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peltwho  asked:

I love your illustrations!! They always have such good vibes, and the furry characters are so enjoyable. I was also wondering what fonts you use? In some of your illustrations you re-draw some nice looking retro-ish type of fonts, and I thought I'd ask whether you replicate particular fonts?

Thank you very much! I’m glad to hear that you enjoy my works.

Yes, I definitely have some classic font favorites. Avant Garde may be the most fun to draw. (Font/Image Source)

While Helvetica maintains a strong popularity in the 2010s, what really gives it that early 80′s feel is some slightly condensed kerning and the fuzziness that came with earlier typesetting methods. (Font/Image Source)

I also enjoy writing Microgramma, and recently, Eras and Motter Tektura.

When a typeface is handwritten, one’s own affectation is bound to come through, and results will vary. I believe my interest in handwriting typefaces began in middle school, when my art teacher instructed us to refer to the “font book” (an industrial catalog of typefaces) and copy our preferred typeface by sight for a poster assignment. We had desktop publishing by that time, but she came from an era where handwritten typefaces were much more common for things like billboards, signs, banners, etc., in days before large format printers. I suppose it stuck with me. 

i had a dream where wikipedia got judas priest’s entire discography wrong to the point where album covers and music samples were entirely made from scratch

The Cruiser (released November 5th, 1980) had some cool album art - it was a blue jaguar furry in an old-timey aviator costume standing opposite of his motorcycle (which looked like a gold and black street racing bike). he was looking out past the snowy ground at the glacial wall about a mile away from him, and the cloudy sky was a weird brass color.

the whole thing was framed in white, and the title was rendered in Avant Garde ITC like so:
J U D A S P R I E S T • T H E C R U I S E R

the music, more than anything, sounded like a venom/vangelis collab

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