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100 “Epic” Adventure Ideas...

Here are one hundred adventure seeds you can use to generate ideas for your adventures and campaigns.

  1. A ancient and evil balor sorcerer imprisons old friends of the player characters, holding them hostage in return for a service. 
  2. A band of several death slaadi rogues and sorcerers begins to waylay all planar travelers who chance through their recently claimed turf on the Astral Plane.
  3. A ranger hero recognized around the world begins to organize a group of explorers for reasons unknown…
  4. A bardic college develops a style of music that charms and dominates any that listen to it too long.
  5. A beholder cluster, made up of many beholders driven mad, begins to war with lesser beholder communities, apparently all seeking a beholder artifact. 
  6. A prominent deity grows sick and will die if the cause of its divine ill is not discovered. 
  7. A beloved prophecy long accepted as true fails to occur because of the characters’ meddling, and the world turns against them…
  8. A blinding, yellow haze seeps down from the sky, covering the world…
  9. A celestial tree hundreds of miles long reaches its roots down and begins to grow on the world’s surface. Creatures from other worlds live in the heights of the tree. 
  10. A child is born who prophecy indicates will one day ascend to godhood. 
  11. A black disease blights the forest, killing all vegetation as it continues to expand without limit at an ever-accelerating rate. 
  12. A clan of psionic militants breaks away from the kingdom — literally. A huge chunk of land hundreds of acres wide floats up and away (taking with it many terrified non-psionic people). 
  13. A conjunction of parallel planes somehow energizes a lowly peasant to the power of a greater deity — but only until the conjunction ends. 
  14. A cross-time catastrophe has cut off the Material Plane from all others. 
  15. A dragon kills the ruler of the largest nation and takes over, calling itself the Dragon King.
  16. A flaw in a true resurrection spell leaves one player character undead by night and alive by day. 
  17. A floating city arrives from across the sea, apparently fleeing the depredations of the Warlord, a barbarian of an epic caliber.
  18. A flock of angelic avengers and celestials is ravaging across the continent. 
  19. A meeting is called by a storm giant blackguard. Powerful giants from around the world (and other worlds) begin to congregate. Though no one knows the meaning of this calling…
  20. A glorious gemstone in which the first light of creation still lingers is purportedly languishing in an ancient, crumbling demi-plane. 
  21. A great chase ensues through endless parallel dimensions as wizard researchers follow the faint trail of the long-vanished elder elves. 
  22. A group of gargoyle paragons claims the Cathedral of Pelor as its own new home. 
  23. A hero of renown (a quasi-deity, really) is to be wed to an elven prince, but the prince’s royal family claims the prince is under a spell. 
  24. A hole is gouged in the veil separating life and death. As the tide of life pours out into the void, all creatures everywhere begin to die as they accumulate negative levels. The hole must be mended. 
  25. A red dragon and two of its siblings emerge from a red-lit cavern in the earth. 
  26. A lesser deity declares the PCs as its mortal enemies, enjoining all its worshipers and allies to find and slay them. 
  27. A longstanding illusion is pierced, revealing that the king is nowhere to be found, and that all dictates of the kingdom have been actually flowing from the thieves’ guild. 
  28. A new deity decides to leave the Outer Planes to set up its palace on the face of the Material Plane. Once it arrives, it demands worshipers and servitors. 
  29. A mad chronomancer with a mastery of time, has determined how to destroy the past (and therefore the present). Unless it can be stopped, time itself will unravel. 
  30. A planar conjunction will soon come to pass, allowing the legions of hell (or worse) direct access to a selected part of the Material Plane for 24 hours. It can’t be stopped, but some famous characters may attempt to defend key cities or strongholds from the onslaught. 
  31. A player character’s heart is stolen and replaced with a magical gem or a strange alchemical creation. Who knows how long the replacement will last? 
  32. A powerful wizards’ guild enters all-out war with the dominant religious order of the world. 
  33. A quasi-deity wants an escort as it ventures into the Abyss to release a companion quasi-deity from bondage. 
  34. A rogue moon threatens to crash down upon the world, ending all life. 
  35. A sentient spell-virus is raging out of control among spellcasters. All who fall victim to it become part of one unified mind controlled by a malign intelligence. 
  36. A species of “fish” introduced from another plane has provided good eating and relief from famine over the last year. Now, thousands (possibly millions?) of the fish-like creatures begin a sudden growth spurt, transforming en masse into terribly powerful and bloodthirsty predators. 
  37. A splinter community of humans evolves into a sub-race sporting strange and variant powers. 
  38. A syndicate of assassins dramatically expands its membership by introducing a mind-control potion into a city’s water supply. 
  39. A team of nightmares draws a chariot driven by a powerful fighter into the city. 
  40. A titan seeks those brave enough to release it from its age-long bondage; its rescuers may face the wrath of higher deities. 
  41. A vampire scion from another plane begins to conquer world after world with the help of a reforged artifact of legend, Midnight’s Heart
  42. A volcano erupts. In the aftermath, a portal to the City of Brass on the Elemental Plane of Fire remains open permanently.
  43. A well-known wizards’ guild’s magical dumping ground of failed experiments and stale spell components becomes sentient.
  44. A wizard attempting to summon a powerful devil slips up and somehow summons an abomination instead: an infernal lord of the hells. 
  45. A wizard claims to have developed an epic spell ritual that, if cast, will slay a deity.
  46. All magic items crafted from a particular city begin to bestow negative effects on their owners with each use. 
  47. All who fall asleep on a selected world cannot be awakened and eventually die in their sleep. Exhaustion is beginning to take a hold on even the greatest heroes of its realm…
  48. An adventuring party stumbles upon the tomb prison of an long dead half-god and releases it. 
  49. An anti-magic plague is released by an unknown agency, causing sickness and eventually death to any who prepare or cast arcane spells. 
  50. An artifact belonging to one of the characters must be destroyed, lest some great catastrophe, which has secretly been gathering, come to pass. 
  51. An artifact capable of forever dominating all red dragons everywhere is discovered.
  52. An enclave of gnomes customizes an iron colossus into a walking war platform.
  53. A group of NPCs known for good deeds suddenly embarks on a death spree, murdering merchants and their envoys…
  54. A group of NPCs decides to destroy the PC adventurers, for reasons that are initially obscure. 
  55. A sentient, free roaming, self-casting disintegrate spell breaks loose from a wizard’s laboratory. 
  56. A legendary paladin leads a crusade to hell. 
  57. An inter-dimensional caravan must float on the River Styx through the dangers of several lower planes. 
  58. Spirits begin to manifest from machines as complicated as simple steam-powered wheels — is it a warning from the gods of the forge to desist? 
  59. Angry druids raise the beasts, animals, and dire animals of the wild, intent on beginning a new world order in which nature comes first. 
  60. As the world ages, frequent earthquakes threaten to plunge the major nations under the sea. 
  61. Blue-skinned merchants begin to sell enormously popular items composed of dreamstuff — “mined from the very dreams of a deity,” claim the merchants.
  62. Deeper than the Underdark, the world is discovered to be hollow. Hanging in that vast opening is an unknown, uncharted inner world of strangeness.
  63. Dwarf miners follow a vein of adamantine to a hinged valve sealed with divine magic of an age older than any of the current deities. 
  64. A group of seemingly amateur rogues steal the magical scepter of the Dragon King. 
  65. Evil opportunists slay the Guardian of the Flame of Destiny, hoping to remold the Law of Reality to their own liking. 
  66. Ghosts of every sort begin to rise again, and they won’t recognize their own undead state. 
  67. Mind flayers successfully gain control of a surface nation, plunging the region into permanent darkness. 
  68. Jade pyramids of prodigious size rise from the earth. Sounds unlike any heard before echo faintly from within their stony cores. 
  69. Construct-like creatures of insane complexity called “machines” move across the land, preparing the way for a larger invasion of automated entities. 
  70. Magic begins to fail, supposedly because it is being “used up” faster than it naturally regenerates. 
  71. Mercenary half-dragons who ride chromatic dragons as steeds sell their swords (and spells) to an evil empire. 
  72. Newborns begin to be born without souls.
  73. Off-plane raiders begin to steal people away for use as slaves and food. 
  74. Once every ten years a small cave provides access into a magical, underground world where all living beings give off colorful light, ruled by mysterious fey lords with mysterious agendas. 
  75. One of the player characters learns about his or her real mother or father — in fact, that parent was a demon, and that demon has come calling. 
  76. Planetars and solars bring heaven’s war to the Material Plane, slaying any and all they deem evil or immoral. 
  77. Chromatic dragons decide that their “species” is the only true draconic race, and they begin a campaign of genocide against all other dragon types. 
  78. Several well-known cities and all their inhabitants suddenly disappear without a trace. More could follow…
  79. Someone is breaking the Seven Seals that maintain the integrity of the multiverse…
  80. The ancient Great Library has secret vaults where the Words Once Spoken are supposedly inscribed in the Book of Sleep. To speak them again would remake the universe. 
  81. The Clock that Rules the Universe is under attack by insane gnome alchemists, who are raiding it for parts. 
  82. The End Times threaten to begin. 
  83. The gods of Law put all humanoid races on trial for their excesses.
  84. The Lord High Priest of Pelor denounces her deity and faith. 
  85. The most feared and reviled weapon of legend, an artifact sword that drains life energy with a touch, is lost by its owner. 
  86. The Mother of Spiders emerges from her Cocoon of a Million Years to find a mate for her next spawning. 
  87. A vast necropolis undergoes a mystical transformation. Now, each coffin, sarcophagus, and mausoleum leads to separate cemetery dimensions and realms of death. 
  88. The PCs’ stronghold mysteriously gains new extra-dimensional halls and rooms of unknown origin, content, and extent.
  89. The populace decides that they want one of the PCs as their new ruler, which doesn’t please the current ruler. 
  90. The secret texts of a prominent religion, recently discovered, call into question the church’s real goal, its actual origin, and the agenda of its god. 
  91. The souls of a good queen and her family are drawn into the Abyss by an unknown demonic agency. 
  92. The spirits of the dead begin to possess the bodies of the living at an ever-accelerating rate. 
  93. The sun is infested with moon-sized parasites, and may soon fail like so many other stars have fallen to this celestial infestation. 
  94. The winter, which was overly cold, lasts too long — the goddess of winter, Auril, is suspected to be the cause…
  95. The woods begin to grow without bound, invading field, plain, and city. 
  96. The yuan-ti attempt to awaken the Slumbering Serpent, a little-known abomination born of their own race and a god of serpents.
  97. Twenty percent of all astral travelers begin to disappear in mid-trip. Mid-travel diversion spells are suspected. 
  98. Two parallel planes move too close to each other, and denizens and objects of one constantly slip onto the other, and vice versa. 
  99. Unless stopped, an ancient demi-lich will inject itself onto the Negative Energy Plane, where it can possess any undead anywhere in the multiverse. 
  100. When a friend or a respected associate is resurrected, the soul returned to the body has different memories from the original. Whence does this soul come? 
Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

A quick overview about what was announced in the direct!

Crafting furniture

  •  fullfill requests of nearby animals to get a reward like bells or items
  •  Cyrus will craft furniture out of the gathered material
  • Place the item at your campsite to make animals visit

Friendship level

  • you can rise a friendship level with the animals

Leaf Tickets

  • buy material you are low on
  • can be achievment by completing tasks or with real life money
  • buy special items


  • there are many different places: an island, a beach, a forest, a river
  • use different locations to find different items

Special items

  • fishing net to catch a bunch of fish at once
  • honey to attract bugs

Real life time

  • morning, midday, evening rythm
  • seasional events (time limited items)

Market place

  • buy furniture from the nooklings, clothing from able sisters, shoes ect.


  • customize in and outside of your own camper at Ok Motors
  • have a second floor expansion


  • meet other players, share your ID with friends, exchange your market box, visit their campsite and leave kudos, send friend requests

Character customization

  • choose from two genders, different hair, eye and skin colours


  • big projects for your campground
  • Cyrus will take a while to craft these


Understanding Concepts in Witchcraft

Originally posted by thepumpkinqueenn

  • Not every witch is wiccan or believes in the threefold law
  • Wicca is not the only religion that has witchcraft
  • Some witches curse and some witches don’t, if they do curse how about we don’t shame them or insist that they will bring accidentally curse themselves or that bad luck will come back around
  • Some witches use materials like blood, bones, or decaying or rotting items but it’s their craft so they are free to do so
  • There’s no right way to practice your craft
  • You do not need an expensive, fancy grimoire or book of shadows, using a binder/notebook or an online grimoire is okay
  • It’s okay to take a break from magick or witchcraft if needed
  • Low budget witchcraft is a things so you don’t need to buy expensive tools to be a “real witch”
  • There are no qualifications to be a “real witch”, if you practice witchcraft boom you’re a real witch.
  • You don’t have to be in a coven
  • Witches can be male, female, or anything they identify as. Witches can also be mentally ill, disabled, POC, or LGBT+
  • Just because a spell doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it won’t work for everyone else
  • It’s okay to write spells you’ll never use
  • Stop telling other witches how to practice their craft, simply mind your business and worry about your craft
  • Pop culture spells, bath magick, or emoji spells are totally valid forms of magick stop telling people other wise
  • Not all witches are able to perform spells or rituals but you guise are still valid witches
Inexpensive Witch Items for your craft #1

This will be my first post on places to get inexpensive items for you!

DOLLAR TREE!!! I can not explain my love for this store to be honest. Now it may be an obvious store for budget friendly people but I know many people may not think about going there for items for your altar, spells, etc but it is my go to place for all of my items! I will list below all of my favorite items you can get from there! Also they always get in new items all the time so I go quite frequently to see what I can pick up! And of course everything is $1 so to be honest it can’t get any better than that!

SALTS: 2lb boxes of sea salt, regular table salt, and they will even sometimes have pink Himalayan sea salt! Do I even have to mention why this is useful? Well I will anyway! Salt is like the boss of protection and purification. Use it in baths, spells, throw it around the house to keep negative things out, use it when you cast circles, etc. Salt is the bomb I my opinion. And why not get a huge box of it for $1?

SPICES AND HERBS: they have amazing spices to be honest. (Not just to use for cooking which I do) but they have cinnamon, parsley, ground sage, Basil, oregano, ground cloves, All spice, Ginger, etc. You can use these in jar spells, dream sachets, cooking spells, etc. They are fantastic especially for beginner witches who don’t want to spend tons on dried herbs or can’t find them locally outside in the wild or like those who live in a big city far from lots of nature where it’s hard to grow them yourself… Or for those who don’t have as much of a green thumb!

CANDLES!!! : THIS is one of my favorite sections at the dollar tree. You can probably get a better deal for bulk tea light candles somewhere else like Walmart but the dollar tree has amazing tall pillar candles, Scented candles, cute jar candles, Mason jar candles which obviously you can re-use for spells or storage! They have candles in different colors as well! For those who don’t like much flame they have great battery operated candles as well!

GLASS CONTAINERS AND JARS: THEY HAVE SO MANY GLASS OPTIONS! I love finding glass bowls, jars, vases, cups, etc you name it. All can be used for your altar for decor, spell work, collecting water, mixing stuff in, and anything else your little witchy heart desires to use for a glass container!

FOOD ITEMS: *PLEASE be aware to look at expiration dates and read labels. In my experience I’ve had no negative ones as of yet and I’m very sensitive to food and such* I Love getting my baking soda, sugar for offerings or spell jars, candies for offerings, sweets for the fae, jelly (I love their preserves they are delicious! The strawberry and raspberry ones are a house staple), Crackers, unsweetened apple sauce (it’s fantastic), teas (LOVEEEE THE TEAS they have fruit teas, camomile tea, green tea, black tea, and more) these are fabulous to use in spell work or just to drink, and mainly anything a kitchen witch or just a witch in general wants to use for offerings. *I do not advise on getting any meat or dairy products for obvious reasons. Though their vegan spring rolls are my go-to and the dark chocolate covered banana slices are also amazing in the freezer section along with their frozen fruit and vegetables I always make sure to get the ones grown in the USA. * Fruit infuser tumbler cups! Need I say more?

CRAFT SUPPLIES: GLITTER, PENS, PENCILS, STICKERS, TAPE, FLORAL WIRE, FAKE FLOWERS, WREATH WIRE, FLORAL FOAM, WOODEN DOWELS, GLUE, ROCKS, SHELLS, SAND, YOU NAME IT ITS ALL THERE!!!! Anything you could possibly need for your journal, spell books, spells, etc. Everything is there!

BATH SUPPLIES: GLAMOUR, RESTORATING, AND SELF LOVE BATHS HELLO! they sell Epsom salt, good bubble baths, bath loofas, scrubs, soaps, anything your heart would want for a bath spell! I love getting my favorite brown sugar vanilla bath soap mix it with some Epsom salt and sea salt throw in some green or black tea and have myself a self love and clearing bath!

There are a lot more wonderful things that can be found at your local dollar tree! Those are all the top categories that came to my mind. Next blog post will be on online websites that have inexpensive things for my lovely witches out there! Sending blessings to you all!

Originally posted by fullmagicthings

🌟To make a travel altar🌟

Here I’ll show you my personal travel altar and give you some ideas for making yours!

🌟 Travel Altars 🌟

Some witches like to have a little box, bag or tin where they can carry some items like candles, miniatures, coins, etc, and use them in rituals or prayers! This way, you can take a little bit of magic with you everywhere! 

You can also use the little tin to put images of your gods/goddesses or a little portable shrine!

This is what mine looks like:

🌟 Items 🌟

Some ideas for a portable altar are:

~ Little candles, tea light candles or birthday ones work perfectly!

~ A mini box of matches or a lighter. You can cut the working part of the box of matches and stick it to your tin if the full box doesn’t fit, and just take with you 4 or 5 matches and replace them periodically.

~ Salt on a tiny bottle or a little sachet! McDonald’s ones work just fine.

~ Other spices or herbs of your choice, maybe rosemary or lavender or others that fit your needs.

~ I’ve seen many make tiny tarot decks, and personally i’ve made a runes set! it fits on a tiny glass bottle.

~ Little bottles or containers with water, it may be sea water, rain water, etc! for some ideas you can check my Water Correspondences post!

~ Some crystal chips, these can be from one that broke recently or some you bought. Clear quartz is always a good idea, but you can take as many as you want! When you’re making your portable altar, think on where you’re going, and what crystals or herbs you may need there, that can help♥

~ I’ve also seen many people with tiny altar cloths, small figurines or even altar tools! like chalices, pentagrams (like the one in the image above), athames, wands and many more! You can make these yourself with some cloth and polymer clay or ceramic! (ceramic will be better for water containers, and polymer clay is perfect for offering dishes)

~ Other items related to your craft. Sea witches can take seashells, mirrors, dolphin figurines, etc. Kitchen witches can make a little recipes book to take with them and cooking ingredients. Crystal witches can have a travel altar only made for carrying gemstones. Dragon witches can take with them dragon figurines, dragon trading cards, candles and coins as a treasure. Possibilities are endless!

~ All these items should fit perfectly on an altoids tin, a little cloth bag, a mini backpack, or a wooden box! Choose whatever makes you feel comfortable!

~ You can personalize your travel altar as much as you want: if it’s a bag, embroidery! if it’s a tin, polymer clay is useful for adding details! or hot glue for gems, seashells, rocks. You can also use dried flowers or leaves.

🌟 Hope this was useful and inspiring for you all!🌟

Remember that my ask box is always open for questions. If you need advice or help making these or just want some ideas for your personal altar, i’d love to help! 

~ With Love, Nao. ~


B E A U T Y Altar S E T U P

How to set up a Beauty Altar

A Beauty Altar is a good way to bring positive and pure energy into your space and display your craft items. Aphrodite devotees can also include a statue or representation of Aphrodite.

What to put on your Altar:

✨ Gemstones and crystals like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Green Calcite, Aventurine, Jade and Opalite.

✨ White Feathers

✨Flowers such as roses, lavender and hibiscus

✨ Herbs like rosemary, thyme and sage

✨ Your favorite jewelry and enchanted jewelry.

✨Sea shells and pearls to remind you of Aphrodite

✨ Candles in one corner to represent fire

✨ Moon Water in one corner to represent Water

✨ A shell in one corner to represent Earth

✨ A shell in one corner to represent the Air you hear when you put it to your ear

✨ A trinket box to house your jewelry

✨ A pitcher or container of sea water

✨A bowl for flowers, crystals or important items

✨ Beauty products or potions you’ve made yourself

✨ Your favorite scent or perfume

Color schemes that are good to work with is pinks, blues, silvers, golds and soft greens. An altar cloth in one of these colors or silver platter makes a good base.

Make some magic!



Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration with Monster Hunter World more info:

- Earning the equipment itself is the same as always, download the event, beat the quest and receive the event items to craft the equipment.

- However, it’s a “Full armor set” which can’t be mixed with other armor pieces, and when used, you can only wear the whole equipment set.

- It even changes your facial features, and this even works on male hunters.

- This isn’t a layered armor set (cosmetic skin), it has all its own stats and is still upgradable, but it can only be worn as one whole thing.

- I believe the same goes for the Palico armor, the weapons are the same as older event weapons so nothing new to mention there.

By ColinJCaboose

I saw a few people in my recent tags asking HOW and one kind sweet user asking what bears the most money so I’m going to share my success story. I’m tagging @alice-elizabethscott , @xxkalleexx , @drunkenwhaleer , and @seismitoadsbutt,    cause I saw y’all in the notes There were a lot more but they were anons


You will need a game year, roughly 928 Starfruit seeds, the greenhouse, 6 iridium sprinkers, as many kegs as you can possibly craft, 157 casks, your favorite music, and a LOT of patience.

I’m putting it under a readmore because hot dang it’s a long post. It woudln’t be as long but I wanted to put pictures in 

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From Coraline to Kubo : A Magical Laika Experience - Universal Studios Hollywood (extremely image heavy)

During the month of August 2016, Universal Studios Hollywood hosted a Laika exhibit wherein characters, sets and props from all four of Laika’s movies to date were displayed. My husband and I had activated our passes on the LAST day of the exhibit. Little did we know, we had to make reservations to attend! It took some convincing, but the staff let us into this AWESOME display!

The first room was, of course, Coraline. This area featured real animation puppets, that I believe had been used on screen; and a massive Pink Palace Apartments display. (please excuse the phone quality photos)

Next was Paranorman! The displays beyond Coraline used display maquettes as opposed to actual animation puppets. However, the quality was still screen worthy. All of the props and sets still breathtakingly detailed.

The victorian-inspired details of The Boxtrolls displays were gorgeous, even in all their lopsided quirkiness.

Before diving into the Kubo displays, we took a moment to appreciate exactly HOW much work is put into these films. This is just a TINY fraction, of how many face plates these characters use. Can you count all of these?

And lastly, the fantastic Kubo displays.

This room (pictured below) was massive. It stretched back so deep, and every tiny item was crafted with full real-life detail.

The leaf boat was HUGE. It towered above the display walls (and they weren’t short).

But what was the real monster here? The skeleton! There was a little scale replica of him. (I swear… 1/100 scale? lol!)

But no… They had a full sized replica. I don’t feel the photos really bring it across, but he was HUGE. The last photo was taken underneath him, with my arms fully stretched upward over my head, holding the phone for the photo.

This event was so quietly advertised - and not simple to get into either! I feel it was a shame it was so temporary, and I wish so many more people had access to see these amazing puppets and sets. I truly treasured this experience, and look forward to what Laika has in store for the future.



Okay, so my photo styling skills aren’t the best - but I just wanted to share what I have gathered so far. I have spent some money, but a lot of things were also found, already hidden away in my home, or given to me.

Here goes-

Picture one: a small protection spell ball I bought at a mystic fayre, some lucky heather from a forest walk, sticks collected from the first and made into a pentagram. Total: £5 (for spell ball)

Picture two: wooden box with a sparkly lid which was given to me years ago by an old friend. Perfect to keep witchy things in! The stick will be turned into a wand, or tangled itself in my shoes as I walked so I tucked it into my rucksack and took it home. The tree stump decoration was from a craft store, and I painted on the pentagram. I’d seen the idea on @orriculum ‘s blog and really loved it 😍 total: £3.50 for the wooden decoration

Picture three: starter pack of essential oils (lavender, peppermint, orange, lemon and tea tree) £10, flowering hawthorn heads - gifted by a very dear friend, Basic Witches (approx £10) Brain Scan 33 DIY witchery (approx £4) by @upthewitchypunx Of Witchcraft and Whimsy (approx £3) by @orriculum total: £27

Picture four: large jar - I was gifted 6 of these! I put my dried lavender in this one. I got 6 little bottles for about £2 at the craft shop, the pink glass candle holder was given to me by my Mum, the crystals, heart dish and purple candle holder (now my cauldron) were things I already had, acorns and fur cone from forest walks 🌱 total: £2

On the whole I’ve kept costs down, I probably didn’t need to buy Basic Witches but I really love the illustrator. I found Brain Scan 33 and Of Witchcraft and Whimsy really informative and parts certainly resonated. I gave a lot of my witchy books away a few years ago so it’s nice to start a new collection 🌙


Awful Craft Ideas™ for you all!

I grabbed a cheap wooden ‘60s cigar box at a house clearance. Quick sand, spray and spruce and it’s a multi-purpose Roleplay essentials case. (Mini is not included because the shop didn’t have any Dragonborn :’( )

If you’re upcycling something like this, whether it’s for RP props or themed storage, etc, here’s a few tips to DIY!

1. Repainting stuff!
Don’t be scared of the rattle cans. Spray paint is a quick and easy job that hides a multitude of sins. Don’t bother with the expensive ones (upwards of £7 per can!!). I use pound-store brands and they are just as good.
Before you spray, make sure the can is warmed up. Dunk it in a jug or sink full of warm water for a few minutes, if it’s been stored somewhere cold. Give them a really good shake for a couple of minutes too, otherwise you’ll get spatters - especially with metallic or textured spray!
When spraying, less is more! You can always come back later and add another coat, but you can’t take it back off, without starting from scratch. Pick an undercoat colour that will enhance the finished colour. Black or dark grey can pull down bright hues, while white or even yellow can add some vibrancy.
Spray in even strokes, keeping the can moving at all times. Hold the nozzle roughly a foot from your work. If it doesn’t cover in one quick coat, don’t worry! Let it dry, come back an hour or so later and give it another.
Always spray outside in a well ventilated area and use proper protective clothing.

2. Washing.
How do you make something wooden look really old and valuable? With woodstains and dye of course. But that’s too expensive, and too much like hard work for us!
Simply mix a tiny blob of dark brown (I use burnt umber) artists acrylic into a teaspoon of water and brush the mixture all over the wooden item, following the grain. Start with quite light, dilute wash and build up more layers or add more brown paint to darken it up. When this is dry, quickly brush the whole thing with a similar wash but of gloss black, or an even darker brown. Wait a few seconds then wipe away excess with a cloth or tissue - wiping along the grain! Finish off with a coat of gloss or satin varnish.

3. Burnished effect.
Another way to add age to wood is to give it that really well-worn look. As if countless hands have passed over the surface. Replicate this by rubbing the shaft of something like a barrel key or screwdriver across the hard edges, with some force. Continue doing this until it looks polished by centuries of handling.

4. A good rule of thumb.

Function comes before Form, except when Form is the Function.

Basically, design things that will work, and then make that look good, not the other way around. Unless of course, the sole purpose of what you are making is that it looks good.

Alright. As you can see in the blog URL, I am a lazy witchling. I don’t put any more effort into things than I have to. It’s a character flaw, what can I say.

Yet, I decided that this year, I’m going to do something witchy every day. Some days it might be spells, others it might be tarot reading, or working on my grimoire, or making witchy craft items. In order to keep track of all of this, I have been using a planner. In this planner, every day I write down what I did.

This has led to me noticing a pattern. On days when I don’t work, I can’t muster up the energy to do anything too complicated. Those are the days I end up doing a simple tarot read, or lighting a candle with a sigil carved into it. On days when I DO work, I come home and have all sorts of energy and focus for witchy stuff.

Since I know the pattern now, I can plan for low energy days by doing extra magic on high energy days to give my future self a little boost. It’s like taking excess energy from my Now self and storing it so my Later self can use it.

Some ways I’ve done this:

  • Simple knot magic. There’s that thing about witches tying the wind into a knotted cord and then sailors untying it when needed. I do that with energy. At the end of the day, if I’m still feeling too wired to go to sleep, I will sit down, focus, and ‘tie up’ excess energy into a cord. Then I’ll take the cord with me to work and untie the knots as necessary for a little boost.
  • Tea light candles and essential oils. Some days I’ll put a tealight or three on an electric mug warmer, let the candle melt, drop in some essential oils relevant to my intent, then let the candles cool. Sigils can be carved into the wax, incantations can be said, or you can leave them as is. But I put the candles away in a box (labelled so I remember which is which!), and on low energy days, I’ll just grab a candle and light it. Past Me has already done the work so Future Me doesn’t have to.
  • Spell kits. You know in the grocery store you can pick up spice kits that come with pre-measured spices you just add to your cooking without having to do any of the work? You know you can also do that with spells? I bought a pack of tiny plastic bags (like the kind spare buttons come in) at the craft store for about two dollars for a pack of a hundred. I’ll sprinkle some herbs into a few of those, then put the bags of herbs together in a box or some kind of container. When I’m not feeling focused enough to actually look up herb correspondences, HEY LOOK, Past Me already made a “sleep” kit, and all I need to do is open the bags and dump everything together, and there you have it.
  • Sigils. Make sigils ahead of time, something like “I have as much energy as I need”. Draw it out on a paper. Label the paper so you know what the sigil means. Keep sigils together in an envelope or your spell book. When you need one, just take a paper and burn it. Or throw it in water and let the ink run. Or crumple it up as small as you can. Or rip it up into tiny tiny pieces. I find that destruction almost never takes up much energy at all!

Those are just a few things that have helped me, anyway.

The Lazy Bastard’s Guide to Beating Rune Prana.

So this post is basically a somewhat short guide for those out there who, like me, did not have their shit together in this game but still want to get the best ending without having to kill themselves.

Hello there,… you! Tell me, would you like to beat the third arc of Rune Factory 4? You would? Well, let me ask you a few questions: Are your crafting and forging levels at at least 80? If not, did you know you can use the Heart Pendant to make yourself gain skill exp just a liiiiiittle faster? Is Frey/Lest at least level 130? Do you have equips that boost your stats into the thousands? Specifically, do you have equips such as Diamond Brooch, Wet Boots, and Rosary? Do you have the most holy and almighty and revered crafting items, the Racoon Leaves and Glitta Augite? Did you go to Sharance Maze and run around endlessly until you picked up high level weapons?

…No? Well… you are aware that this is the advice everyone will give you, correct? You must be frustrated. Everywhere you go, these are the only things anyone will tell you. And none of it’s working, and you know why. Because you don’t have the time or patience to get your crafting skills that high, even with the Heart Pendant. Because you’re at a low level because you keep dying in dungeons and potions are too expensive and you’re trying to save food items for the really hard parts of the game. You’re too poor to afford good equips, and not motivated enough to make them. Racoon Leaves and Glitta Augites are a mystery; even if you know where to get them, you can’t use them because once again, your crafting levels suck. You may or may not have Sharance Maze, but it’s a confusing place for you.


I’M SERIOUS. Here’s how it works: 

  • You’re going to use those 3000 Prince(ss) points to open up Sharance Maze, and guess what? You’re going to run around a bunch! Yes, this will be slightly annoying, but if you’re worried about dying you can take some party members with you. I hope you at least have a fairy rescued from a previous dungeon and the wolf from Sechs Territory to distract enemies. Now I’ll admit, this is basically the hardest part. Since you know you will die easily even with party members, you’re going to be warping out and then running right back in a lot. 
  • But the point of that is this: not to find good weapons, but first and foremost items. And not food either. The Love Potion and Object X you need can be found when you run around Sharance Maze, and they show up fairly often. I came across like 4 of each fairly easily, but you’ll only need one Love Potion and maybe 2 or 3 Object Xs.
  • First thing first: once you’ve got that Love Potion, WARP HOME AND SAVE ASAP. Next, find yourself a Dark Fairy. They’re large and purple. Now, you can also use Princess points to display enemy HP and Level, so I suggest you do that so that you know you’re nabbing a high-leveled one. This little trick worked on the first try for me. All you gotta do is find a Dark Fairy (in Sharance Maze of course, shoot for one that’s near level 300) and just chuck that potion at her! She (no pun intended) loves it to bits, and will gladly join you. Her stats? Through the fuckin roof. She’s twice as powerful as Venti. Yeah that’s right.
  • Next: do you have a dish called Grilled Snapper? Check your fridge: if you don’t have one there, don’t panic. They aren’t that hard to get, because if you’re pals with Porcoline, he gives you one on your birthday! There’s also a chance Porcoline may sell this dish at his restaurant, but I think to cook it you need to be level 51 on cooking, which you probably aren’t. No biggie. At the most, you just have to wait till your next birthday. ONCE YOU GET THE FISH DISH, SAAAAAAVE. Now this part oughta look familiar; guess where you’re going? That’s right, Sharance Maze again! Wheeeee! This time, your mission is to find a Minotaur King; (preferably near level 300) they’re super huge blue monster dudes that wear loincloths and carry frikkin huge axes. Scary. Go ahead and bring your Dark Fairy on this mission so she can help you fight/stay alive til ya find the big guy. Once you’ve found him, toss him the Grilled Snapper. Worked on the first try for me! This guy is just as suped-up as the Dark Fairy, but his physical attack is about 2k higher.

Wow, isn’t that amazing?! Now you’ve two extremely high-leveled party members! And guess what? That means pretty much everything from here is gonna be a cakewalk! …Well, except for a few more things, mostly regarding your equips. Don’t worry, it’s simple stuff.

  • Next is the Talisman. Now normally, this takes a crafting level of about 70 to make. And I have some good news and bad news. The good news is, you can get this item for free! …The bad news is, I’m not exactly sure if I remember where exactly I got it. But I’m pretty sure– like 90% sure– it comes from Margaret’s Event: A Performance Without an Audience. You can unlock this even if you play as a girl, so don’t worry. Anyways, complete that little event, and grab the Talisman. It will be a lifesaver when you get to places where you get poisoned. Since the Talisman reverses status effects, the icon above your head will say you’re poisoned, but it’ll actually be healing you. So once you get this thing, be sure to always have it in your inventory, especially for the Beach Area of Rune Prana and the Cave Area.
  • Now, for the strangest item on this list; that’s right, the bottle(s) of oil. You’ve got the Object X, right? Maybe even more than one? Good, because here we go. See, in various parts of Rune Prana, especially early on, there are some: enemies that throw powerful fireballs, a volcano area where some maps deal constant fire damage, and even some flame-shooting pillars and, at one point, a literal ring of fire that can and probably will instant death you. That’s where object X and Oil come in. Here’s how it works: If you look at the description of Oil, you’ll see it says “-31 resistance to fire”. Meaning, your fire resistance goes down about 30 percent if you use this in item upgrading. HOWEVER, Object X makes this a good thing! Why? Because, when used as an upgrading tool, Object X will REVERSE the effects of EVERY SUBSEQUENT ITEM USED TO UPGRADE AN EQUIP.  Meaning, you can take an equip of your choice, and where you would usually upgrade it with an item like a gem or root or whatever, put Object X instead! Then, you can upgrade the equip yet again with the Oil, thereby RAISING your fire resistance!  BEWARE, THIS IS IRREVERSIBLE. THE EFFECT OF OBJECT X AS A REVERSER WILL PERMANENTLY PERSIST ON ALL FUTURE UPGRADES OF THIS ITEM.  Anyways, I went ahead and applied this to my Platinum Mail and my hat, bringing my fire resistance up to over 60. It has literally saved my life.

Once that is done, you’re ready for Rune Prana! You’ll be impervious to poison, damn near impervious to fire, and you have two powerhouses who will quite literally be fighting all your battles for you. (Heads up, you can ride the Minotaur if you want to control him, and he’ll take all the damage so you don’t die super fast).

As far as actually getting through the floors/puzzles and such, there are other guides for that. Bring plenty of food/potions, and remember to save often. Hope you like being the healer, ‘cause that’s pretty much your job now!

🌾 Lughnasadh/Lammas 🌾

Lammas is the Anglo-Saxon name for the festival, meaning ‘Loaf mass’. Lughnasadh is the festival of Lugh, a Celtic god of light, fire, crafts and skills.

Lammas is a time of the fullness of life, and celebration of the bountiful and abundant Mumma Earth. The main themes of Lammas are to give big thanks, high fives and deep bows to the goddess got her bountiful harvest, and to state your hopes and intentions for what you wish to harvest, sacrifice or transform.

Symbols of Lammas.

Bread: Lammas is also known as The Feast of Bread - the celebration at which the first of the grain harvest is consumed in ritual loaves.

Grapes and Wine: Grapes are a sacred symbol of abundance; and what better way to give thanks for our abundance than to raise a glass?

Herbs of Lammas.

Meadowsweet: also known as Queen-Of-The-Meadow, meadowsweet was often worn as a garland for Lammas celebrations, and was a traditional herb for wedding circlets and bouquets at this time of year.

Mint: Mint’s magical properties are both protective and healing. Plus, at this stage in the year, it’s properties of drawing abundance and prosperity are very appropriate. You can wear mint in a medicine bag around your neck, or place a leaf in your purse.

Altar items for Lammas.

Ears of corn; hand-made items and crafts; symbolic representations of our accomplishments; wheat and other grains; yellow and green crystals and flowers.