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Fighter Week: New Magic Items

A list of magic weapons and items specially designed with fighters in mind.

Beacon of Heroism

Wondrous Item (neck), Rare, requires attunement by a fighter

A gold amulet with an amber gem clasped by a dragon claw. When you use your Action Surge, all enemies in a 40 ft. radius that can see you must make a CON saving throw with a DC of 15 or become blinded for 1d4 rounds.

Belt of Deflection

Wondrous Item (waist), Uncommon, requires attunement

A belt of deflection comes in three different materials, each with a slightly different property.

  • Snakeskin: The wearer has resistance to piercing damage.
  • Tiger Fur: The wearer has resistance to slashing damage.
  • Rhino Leather: The wearer has resistance to bludgeoning damage.

Cape of the Oracle

Wondrous Item (back), Rare, requires attunement

A knee-length, rectangular purple cape with intricate swirling patterns converging on a large central eye motif. The cape alerts the wearer’s intuition whenever an attack comes from their rear. Flanking attackers do not gain advantage on attack rolls against the wearer, and simply being behind the wearer does not grant advantage as if the attacker was unseen.

Deadfall Hammer

Magic Weapon (warhammer or maul), Very Rare, requires attunement

A heavy hammer with a head that looks like a giant ram’s horn, with the cross-section of the base forming the front face of the hammer. The weapon is treated as a +1 magic weapon. Whenever the attuned creature hits an enemy with the hammer, the creature must make a STR saving throw with a DC of 16 or be knocked backward 5 ft. On a critical hit, the creature is automatically knocked back 15 ft. and falls prone.

Deadweight Gloves

Wondrous Item (hands), Uncommon, requires attunement

A pair of supernaturally heavy gloves that look and feel like lead, yet are malleable as leather. While wearing the gloves, the attuned creature deals 1d6 base damage when making unarmed attacks with their fists. Also while wearing the gloves, spellcasters have a 25% chance that any spell that they cast fails. This damage does not stack with other bonuses to unarmed damage such as from a monk’s Martial Arts feature or the Tavern Brawler feat.

Energy Weapon

Magic Weapon (any), Rare

This weapon is wreathed in a set energy type chosen when the item was created. Variations include fire, cold, lightning, thunder, acid, poison, necrotic, and radiant. The energy is visible but can be dismissed as a free action. When the weapon’s wielder hits with an attack, the weapon deals a bonus 1d4 damage of the energy type.

Energy Burst Weapon

Magic Weapon (any), Very Rare

This weapon acts like an Energy Weapon (see above) but on a critical hit it deals 1d4 energy damage of the same type to all enemies within 5 ft. of the enemy struck.

Energy Blast Weapon

Magic Weapon (any), Very Rare

This weapon acts like an Energy Weapon (see above) except once per short rest, the wielder can speak the command word and use an action to fire a 60 ft. line of energy of the same energy type. Creatures in the area of effect must make a DC 14 DEX saving throw to try and dodge it. Creatures that fail their save take 8d6 energy damage or half that much damage on a successful save.

Extending Weapon

Magic Weapon (any melee), Uncommon

Once per short rest, this weapon’s range increases by 5 ft. for one round.

Gauntlets of Inevitability

Wondrous Item (hands), Rare, requires attunement

A pair of metal gauntlets studded with tiny claws on the back of the hand. They seem to guide your hands towards those trying to escape you. Creatures taking the disengage action to move outside of your threatened area still provoke an attack of opportunity as if they had not used the disengage action.

Helm of Blindsight

Wondrous Item (head), Uncommon, requires attunement

This bucket helmet has a single opal in the center of the forehead. The wearer has blindsight but only with a range of 5 ft.


Magic Weapon, Uncommon

This weapon in its basal form is a glob of silvery clay. With a command word, the wielder can cause it to change its shape into any nonmagical weapon that the wielder can imagine. Regular rules for proficiency apply when wielding a weapon. The weapon still counts as magical when taking the form of a nonmagic weapon.

Pauldrons of Wailing

Wondrous Item (shoulders), Rare, requires attunement by a fighter

These shoulder guards are made of iron and depict screaming ghouls with sharp teeth. When the attuned creature uses their Second Wind ability, all creatures in a 10 ft. radius must make a DC 17 WIS saving throw or become frightened for 1 round.

Rapid Weapon

Magic Weapon (any Finesse weapon), Very Rare

This weapon is bright silver and sparkles with veins of blue light. The weapon is treated as a +1 magic weapon and when the wielder lands a critical hit, the hit becomes a regular hit and then the wielder gains another attack immediately afterward against a creature within 5 ft.

Sandals of the Surging Waves

Wondrous Item (feet), Rare, requires attunement by a fighter

This set of calf-height sandals are patterned with undulating strips of tough fish leather lined with satin. When the attuned creature uses their Action Surge, an illusory surge of water follows you in your wake. Until your next turn, your movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity and creatures you pass through must make a DC 15 STR saving throw or be knocked prone.

Trueheart Crown

Wondrous Item (head), Rare, requires attunement by a fighter

A gold crown with a starburst motif at its front depicting rays of light emanating from a rearing lion. When the attuned creature heals themselves with their Second Wind ability, all allies within 20 ft. of the creature heal for an equal number of hit points.

Trifold Blades

Magic Weapon (shortsword, dagger, battleaxe), Legendary, requires attunement

This blade produces two spectral duplicates, one red and one blue, that float a few feet away from each other with a command word. The weapon itself is a +2 weapon. When the attuned creature makes an attack against a creature with the Trifold Blades, they may also choose to let the attack affect a creature to their immediate left and immediate right. The secondary attacks use the same roll as the original attack against the new targets’ AC. The shadowy blades can be withdrawn as a free action.

Wheel of Pain

Magic Weapon, Very Rare, requires attunement

This thin wheel has spikes emerging from its circumference. The wheel can be used as a martial melee weapon with 1d8 slashing base damage. The wheel can also be thrown up to 30 ft. away to deal similar base damage. Once thrown, the wheel spins wildly in place and obeys the attuned creature’s mental commands. The wheel can be moved up to 30 ft. as a bonus action on the attuned creature’s turn, attacking all creatures’ spaces it travels through. The wheel can only move in a straight line in this way. When the wheel attacks a creature in this way, it uses the attuned creature’s proficiency modifier plus their CHA modifier for the attack roll, and the CHA modifier for the damage roll. If not commanded in any way, the wheel spins in place and threatens the space it is in. The wheel will stop moving if the attuned creature wills it to stop, or after 5 rounds.

That Was Not Acting - Cody Christian imagine

Summary: Y/n is an actress, she stars as Theo’s beta on Teen Wolf and has been for the past 1 ½ years. Her character Rebecca is required to have a steamy make out session with Theo leading into other things. No one knows that both Y/n and Cody are actually in a serious relationship until now.

Warning: Steamy make out sesh,kinda fluff and suggested smut.

A/N: gif credit to their respected owners ps ignore the fact i used Scallison as a gif it was the closest to my imagination XD

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The day started like any other I arrived on set at a quarter to 8 as I always did, as usual Shelley and Tyler were on set first. I parked my car,grabbed my phone and bag then made my way out locked the car and went on with my way.

“Hey Y/n,on time as usual” Tyler greeted “that’s my girl” Shelley embraced me sweetly “So whatcha wanna do till showtime?” I asked “I dunno how bout pull a prank?” Tyler smirked wickedly “yes totally” Shelley moved her hands like a wicked scientist “but who?” I wondered “well we’ve done Dylan,Sprayberry,Ryan,Victoria-” Tyler began but Shelley cut him off “Khylin,Michael, Ian,J.R,Melissa,Holland,Each other” I pondered “Cody..we haven’t done Cody” I smiled nervously “that’s so true” Tyler exclaimed “let’s get a move on it he gets here by before 9″ Shelley expressed.

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Pete| Lingerie |Dunne

Title; Lingerie

Pairing; Pete Dunne/Reader

Words; 2669

Summary; The way you’re wrapping around me is a problem.

Warnings; NSFW. Smut. Public sex. Lingerie. Latex free. Choking. Smut for smut’s sake. liiiggghhhtttt dom/sub.

A/N: Loosely based off of THIS imagine. Smut on Easter… I’m a terrible Catholic. Still trying to recoop what was lost in the Great Sam Is Bad At Computers Meltdown of 2K17.

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I know you're not really into FT anymore buuuuut... can you do a Jellal shitpost? your art is my life

Story time! The curious, 8 year old niece of my boss was at my workplace one day and she saw the FT pins (made by the awesome Grace) on my bag.

She asked whether they were related because (1) they had blue hair, and (2), they both had letter J as the starting letter of their names. I smiled bc they certainly could be in an AU scenarios (ehem the blue-haired squad siblings) but I wasn’t going to give her a crash course on fandom terminologies so I simply said, “No, it was just a coincidence.”

Anyway I thought it was the end of our conversation but she noticed the items on their heads and asked why Juvia had a bottle of water on her head. I told her it’s because she had water powers and she nodded, saying she’s awesome since she could probably make floods and waterbend and all. So her next assumption I should’ve expected, but I was brought to a brief silence when she said:

“So this guy has blueberry powers?”

At this point I smiled awkwardly at her as I tried to come up with an explanation.    I recalled that the Erza pin had a strawberry on her head so I guess Grace placed a blueberry on his head (plus I think as a homage to his love for colors…bc SCARLET AND BLUE). But I wasn’t going to explain that to her so I said, with a deadpan voice…


And then I proceeded to tell her that in fact, his signature move is named:

With a slow nod she bought it and turned her attention to my Umbreon keychain instead.

Tldr; because of a certain little girl I had an excuse to draw Jellal and visualize a pun I’ve long to do

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Could you write a bughead fanfic on what would happen if Alice didn't barge through the door when Betty and jughead were kissing

I was waiting for this request to make its way into my ask, it was inevitable!
Warning: just a big old pile of self-indulgent steamy Bughead ahead.


Jughead tentatively stretched his fingers out, brushing lazily against Betty’s denim-clad knee, loving that he could do that now. He could run a reassuring hand down her arm, twirl the ends of her permanent ponytail between his fingers, rest his palm delicately against the small of her back, and she would just tilt her face towards him and smile warmly in response to his caresses. He felt slightly guilty because he knew, deep down, that despite his every touch coming from a place of unadulterated love and affection it was also purely self indulgent on his part. A thrill, never lessening in its intensity, coursed through him at every opportunity for contact. He was a man forever thirsty and she was a never ending fountain of cool, fresh water, quenching his every desire.

“…what did I do wrong?” she asked him, eyes round with innocent sadness. His hand pressed more firmly on her knee, her cool fingers wrapping around his wrist in response, locking the touch in place.

“Nothing. We’ll figure it out,” he reassured, hoping to instil in her every confidence he felt about their ability to overcome each hurdle life threw at them. Together, they would get through it. Her eyes softened, hope radiating through as she clung to his promises in desperation. His eyes shifted to her lips. She looked angelic in the soft morning glow that shone through her window, combing its way through the few flyaway hairs that had managed to escape her tight up-do. Highlighting this slight disarray that slipped through her little facade made him smile; she looked more carefree, more her age, without the pressing weight of all the responsibilities she shouldn’t have on her shoulders. He couldn’t help himself. “Come here.”

Her expression shifted as he leaned forward, tilting his chin up with a cheeky smirk as he waited for her lips to meet his own. Her eyes glistened with mischief and he basked in his ability to make her forget, even for a moment, about her troubles, helping her get lost in the sanctity that was this new thing evolving between them. He slid his hand up her thigh, nerve ends tingling with the action. It was something entirely new for Jughead but he had definitely taken a liking to it. Her hands lifted to cup his slightly rosy cheeks beneath soft fingertips, an action that accompanied most of their kisses. He hadn’t realised how safe it made him feel, that in amongst the fluttering in the pit of his stomach and the tingle in his lips, that one simple action of hands caressing his face felt so comforting. It was warm summer evenings in front of a campfire, snowy days with blankets and hot chocolate, lazy mornings with muted rays filtering across fluttering eyelids. It was home.

The first touch of his lips on hers was enough to make his head spin. Sure, it was mere hours since he’d kissed her last but it was too long, always too long. Lips danced against one another, flicking between teasing pecks and deeper pulls, building up an unreplicable rhythm, releasing each time with a suctioning pop as reluctant air flooded between them. She tasted sweeter than any food he’d ever eaten, sun-ripe strawberries and pop rocks bursting on his tastebuds as he licked a stripe along the seam of her lips, begging them to open and let him savour every last drop of flavour he could find. She was intoxicating, his choice of drug, and the high she could insight was of the most addictive kind.

Tentatively he grazed his teeth against her lip, blood buzzing at the sweet, shaky mewl that slipped out against his mouth. Her needy response caused a bud of newfound confidence to blossom in his chest, hand sliding higher until he was cupping her perfectly round behind, fingers dipping into her back pocket to squeeze the pert flesh hidden by the too-thick fabric of her jeans. She rose onto her knees, arching into his touch as she gasped against his lips, eyes cracking open to sneak a glance at his face under her fingers. His pupils blown with lust, lips swollen a deliciously enticing red, plump and inviting. The curl hanging teasingly from beneath his beanie tickled her forehead and she had to do it, pulling the offending item off his head, releasing the ebony waves it hid too often beneath. She carded her fingers through it desperately, nails scratching slightly against his scalp, Jughead shivering under her touch, a rough groan rising from his throat.

He thought his heart would give out as she shimmied forward, gracefully planting herself directly in his lap, one leg on either side of both of his. The new warm weight, pushing pressure against his groin, was all consuming. His hands trembled as they slipped under her soft cotton shirt, trailing up the smooth skin of her back, feeling the muscles twitch beneath the motion. Her back bowed as they broke apart, breathless, chests heaving. The action had her pert breasts rising and falling tantalisingly close to his face, fingers clutching desperately at her skin in an attempt to restrain himself. She looked so wonderfully dishevelled that he couldn’t help but move his lips back to her, trailing wet, sloppy kisses down her neck, rewarded by Betty throwing her head back, granting him easier access to the soft slope. He could feel her pulse, fluttering in frenzy like a hummingbird beneath the blazing trail he left in his wake. Jughead, in a moment of braveness, drunk on a cocktail of Betty’s high pitched whimpers, closed his mouth around her pulse point and sucked.

Any attempt to keep the twitch in his pants from developing into something further were shot to hell at the noise that echoed across Betty’s sun sleepy room. The moan was sin itself, sending shockwaves through his body, all blood rushing south as her hips circled against his own almost involuntarily.

“Jug…” she whispered against his temple, dropping a messy kiss there, wiping away a bead of sweat with her lips. Her hips continued their torturous game, his breath stuttering as he tried to hold it together. His hand slid up her side to cup her breast, squeezing roughly as she captured his lips with hers once more, lost in the sensation of Jughead touching her most intimate areas, seemingly surrounding her entirely. She was drowning herself in him and she’d never wanted anything more. He felt himself reaching a peak.

“We… we have… to go,” he got out between kisses, contradicting himself by pulling her closer.

“Yeah, we do,” she breathed, making no move to stop.

“Elizabeth you’re going to be late!” Alice yelled from the bottom of the stairs, voice cutting through the thick sexual fog that had completely shrouded them.

Jughead was almost grateful when Betty slumped against him, forehead touching his as they both tried to come back to reality. Only once they stopped did he realise how close they’d come to stepping over the next threshold into something completely new for them. He wanted it, oh how badly he wanted it, but not now, not in the fleeting minutes before they joined her mother for breakfast, before they met their friends at school.

“To be continued?” she murmured, green eyes gleaming as she stroked her thumb over his flushed cheek. He smirked, brushing the tip of his nose sweetly against hers.

“Yes please,” he whispered, raising his eyebrows. She giggled prettily, taking one last deep breath before climbing off his lap. Her hand had closed over the door handle before she realised he wasn’t following her.

“Juggie?” she asked, glancing over her shoulder in concern. He was perched on the edge of her mattress, hands braced on either side of him, head down as he took a deep breath in.

“I just… need a minute,” he mumbled, tips of his ears turning pink. A laugh burst from Betty’s lips as she failed to bite it back. The glare he shot her way quickly melted into a laugh, joining her in her delighted giggles, unable to be mad at her teasing at all.

anonymous asked:

"what’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to lgbtqa characterization in media?"

Incoming Rant!

Something that bothers me to no end is that there’s no positive trans characterization in common media especially trans men. Sure yeah you get some lists every now and again showcasing some lgbtqa positivity on netflix or something (Nothing against those! In fact I need more) but when it comes to en mass television shows or movies, you don’t see a lick of it. The most I’ve seen is some trans women on Law and Order and they tend to be portrayed very VERY poorly. 

And I think it’s a big reason why so many people don’t know anything about trans folks. It’s not like they’re going to go out an actively research a topic like that until it arrives on their doorstep. All they know about are drag queens, street walkers, and the incredible threat of bathroom invaders. 

Now this could be a case of looking for love in the wrong places so if you got any shows or movies out there that got some trans positivity and can prove me wrong, PUH-LEASE throw them my way. Thanks much. <3

I just found my old comfort item I haven’t seen since I moved last year! He’s a Webkinz tie dye frog I named Shor. I got him at a dollar store a couple of years ago and omg I missed him so much! But now he’s back with me and the happy stimming can begin again. He’s so soft and gangly because… he’s a frog and just *happy noises*

Hey it be pride month! First year I been out of the closet enough to celebrate it. Figured it was a good enough reason to roll out this colorful dork as well. 

To celebrate I’ll be opening up a side blog that’ll be more tailored towards trans issues as well as host some autobiographical comics and images. This will still be my dedicated art blog, but if you’re interested in that I’ll be posting a link very soon. 

Celebrate yourselves this month no matter who or what you are! You deserve it! Love you all!

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Tank you for your help girls!!! You are all so amazing!! <3 I wanted ask you about one Dramione fic I read long time ago. Draco and Hermione are head boy and girl, the only thing that separates their rooms is wall, the wall is actually a mirror, where one can look and not be seen by the other. If you know the name of the fic, could you pretty please send me the link. Thank you again <3

Hello! We actually answered an ask like that not too long ago. That sounds a lot like this story. Is this it?

Mirror, mirror on the wall by Padfoot the Marauder- NC-17, 8 chapters, complete

When Hermione becomes Head Girl she accidentally discovers that the mirrors of her private dorm provide a clear outlook into the Head Boy’s quarters. A view of three generations of Head Girls dealing with this unusual phenomenon.

- Wynken

Something that happened to me at Home Depot today I have to share because of how insanely stupid of a brief conversation it was.

Backstory. I needed to buy three sturdy plastic panels for my 3D printer so I can shroud it in order to print ABS filament. Simple fix. To Home Depot I go. Beth’s with me, of course, and we make quick work of getting all our needed items and head to checkout. The lines are long today, so we settle in to wait, and are drawn out of our conversation when a guy (put him in his 50′s) in the tool rental department whistles and waves us over. No line there. We hike over pretty fast.

So the guy conversationally asks me what the plastic is for, and I tell him it’s for my 3D printer, and you’d have through I told this man I shit gold because his eyes get huge as he gets hyper-excited. 

“Oh man, oh man, I gotta ask, how much would you charge for a 3D print?”

Me: ???? and kind of warily, “What kind of print are you looking for?”

“I want to print the armor from Mass Effect! I’ve got the files! I just don’t have a printer.”

Me…. “Well, that would probably take a lot of filament, so I can’t really give you a price right now. Is this for con?” 

“Yeah! Well, kind of. I want to wear it to con, but I also want to display it on a mannequin in my house.”

We start talking cons and nerdy things while he rings me up until he asks me what I’m using my printer for now.

Me: “Printing our proton packs for Awesome Con in June”

Guy makes a face and I just KNOW what’s coming. “Oh man, Ghostbusters….really? Man, which one?”

Me with the straightest of faces: “Reboot”

“Oh come on! Really? God, it was terrible! Why that one? Why not the original?”

Me, again with a straight face: “I’m queer, dude. Why do you think I’m choosing the reboot?”

Guy kind of stutters. “Well, I mean, there’s that, and I guess it was okay, BUT STILL! After what they did to Chris Hemsworth character? Making the only guy in the movie the stupid, hunky receptionist? That wasn’t cool. I didn’t like that he was just a sexy lamp.”

I shit you all not, that was what he said word-for-word. A grown ass, 50+ year old man didn’t like his gender’s portrayal because Kevin wasn’t a “smart, productive member of the group”. 

Me, slightly annoyed at this point: “You mean how Anny Potts and Sigourney Weaver were both sexy lamps in the originals?

Guy had no comeback, and I changed the subject to Aliens because, honestly, I’m so fucking tired of having to defend my likes to people, mostly men. I went through this with Fury Road and the fuckbois intimidated by Furiosa. I’m going through this with Ghostbusters, and I’m so fucking tired of every time I mention a film I like people feel the driving need to voice their opinions as to why it was a shitty film in their eyes LIKE I HAVEN’T HEARD THE ARGUMENT MADE A THOUSAND TIMES ALREADY. I get it. Men mostly hate this movie because it made them feel inferior and “unrepresented”. I get it. I do not care. I do not. I have no capacity within in me to pat your heads and rub your backs and coddle you saying, “it’s okay, big man, you’ll get another white, male, hypermasculine protagonist in a few months when the NEXT blockbuster movie drops. Poor you for having to share the spotlight with women this one time.” 

I’m so done. I’m done having to scrape and scrabble in the dirt to find both feminine and queer representation in the movies, in media entertainment, in books. I’m so tired of getting shit on by white men and their false senses of superiority and entertainment entitlement. I swear to fucking christ the first fuckboi who approaches me at con with a complaint about my Ghostbuster cosplay is not only going to get throat punched, I’m going to Kalima his heart out of his chest and eat it in front of him Daenerys style.

At the end of the transaction the dude still had the nerve to ask me if I’d be willing to print his suit. I told him I’d think about it and headed out. Motherfucker, that print will cost you a cool 2K starting price, something I don’t think your Home Depot salary will allow. 



A/N: You have waited… and waited… and waited… and we’re both SO SORRY for that. But it’s finally here. Our first prompt in the Domestic Linstead series.

I for one, think this couldn’t have come at a better time. I have a feeling we’re going to need all the fluff in the next couple of weeks. So welcome to fanon, where Erin and Jay live happily together and nobody leaves and the worst problem they encounter is… well, you’ll see.

Brought to you by the beautiful and talented @justkillingtimewhileiwait and my little something.

Let us know what you think!

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She Is A Very Good Muse

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Note:I am always taking request! Also you can find this imagine on my Ao3.

Requested by Anon:” may i ask for an Alex hogh Andersen imagine? where YN plays his sister(Aslaug and Ragnar had a daughter) and Alex is super in love with her,barely managing to disguise on interviews and always posting pics of her on instagram,until he finally admits and they become a couple”

You are heading towards your trailer, you have just finished a scene with Marco. You play a Marco’s character, Hvitserk’s twin sister Hildred. Meaning you also played the sister of Jordan, David, Alexander, and Alex’s characters. All of you are pretty close, the main ones who hang out after shooting scenes is Marco, Alex and you. As of lately though, it ends up only being you and Alex. Not that you mind, for you have been smitten for the Dane for a while. In your own mind, Alex doesn’t return the feelings. But oh how wrong you are.

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Jaebum smut please like daddy kink


Pairing: Jaebum and Reader

Warnings: smut, daddy kink

Word Count: 3396

Lolololol haven’t uploaded in literally 1 year srry, late Christmas gift i guess????


You were a very busy woman. You worked at a big company as the CEO’s son’s assistant. You just got hired a while ago, your boss was extremely attractive but you were rather shy in front of him. The first day you met him he didn’t pay much attention to you, when you came into his office he just gave you a stack of paper and said “file”. You left to your desk and answered calls and filed. The next day he told you to stop telling people he’s call them because he wasn’t. You then quickly apologized. He then asked to go home with him since he was attending a business party and he needed you there to note everything his fellow business men said. You honestly had no choice but it was nice of him trying to make you feel like you had a choice. All you did was at the party was follow him around noting down what old men said and see the old men’s attractive daughters flirt with your boss. Your boss being a horny 22 year old he flirted back and of course took them home. You honestly didn’t really care, you literally met this guy a few days ago and you were working for him.
Months went on, Jaebum had business parties at the least 3 times a month, and every now and then would bring a girl home. You have worked for Jaebum for 8 months now. You two were sort of friends, I mean you think so? During the month you two were pretty much BFFS he texted you daily and kind of forced you to put him down as “jaebum oppa♡^^” on your phone and and have a decent picture of him as the contact picture. While you were down as “the assistant” and he had a picture for you looking dead with your mouth wide open. He also told you to download the Snapchat app so you two could send each other fun videos of each other and Nora. He once accidentally sent you a nude picture of him saying “u like daddys dick bby grl ;)” and immediately called you and said that it wasn’t meant for you and to not mention it again.
He began to act more and more mature, he even stopped taking girls home to mess around with. He would always talk about some Jiwon, apparently you two would really hit it off.
He was currently preparing for a business and as usual bringing you along but this time you weren’t sure why he was bringing you he didn’t need you to take notes. So you wondered around and ended up at the drink section asking the guy for berry flavored vodka. A rather dashing male approached.
“What is such a beautiful lady like you doing at this boring business men party?” he asked. “Oh, I’m the host’s-,” you were cut off. “Oh are you Jaebum’s girlfriend? I’m so so sorry for flirting with you.” he apologized quickly. “Um, no I’m his assistant.” You said blushing at the thought of being Jaebum’s girlfriend. “Oh, the assistant. I’ve heard so much about you.” He said smirking he ‘reached’ for something behind you, but in reality you knew he was checking your ass out . He got his drink and got you some fruity drink that to be honest tasted horrendous. “You know Jaebum talks a lot about you.” He said. “Really, what does he say? ‘oh guess who got my coffee order incorrectly, yet again? Y/N.’“ you said chuckling. “Actually, no. He says “Fuck my assistant is so fucking hot, if it weren’t for the fact that I knew she needed this job I would’ve-” he was cut off by someone coming between the two of you. “Oh if it isn’t Kim Jiwon, hello. I see you’ve met my assistant Y/N. ” he said. “Ah, yes I was just telling her how much you talk about her and all the kinky shit you say you want to do. Also, you were right she has a fat ass and nice boobs.” Jiwon said casually. Jaebum turned red, as did you. “Ahaha, nice one Jiwon, always a jokester you.” Jaebum tried to play it off cool. “You two were talking about how I always talk about how Y/N here always gets my coffee order wrong, right? ” He said looking at Jiwon with a very serious face. “No, you heard me.” Jiwon said with a dead serious face. The rest of night went by painfully slowly and awkwardly. You tried to avoid Jiwon as much as possible, but he was with Jaebum the entire night. You had to take notes about their conversation which consisted mostly about how good each business men’s daughter was in bed and who had what weird kinks. As the night ended everyone started to leave and the last person to left was Jiwon. “You know he really does like you by the way.” Jiwon said as he left.
The night ended with you and Jaebum in an awkward car ride back to his place. You were to add all the notes to the rest of the notes. It was as if awkwardness became a person and sat their in the room with the two of you. “So…” You said. “You know what Y/N, I’m so sorry Jiwon was immature, I am also sorry for talking about you in that way without your acknowledgement it was when I was quite tipsy, so very unprofessional of me, and quite frankly you’re not someone I’d fuck.” he said avoiding eye contact. “Oh.” was all you said. You immediately gathered your items and head to the guest room which was pretty much considered your room at this point.
Fuck how could I be this stupid why would I ever think I would ever have a chance with Jaebum, what the hell is wrong with me he’s my boss for crying out loud. You feel so dumb and embarrassed for ever believing Jiwon for even a second. You feel tears prickling your eyes. You quickly dab your eyes with a towel to not even let the tears form. You go and take a shower in one of the guest bathrooms
God damnit now Y/N knows how I feel fuck I hope my dumb excuse was enough, Jaebum thought.
You cooled down by taking a shower. As you covered your naked body the towels you realize, you didn’t bring your clothes. You open the door and scream for Jaebum. He comes slowly walking. “What’s up.” he says. “Can you please, pretty please go through my clothes and bring me undies a bra and my pajamas, please.” you say in a sweet voice. “Um… I guess?” he responds as he walks to the guest room.
As Jaebum enters the guest room he is indulged by the sweet scent of you. He begins looking through your bag and quickly finds your pajamas. He then looks for a bra. Why the hell would you bring more than one bra? He thought. He looked through your bras and noticed how cute they were and found himself smiling just thinking of you in just your bra, you all flustered trying to cover up. He then chose one that was a pastel pink lacey bra. He began to look through your underwear and this time instead of smiling at the thought of you in them he smirked and quickly realized he had a boner and began to regret wearing sweats. He ended up choosing matching panties for you. He began to think what you would look like with just his shirt on with just your undergarments under it. He quickly threw your pajamas under the bed and ran to his room to grab a white button up and brought it to you with your undergarments.
“Sorry I couldn’t find your pajamas, I hope your okay with my shirt.” he said. “It’s whatever.“ you responded as you said a quick thank you and shut the door. You changed into the clothing and dried your hair and put it up into a ponytail. As you exited you felt it to be quite, too quite. You decided to ignore it. You went into the guest bedroom and began to just lay down but not really do anything, then you heard it, it was oh so quite like a faint whisper in the distance. It sounded like a groan. You quickly ran to Jaebum’s room and as you got closer to the room the sounds became much more louder. When you arrived at his door it was open by a crack so you decided to look in. FUCK. He’s masturbating, the only thing is it’s not something normal like porn or something it’s screenshots of pictures of you with him and Nora at the beach with. You then remembered what he had said about you earlier. That fucking bastard lied. Whilst thinking of this you fell inside the room with a thud. He turned around to find you on the ground with just his button up on with your undergarments under. He just stared at you as you stared back since his dick was in his and a picture of you in a bikini on at the beach. “It’s not what it looks like.” he quickly defended himself. “So you’re totally not jacking off to pictures of me right after you pretty much told me I’m unfuckable? Yea nice try Jae.” you said. “That’s Mr Im Jaebum to you.” he said. “Dude c'mon put your dick back.” you said avoiding eye contact. “You know i didn’t mean it like that Y/N.” he said. “I just don’t want you to think I just care about your looks.” he said trying to look into your eyes. “C'mon baby girl let me treat you right.” he said trying to reach out to you. You extended your hand as he took it and sat you on the bed as he got up to try to put his erection into his sweats. He slightly squeezed your thighs. “Jae I really don’t think we should be doing this.” you whisper as you leaned in to kiss him. He began to kiss down your neck and began to unbutton the button up. When it was all unbuttoned you shrugged it off your shoulders. He stepped back and took your view in. “God damn.” he said in awe. “You’re fucking beautiful princess. Absolutely breath taking.” he said as he pulled you up to wrap your legs around his waist. He layed you down onto his bed as he laid over you kissing down your body. He removed your bra and kisses your breasts and began to tease your nipples. He then again moved south until he was met by your panties. “Are you sure about this Y/N?” he questioned looking up. “Yea I’m sure Jae.” He then removed your panties and began to suck on your nub. You reached for his hair and as you began to pull on it he came up and kissing your lips. "You don’t even know what I’ve thought and dreamt of doing to you.” he said into the kiss. “Just do it god damn it.” you responded breathlessly. “Too much princess save it for another night.” he then detached his lips and you straddled him and said “What makes you think this is going to happen again.” You said it as smirk as you slowly rolled your hips onto his. “God damn. Well fuck I was just assuming that we both had mutua-” you then cut him off by putting your lips onto his again. “Jaebum did you actually take that seriously.” you said giggling into the kiss. “I just thought you mayb-” you quickly shut him up with a kiss. You straddled him and kissed him as you moved your hands through his hair. He gripped your lower half and began to grind you onto him. He then paused the action to take off his sweat pants and return. You looked at his erection, he was pretty big so you did stare for a while. “What’s wrong baby.?” “N-n-nothing, you just seem a little big.” you said shyly. “Aw c'mon it’s not like it’s something you’ve never seen, don’t think I’ve forgotten my little "indecent” on Snapchat, can’t believe you bought my “that wasn’t for you” bullshit. I accidentally sent you a nude that was meant for you but I was too scared to admit it.“ he said. "So you’ve liked me for a while?” you ask timidly. “For fucks sake I’ve liked you forever how haven’t you noticed, you’re basically perfect, you’ve got a great personality, you’re a literal genius, you know exactly how I like my coffees, you love my cat and don’t even get me started on your physical appearance.” he said sincerely. “Oh yeah.” you say as you pinned him down and kissed him sensually. You began to kiss his neck making sure to not leave a mark on his skin. As you began to move towards his chest you began leaving some love bites every now and then. “C'mon babe leave some here.” here he said patting his neck. “That wont look very professional now will it Mr. Im?” you said straddling him and using your finger to trace patterns on his chest. “You’re right Miss Y/L/N, but tonight isn’t about being professional. It’s about us, don’t call me "Mr. Im” you already know what I like to be called.“ he said holding your hips. You began kissing his neck again but this time leaving a few small bites. "Just like that Daddy?” you asked with a slight pout. “Just like that baby.” he said. You then made your way to his lower bottom and stroked his shaft. You licked a stride up his cock and put the tip in your mouth. You looked up at him through your lashes, he looked as beautiful as ever. Eyes shut, jaw clenched, bottom lip being bitten. You slowly eased yourself down his cock as he ran his hand through your hair. “Fuck princess just like that. God damn who taught you babe, you’re doing so well.” he praised. As he began coming closer to his orgasm he brought you up to face level and looked at you straight in the eye while trying to catch his breath. “You still sure about what’s gonna happen baby? You can back out whenever you want, just tell me and I’ll stop.” he said in a serious tone. “I’m more than sure.” you said. He laid you down and began to reach for a condom on his night stand. He opened it and put it on and began immersing himself into your entrance. God damn she’s so tight he thought to himself. You felt him enter you, you felt a bit uncomfortable due to him being the biggest you’ve ever taken and also due to your lack of sex lately. He began to thrust into you but it felt uncomfortable still. “Jae, babe.” you said lightly. “You like that princess, Daddy giving it to you hard like there’s no tomorrow.” he said confidently. “No, Jae please stop it hurts.” you said with a face of uncomfort. He took himself out and looked like a small scared child. “Did I hurt you, I’m really sorry if I did, it really wasn’t my intention.” he said. “It’s fine I just haven’t you know, been around too much lately.” you said shyly looking away from him. “It’s okay princess, we can go slow. It’s fine, you know Daddy won’t mind.” he said cupping you face so you would be facing him. “Are you sure Daddy, wouldn’t you rather be with someone who isn’t wasting time like this?” you asked nervously. “No, no, no princess. Daddy wants to take his time with you, you’re not like other girls you’re not just a one time fuck and then avoid. I want to be with you, don’t you understand.” he said. You bit your lip and kissed him. As you both kissed he began inserting one finger into you, then two and eventually three. You lay back moaning as he pumped his fingers into you. “Who’s making you feel this good princess?” he asked confidently. “You are Daddy.” you said loudly between moans. “Fuck Daddy I’m gonna cum you.” you say gripping the bed sheets. His fingers began to pump into you much more roughly. You screamed as you came onto his fingers. He licked your juices off his fingers and stook one of his fingers into your mouth. “How do you taste princess? Sweet? Ya like it?” he asked. You simply nodded as you seductively sucked his finger. “You ready for this?” he asked rubbing himself onto you. “I’m ready for Daddy’s cock.” you said grabbing his neck to pull him into a kiss. He entered you and your breath got hitched at the feeling of being filled again. This was unlike the first time with him, you felt your walls being stretched but this time the pain was only a slight burn. He began moving inside of you and you moaned. “Fuck Daddy, you feel so good.” you cried out. He lifted your legs onto his shoulders and said “Feels that good princess?” he said with a smirk. “You can’t even begin to imagine.” you said rolling your head back and arching your back. “Think so princess?” he asked as he quicked his pace. “Being in you is actual heaven, cant believe my princess is a fucking angel.” he said thrusting into you. “Fuck Daddy.” you moaned getting close to your release, his sweet words only encouraging you. He began drawing figure 8s on your clit with his thumb and you lost it. Feeling in bliss you began moaning, almost yelling. “Fuck, fuck, Fuck Daddy right there, Oh Fuck.” you moaned out. As you came down from your high Jaebum just stayed in place in awe. “Has any one ever told you, you look fucking beautiful cumming because damn princess you’re a piece of art.” he said. You laughed breathlessly and got out your position and strattled him. “Has any one ever told you, you look like something sculpted by Donatello himself because babe you are a fucking master piece.” you said moving your hand from his stomach up to his chest. He began to blush slightly and smile widely. “C'mon princess stop being cheesy and just ride Daddy already.” he said. You straddled him and sunk onto him and moaned at being filled yet again. You began bouncing on him trying to increase your pace. “You like that Daddy, fuck you’re so big, make it feel like an entire different experience each time.” you said. He met his climax and moaned while gripping your hips. After he climaxed his removed his condom and threw it into the trash can. He laid next to you. You both looked at his ceiling for a while. “That-” you both said simultaneously. You smiled shyly and told him to continue. “I’m not sure what I was expecting from this but, I am surely pleasured with the experience.” he said. “Yea, um, thanks for you know, going easy on me.” you said. “Any time babe, can’t wait for you to get used to it so I can fuck the daylight out of you.” he said wrapping his arms around you bringing him closer. You eyes opened in surprise along with your raised brows. “Again?” you asked. “Of course, don’t you pay attention to me babe, I like you a lot, if you wouldn’t mind I’d like to be your boyfriend.” he said. “Of course, babe.” you said putting emphasis into the word “babe” and smiled while shying into his side. He smiled as he felt you. “Can’t believe I can finally say I’m dating the cutest person ever.” he said with a goofy smile. “Right back at you.” you said. “But wait, isn’t it kinda weird, you know you being my boss and stuff?” you asked coming out from his side. “Of course not, just means we’ll be the cutest and hottest couple in the office and a ton of destressing sex and office sex, sounds great.” he said. “Alright.” you said cuddling into him. You both fell asleep naked bodies against each other.

A little extra:
The morning after you awoke to the sound of a ring tone. You shook Jaebum enough to wake him up. “Hm babe?” he asked in morning voice. “Your phone babe.” yoy responed. “Can you get it please and put it on speaker mode. You did as you were told. "What’s up Jaebum my man, what happend with Y/N? Y'all fuck yet?” you heard Jiwon ask on the other line and you immediately felt awoken. “Jiwon can you please not take about my girlfriend like that.” Jaebum said in a stern yet morning voice. “Shit, you finally got the balls to do it, okay I’m sorry for talking like that about your girl, again back to my question, did you fuck, please tell me you didn’t.” Jiwon said. “Because if you did I owe my assistant a raise, you know Bambam right? Little scrawny dude from university? He said you’d for sure smash and betted a 20% raise.” Jiwon explained. You were in a bit of a shock at Jaebum’s friend betting on you two sleeping. “Jiwon that’s so childish, as I said before dont talk about Y/N like that. And good bye, see you at 3.” he said a bit annoyed. He hung up and turned to you with the dorkiest smile. “G'morning babe.” he said kissing your cheek. “So sorry for that, Jiwon is just mad immature.” he said cuddling up to you. “It’s fine, tell your Jiwon friend we did fuck, let his assistant get a raise, us assistant aren’t paid enough.” you said. “Damn babe, I eat you out, treat you good and am just about to take you out on an amazing date, what more do you want?” he says playing fake offence. “Not you babe, just past experience.” you said giggling. You both then just fall asleep peacefully.

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"Ok who made Logan wear a flower crown?" Congrats with the 1.2k btw!


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One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four. You and Logan took one shot after another as you did your best to get him as wasted as possible. You had made a bet with Ororo and you would be damned if you lost. So not only did you have to get him to agree to it, you had to get him to let you take a picture, which was probably going to be the hardest part. But you know the good old saying, pics or it didn’t happen.

Logan stumbled across the kitchen grabbing another beer from the fridge while you watched. It seemed like he was just about primed and ready for you to pop the question. Just a few more drinks and you were sure you’d have him.

You finished the bottle of tequila and you were both barely able to sit up but you were just coherent enough to reach out and place the item on his head.

“What the fuck is this?” He slurred sitting back and looking at you.

“Shhhhhhhhhh. Just let it happen.” You giggled putting your finger to your lips.

You quickly snapped the picture before he could realize what was happening. Helping him stand up you walked him to his room, dropping his already almost passed out self on the bed before stumbling to your own room. You woke up bright and early the next morning as you ran to Kinkos to get a nice large print made of your glorious image.

When you returned it was still early as you framed the picture and hung it right outside Ororo’s door. You knew she had woken up when you heard her laugh echo down the empty halls of the school, Jean’s laugh soon following.

“Okay, who made Logan wear a flower crown?” She giggled.

You walked towards them, coffee still in hand as you milked your well deserved hangover raising your other hand in triumphant glory.

“He’s going to kill you when he sees this. You know that right?” Ororo snickered.

“Just pay up!” You reached out towards her as she slapped a $20 bill in your hand.

“Very funny guys.” He fake laughed before turning to you. “Go fuck yourself.”


[Bungou Stray Dogs ] 55 Minutes Part 2

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