Former Konami Employees Blacklisted Across Industry

An ex-Kon says that former employees are told they may not use Konami’s name on their resumes in order to get jobs. If former employees are interviewed by any media outlets, it’s quite likely they will be taken to court.

While this allegedly extends to “everyone,” there’s special focus on people currently working for Kojima Productions. Two months ago, a Kojima exec was denied service from gaming industry health care provider ITC Kempo, reportedly because an ITC Kembo board member was also a board member at Konami.


I thought it was safe to look at the TRF script but… I was horrendously wrong…

These two paragraphs are, subtext-wise, the worst two paragraphs I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

A) John was supposed to be shirtless in this scene… wet… wearing, just a towel and the very next thing that happens?
B) Sherlock’s mobile (heart) is beeping madly on the table but Sherlock is ignoring it
C) John answers it for him though
D) It stops at 57


Space: 1999 - Black Sun: “To Everything That Was” (1975)

Martin Landau as Commander John Koenig and Barry Morse as Professor Victor Bergman.

anonymous asked:

Did you notice in the real life version- the fashion desigher totty- atsushi doesn't look interested in the girls at all? Todo just assumes he as seen in his dreams-awakened animal pjs- also in the dream it kinda looks like he's just trying to one up atsushi and doesn't care about the girls at all, technically just tryin to impress atsushi-- what im tryin to say is the two new sets seem pretty gay for totters and its great

YEAH I DID NOTICE ABT ATSUSHI SEEMING TO NOT CARE ABT THE GIRLS AT ALL, (it seems like hes actually lookign directly into totty’s fuckface, which might have made totty think tht atsushi was showing off or somethign) bUT UHHH I HADN T NOTICE ABT THE SECOND PART OF UR ASK HHNHHCD

hey thats an Homosexual ! thanks!! Good Ask, Anon !!

So I was thinking of something to draw in my new sketch book and I decided that I wanted to challenge myself. @slylock-syl and I draw Sans in opposite proportions. Normally I draw Sans very short and chubby, but Syl draws Sans fairly tall and thin. I decided to draw Necros Sans and one of the characters I’ve been working on meeting. My character’s name is Blackadder-ITC. I had trouble adapting Necros to my style and you can see my struggle, but it turned out alright. I unfortunately drew Necros too tall in comparison to Black seeing as Necros is 5'7 and Black is 6'4. I also didn’t recall seeing Necros with pockets, but I needed SOMETHING for his left hand to do. I’m also aware that Sans is a left handed character and I’m not sure if this stands true for Necros, but I assume it does. I thought he would likely shake hands with his right to accommodate most people, but then I remembered that he shakes with left hand in the game. So RIP. I am however fairly happy with this despite my mistakes. Feel free to give criticism, you won’t hurt my feewings. Also feel free to ask questions about Blackadder, but nothing too specific seeing as I’m try to keep most deeper info about him under wraps. (Note: This is a very rough sketch and I’ve been out of practice with traditional art.)