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Natural Hair and Seborrheic Dermatitis

Is this it?

I’ve posted about this before, but let me just give you a brief recap before updating you guys on what’s new.

How it all began

i went natural may/June 2011, shortly after that i developed what i thought was dandruff, i used head and shoulders hoping it would go away, but nothing happened, it always came back, then i found out about scalp eczema/ seborrheic dermatitis and thought it was what i had, i was resigned to my fate…because many people said it was incurable (T.T), and then i found a youtube video saying that fragrance in hair products can cause contact dermatitis, so i thought “mm, i got this problem right around the time i started putting all this hair products in my hair” i really didn’t care for my hair much before that, so it was highly likely that it was contact dermatitis, i went fragrance free for a year in 2013/2014 and in the beginning it looked like it was indeed the fragrance and possibly not seborrheic dermatitis at all, but that solution didn’t last long and the scalp issues came back with a vengeance.

 i couldn’t do any long term protective styles, i put anything in my hair (synthetic braids or yarn) and my scalp would literally become white in three days), i just wore wigs everywhere, then broke my edges off because of an unfortunate case of braids, dermatitis and scratching (the eczema nicely covers my front hairline), so i gave up and just used my afro to cover it up (thank God for afros).

it was horrible and i was pi**d off! it was definitely seborrheic dermatitis, large hard flakes that wouldn’t come off my scalp totally, and touching my hair resulted in a mini snowfall and for some odd reason after a while my scalp began to develop this random odd smell after two-three days, so i kept washing my hair 2-3 times a week.


Beginning of this year, i went through an epiphany and just thought i’d change areas of my life, this included going to the freaking GP to finally tell them that i have some whack ass illness on my head, (as opposed to trying to fix it myself). as i tried to show her the symptoms by parting my hair ((¬¬), flakes were just falling to the floor! Anyway, the doctor didn’t even finish her recommendations, i was like “yh tried those already”, she was like “olive oil?” ..and i was like “….Not only olive oil”, so she finally subscribed me a shampoo with 2.5% selenium sulphide (ah aha! something i never tried before) and i delayed a bit because after 3.5 years of no solutions didn’t really think i should rush to buy another shampoo like it was going to be my saving grace… then went to get it at the pharmacist.

usually when i use a normal shampoo or shampoo with anti-dandruff ingredients that don’t really work for me, the flakes never actually come off my scalp, i used this Selsun shampoo (not selsun blue, but they have the same active ingredient) and the white flakes that clung to my scalp for dear life was pretty much gone. i didn’t wan’t to start jumping for joy too fast, i  banded my hair and then half a week later took it down to use the selsun shampoo again (twice a week for two weeks, then once a week afterwards) and lo and behold no flakes falling as i parted my hair!

i pray to God it continues working, i’m actually dreaming of having fun with my hair again!

How this can help you

So you may have this problem and may be barely managing having tried all and everything people have recommended, different anti-dandruff shampoos etc, well i’m here to say that :

1. Stop self-diagnosis and self-prescriptions, go to the doctor!

2. You may think you’re using different shampoos, but the active ingredients in all those different brands may have been exactly the same!

before i went to the doctor, i tried

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Head and Shoulders (probably zinc pyrithione)

3. Neutrogena T-gel (coal tar)

4. Fragrance free

5. Raw active manuka honey (T.T) that cost me £10 for a tiny jar! and sea salt

6. massaging my scalp with a concoction of oils and tea tree oil and peppermint oil

7. Nizoral (Ketaconazole)

Anyways, all that was not MY solution,  Zinc Pyrithione, Coal Tar and Ketaconazole were not My solution, Selenium Sulphide was, so next time you attempt to try a new shampoo, make sure you’re not looking at brand name but at the active ingredient.

i just had to make this post because seborrheic dermatitis is frustrating as hell, causes self-consciousness, probably low-self esteem, embarrassment (people thinking you got dirty hair because you don’t wash, when you wash you hair like once everyday….30 times more than they do in a freaking month) and i was hoping this could be a solution or 95% help to somebody.

i will also be eating well, and taking omega 3 and evening prim rose oil supplements, eating fish and veggies etc, i haven’t really started all that yet, So really, its just the 2.5% selenium sulphide that’s curbed this. in fact i couldn’t be bothered with the third shampoo session and left my hair for a week, i felt a very slight slight i mean sliiiight beginnings of an itch on a small part of my head,but even then there were no flakes on my head, it kind of felt like whatever was causing this issue was trying to raise its ugly head again because i skipped the dose, and even then as i parted my hair (a few hours before writing this post), no flakes fell from my scalp!

(T.T), thank you Jesus! 


ACV Rinse For All Hair Types


-Stimulates scalp to promote hair growth
-Cleanses hair without stripping natural oils
-Removes build-up from chemical products
-Helps hair retain moisture for better conditioning
-Antibacterial and antifungal properties to help with flaky and itchy scalps
-Closes the hair cuticle allowing for shine and fewer tangles


Cyril x Mao

What hypothryoidism means for me

- fatigue 100% of the time, seriously
- increasing blood pressure independent of other factors (i.e. without weight gain, etc.)
- scalloped-edge tongue
- excessively dry/itchy skin
- mild hair loss; luckily I have naturally thick hair so although I’ve been losing a little more than usual you can’t tell
- increased paranoia 
- increased anxiety (the increased paranoia/anxiety is really frustrating because the knowledge that there is a diagnosed PHYSICAL cause for it doesn’t do anything to actually help)
- I originally gained a lot in weight; now I’m holding steady but losing is exceptionally tough
- enlarged liver (although it has since decreased in size on medication)
- brain fog; this might be almost more frustrating than the paranoia/anxiety because I really, really hate feeling slow and dull-witted, and I’ve always prided myself on my sharp mind
- any physical effort accompanied by sheer exhaustion (exercising has never increased my energy levels)
- no period for months at a time (the one positive symptom!)

Ravenclaw is getting ink all over your hands and not caring because you really need to finish the story you’re writing. Ravenclaw is staying up until 3am with itchy eyes and messy hair and doing everything in your power to not fall asleep because you simply have to finish that book with only 20 pages left. Ravenclaw is getting up in the middle of the night to google that thing that’s been bothering you for the past couple of hours. Ravenclaw is staying silent when your friends are gossiping about people so they think you hear nothing but in reality you’ve got enough to ruin their lives. Ravenclaw is being a bit eccentric; people don’t generally understand you, but that’s okay because you don’t understand how they can lead such dull lives Ravenclaw is being both an extrovert and an introvert; not leaving the house for a week and then suddenly going shopping at every chance. Ravenclaw is creativity; seeing the beauty in everything; from your best friends new hairstyle to the blooming flower you saw on the way to school. Ravenclaw is knowing when you’re beat; and knowing where you can still fight. Ravenclaw is understanding so many things, but knowing not to use that for evil.

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2. Cut Above

Fully could not resist a short hair Harry blurb any longer, please enjoy, I love neck kissing, sooooo fluffy.


He wasn’t sure, honestly, how he felt about it. As soon as he left the hair dressers his neck was cold, and his ears, and his shirt was itchy where stray hairs had fallen during his hair cut, the hat on his head wasn’t doing much for warmth, just covering his new trim. 

He yanked the hat off on getting in the car and on the drive home he frowned every time he caught a sight of himself in the rear view mirror. 

You were much more excited than he was about his hair, you knew you’d like it regardless because you loved him, so when you heard the crunch of his range rover on the gravel drive you tried to act normally, flicking the kettle on so you could be in the kitchen when he came in the door. 

“Hello” He said sheepishly, he didn’t like the way your eyes widened and you grinned. 

“What” He mumbled self consciously scratching the back of his head as he kicked his shoes off and placed his keys on the side with a jingle against the marble.. 

“I like it!” You exclaimed. 

“Ya do?” He asked, swallowing, you liked his hair yes, but you were also fascinated that his ears were fully on show and you could see every dip and freckle on his neck and the clear bump of his adam’s apple when he turned to the side to hang his jacket up.


“Stop it” He mumbled, eyes still firmly fixed on the television, where some kind of documentary was on, which Harry was fully into. 

“Stop what” You keened sweetly, although you knew, he gave you a light slap on the thigh where your legs were slung into his lap. 

“Lookin’ at my ears” He protested, placing a hand over the one that was on your side. 

“But they’re so cute” You collapsed into giggles, pulling your lips in, you didn’t want to laugh, they just were so very cute. He gave a small grunt, fully displeased. You gathered yourself and kneeled next to him on the sofa, letting one arm drape across his chest and hook over his far shoulder, kissing up the hot and firm skin of his neck, in a vertical line up to his ear. You took his ear lobe softly between your teeth and let your breath fan over his ear, he squirmed under you. 

“Stoooppp” He purred, but he actually thought he may be enjoying it, he probably liked having his neck kissed a little more than the next guy - and girl. That was it, the moment that your tongue found the dimple behind his ear lobe that he loved, and you knew he loved, but normally you’d be distracted by spitting his hair out your mouth. 

“Mm” He mumbled. 

“What was that?” You teased. 

“Nothin’ ” He patted your arm, pretending to continue his mood. He liked this attention.

His hair smelled like some kind of vanilla product, and his neck was so warm under your lips, and so close with the musky dry down of his aftershave you thought you could probably kiss it all evening without being jealous you weren’t getting any back - you normally would be.

You’d always found Harry’s facial structure incredibly attractive - since before you knew him actually, but you couldn’t admit that. Since you had known him he’d have his hair down almost all day every day, you were warming to the short hair idea more and more, tracing the back of your knuckles ever so gently along the cut of his jaw. You could see the line of a vein in his neck as he swallowed, still - pretending - to be engrossed in the tv programme. You kissed each of the few freckles on his neck, and got particularly engrossed in one spot, leaving a purple splodge ever so subtly, so subtly Harry didn’t seem to notice. You smirked into your hand momentarily before continuing your map of kisses around to the nape of his neck, letting your fingers touch the short shaved layer which got longer as it went up, it felt nice, and you were fairly sure you’d found your new favourite spot. 

“Are you quite finished, my love?” He asked, pinching your side gently. 

“For now” You agreed, flopping back down off your knees and regaining a comfortable position, your fingers finding their way back to the shaved part where they remained. 


Ok so I’ve been thinking about this since the stream. But I think this is the scene when the MC first meets Anne. There’s a couple things I like about this small scene: 1) the MC is either surprised to see her cause he recognizes her (like from a magazine, cause Anne is a model or actress) or cause of the rumors surrounding her, or he’s surprised to see a hafu, or he’s taken aback cause of pretty she is (or all of the above~! :D), and the most important one….2) WE SEE HER WITH HER HOODIE UP! ;W; I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SINCE FOREVER! But now the mystery of how her hair actually fits in the hoodie! O_O

her smell lingers. her wispy hair tickles my nose and the sun shines through her delicate strands of hair. the itchy grass doesn’t bother her. but the lack of my mouth on her does. i fix that.

Sollux ==> Appear

Your name is Sollux Captor. Oh, well you already knew this. I figured to remind you, since you have no memory of your previous doomed time-line. You are very much aware of your new placement in this new time.

You reappear in your hive, except nothing was broken and everything was in place. Husktop unbroken, desk unbroken, hive still a relative mess, of course you wouldn’t know about the previous conditions of your hive. You stood in the hive reaching about 7'5, and a obvious adult troll. You scratched at your chin, which had grown quite a fluff of facial hair, damn it was itchy sometimes. Your hair was longer, and quite annoying, you hated it when it reached over your ears! You moved towards your washroom and decided to give yourself a haircut, the fluff on your face was fine, just took some time for it not to be all itchy.

Despite what you would say, you were quite talented in hair styles. You never would admit to such a thing. You finish off your hair, quite satisfied with the result. Then you catch a quick shower.

You tug a towel around your waist and sit in your desk chair with another towel laid over your head. As you always do, you go through your husktop, making a stop at Trollian first. Typically, you would check all your files first, but something nagged for you to check Trollian.

You can across an unfamiliar tag listed in your contacts. What boggled you more is that it was listed in with your favorites. Who was that? It would be completely embarrassing to just ask them outright who they were if you had previously put them in your favorites. This would be fun.

twinArmageddons [TA] has begun trolling balancingNothing [BN]

TA: um hello?

You couldn’t really think of anything else to say. Were they even online?

19183) The stretch marks on my thighs are worse than ever, the scars on my knees aren't fading, I feel itchy all over, my hair keeps falling flat, and my lipstick looks like hell. And in the midst of all of this, you want to preach to me about body positivity? Nobody else can see what I see, feel what I feel. They only know what they themselves have felt, which is unique to them alone.