❤ Friendly reminders ❤

Some helpful reminders and positivity ^-^

If you haven’t eaten today, go eat now or as soon as you can

If you made yourself a cup of tea, don’t forget to drink it! (I did this today)

If you need to pee, go pee right now

Don’t forget to reply to that text or email you said you would ‘answer later’

Remember that thing you said ‘I’ll do it in a bit’? Go do it

Any special dates coming up? (reminder for anyone who needs to remember a birthday or something)

Been sat down for hours? Get up and stretch for a minute 

Been writing and drawing for hours non stop? Take a break to give your hand a stretch and a rest

Were there any chores you were supposed to get done that you haven’t started yet? Good job I just reminded you then 

Do you have any homework/assignments due soon that you forgot about? If so I just saved you by reminding you :p

Relax any part of your body that might be tense without you realising (I do this all the time)


If today was a bad day, tomorrow can still be better 

If you have a lot of bad days, it doesn’t mean it will be this way forever

You’re beautiful, you’re awesome.

You’re strong. Have something you need to get through? You got this. You can do the thing.

You’re unique. You’re you.

You’re the best you there could ever be! ^-^

anonymous asked:

Hey! How is it going? 😊 i have a hc for you! First impression of the RFA + V + Saeran (if you want these two) on a punk mc? With tattoos, name it, really. bUT she turns out to be very sweet and she blushes a lot?

Thanks for the request!I hope you liked it

Any mistakes please tell me


  • Just…
  • Oh dear lord
  • You look badass
  • He is really surprised
  • Really surprised
  • Ok, he was a little afraid of you
  • These tattoos, piercings must have hurt
  • But he seriously thought  that you was going to push him away
  • Be mean, rebel
  • And he would try to be like you
  • Badass Yoosung
  • But he would fail
  • miserably
  • But when he sees your personality
  • You don’t seem like these punks that he seen in TV
  • You’re so sweet
  • Cute in some weird way
  • You two looks like the opposite
  • Everyone in the street keep looking at you two
  • He don’t care
  • He actually likes it
  • But he actually learned something from you
  • Looks don’t define personality
  • He loves you
  • Your personality, your hair, your clothes, your piercings, your tattoos
  • He loves all of it


  • Ok
  • You don’t look like a princess
  • He was NOT prepared for this
  • What with this hair..Oh god, what you did to your skin?
  • These tattoos, piercings
  • Zen, shut up, you can’t say nothing
  • Smoker
  • He don’t know what to do, how to act
  • Then…He will try to be normal about it
  • Everything is so wrong and weird to him
  • But
  • After some time
  • He thinks it’s sexy
  • He means cute
  • Sexy
  • This rebel feeling he got from you
  • Excites him
  • Zen, stop
  • But when he see how much you blush
  • How sweet you are
  • He likes this even more
  • You are like a surprise present
  • You’re a different kind of princess
  • But STILL a princess
  • He loves how everyone can think of you as a serious, angry woman
  • But that you are actually very sweet
  • He loves make you blush
  • Seriously
  • Did i mention that he loves it?
  • Because he do
  • A lot


  • Ok, what is this?
  • All those strange things, you look like a vandal
  • He hates it
  • But he don’t say anything in the beginning
  • But sometimes he keep saying to you just..Take those things off
  • You politely say that you like it, and you are NOT going to take off
  • Give him some time
  • A little time
  • He will start to like it
  • You’re so…Exotic
  • Really Jumin?
  • He feels like you are a rebel that only him can tame
  • And he don’t seem a problem why he can’t be seen with you
  • Different styles?
  • And ? What is the problem with that?
  • If people looks at you with a weird look
  • He looks at them with a weird look to
  • This works
  • If people asks what he thinks of your looks
  • He will say that you are a beautiful and exotic masterpiece
  • When he discovers how you really are
  • So sweet…
  • He love it
  • If someone sees you,they will think you are bitter
  • But only him, your husband,knows how sweet you are
  • This is perfect to him
  • And he loves how cute you are even with this appearance
  • He loves to make you blush too
  • Is like oxygen to him
  • You’re cute as Elizabeth
  • His little cute vandal
  • Jumin,i’m not a vandal
  • His little cute MC


  • Well he already knows your appearance when he sees you for the first time
  • You look like a villain
  • He loves it
  • Those piercings, tattoo, that half shaved hair
  • Was so cool!
  • He made a little fun of you  
  • Making fun about your personality don’t matching your outfits
  • And he take every opportunity to make you blush
  • He loves when you agree to do a cosplay with him
  • Oh i need to say you are the bad girl?
  • Because you are
  • Damn it Seven
  • He loves you
  • Your outfit and your personality
  • You are cute but you are dangerous
  • He likes it
  • This little mystery


  • She was like..In shock
  • What kind of clothes is that?
  • Is this appropriate?
  • All this tattoos,piercings
  • This was a No no to her
  • She always insisted that you take those things off
  • But after that she just feels guilty for not accepting who you truly are
  • You are so pure, cute
  • A blush mess
  • And yet she is being like this to you
  • She just don’t see the art in your appearance
  • And think you will look much better with all of this
  • But slowly, she accepted
  • She makes herself think about it
  • Just because you are different from her, this means that you’re wrong?
  • No,people have to respect you
  • If she ever sees someone trying to make fun of you or something because of your looks
  • She will fight them
  • Yeah
  • You’re a sweet person, you don’t deserve this
  • Baehee is a way of living


  • He just don’t care at all
  • But he thinks that you’re unique beauty has to be show to the world
  • V stop
  • So he always want to photograph you
  • He is taking this seriously
  • This tattoos,piercings, this hair color, this clothes, needs to be memorized for the rest of his life
  • He just find a little weird your sweet way
  • When people are looking at your photos
  • They think you are a serious and angry woman
  • But he knows that you’re not
  • This always make him laugh
  • And when people why he was laughting
  • He just say it was nothing
  • After that he takes pictures when you are a blushed mess
  • He loves capturing the true side of you
  • And he loves when you’re a blush mess
  • V is precious


  • He is like
  • NO NO
  • He loves everything about it
  • He don’t feel like a unique person
  • Indifferent
  • You are just like him
  • Except you are really sweet
  • Damn it MC…
  • I thought we were going to be a rebel couple!
  • But he can’t deny that he loves when you blush
  • It’s cute okay?God..
  • He may be are always trying to make you blush
  • But this is not something to tell everybody

RICHARD ARMITAGE in BERLIN STATION (2016) 01 108 False Negative

SPECIOUS. After his revelatory thinking that Hector is Thomas Shaw, Daniel decides his next steps are to gather more evidence & connect back with Steven Frost, who is now likely a fugitive with a German arrest warrant out for him because of the monumentally botched Iosava operation. He watches Hector, knows where he dumped Ruth’s body, then follows him to Clare Itani’s apartment. What the hell had happened to Hector after Chechnya? Is it why Hector went bad? Should he understand him? He leaves Hector alone there for now. The next day, Daniel breaks into Clare’s apartment and investigates, not sure what he’s looking for. Almost immediately, an electrical door panel ajar catches his attention. He digs, knowing cliched spy tricks, finds a box full of computer flash drives. He accesses one, discovers sound files which are evidence of Hector’s bug on his cell phone. From the clips he realises when Hector did it: weeks ago in the club. WTF. So much for sympathy. Daniel leaves the phone in a vase’s water.

Berlin Station on EPIX platforms Sunday at 9:00 pm ET - Episode 109 on December 11th!


RICHARD ARMITAGE in BERLIN STATION (2016) 06 107 Proof of Life

PROOF. Daniel is alone at a cafe, still reeling and stunned by CIA agent Clare Itani’s death and Hector’s outright murder of terrorist Ruth Iosava in retaliation for the direct cause of it. How did things come to this? He thinks hard about Hector’s actions. As he sits there a news broadcast starts on the telly, reporting another “Thomas Shaw” leak. This time it’s Steven Frost, accused of German citizen & suspected Georgian terrorist Aleksandre Iosava’s “rendition.” Suddenly all the evidence Daniel’s collected on Thomas Shaw comes into focus. Frost. Hector’s attitude from the beginning of their “reunion” at Berlin Station and now his enormous loss. He thinks more as he walks, remembering the song Hector was singing in the car. The Mercy Seat. He sees the various I AM SHAW posters in a new light. Oh God. Hector is Thomas Shaw.

Berlin Station on EPIX platforms Sunday at 9:00 pm ET - Episode 108 on December 4th!

Is it

any wonder

we find 

it impossible

to recover

from TJ Hammond?

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