Elenwe was the only Vanyarin elf to join the Noldor in exile from Valinor (as in, the only fully Vanyarin elf - there were several Noldorin elves with Vanyarin ancestry, but Elenwe was Noldorin only by marriage.) We don’t know anything about her parents or early life, just that she married Turgon, a prince of the Noldor.

When Feanor made his oath, Elenwe decided to follow her husband into exile. It’s not entirely clear what the situation was with the Vanyar at this point. In The Silmarillion, it’s mentioned that Finrod was in love with a Vanyarin lady who didn’t follow him into exile, but in the Grey Annals it’s said that she “was not permitted to go with him into exile.” So, whether Elenwe was just the only Vanya to side with the Noldor, or if she completely disobeyed the orders of Ingwe, the King of the Vanyar, is unknown. Either way, she showed incredible bravery and loyalty to her husband.

Elenwe and Turgon had a daughter, Idril. Her date of birth is unknown, but it’s assumed she was full-grown by the time the Noldor left Valinor. The family of three followed Fingolfin towards Middle Earth - which meant crossing the Helcaraxe, the bridge of Grinding Ice. The journey was very dangerous, and proved fatal for Elenwe. In The Silmarillion, it’s only said that she died during the crossing. But we get more details in the Shibboleth of Feanor:

She perished in the crossing of the Ice; and Turgon was thereafter unappeasable in his enmity for Fëanor and his sons. He had himself come near to death in the bitter waters when he attempted to save her and his daughter Itaril, whom the breaking of treacherous ice had cast into the cruel sea. Itaril he saved; but the body of Elenwë was covered in fallen ice.

Elenwe never set foot on Middle Earth. But her legacy lived on in three main ways: the first is her representation of the Vanyar in the exile. The second is her blonde hair, which was passed on to her daughter Idril. The third was Turgon’s hatred of the Feanorians (not only were they in exile because of them, but it was because of Feanor’s betrayal and burning of the ships at Lhosgar that the other Noldor were forced to cross the Helcaraxe in the first place.) It’s possible - not likely, but possible - that had Elenwe survived, we might have seen Turgon take a more active part in the war against Morgoth (pre-Nirnaeth).

SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 11 (“The Grey Annals”), vol. 12 (“The Shibboleth of Feanor”)

I don't like Tauriel.

I can’t call myself a Tolkien purist, I’m also a Jackson fangirl.

But I don’t like Tauriel.

It’s not because she’s non-canonical. PJ wrote loads of non-canonical stuff which were awesome. Sadly, I don’t think he should’ve written her.

I thought the good relationship between elves and dwarves was suppose to be kept sacred between Legolas and Gimli who finally reunited the severed bond. Well, “Kíliel” perfectly ruined that.

Tauriel’s healing scene made me cringe. 

Kíli’s fever talk made me cringe even more.

I hated her crying out for Kíli’s help in the 3rd film which lead to his death. (Although this might be because I wanted Kíli to die protecting Thorin and Fíli, not some lowly Silvan elf. Yes I’m racist like that.)

I was sobbing my heart out in the cinema after Thorin’s death, then her “true love” talk with Thranduil and her kissing Kíli’s corpse were enough to almost made me hate the third film.

Jackson said back in 2012 that the romance will not involve Legolas; he lied, that love triangle was pathetic. (Okay at least he made up with some Aragorn X Legolas teaser later. Forgiven.)

I understand the need for strong female presence in the film, but instead of her, why did they fold the idea of Itaril who was to be Thranduil’s lover? She was meant to be a made up character as well, but at least it was the name of a Gondolin princess.

Also, didn’t Liv Tyler write Jackson loads of letters pleading to be in The Hobbit? Honestly, the idea of having Arwen in the Hobbit would be absolutely ridiculous–

But not nearly as much as Tauriel.

anonymous asked:

do you have any spell or witch bottles for anger? i have a lot of anger and rage and while i'm taking medicine for depression and anxiety that help with the anger i still have a lot of really nasty outbursts that i can't control and really really want to stop. please help! thank you.

Hello Anon, I’m sorry you’re going through a tough time. I’ve struggled with anger too and it’s really not fun haha. Here are some spells for releasing and letting go of anger, and I also recommend you to look up guided meditations too! Meditation is great for letting go, and there’s like a million of them on youtube haha.

Hope this helps! ~Mod Rose

Names in the House of Fingolfin

First of all, if you haven’t read this post about elvish naming customs, you’ll probably want to, since the rest of this won’t make too much sense otherwise. Also, I’ve got the Feanorian version of this post here.



  • Father-name: Findekano (“hair, commander”), sindarized to “Fingon”
  • Mother-name: unknown


  • Father-name: Turukano (something, “commander”), sindarized to “Turgon”
  • Mother-name: unknown


  • Father-name: Irisse (meaning unknown), sindarized to “Ireth”
  • Mother-name: unknown
  • After-name/Epesse: Aredhel (“noble elf”), also Ar-Feiniel (“noble white lady”) in the published Silmarillion


  • Father-name: Arakano (something, “commander”), sindarized posthumously to “Argon”
  • Mother-name: unknown


  • Quenya name: Itarilde (“sparkling brilliance”), sometimes written Itarille, sindarized to “Idril” (it’s not clear if this was a father-name or a mother-name, or if (Idril’s mother being of the Vanyar) she even followed the same naming conventions as the Noldor.)
  • After-name/Epesse: Celebrindal (“silver-foot”)


  • Father-name: Maeglin (“sharp glance”), given to him at age 12
  • Mother-name: Lomion (“child of twilight”), given to him in secret (since Eol was strictly anti-Noldorin and anti-Quenya)

SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 12 (“The Shibboleth of Feanor”)


Originally, her name in the audition script was Itarille, which means starlight. But she needed to be more earthy, so we worked on a whole bunch of names in Elvish and we sent them to David Salo (he does all our translations) and one of the names that we wrote down was Daughter of Mirkwood. So when it came back as Tauriel and he said it, and you heard it, and it was just like Oh, that’s it. Forget about it. That’s it. That’s her name!!! (x)

sticks and stones

The hearing was held in the sleek glass amphitheater everyone called Nolmë, in the remodeled left wing of the palace. When he heard that the location had been set, Father harrumphed.  

“Where would you have held it?” I said. The conversation was near to treason but wasn’t everything, these days?

“Aroranto,” said Father, of course. Aroranto was built in soft white marble and accented in sandstone; it had to be resurfaced every few centuries. It was the first permanent gathering space we’d built in Valinor; the palace itself had sprung up around it. The Trees were visible from the lip of Aroranto’s stage. Twice a day they cast the whole space in dazzling white light. Aroranto was a good place to hold a hearing in which the King would reaffirm his commitment to our homeland.

Nolmë was a good place for the King to yield more ground to the malcontents who wanted to leave it.

We arrived early. Father wanted to talk to the King before the hearing began. Findo disapproved – I could read it in his movements, graceless and malcontent. Findo wasn’t sure he wanted Father to persuade the King. Findo didn’t know which side he was on.

I envied him that – not the indecision, but the space he had to express it. If I declared myself for departure from Valinor it’d be the buzz for a week, of course. Nolofinwë’s youngest son jumps ship for one bound to the Outer Lands, the billings would crow. The ones that favored Fëánaro would phrase the headline a little differently: “Another one of Finwë’s grandchildren comes out in favor of departure”, it would read. They avoided using my father’s name whenever possible.

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lotr fancast → Lily Zhi | Elenwë

They dared to pass into the bitterest North; and finding no other way they endured at last the terror of the Helcaraxë and the cruel hills of ice. Few of the deeds of the Noldor thereafter surpassed that desperate crossing in hardihood or woe. There Elenwë the wife of Turgon was lost, and many others perished also; and it was with a lessened host that Fingolfin set foot at last upon the Outer Lands. 

She perished in the crossing of the Ice; and Turgon was thereafter unappeasable in his enmity for Fëanor and his sons. He had himself come near to death in the bitter waters when he attempted to save her and his daughter Itaril, whom the breaking of treacherous ice had cast into the cruel sea. Itaril he saved; but the body of Elenwë was covered in fallen ice. 

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Sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but do you have any resources or spells for anger? I have a short temper that causes a lot of problems, and I'm trying all sorts of coping mechanisms, but I thought a magic touch might help.

I was able to find three spells for you.

Melt Away Anger by @itarille-ichirin-no-hana

I Channel My Anger is Safe, Healthy Ways Sigil by @thesigilwitch

Spell to Dissolve Anger by @pagangrrl