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Tiger sharks are known as the “garbage guts” of the sea, and for good reason. As opportunistic feeders, Tiger sharks will eat just about anything. Odd items found in a tiger shark’s stomach include a chicken coop, a bag of money, boat cushions, boots, explosives, hyenas, deer antlers, a bag of potatoes… the list seems endless. As part of a more regular diet, Tiger sharks enjoy turtles, bony fish, crabs, birds and rays. Tiger sharks undergo a remarkably long, 4,660 mile round-trip migration every year. In Hawaiian culture, the Tiger shark is not only considered sacred, but legend has it that its eyeballs have special powers; it’s said that even the mother of the famous King Kamehameha ate Tiger shark eyes during her pregnancy so that her son would have qualities of leadership and bravery.

Context: We’re currently fighting a lich while looking for a soul furnace in order to actually kill the thing, and our wizard/bard used detect magic and was pointing to different items in the room that could potentially be the furnace.
I just found an item and the DM was describing it to us.

DM: You pull out a long, pale white bone.

Barbarian(ooc): Is it phallic shaped?

DM: No, it actually looks quite humerus!

50% off does not mean you can stash merchandise.

This thread reminded me how much I loved sale days when I worked at a thrift store. Twice a year we sold everything 50% off. Customers would come in before closing the night before and hide items so they could buy them half off the next day.

Staff would go through the store the night before and in the morning before opening. We’d find people’s stashes of merchandise sometimes piles of items would be found. The floor manager would take all these items in the back and put them in the sorting pile to be re-shelved the next day after the sale.

Just seeing those people go to their hiding spot to find it empty. Ha! The look on their faces. Priceless. Even better if they saw their pile on the sorting table, not to be put back until the next day. They never could say they stashed stuff they would just act like they really wanted those pants over there. When the floor manager told them we couldn’t sell stuff from the back you could tell they wanted to say something but couldn’t.

I loved seeing douchey customers throw fits that their secret pile was discovered and put in the back. It was a great thing to see because 50% off days were Hell.

Gift ideas for space and moon witches

-A telescope

-moon necklace 

-HUGE jars to be used for making moon water

-ceiling stars for their room

-Handmake a drawing of their favorite constellation

-Triple moon symbol altar cloth

-sun and moon tarot

-moon decal for their room

-anything galaxy

-Moon spells book

-Take them on a camping trip to lay under the full moon and look at the stars

-solar system model

-crescent moon dream catcher

-constellation mug

-solar system sugar cookies

-nasa shirt

-!!!!!!!!!!!!!! name a star after them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-space wall calendar

-moon phase watch

-zodiac sign necklace 

-solar system bracelet

-astronomy book

-galaxy bath bomb

-anything with their zodiac sign

most of these items can be found with a simple google search, enjoy :)

The "little" helper.

Background: as payment to our black market dealer in our 3.5 homebrew for an item he found for me, i am testing a bag which i have dubbed Wong’s Bag of Dickery since every item it spawns is phallic in nature and my character’s name is Wong. I had just leveled up allowing me to prestige into drunken mastery giving me an inprovised weapon feat while drunk. We established my reason to start drinking and then after id had a few i decided to pull from the bag. I had been thinking about tactics to use the improvised weaponry and what kind of weapons.

Me: im going to pull from the bag (rolls)
DM: you pull a large rubber dildo.
Me(ooc): like the penetrator from Saints Row?
DM: exactly.

Family Game Night- Betrayal at House on the Hill! It went on all night, really, and it was so great. We got quite a lot of the house laid out– and a lot of useful omen/items discovered– before my sister triggered the haunt… leading to my becoming the titular betrayer! In the end, the rest of the party beat me with their last woman standing (even though I had collected almost all of the items that had been found), but it was a lot of fun to be the monster.

This year my little sister is starting high school (year 7 in Australia). To help her out I decided to write a quick post with the advice I wish I’d been given when I was her age. I hope that it will make her transition easier, and hope that it will do the same for other students starting year 7. I don’t feel like writing a rambly intro today, so let’s get right into it:

Advice On School Supplies

There are some items on an average school-issued supplies list that will probably never be used, and other items not on the list that can be useful to have. These are some items I’ve found to be useful (and not so useful) over my four years at high school.

Useful (PURCHASE):

  • Good gel or fine liner pens: Most school lists tell you to get the most basic supermarket ballpoint pens available. In my experience, these just don’t cut it for the amount of writing you need to do in high school. My suggestion? A gel pen or fine liner with small nib and heavy ink flow. A grip can add extra comfort, but personally, I don’t find one necessary. Brand wise, I love Muji 0.35/0.5 gels, Staedtler Triplus fine liners, and Arline 400 fine liners.
  • Plastic document folders: These are so, so useful! Last year I had one of these for each subject (a different colour for each!) and used them to store a notebook and any handouts that I needed for the class. They protected my papers from damage and also helped me stay organised by keeping everything from the subject in one spot and letting me just grab one folder before class rather than multiple items.
  • White out tape: So much better than the liquid stuff. For one it doesn’t require drying time, and it also doesn’t run the risk of bursting and ruining your pencil case/school bag/notebook/uniform/etc.

Not Useful (GO WITHOUT):

  • Binders: These are so clunky! If you have one per subject then they take up too much space in your bag, and if you have one for everything then you have to carry all your materials to every class. Unless you just keep loose leaf paper in a slim binder (rather than notebooks), then I suggest using plastic folders instead.
  • Binder books: Just get normal notebooks. As mentioned above, binders are clunky and unnecessary. I find it better to use non-punched books, as they don’t have holes that get in the way of your writing. Or alternatively, just fill a slim binder with loose leaf and use that instead of multiple notebooks.

Advice On Class Schedules

One of the things I struggled with most when starting high school was remembering what class I had when and what room I needed to be in. The best way to stay on top of your schedule is to write it down. However I suggest using a digital program rather than pen and paper - your schedule is likely enough to change that you want to be able to make adjustments easily. You can write it in a word processing program, but I find it most useful to use an app. With a program such as iStudiez or My Study Life on your phone/tablet, you can easily schedule your classes and also add in homework due dates. Download one of these (or a similar program), and you won’t have any problems managing your timetable.

Advice On Staying Organised

The single most useful organisational tool I’ve found in four years of searching is a program called Trello. Available as both a desktop site and a mobile app, Trello has been a saviour when it comes to staying on top of tasks. The best thing about it, and what stands it apart from other organisational tools, is its great user interface. Trello, like many other programs, allows you to set lists of tasks to be completed. Like other programs, it allows you to categorise tasks and add sub-tasks. What makes it different from other programs is the way it allows you to organise and prioritise tasks. It has a simple drag and drop interface which lets you move tasks between lists with ease, and you can do the same to re-order tasks within a single list. This is super useful when it comes to sorting tasks by priority or setting up a running-order of tasks for the day. If you want to know exactly how I use Trello, just shoot me and ask and we can set up a screenshare to explain.

Advice On Taking Notes

The best advice I can give you on taking notes is just to make sure you keep them detailed and up-to-date. A good, complete set of notes is so useful when it comes to studying for tests, and you really don’t want to leave note-taking to right before one. At year 7-9 level I found taking notes in class and from class slideshows to be adequate, but in year 10 it became important to take notes from textbooks too. This will vary school-to-school, but you can use these year levels as loose guidelines.

Advice On Studying  

Spread. It. Out. I’m serious. You’re tempted to procrastinate? You’re tempted to study in one big block the weekend before the test? Don’t. Please. Trust me when I say it’s not nice to spend six hours in a day studying for the one test. Instead, study in short bursts, but study regularly. For a 7th-10th grader, I think it’s enough if your regular study regime is to simply summarise your notes at the end of each week, make flashcards, and give them a once-over study. When it comes near test time, you’ll only need a short study session to prepare. In this session I suggest you do the following:

  • Chuck the flashcards you know you’ve already memorised. Study the rest until they stick (<30 minutes).
  • Do a practice test or some practice exercises (I suggest Khan Academy for maths practice), focusing on the skills/question types you have the most trouble with (~1 hour).
  • Get together with some friends and use Kahoot to have a competitive, time-restricted quiz on the test content. You can find a pre-made quiz, or create your own for more focused study. For me, this is a really fun way to study and also the best way to make information stick long-term (~30 minutes).

Spread these activities out over the week before the test, and you are way less likely to feel overloaded than if you leave everything to the last minute.    

Advice On Homework

Repeat after me: Do it before you have to. As much as it’s tempting to procrastinate, you’ll feel much less stressed if you don’t leave work to the last minute. Rather than completing only what you have to on any given day, I suggest you work until one of the following occurs:

  1. You run out of set work to do.
  2. It becomes too late to study (please stop studying at least an hour before bed and spend some time giving yourself a little TLC instead).
  3. You become too tired out and feel you can’t work productively anymore (if you don’t have anything left due tomorrow then leave the work to another day, but if you still need to complete things then take a break or nap before getting back to it).   

Advice On Time Management

In lower high school, you’ll probably find that it is unnecessary to strictly manage your time, as long as you don’t waste it. By this I mean you will rarely feel you don’t have time to complete required work, as long as you don’t waste your time on pseudo-productive tasks like creating ultra-pretty presentations or copying your notes out. Just stick to the tasks that are actually required of you.

Advice On Making Friends

JOIN CLUBS! Clubs are a great way to have fun, get involved, and also meet people with the same interests as you. They provide a semi-structured environment in which to initiate conversation, rather than you having to randomly approach new people (which, if you are like me, is SCARY!), and also keep you meeting with your new pals on a regular basis. Once you getting chatting with someone you like, just invite them to sit with you at lunch and you’re off to a great start.


Byzantine Gilt Silver Bracelet, 9th - Early 13th Century AD

An incredible bracelet made of twisted silver wire and terminating in two hammered flat silver trapezoids that flow from the wire. These are studded with small silver beads and braid.

During the 7th to 9th centuries, the Byzantine Empire was in a state of economic and social crisis, repeatedly rocked by invasions, plagues, famines, and other disasters - a time period often called “The Dark Ages”. Emerging from that period, it seems that the people of the Byzantine Empire wished to flaunt their wealth and embellish themselves with beautiful things. For example, in excavations of Byzantine graves from this period at Thessaloniki, jewelry like this bracelet are the exclusive grave items found with both men and women - but they are found in great quantities. This would have been a treasured item for a person living in this optimistic, dynamic time.

✨ Find What’s Lost ✨

You Need: 

✦ Apple

✦ Knife

✦ A bowl of water

Using the knife, peel the apple, placing the peel into the bowl of water. While doing this, repeat:

“Eye of water, go back in time.

Summon those which cannot hide.

I call to thee; 

Find what has been lost,

and send to me, through struggle and thought.”

It works almost immediately. Look everywhere, even if you’ved looked before. After you’ve found your item, toss out the peels (Outside if possible).

You may eat the apple.

[I got this spell from my partner, a long time ago]



The Uruk Period is named after the ancient city of Uruk, a large settlement that could sustain a population as high as 40,000-50,000. Where in the earlier periods the sizes of war-bands were only in the hundreds, they could now support armies of as much as 5,000 men. Although they were also supported by about 146 smaller settlements that lay within their domains, these villages and cities began to decrease as the inhabitants flocked to the larger capital cities for the safety of their walls and promise of a better life.

^ Uruk.

Artifacts manufactured in Uruk can be found throughout Mesopotamia, one of the primary items found is also believed to be the world‘s first mass produced object, a “bevel rimmed bowl”. Most believe that these cheaply made ordinary looking bowls were actually part of the early Sumerian currency system. With the increase of urbanization less city folk farmed, instead finding work within the cities where they would be paid in grain. How much grain one had in a bowl would determine how much one was paid (for you to eat from, save or trade with). 

An urban revolution had occurred; populations and the focus of agriculture now shifted over to the more fertile river valleys and irrigation increased the productivity and amount of crops which led to a population boom. With more cities lying beside channels and rivers there was an increase in trade and income as now they could more easily travel and connect with those along these waters. With the overall increase of food and income also came an increase in specialist professions; merchants, craftsmen, artisans, warlords, high priests, nobles and kings. 

^ A clay tablet maker and cuneiform scribe recording a cattle sale in a Sumerian market place about 3000 B.C. by Neville Dear.

Temples were now being built on a larger scale and were more numerous, priestly roles became more important as well. The en (“priest, lord”) was the high-priest, a title denoting sovereignty and the power to make things prosper. The en-priestess (Akkadian ‘entum’, Sumerian ‘Nin’) would live in a temple complex called a giparu (“storehouse”) which were in earlier times used as storage areas for the harvest and even cattle. En-priestesses were buried in a cemetery by the giparu, offerings were given to deceased priestesses and reverence to them extended to the point of there being a cult devoted to them. A common custom in Mesopotamia was to bury the diseased in the floors of the household, the same can be found in the giparu as the priestesses were also buried here. Sadly the city of Ur, the giparu and its cemetery were all looted by the Elamites late in Sumerian history.

The first and most famous of these en-priestesses was the daughter of Sargon the Great, Enheduanna (“En, ornament [ie. the moon] of the heavens”), who was the high-priestess of Nanna/Sin (moon god) and was renowned for being the first author in history, at least 42 hymns are attributed to her. The en-priestesses were also seen as the wife of their patron god therefore representing the godly wife; an example being that the Enheduanna, en-priestess of Ur, represented Ningal (goddess of reeds) the wife of Nanna/Sin (moon god). During the warring city-states period that followed, the title en would also grow to into a more militarized and authoritative position. This priest-king (Ensi, “lord [of the] plowland”) was seen as an intermediary between the gods and man. 

The lugal (“big man”) signified the owner of something and inevitably became the term for kings. The title lugal would not become prominent until c.2700 BCE, the ensi were more important than them but in time they would become seen as their subordinates. Unlike the high-priests and high-priestesses, who would be elected, the lugal’s succession would pass onto their heirs. According to some the lugals may have initially been elected as ad hoc leaders much like the consuls of Rome and the judges (shoftim) of the bible, but generally needed for military purposes.

Like the classical Greeks, the Sumerians and Akkadians may have believed that whomever won these wars, the gods favored more so. Countless tablets show both pictorial representations and written texts which depicted gods warring when it was known that kings fought these conflicts. An example of this is when Umma and Lagash were warring the texts say that Ningirsu (patron war god of Lagash) battled against Umma and “By the command of Enlil, he cast (his) big battle-net upon it, and its many tumuli (burial mounds) he laid upon the ground in the plain.” 

There was even a king of Akkad named Naram-Sin who is depicted in artwork wearing a horned helmet only worn by the gods and was deified as the god of Agade (Akkad)”. Despite the apparent supremacy the ensis and lugals held, early Mesopotamian history shows that the council (ukkin, “council, assembly”) still held sway over most important decisions; one made up of elders (abba urru, “father/elders of the city”) and one of youths. In the poem Gilgamesh and Agga even Gilgamesh, the great legendary king of Uruk, needed their permission to go to war against Aga of Kish. The elders disapproved “Let us submit to the house of Kish, let us not smite it with weapons” but the people of the city sided with Gilgamesh.

Other city states arose, like the great cities of Kish and Ur, which surpassed Uruk in importance. This transition from the Uruk period to the First Dynasty of Ur is said by some to coincide with a wet and dry period known as the Piora Oscillation which led to massive flooding (possibly inspiring the great flood myth) and drought (leading to a scramble for resources).

If there are any errors please privately inbox me so I can update it. As always, if you’d like to read or learn about any specific historical subjects just let me know what they are and I will take note of them.

See Also:

New discoveries unearthed at Terracotta Warriors site

Stone helmets, armor and the remains of thousands of animals and relics related to animals are among the latest archaeological finds at Emperor Qinshihuang’s mausoleum in Shaanxi province, according to

The items were found in excavations at the celebrated site, which is home to China’s iconic Terracotta Warriors.

More than 400 pits, stone helmets and armor discovered

Zhou Tie, the head engineer of the Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum, said that during a recent excavation, the archaeological team learned the general structure of the mausoleum and a large number of pits were discovered. More than 400 pits were found in the mausoleum and dozens of small pits and tombs were found around the site.

A large number of stone helmets and armor were found surrounding the mausoleum. Experts believe these were not used in actual war, but their real function still needs to be researched.

Ancient people of the time used animals as burial objects and the emperor’s mausoleum was no exception.The new archaeological findings reveal that thousands of animal-related relics have been found in the mausoleum; that makes it the tomb in China with the most animal species so far.“Different animal species were unearthed in Emperor Qinshihuang’s mausoleum, including real animals and those made of pottery or iron,” Wu Lina, from Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum said. During the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) people gradually grasped animals’ habits and learned the skills necessary to raise and train them to some extent.According to preliminary statistics, the most unearthed animal in the mausoleum is horse. 

Horses come in many forms: pottery, copper, horse bones unearthed from stable pits. Other animals unearthed include rare birds and beasts and water fowl. Yet to be identified are animal bones.Wu Lina said that after years of excavation, the animals unearthed from the mausoleum include deer, muntjac deer, figures of copper fowl, such as cranes, swans and swan goose, plus the bones of sheep, chicken, fish and turtles, as well as shellfish ornaments.Animal and human beings have existed side by side since ancient times, and the concept of biodiversity should be advocated even vigorously nowadays, Hou Ningbin, the museum’s head, said.

So I paused during Steve and French’s desperate internet search for proof of OA’s story, and…

This came up when they searched “anesthesiologist pilot.” First item found: “Airplane Amnesia, the voice recorder often found in the black…” Below that, it says “A new novel by Maegen Sacco about the perils of a plane crew caught in the Bermuda Triangle with no memory of how they got there. Will they remember who they are, and…”

From this, my mind immediately went to the possibility of the other 4 losing their memories while travelling to another dimension. Especially interesting, considering that Hap’s plan (before OA shot him down) was to take her to an island somewhere and set up a clinic. Could that be his plan, now, with the others, either in this dimension or another one? 

UPDATE: this is what actually comes up when you google it:

Aaaand when I searched the supposed book’s supposed author’s name, I first found some stuff about an actress and some other person involved in film, but quickly came upon this Reddit thread…

…where it turns out someone had already discovered all of this. So, full disclosure, I’m not that clever. Ah, well. tl;dr for the bit of the thread I read: the author’s name is also on the For Sale sign outside the Johnsons’ house, AND is the name of a PA who worked on the show. The folks on the thread don’t think it’s particularly relevant, though, because they can use crew names without as many legal hurdles as they’d otherwise have.

Finally, though, to end this post on a less useless note: the fact that that book does not, in fact, exist means that this was a purposeful plant. Someone’s gonna lose their memory, and my bet is on it being one, if not all, of the basement gang.


                              HAPPY SIMBLREEN! (Day 1 & 2)

Bunch of Decor Items for Your Sims! 

A Total of 11 Items Found Under Decor > Misc Decor > Sculptures. Surfaces > Coffee Table > End Table. Bedroom > Plants > End Tables. Bathroom > Accents. Living Room > Coffee Tables. $3. 


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