• Child Romano:Italy! Why are you always cleaning, doesn't that bore ya?
  • Child Italy:well, it does, but Mr Austria asked me to do so, so I must comply~
  • Child Romano:fuck that, you must rebel! Do that sign that I taught you yesterday, the sign of freedom and voice!
  • Child Italy:oh, okay, big brother~
  • Austria:Italy, I told you to clean this before the guests arrive-
  • Child Italy:Mr Austria! *sticks up two middle fingers*
  • Austria:*eyes twitching*
  • Spain, in the distance:ROMANOOOOO!!

So I’ve been in Rome for the past week!
So we got to Rome and as soon as we left the airport, I realized I had to take a shit like, so bad.
Like I actually hadn’t taken a shit in a day.
It was 4 in the morning and I was taking none of that
So as soon as I got to my Nonna’s house I ran to the bathroom
Only to find out she hung a Spamano drawing I did in 6th grade above the toilet.
How charming…

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What are all of the 2p's thoughts on/feelings toward 2p!America? (If possible, can you include the females?) Thank You!!~~

2p!Canada/Matt - “He’s an loud mouthed vegetarian fuck boy, but he’s my brother and I wouldn’t replace him” Close brotherly love/hate

2p!England/Oliver - “No matter how old Alfie gets or how rude he is at times, I’ll always think back to the days were he was a little native Indian boy” Views Alfie as a son

2p!France/Louis - *shrugs* “He’s an arrogant shit at times but he’s useful with that bat of his and he isn’t to bad at picking up women” Friend/Ally

2p!Russia/Nikolai - “He’s an arrogant brat with parental issues, he always been a pain in my ass and for the destruction during the Cold War…. I won’t forgive it but I won’t kill him on sight” Enemy/ Hates him

2p!China/Zao - “Al’s cool, he isn’t too bad with the chicks and he’s a cool guy to be around although his brother is more tolerable, have you seen Al when he looses his temper” Friend/Neutral

2p!Italy/Luciano - “Don’t get me started on that American trash, his loud mouthed arrogance is enough to put anyone off and he’s a complete tool” Hates Al the most

2p!Germany/Lutz - “Al is my man, we’ve had eachothers back for decades whenever I need to hit up a bar or need to talk to someone he’s there. He’s my bro” Best friends

2p!Japan/Kuro - “I don’t like him but I don’t hate him, we’ve done equally terrible things to eachother but now he has redeemed himself in my eyes” Neutral

2p!Prussia/Gilen - “I don’t talk to him much, he’s seems hot headed and arrogant but Lutz speaks highly of him” Acquaintance

2p!Austria/Roland - “Al is an awesome guy, with a good taste in music I’ll admit he’s taught a few things when it has come to picking up chicks” Friends

2p!Spain/Andrés - “He’s an arrogant loudmouth but he’s also mi amigo he’s a good friend but a dangerous enemy” Friend/enemy

2p!Romano/Flavio - “Luci dosent seems to like him a lot but he seems like quite the lady killer, I’m sure that what my brothers jealous of” *laughs* “In all honesty he seems nice but could really improve his fashion sense” Neutral

2p!Ukraine/Katya - “Al he’s handsome, fit and a good lay but he’s also a good friend despite what Nikolai says and I’ve taught him a few things, did you honestly think he found out how to pick up a women by himself?” Friend

2p!Belarus/Anastasia - “Nikolai won’t let me talk to him but Katya says he’s really nice and a ‘good lay’ whatever that means” Barely knows him

2p!Hungary/Julia - “He’s dishy but not my type, I’ve spoken to him fleetingly and he seems rather arrogant” Acquaintance

2p!Liechtenstein/Larisa ‘Lara’ - “I’ve met him a lot through Lutz and he seems like that stereotypical bad boy which I don’t have a problem with, he’s a cool guy to hang out with when he isn’t trying to get in your pants”

2p!Belgium/Eva - “Al’s a really nice and attractive guy if you get past all of that arrogance and his foul mouth. He helped me a lot after I forgot everything and he’s still really supportive, alright I have a crush on him, but please don’t tell him! I know he won’t like me back” Has a crush on him

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Can I request a scenario in which the axis comfort their S/O who's on her period? Thanks!

Omg this is a great prompt; thank you so much for this!!!! Also I hope you don’t mind but I will make this gender neutral =D

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: “Y/n are you okay still? Do you need anything?” he asked you as he walked into your room. You let him know you were okay just cramping some; and he left and brought you some pain meds and a heat pad. He sat by your side and watched tv with you. He joked and talked to you; trying to keep your spirits up. 

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: It was his day off so he had decided to surprise you and drop by your house with your favorite flowers. You heard a knock and sluggishly walked up to the door and answered it. “Oh my God y/n are you okay?!” You nodded and told him that you were just tired and was cramping some. He picked you up and carried you to the couch; brought you a heating pad, and some pillows. “You stay right there and relax okay?” You motioned for him to come close. He leaned down and you pecked his cheek. His face was practically glowing.

Japan/Honda Kiku: You had not been feeling up for much; and you had been talking to him. “Hey.y/n, what’s wrong?” he asked you. You told him and he immediately asked what you needed and rushed over. He arrived with all kinds of things, and sat by your side. “You don’t have to worry about anything; I will take care of everything so just relax, y/n.” He smiled,holding your hand. You both watched a lighthearted anime and drank decaf tea. 

Romano/Lovino Vargas: This guy was almost attached to you. He wanted to do everything he possibly could to make you feel better. “Hey, y/n, how are you feeling? Want me to get you anything?” he asked. You shook your head and held him tight. HIs face went red in response and he chuckled. “You’re so cute… I hope you start feeling better soon, mi amore,” he said then kissed your forehead.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: You and him had been texting; you told him about your cramps and he immediately rushed over with things to help. He burst through the door and darted to you. “Y/N!!! I AM HERE!!! DO YOU NEED ANYTHING?!” he panted. You giggled and said you just needed something for the pain. He rushed out of the room and back with some meds and gave them to you. You took them and he hugged you. “I will hug you until you start feeling better if you want,” he smiled. Your face turned a light pink and you smiled.

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What would Romano's ideal s/o be like?

(Based on the wikia, with some loose interpretation on my part!)

- Brave/knows to stand up for self and others;

- Has a lot of know-how;

- Friendly, approachable;

- Knows when to give up;

- Understanding, compassionate;

- Caring;

- Motherly-like;

- Good cook;

- Flexible (not physically);

- Trustworthy;

- Hardworker;

- Supportive;

- Very lively and cheerful.

Please do not take these too seriously! Life and love work in unique and beautiful ways, and even if these do not apply to you, you may realistically be his best match! Thank you very much for asking!

- Admin KumajirHoe :)