Promises Are Meant To Be Broken (Part 1)

Part 2

I noticed that I’ve been doing too much in fluff in this fandom so I made this time, a little bit serious…hope you like it

AU Rev! Kevedd © asphyxion

Ed,Edd N Eddy/Kevin © Danny Antonucci/Cartoon Network

Comic © spogunasya

newtsckamander  asked:

shiro or lance?

This is so easy sorry Shiro but it is hands down Lance

  • Lance hasn’t ever had a significant other because at the Garrison he mostly focused on school and trying to be the best but he had a crush on multiple people (namely hunk and keith)
  • Was a lifeguard during summers back on Earth
  • Taught all of his little siblings and cousins how to swim
  • His skin care regime has over 13 steps, and he does it every night, and some of the products he uses are ones he made himself
  • Him and Pidge were those kids in school who would just make the weirdest faces at each other while the other was presenting something
  • Is a chemistry and mathematical genius, but isn’t that great at technology or engineered things like Hunk
  • Is ambidextrous
  • He tells Blue most of his problems because he trusts her entirely, and gets really bad anxiety if he can’t talk to her 
  • Has ADHD and really likes slime stimming along with tapping his foot or making patterns on the back of his teeth (me projecting)
  • He tries not to think about Earth as much as he can because it makes him remember his family and the fact his older sister was 8 months pregnant when he left and he doesn’t know how much time has passed and it can send him into an anxiety attack of all the things he could have missed
  • Has always had self worth issues, especially pertaining his intelligence and often downplays how smart he is because if it

AU Headcanon for ATLA

  • Is a water bending prodigy from the Northern water tribe who learned to blood-bend from his mother when they moved to a sketchier part of the Earth Kingdom for protection
Heart Attack (Prank Wars, Part Two)

Note: This another part for the prank war series with Lafayette. It’s super fluffy and I loved writing it. Enjoy.

Word Count: 725+

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Warnings: Language…that’s about it

AU: Modern

You stirred awake by your boyfriend gently shaking you awake. He currently straddled you with his knees on both sides of your waist.

“Babe? Babe, wake up. I…I need to tell you something. It’s been eating away at me for days.” You heard him say a bit shakily.

You cracked an eye open to see him hovering above you. You knew he was up to something…something smelled fishy.

“Can it wait for later?” You asked sleepily. “I’m kinda busy.”

“Non, mon amour, il est vraiment important.”

You sighed, moving to sit up, making him get off of you. Your eyes scanned the room and they landed on a camera attempting to be hidden in the corner of the room. You quickly averted your eyes from it, making it seem as if you didn’t see it. Yeah, Laf was definitely up to something.

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So in the nuclear falls mod Mabel’s passive is Flirts with Death and i just found that SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!! 

like if Mabel is at 1 HP she could still survive, so im just here imagining Mabel flirting in a tired delusional state as a weird defense mechanism!!! Flirting with her enemies just dealing with imminent death with romantic advances!!! I LOVE IT

AU mod by @nuclearfalls

@artisticdoodler theres not alot of reason why but i really want you to see this.

AU where Atem is a girl, but still becomes Pharaoh because her cousin Seto is lost and her parents only have one child

AU where Atem is a girl but literally everything else is the same, because in ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh was a ritualistic position and a male one, so she was called King

AU where Atem is a girl and Yugi is still a boy and it takes her a while to figure out her own gender because she assumes she’s Yugi without her memories, but before she gets them back she starts to work it out

AU where when Yugi becomes Yami Yugi, his voice gets higher instead of deeper and his mannerisms become vaguely effeminite but she’s still arrogant, victorious, vicious, prideful, regal, dramatic, self-assured

AU where Yugi and the audience don’t see Yami in spirit form for the first while, and when they do, it’s obvious she’s a girl and Yugi kinda goes “That explains a lot, I guess…”

AU where no one else knows Atem is a girl for a long time, except Yugi, who finds it increasingly amusing

AU where she doesn’t much care cause she has things to do

AU where she does care that people don’t take her and Yugi seriously, though, because they’re small and people read them as younger than they are and sort of queer 

AU where people really regret underestimating them

AU where she becomes known as King again, King of Games, because of course, it’s still Yugi’s body and name and everyone assumes, and that becomes very amusing to her when she finds out about her past

AU where her and Yugi’s friends start to figure it out and start to learn to switch pronouns and Kaiba refuses because he doesn’t believe in magic

AU where Ishizu just knows and refers to her with female pronouns from the start

AU where Atem is totally thrilled to be back in her real body in the Memory World, not really realising until then how she missed it

AU where Atem is a girl and literally nothing else about the character changes but the way people treat her does

shizaya college au where

  • izaya has forever been in denial of the fact that he’s had a crush on shizuo ever since they first met when shinra made both of them come rescue him from getting stuck on top of the school’s mascot
  • so he disguises his crush as “he’s an interesting, unpredictable person who i must know everything about”
  • shizuo’s hair is slightly longer than it is in canon and he’ll occasionally put it up in a little ponytail
  • izaya can’t really function when that happens.
  • shizuo wears tanks that show off his arms and izaya also can’t really function when that happens
  • izaya’s trying to reach a book on the topmost shelf and he’s too short to reach so shizuo gets it for him and the way he flashes that quick but genuine smile renders izaya, as you assumed, unable to function
  • “izaya admit it you’re into him” “shinra i’ll shave off one of your eyebrows”
  • where shizuo and namie are actually really good friends and shinra laughs because izaya actually is a decent person towards namie. otherwise he knows shizuo will hate him
  • namie also knows this and takes advantage and makes his life miserable
  • but they end up being friends in their own strange hating way and sometimes when she’s really nice she’ll shove izaya into shizuo and flip her hair and walk away
  • shizuo entirely clueless as to why shinra laughs and namie smirks and izaya sighs
  • izaya pulling fire alarms in buildings shizuo’s exams are in during the test if he knows he didn’t have adequate time to study
  • au where izaya has friends and shizuo is happy
  • au where neither of them are lonely
  • au where shizuo smiles and izaya’s the one who causes it
  • au where they’re happy
  • happy.

Au where Lloyd is still a little kid and Morro is his babysitter

(non-ninja) Au where Morro is Lloyd’s emo older brother

Au where Morro is actually an air conditioner salesman and has the nickname “the master of wind”

Au where Morro and Lloyd swap roles so Morro actually is the green/gold ninja and Lloyd controls wind (and ghosts i guess)

Au where Morro (and/or possessed!Lloyd) has an undercut

Au where Morro is actually still a kid who ended up in the Cursed Realm by accident and is possessing Lloyd etc etc because he’s just lonely and wants attention really badly

Au where Morro is a hair stylist so Lloyd gets his hair dyed black and Wu almost passes out when he sees it

Au where Morro is scared of ghosts

Au where Lloyd’s voice stays hot deeper even after Morro is defeated

Tatou o tagata folau e vala’auina
E le atua o le sami tele/ e o mai
Ia ava’e le lu’itau e lelei
(Olo, olo vaka)

Aue, aue
Nuku i mua
Te manulele e tataki e
Aue, aue
Te fenua, te mālie,
Nae ko hakilia mo kaiga e.

We read the wind and the sky
When the sun is high
We sail the length of the seas
On the ocean breeze
At night we name every star
We know where we are
We know who we are, who we are

Aue, aue,
We set a course to find
A brand new island everywhere we roam

Aue, aue,
We keep our island in our mind
And when it’s time to find home
We know the way

Aue, aue,
We are explorers reading every sign
We tell the stories of our elders
In a never-ending chain

Aue, aue,
Te fenua, te mālie
Nā heko hakilia
We know the way