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thought id join on in with the messages. I LOVE SPACE. I wasnt too bad at maths at school but hated science BUT I ended up doing half of an animal science degree WHICH I LOVED BECAUSE BIOLOGY IS AMAZING AHH but decided that my true calling was social work (complete opposite yes haha). But basically I came here to say YOUR BLOG IS GREAT. I love space. probs coz ive never studied it haha just for how small it makes us on earth. anyway keep up the great blog :) from a secret science nerd in Aus :)

Oh thank you! This is super nice. I love space too! I was basically in the same boat during my younger years in school. I hated math and science and studying and having to get up early and, well, just being at school. But now I really enjoy school… That’s awesome that you found what you really wanted to do! That is not an easy thing to discover. Anyways, thanks again for the nice comment.

Oh and I hope you never stop loving science!

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How much dye did you have to use for the horses tail?

For his tail I used 3 boxes of dye, two of which came as an “ombre” kit, so five colors in total. 

Pink: 1.5oz bottle (did his tail and mane)
Violet: 1.5oz bottle (did his tail and mane)
Blue: 1.5oz bottle (did his tail and mane)
Turquoise: 1.5oz bottle (did his tail and mane
Emerald: 3 oz bottle (did tail and mane)

I used about ¾ of each of the 1.5oz bottles and ½ of the 3oz bottle. It took me a few hours to do, I divided the tail by using rubber bands and then worked the color in by hand making sure there were no spots of uneven color. It takes about an hour to set, and I lightly rinsed it afterwards to get some of the excess dye off. 

I’ve dyed his hair before, and in the picture below I used all 3oz of color for his mane and tail, and as you can see it is very bright! This color was temporary, and only stayed 3 days before it was gone! The dye I used for the rainbow tail is semi-permenant, and it is a week later and still as vibrant as when I put it in!