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Hi there! I just wanted to say that even though I'm so bad at replying to comments I've seen every one of your comments on ITBITS (here and on wattpad), and and and!!!! OH GOSH they make my YEAR each time you have no idea what they mean to me. I am so glad I could write a story people really enjoy and get invested in! You are a true gem, thank you thank you thank you!! <333

Hello there!!! Thanks for stopping by my humble abode!!! I’m so happy that my comments could have that effect!!! And lemme tell ya, I ADORE ITBITS!!! Every chapter has been a rollercoaster and every time you update I get so excited!! You’ve done an excellent job as a writer in making characters that feel so real and a story that captures the reader!! And narrating the story in second person??? I’ve never seen a story like that before and it makes me feel so much more connected to Jen! You really pull off second person and for that you have my respect!!

Hi everyone!! I’m sorry I haven’t been so active recently, I am going through a medication change and all the junk, good and bad, that comes with it, so I haven’t had the patience/focus to be on tumblr for long periods of time like I used to. I’m still around! We’ll still have my queue and I’ll still publish ITBITS updated on Tuesday and Friday.

BUT!!! In the meantime, if you post something and you think, “Man, I hope Pause sees this!” PLEASE tag me or dm me with a link!!! I want to moon over everyone’s awesome work!!

I don’t know when I’ll be back on regularly, but hopefully sooner rather than later <3

Recent ITBITS Updates

Okay, so, I have just found out that for some reason, none of my links to the wattpad version of ITBITS have been working, and nobody told me??? The recent link to Push Me, Pull Me seems to work fine, as does the link to the ITBITS summary page. So from now on, I’m going to link to the summary page and you’re going to have to click the table of contents to get to the chapter you need.

I’m sorry, and in the future, PLEASE tell me if you notice my links aren’t working!

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The show is done. I am going to finish my Death in the Afternoon and sob quietly over one of my copies of the novel.

Previews oh no THIS SEASON? IT’S GOING TO BE A SEASON? #whyamIbeingpunished?

turning other people into vampires is an abomination?

Again, Lady Jane’s wardrobe would make great club wear. Not historically accurate, but great club wear.

LOVE NEVER DIES why G-d why? I WANT DRACULA TO BE A PREDATOR, DAMMIT. Not a soppy Toreador. (Not like your Toreador, StuntHusband. Skarrin was entertainingly bonkers.)