Have you ever thought of the true meaning of a relationship?

Wether it’s boy/girl, girl/girl/ boy/boy, whatever.

I think todays society has forgotten what it really is. 

I feel that today everyone just thinks of sex and what they can get from people. There is no self respect anymore. And if there is, it is in the rare but best few. And no one wants to put in the work to get them.

No-one wants to fight for anything anymore. If there is a problem, its over. Or neither person wants to talk it out. 

It’s all a game in the beginning too. Just be blunt. 

To me, a relationship is more then just two people together with a label. 

A relationship, is a companionship between two people. Two people who are friends and lovers. They can trust each other with everything. They can have deep intellectual conversations.They can have a good time together. They go to new places, try new food, try new things. They just have a ton of fun. There is no game. With the good there comes the bad. There are arguments and disagreements, but you work through them. 

There’s good and bad days in life right? Most of us make it through, correct? 

A relationship is being with someone, and knowing every little thing about them. From their favorite color, to their mannerisms, to their history of relationships with significant others, and family members. Its about being able to tell when they’re in a bad mood and knowing how to cheer them up, or knowing to leave them alone. It’s about knowing their fears and passions. It’s about knowing every little thing about someone. And their insecurities, and still accepting them. 

A relationship, is about being there for someone when they need you the most. A loss in their family, bad days, family troubles, insecurities. Its about helping that person succeed in life. Supporting them. Helping them achieve their goals. Caring for them. 

You start as friends, make a ton of amazing memories, and maybe, just maybe fall in love with eachother.