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Major Key Alert: The Perfect Shave

Summer is just under one month away and many of us who have been hibernating in all regards are elated to start the Summer ‘16 festivities. We’re taking the word of many fine people all over and saying if your hibernation includes a complete obliteration of the word “shaving” from your vocabulary, we have you covered. We’ve compiled our best kept secrets for the finest shave that you’ll ever know but we’d also like to give you a fair warning… you will not be able to stop feeling your legs, these tips leave your skin so soft, it’s almost unapproachable. 

Myths Debunked!

1) It’s a common myth that not shaving for a period of time until just prior to needing to shave, will result in maximum smoothness, this is entirely incorrect. The faster you get into the habit of shaving, the smoother your legs, arms, etc. will be. So if you have a date, party, seance, make sure you start several days before to ensure the smoothest shave when it is really necessary. 

2) Shaving with Oil - yes, we fulllllllllyyy recommend shaving with oil but this needs to be expanded on just a tad. Per our experience and we’ve tried every oil under the sun (coconut, argan, rosehip, olive, castor, you name it!) Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the absolute crème de la crème of oils to shave with. Not only is EVOO the most hydrating for us but it also for some reason leaves us completely smooth longer. Our great Aunts to our best friends have aggrandized coconut oil for every use under the sun but we’re telling you; EVOO leaves us smooth for 3-4 days while coconut oil is a mere 1-2 days, tops! 

ALSO, on the topic of oil, it’s extremely tricky to shave with but here’s a no frills account of how we do:

-Pour about 1/4c of EVOO in a container and place in shower with you. 

-Allow the steam of the shower to soften your hair follicles for at least 5 minutes. 

-Once your skin is feeling supple, take a quarter size amount of oil into your hands and massage it onto your leg for around 2 minutes (or whichever body part you’re shaving, just make sure to massage each body part in between shaves i.e. massage oil into left leg, shave left leg, then repeat steps for each body part of your choosing.)

- When the leg is coated, rinse your razor and begin shaving against hair growth, making sure to rinse the razor head completely every 2-3 swipes to prevent clogging. 


Skin that is not adequately dampened is the #1 cause for nicks while shaving. 

Once done go ahead and massage the remaining oil into the skin, you’ll be a walking heart-eye emoji for the next couple of days. After leaving the shower, we like to moisturize again with our Leighis Butter for an absolute goddess radiance.

3) Ingrown Hairs and Itchiness after Shaving. To prevent ingrown hairs and itchiness after shaving, we recommend two things. One- Use a toner over shaved areas after shaving. We recommend Witch Hazel or your own DIY Sea Salt Toner or ACV toner, just send us an ask if you need the recipe. Two- Exfoliate! We dry brush 3 times a week at least to keep the dead skin at a minimum. We also whip up a quick Pineapple Mask that we use over our entire body as a chemical exfoliant which we prefer over scrubs. Shaving also helps to remove dead skin, so the more you do it (as long as it’s in a hygienic, safe fashion) the less issues you’ll have with ingrown hairs and itchiness. 

4) Men razors give a closer shave than women razors. I believed this for so long! My absolute favorite razor was the Gilette Fusion, my step-dad had purchased a bulk of them from Sam’s Club and I was completely hooked for years until trying my favorite now, the Schick Hydro Silk which has the smoothest glide ever! We’ve done our research, Gilette uses the same razor blades for their men and women lines and we’ve read that it mostly comes down to the angle of blade, the curvature of the razor head, and the handle as a whole. Overall, we like that women’s razors are designed for the hair on our most commonly shaved areas (i.e. legs, bikini, and underarms) so we’re voting Women’s over men’s any day but we implore you to experiment for yourself. We just recommend a razor of quality with at least 4 blades, the Schick Hydro Silk and the Gilette Fusion both have 5 and that you change the razor head as soon as it dulls.

Here’s just a few more pointers:

- There’s no need to push down hard when shaving! Simply glide the razor over the skin in straight, controlled strokes. 

- Shaving with oil is going to extend the life of your razor, which is great for your bank account and no more poisonous shaving creams but you’ll have to spend a few more minutes cleaning the razor. After each use, we rinse our razor head, soak it in an alcohol solution for a few minutes, then take a cotton swab with alcohol, and dab it clean. This is necessary and will prevent infection just in case of a nick.  

- If you do happen to cut yourself while shaving, just rinse with cold water, cleanse with hydrogen peroxide, treat with Neosporin, and cover with a cool bandaid (recommend: Spongebob or the Simpsons [our aura is Yellow])

Lastly, if you’re feeling fancy, soak in a warm bath tub enchanted with a natural bath bomb, we use the Leighis Goddess Bath Velvets  to start a really penetrative moisture. These bath velvets are no joke when comes to moisturizing so much so that the oil isn’t even necessary but we use it anyway. After daydreaming in the tub for around 20 minutes, we feel our legs, ascend to heaven, come back, shave, ascend again then moisturize once more. But this is almost lethal luxury! We reserve it for birthdays, Christmas, and every Thursday because Treat. Yo. Self. 

We hope this helps! Thanks for reading, our ask is open for advice! 

With so much love and so much light,

Curly Leighis 

bisexual-yamaguchi  asked:

Hi ducky, do you have any tips on how to make a wig cap stay in place? Mine keeps sliding off and that makes my purple hair at work visible...

  1. Right Fit
    First, make sure that your wig cap is a good fit for your head. Some are tighter than others and they can stretch out over time. Make sure you have a snug fitting one. They can also have different size “bands” around the base, I find ones with thicker bands are more secure. 

  2. Pins and Clips
    Hair pins can be used to attach the wig to the hair under the wig but can also be used to clip the wig cap to your hair. This works best with netted caps that have gaps for the pins.

    Some people use toupee clips, sewn into the wig, to help the wig grip the hairline at the front. This may also work for clipping a wig cap in place.  

  3. Wig Bands
    I haven’t tried these out, but they are bands that go around the front of the head and give a surface for wigs to grip on to. It might work to give extra coverage when the wig cap starts to creep back!
  4. Touch ups
    Even with a very secure setup, a heavy wig might slide back and with activity the pins might loosen. You may still need to pop into a bathroom to do some touching up.   

(I forgot to add this to my last ask, I’m so sorry!!) Are there any tips on how to make a wig less itchy? 

  1. Wig Cap and Wig Liners
    Wearing a wig cap will create a barrier between the wig and your head, that way it doesn’t rub against your scalp. If the itching is from rubbing then it can make a big difference. Lightweight wig liners give an even thicker barrier.

  2. Crimped Hairs
    Some wigs have crimped hairs along the netting to help give volume, but these crimped hairs can poke through the wig can irritate your head. Looking for higher quality wigs or wigs with less crimping can make a difference if these hairs are bothering you.
  3. Gaps
    Wefted wigs tend to have gaps between the wefts, especially at the back. These gaps can allow some of the hairs to poke through and cause itching. You can get wigs without gaps but if that isn’t an option, giving your wig a comb through before wearing and checking the underside for any pokey hairs can help alleviate the issue.
  4. Your Hair
    For a lot of people, your own hair can be the cause of itching, especially if you have itching while wearing a wig cap! If you have long hair then braiding or putting your hair up in ponytail can help prevent it from poking you, just make sure the ends are pointed away from your scalp. =For smaller hairs it helps to gel them down or use a bit of hairspray to hold them in place. I have shorter hair and find that putting my wig cap and wig on while my hair is damp relieves the issue. 

  5. Allergies
    It is possible that you could have allergies to either a product used to treat the fibers/ style the wig or even the wig fibers themselves. If you are getting a rash from the wig or other signs of an allergic reaction you should not wear the wig. You can attempt to wash the wig out at home or try different wig fibers to see if it makes a difference. 

  6. Used to it
    Sometimes itching just happens and it gets worse while wearing a wig because you can’t do anything about it! Sometimes it takes a bit of mind-over-matter to ignore the itching and the more you do it the easier it gets. That said, I am not above going to the washroom to take off the wig and give my head a good scratch when I really need to  ;)

Hope this helps!
Duckie / Admin

To My Naturals,

Here’s a thread where you can post your hair care routine, what products you use, what products you hate/cant use, what hair type you have + (like 3a of whatever ad if you have is thin, coarse, etc), what vitamins you take for your hair, etc.

I, along with a lot of other girls (and possibly guys too), need help!


-I take 10,000 mcg Biotin daily (I started wit like 3000/5000 mcg Biotin September 2014 and I have used 10,000 mcg for almost 2 years tho)

- I wash my hair once a week ( I don’t wear my curls out often because EVERYONE and their mom likes to touch my hair)

- I have like 3a/3b/3c hair (Lord I don’t know)

- My hair is thin, the biotin helped with length and strength

- I have always had long hair, but it was poorly color treated in 2013 so I did a big chop in April 2014

- My hair is currently bra strap length (the longest it ever was, was waist length in 2011/2012; I'm 4′9″/4′10″)

- I used Mane and Tail from September 2014 to November 2015, It was good but it didn't define my hair good, it has sulfates in the shampoo, lots of slip for detangling

- I used the Organix Brazilian Keratin shampoo and condition from April 2014 to September 2014 (I didn’t like how it made my hair hard)

- I currently use: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil “Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo”, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus “Curl and Shine Conditioner”,  Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil “Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-in Conditioner”, Coconut Oil for sealing (I used to oversaturate my hair, it works really good for moisture)

- I use a silicone scalp massager (not the vibrating one, I bought mine for less than $2 on eBay)

- I deep condition before i flat iron my hair ( aka twice this year) and like rarely beyond that [ I KNOW I NEED TO DO BETTER, I don’t know….]

- I did a pure ACV deep condition for my dandruff/dry scalp and so far no flakes (did it on 8/10/16), apparently it’s really good for acne, losing weight, dry/itchy scalp, getting shiny hair, pH balancing your scalp, etc)

- I want to do pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil massages on my scalp (you just pour some of it on your hands and massage it in every day using your fingers or the scalp massager thingy for like 2-5 minutes)

- I want to do some deep conditioning (im very cheap so like… I have ACV, Coconut, eggs, and water, what can i do with that? I also have honey…)

- I used the OKAY Shea Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner but it left my scalp drier than it has ever been and my hair very tangled

- I want to wear my natural hair out more often instead of combing it out and stretching it. I would probably have to wash my hair twice a week for that tho)

- I do not use gel or like gel. I do not slick down my hair

- I use t-shirts for drying my hair

- I only use a wide tooth comb, no brushes

- I only flat iron my hair 1-3 times a year ( only special occasions)

- I don’t eat healthy ( I barely drink water and I only eat during school bc homework takes forever. I tried eating vegatables and I realized that I aint about that life)

Any tips for me??? Please leave your routine and what you do for your hair!

Natural Hair and Seborrheic Dermatitis

Is this it?

I’ve posted about this before, but let me just give you a brief recap before updating you guys on what’s new.

How it all began

i went natural may/June 2011, shortly after that i developed what i thought was dandruff, i used head and shoulders hoping it would go away, but nothing happened, it always came back, then i found out about scalp eczema/ seborrheic dermatitis and thought it was what i had, i was resigned to my fate…because many people said it was incurable (T.T), and then i found a youtube video saying that fragrance in hair products can cause contact dermatitis, so i thought “mm, i got this problem right around the time i started putting all this hair products in my hair” i really didn’t care for my hair much before that, so it was highly likely that it was contact dermatitis, i went fragrance free for a year in 2013/2014 and in the beginning it looked like it was indeed the fragrance and possibly not seborrheic dermatitis at all, but that solution didn’t last long and the scalp issues came back with a vengeance.

 i couldn’t do any long term protective styles, i put anything in my hair (synthetic braids or yarn) and my scalp would literally become white in three days), i just wore wigs everywhere, then broke my edges off because of an unfortunate case of braids, dermatitis and scratching (the eczema nicely covers my front hairline), so i gave up and just used my afro to cover it up (thank God for afros).

it was horrible and i was pi**d off! it was definitely seborrheic dermatitis, large hard flakes that wouldn’t come off my scalp totally, and touching my hair resulted in a mini snowfall and for some odd reason after a while my scalp began to develop this random odd smell after two-three days, so i kept washing my hair 2-3 times a week.


Beginning of this year, i went through an epiphany and just thought i’d change areas of my life, this included going to the freaking GP to finally tell them that i have some whack ass illness on my head, (as opposed to trying to fix it myself). as i tried to show her the symptoms by parting my hair ((¬¬), flakes were just falling to the floor! Anyway, the doctor didn’t even finish her recommendations, i was like “yh tried those already”, she was like “olive oil?” ..and i was like “….Not only olive oil”, so she finally subscribed me a shampoo with 2.5% selenium sulphide (ah aha! something i never tried before) and i delayed a bit because after 3.5 years of no solutions didn’t really think i should rush to buy another shampoo like it was going to be my saving grace… then went to get it at the pharmacist.

usually when i use a normal shampoo or shampoo with anti-dandruff ingredients that don’t really work for me, the flakes never actually come off my scalp, i used this Selsun shampoo (not selsun blue, but they have the same active ingredient) and the white flakes that clung to my scalp for dear life was pretty much gone. i didn’t wan’t to start jumping for joy too fast, i  banded my hair and then half a week later took it down to use the selsun shampoo again (twice a week for two weeks, then once a week afterwards) and lo and behold no flakes falling as i parted my hair!

i pray to God it continues working, i’m actually dreaming of having fun with my hair again!

How this can help you

So you may have this problem and may be barely managing having tried all and everything people have recommended, different anti-dandruff shampoos etc, well i’m here to say that :

1. Stop self-diagnosis and self-prescriptions, go to the doctor!

2. You may think you’re using different shampoos, but the active ingredients in all those different brands may have been exactly the same!

before i went to the doctor, i tried

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Head and Shoulders (probably zinc pyrithione)

3. Neutrogena T-gel (coal tar)

4. Fragrance free

5. Raw active manuka honey (T.T) that cost me £10 for a tiny jar! and sea salt

6. massaging my scalp with a concoction of oils and tea tree oil and peppermint oil

7. Nizoral (Ketaconazole)

Anyways, all that was not MY solution,  Zinc Pyrithione, Coal Tar and Ketaconazole were not My solution, Selenium Sulphide was, so next time you attempt to try a new shampoo, make sure you’re not looking at brand name but at the active ingredient.

i just had to make this post because seborrheic dermatitis is frustrating as hell, causes self-consciousness, probably low-self esteem, embarrassment (people thinking you got dirty hair because you don’t wash, when you wash you hair like once everyday….30 times more than they do in a freaking month) and i was hoping this could be a solution or 95% help to somebody.

i will also be eating well, and taking omega 3 and evening prim rose oil supplements, eating fish and veggies etc, i haven’t really started all that yet, So really, its just the 2.5% selenium sulphide that’s curbed this. in fact i couldn’t be bothered with the third shampoo session and left my hair for a week, i felt a very slight slight i mean sliiiight beginnings of an itch on a small part of my head,but even then there were no flakes on my head, it kind of felt like whatever was causing this issue was trying to raise its ugly head again because i skipped the dose, and even then as i parted my hair (a few hours before writing this post), no flakes fell from my scalp!

(T.T), thank you Jesus! 

anonymous asked:

In regards to Keith being Galra: imagine him getting some Galra spwcific illness before they all find out he's part galra and no one knows it's a galra-only thing and everyone's just like... ???

(slams fists on table) YES

Maybe they land on a planet somewhere, and someone brushes up against some weird plant that Galras are allergic to? And he gets super congested and sneezy, and everyone’s like WTF Keith and even he doesn’t know what’s going on so he just grumbles there miserably and tries not to sneeze on anyone.

Or maybe give him something like lactose intolerance, but for a specific alien food that everyone is okay with except for Galras. Everyone’s just like “oh, maybe that one was bad”, but they try it again and Keith doesn’t eat anything but food goo for like a month because at least he knows that’s safe.

Or I like to play with the idea of really weird alien sicknesses. Like how Coran got the Slipperies. Things that are just so bizarre to the paladins that there’s no way that could be a human illness. So Keith starts getting these odd itchy spots, or his hair grows really fast, or he just straight up loses his sense of smell for a week - something just so out of the blue that they start to suspect something’s up.



how to lucid dream

(this is just how i’ve always done it and from my own experiences, everybody will have unique experiences though)

  • always at night (ie during the main sleeping hours, not afternoon naps or anything)
  • lie either on your back or side (i prefer side as it’s the comfiest for me)
  • get comfortable: for me that means adjusting clothing, scratching anything that may potentially get itchy later, hair off my face so it doesn’t tickle me as i’m falling asleep, i have sinus issues so i can’t breathe through my nose properly so i make sure i keep my mouth open so i don’t stop breathing and wake up etc (this part sounds silly, but it’s an important step as you don’t want to be disrupted)
  • lie w/ your eyes shut and try to fall asleep: i try to kind of clear my mind (doesn’t work wel as i’m constantly thinking). can take anywhere from 10-60 mins to fall asleep for me
  • eventually i feel myself getting tingly and know i’m about to enter a lucid state (if you move/scatch/twitch here you’ll probs wake up) - it sort of feels like you’re passing though a bunch of portals into a dream (sorry don’t know how to explain the sensation without sounding fucked in the head but you’ll know when you feel it)
  • the dream starts nowwww - in the beginning i was only able to control my actions in the dream, but i’d still be in the same senario i started off in e.g. if i was at school i could choose where i went and what i said but i couldn’t change the fact that i was at school. however now i can change the location, people, what i do etc.

x x x


A/N: I had to. I’m not sorry. I fucking had to. (especially the joke at the end)

Title: Stubble

Genre: Pure fluff/smut

Description: Based on Phil saying in his live show that someone (Dan) stole his shaver plug. Dan likes Phil with stubble, in fact Dan REALLY likes Phil with stubble…

Word Count: 1500


“It’s so beautiful, though,” Dan murmurs.

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So I guess I accidentally taught my nephew how to use lipstick.

Also. I attempted (again) to do Izzy’s hair myself so that I could save money. I’m covered in hair, itchy, and I didn’t even finish after two hours. I give up.

But. I did mow my aunt’s lawn today despite saying it would be a rest day. So I think I’m gonna go drink a glass of water and call it an early night.

oh my god i’m gonna rip my neck apart, what the hell is my facial hair this ITCHY for????????????? i’m about to peel myself like string cheese this SUCKS


Ok so I’ve been thinking about this since the stream. But I think this is the scene when the MC first meets Anne. There’s a couple things I like about this small scene: 1) the MC is either surprised to see her cause he recognizes her (like from a magazine, cause Anne is a model or actress) or cause of the rumors surrounding her, or he’s surprised to see a hafu, or he’s taken aback cause of pretty she is (or all of the above~! :D), and the most important one….2) WE SEE HER WITH HER HOODIE UP! ;W; I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SINCE FOREVER! But now the mystery of how her hair actually fits in the hoodie! O_O

mangosmaduros  asked:

I used to straighten my hair frequently and recently just wanted to embrace my natural hair and I remembered how you went natural.. What helped? Oils.. Products? Did you do the big chop? How long did it take for your hair to be your current length and what helped? Thanks! :)

My hair is almost to the middle of my back now, I cut it about shoulder length to get rid of all the dry, dead ends (the last time was about a year ago, because I was trying to even out the layers…).  I just dry cut my hair by myself with a small pair of straight (not curved) eyebrow scissors..I cut each curl individually.  I haven’t straightened it in 2 years or maybe even more, I blow dry it only with diffuser and if I’m in a hurry.  Otherwise I use a microfiber hair towel that I got off amazon.  This towel literally has saved me so much time and energy.  It soaks up so much water, no frizz, and cuts drying time in half for me.   I completely recommend this for curly hair.   

I get stressed quite easily and I don’t know why, but my scalp gets incredibly itchy and my hair tends to fall out.  I shampoo probably every 3-5 days…It’s a whole process so I usually have to keep a few hours free to do it.  Right now I’m using Nature’s Gate Calming Tea Tree shampoo & somethings I go back to The Honest Company baby shampoo.

I’m obsessed with most of HeyFranHey’s videos for curly hair.  Since I’ve followed her advice and products, my hair has gotten so much more healthy.

I follow this video for my hair product routine  (You have to watch this to see how I use all the products listed below.  I would also watch her other hair videos too, because I follow those also..)

So here are all the hair products I use:

The Honest Company Baby Shampoo & Body Wash (all in one)

or Natures Gate Calming Tea Tree + Sea Buckthorn Shampoo & conditioner

Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditionar (water based conditioner)

Camille Rose Hair Moisture Butter

Aubrey Organics 100% Aloe Vera

Organic, unrefined Coconut oil (to detangle my hair before I wash it, cuts shower time in half)

I put as little product in my hair as possible, because I can’t stand that greasy build up feeling…but honestly now with this routine I have been unbothered. A lot happier…and my scalp has felt awesome.

To all my fellow curly heads, I hope this helps!