By @doseofvitaminf via @RepostWhiz app: #Top20List Our top 20 favorite fashion moments from Misty Copeland!! 📷 from: @mistyonpointe @vintagenycmag @nisan @nico_elcee @patchypics @vanityfair @elleusa @essencemag @itayshaphoto @netaporter @nigelbaker (#RepostWhiz app):

Congrats to @mistyonpointe for promoted to principal dancer at @abtofficial. Photo by @itayshaphoto

Support Misty Copeland @mistyonpointe by donating to her documentary film A Ballerina’s Tale via @kickstarter. With odds against her Misty continues to surpass and make history. An inspiration and example of hard work! Blood, Sweat & Tears! I know a thing or 2 about being the unexpected or non traditional and I will continue to fight and support the arts! #mistycopeland ballet #ballerina #dance #itayshaphoto #itayshajordan