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mladris lavellan!

ahh yay thank you!

Full Name: mladris itarille of clan lavellan
Gender and Sexuality: cis female, pansexual
Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: dalish elf
Birthplace and Birthdate: 15 bloomingtide, 9:13 dragon in the free marches
Guilty Pleasures: anything sweet she will eat it all
Phobias: failure
What They Would Be Famous For: humiliating no less than ten prominent shems in every nation
What They Would Get Arrested For: spreading the good news of said shemlen humiliation 
OC You Ship Them With: she and naevia would be adorable elf girlfriends
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: gwen would just go crazy trying to quell all the rage mladris stirs up by not censoring herself
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: she actually loves andraste and shartan’s history
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: any critique of elves either city or dalish
Talents and/or Powers: went toe-to-toe with varric in an archery contest and they settled on a draw (pun intended)
Why Someone Might Love Them: her confidence and cleverness
Why Someone Might Hate Them: she’s too “elfy” 
How They Change: mladris starts out very prejudiced towards humans and is distrustful of them but she finds herself making these incredible connections with her followers and winds up falling head over heels for cullen; she still is wary of humans in general, but she learns how to be unapologetically dalish while fostering cooperation and peace between other races
Why You Love Them: mladris is my ode to the elves of dragon age; she adores her people and their culture and she refuses to silence herself because she makes others uncomfortable with her otherness; she’s my newest oc and i adore her with my whole heart!!!