IF YOU WISH TO BUY THE DIGITAL BOOK: The shop will list the Digital PDF as “COMING SOON.” You won’t be able to buy the digital copy from this shop. Click on the item and check the description box for a link that will redirect you to where you can purchase the digital PDF. 

The digital copy will cost $10 per download. 

The digital PDF will only be available for purchase from September 20th to September 25th (5 days). 


The damage varies between books, but includes one or more of the following: dented cover/spine, scratches on cover, binding glue damage, damage to the foil stamping. 

Each damaged book will be sold at a discounted price of $10, not including shipping.


The dog tags that I made exclusively for this doujinshi will be sold separately from the book now for $15. This includes all five dog tags. The dog tags will not be sold individually. 

The Aftermath: Bucky (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which Bucky reacts to finding out how you feel about him.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,740

A/N: I couldn’t write the next part of this series without giving you at least one scene from Bucky’s perspective. I’ve been excited to write this since I posted the original “The Aftermath”. 

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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Forty Minutes Later

Bucky clutches his chest, trying to remove a dagger that isn’t really there. It feels like it is though. The look on your face before he left your apartment put it there.

It had to be done.

It had to be done.

No matter how many times he has repeated those words, his makeshift mantra, they don’t make him feel any better. How could they when he just did the one thing he never wanted to do? He broke your heart.

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Bren Ten

An iconic if not legendary semi-automatic pistol that is synonymous with the 10mm Auto cartridge. The Bren Ten was produced for only a few years before the company, Dornaus & Dixon, went bankrupt. Although it looks like a CZ-75, the pistol features design changes to accommodate the 10mm Auto ammo. They are considered collector items since production numbers are somewhere around 1,500 units but also because the Bren Ten was made famous for it’s use and appearance in Miami Vice. Expect to pay at least $2,500+ for one depending on condition. The most expensive Bren Ten I’ve seen sold for $4,800. (GRH)

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How do you read Liz Lisa item numbers? I remember reading somewhere that you can tell the year and season the items were released by reading the Liz Lisa item numbers...but I don't remember how?

Emiii - In general for recent releases, the first three item numbers on the care tag (also on the official webstore with each listing) are usually an indication of year and approximate season.
ex. 151-2869-0 –> 2015, first half of the year = spring/summer

VG Monsters! Batch 1

This post is divided in multiple pieces to not be too long

Welp.. here are the first three:


Gender ratio: Neutral

Food source: Rich minerals below ground and the rich minerals of Pyusty.

Habitat requirements: It must be below freezing, there also must be water and trees. So the icy cold areas around Lin’s castle are perfect.

Rime are highly territorial beings. Apart from that, they are very intelligent beings as well, being very aware that their lives depend on Lin’s ability to keep the temperature low. That’s why they are not aggressive towards their boss monster and miniboss unless agitated.

Their attacks consist of their four limbs coming together to form a drill, with that, they can rush towards one at an easy 50mph. The tip of their limbs are always sharpened with help of the occasional harsh blizzards’ winds rushing at them.

Drop items: Never melting ice(very rare). Ice shard (common)

Frost Lass/lad

Gender ratio: 87% female 13% male

Habitat: Blizzards and areas much below freezing. Thus in the areas around Lin’s castle.

Food source: Mana, mp and Pyusty

Frost lasses have the appearance of a pretty girl, the Frost lads too, and tend to appear when a character is low on hp. They would invite the character’s party to a cabin, being very hospitable. Whilst secretly draining away their mp and mana as food source. Once full, they will wait till the characters fall asleep, then they’ll restore their hp and leave them be.

Frost lasses rarely attack out of the blue, they’ll attack once attacked. Their attacks consist of seeping away one’s luck, making them very unlucky. Then, the character’s environment would be the enemy, with ice blocks falling out of the blue, losing items and getting lost in a blizzard for example.

Drop items:  Ice shard (common) Unlucky hair band(rare)


Gender ratio: 50/50

Habitats: Generally cold, dark or snowy areas. Usually found in caves and snowy villages/towns

Food source: Anything that is digestible really.

These adorable little monsters are very cute and friendly.. and friendsly. (they can end you without meaning to, see below for details) 

Pyusty are easily carried away by a small breeze.

Pyusty are sweet, literally.

Not much larger than three inches, they are harmless in few numbers. Collecting the frozen particles in the air with their body, they become larger and fluffier. they become. Though no matter how large they become, they’re still light enough for their wings to carry them.

The say “Pyu~ !”

In few numbers, they are harmless. But in large swarms, they will plug your holes  be suffocating, literally. When you inhale they will plug your nose, then when you use your mouth, they will plug it too. You will die the most adorable way… good thing they are preyed upon by other monsters in the area as well as hunted upon for their sweet taste.

Even though Pyusty are heavily hunted, they always come back in large numbers. 

Drop item: Snowflake candy (common)

Video game AU: @blogthegreatrouge

Hi everyone– Sorry for being offline for months :’) Long story short, my manager took an early retirement out of a sudden.. So I magically become in-charge of managing her department with all on-going and future projects because my division head agreed not to hire a replacement for her.. Plus I was also in-charge of initiating 2 new projects (from February-March) with other related departments, so it’s been so hard for me to stare into any screen outside office hours :’)

But, worry not I’m slowly getting my pace between works and personal projects and pushing myself to draw last weekend (finally!). I want to announce that I’m opening a 2nd restock for MM Halloween Set Keychain! I’ve already ordered the items with very limited numbers, if you are interested please check my store at :)

Regarding shipping options, I’ve tried both of the shipping types (the express and slower ones) and it erased my worries because all of the shipped orders on first batch had already arrived safely :D Thank you for everyone who had ordered on the first batch! I’m glad you love the packages (and surprises ;))

About my MM artbook project, to be honest I haven’t had the time to finish it due to above reason :’) But, I’m wondering if you are still interested on it? Or if anyone still plays the game and active in this fandom? If yes then it’ll be my main source of motivation to finish it this summer, together with my personal project :)

For fellow locals, I’m gonna be attending Creators Super Fest this weekend on booth RC56. I’ll bring quite a number items (prints, badges, keychains) from Mystic Messenger, Haikyuu, My Hero Academia (BNHA, damn I falling hard *calling for todoroki bias*), Attack on Titan, and Persona 5.

See you guys in there! :D

We carry nuts and bolts and things in bulk at my store. You take the thing, stick it in the little bag, and you write the thing’s item number on the bag. Far too often, these morons bring a hand full of loose nuts and bolts an just throw them on my counter. Many things have velocity codes on them so that works. Many things don’t. So we gotta look them up in the SKU book.

After spending nearly ten minutes with this one guy’s ridiculous handful of metal crap, he says “they ought to come up with a better way for you to do that.”
I looked him tight in the eye and told him “we do have a better way, you just didn’t use it.”
Nearly got documented for that one.

At Last

“Can you believe we’re here right now?” Nursey whispers, and Dex sighs.

“No, actually, I cannot,” he says, tugging Nursey a little closer so he can be heard over the crooning of Etta James. “Because as I recall, item number one on my list of things that I did not want at our wedding was a first dance. In front of everyone.”

“But your mom had the song picked out and everything!”

“You have got to learn how to say no to her. It’s really embarrassing for you.”

“She’s my mother-in-law now, I can’t afford to piss her off.”

Dex snorts. “She loves you more than me, and you know it.”

“I’m just glad all the moms still love us after we crushed their hopes and dreams of a big wedding,” he whispers, and Dex laughs.

They hadn’t wanted anything traditional—no church, no readings, no impersonal and vaguely-religious officiant of any kind. (Shitty officiated, actually, and cried more than anyone.) No one walked anyone down any aisles, there was no wedding party, and if Dex had gotten his way, there would have been no first dance.

“Is it over yet?” he asks, and Nursey muffles his laugh into Dex’s neck.

“Could you at least pretend to look happy with your new husband?”

“Hey, I am probably the happiest person here. Just not, you know, when 50 people are staring at me.”

“They’re probably staring at how good your ass looks in those pants,” Nursey whispers, and Dex flushes. They had decided against full suits—and certainly no tuxes—in favor of just ties and vests. Mostly because Dex really likes the way Nursey looks in vests.

“Yeah, that doesn’t really make me feel any better.”

“Would you prefer them to be staring at my ass?”

“Well, I think that paper we signed earlier means that it belongs to me now, so…”

“You can own my ass anytime,” Nursey says, pairing a faux pout with an overwrought wink, and Dex laughs, though he cuts himself off when Nursey shifts back.

“Wait, no, what are you—do not spin me, Derek Nurse,” he hisses, but Nursey just grins.

“Whoops, too late,” he says easily, lifting his arm. He attempts to spin Dex, who tries to trip Nursey, and they narrowly avoid hitting the floor after stumbling over each other’s feet. They finally end up upright and in each other’s arms again, everyone laughing and Dex’s cheeks flushed red.

“Can’t wait to watch that on video,” Nursey says brightly, and Dex groans.

House Hunters

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG
Summary: Inspired enough by @thexofiles latest episode that I think this qualifies as a Go Fic Yourself.  The premise being: What would Mulder and Scully be like house hunting together?  Set in the revival era.

The first time they settled down to live together, it was out of necessity and not so much by choice.  The rickety old house was purchased in secret, many years before it actually became necessary, selected for its inconspicuous and remote location, not for practicality or aesthetics.  Regardless, it was home for them for many years, until it wasn’t.

It was Scully who tentatively started dropping hints that maybe “we” should look for something closer to work, now that they were back at the FBI.  Maybe “we” should look for something permanent.  Maybe “we” should talk about seeing a realtor.

At their realtor’s suggestion, the two of them sat down to make a list of the top ten things they were interested in out of a house, with the idea that at least half of those were going to need to be sacrificed.  Apparently, a perfect home did not exist, but something in the neighborhood of comfortably inhabitable would be attainable.  They returned to the office, both knowing full well that their lists would probably look a lot different.

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Scavenger Hunt

Summary: A bachelorette party scavenger hunt forces the reader to approach the hottest guy she sees at the mall…

warnings: none, just fluff

word count: ~1900

You walked quickly into the shopping mall, your giggling friends surrounding you.  Damn them and their bachelorette party games.

You were a bridesmaid for one of your best friends from college, Katie, who you were really glad hadn’t picked you to be her maid of honor because frankly, you weren’t one to plan a bachelorette party.  She’d chosen one of your other best friends Rachel to take the all-important position, and now you were seriously regretting it.

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