There are lots of western medieval weapons in the Player’s Handbook, but not many from eastern cultures. I’ve made some stats for a few different types of weapons, to supplement that.

Some weapons on this list- most notably the Urumi- can take an extremely long time to learn, so not all characters will have proficiency with these weapons (even if they would otherwise have proficiency with all martial weapons)


Death Note. Last night I had an impromptu D&D game with some people. I had this laying around and decided to try using it. Rules are very simplified from the actual thing, and overall it went shocking well. One player came across the book and I told him in secret what it said regarding the rules. He and the Shinigami had some telepathic conversations that we were able to keep from the group too. He used it sparingly over the 5 hours we played, but it was a mystery to the other players right until we ended. Definitely want to build onto this. I thought it would be way to strong of an item for D&D, but seeing as not many will just give their names up to anyone, it worked out well. And most monsters they came across don’t really have names so he couldn’t just kill them all. He needed to do some digging to figure it out, all while keeping it a secret from the group.