Paper Fan Drawing

I saw a paper fan product earlier at a store which you can draw on.

It was quite lovely so I bought it and gave it a try~

I tried to draw Feli-kun for one of the two paper fans I bought. 

I already drew a hetalia drawing on a paper fan too, few years ago. But, the paper is already stuck on the fan. I liked how the paper-sticker is separate from the fan this time haha


anonymous asked:

How would the yandere Axis react to their love interest telling them that they were a virgin who was thinking of giving it to someone else?

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt- He doesn’t approve obviously. But the way he handles it is by giving you a six hour long lecture about the dangers of sex. This includes slide shows of STD’s and plenty of other things to scare you out of ever sleeping with anyone ever again. You know…unless you wanna practice with him.  

Italy/Feliciano Vargas- He’ll just have to turn up his woo…because you shouldn’t be with anyone else! Oh…that sounds selfish doesn’t it…But…he loves you so much and he’ll so gentle and you’ll love it more than with anyone else…how can he get you to see he’s worthy of your first time?

Japan/Kiku Honda- Silently has a fucking heart attack.

APH Italy/Felciano:

-he would always try to be around them, cracking jokes and things like that

-he would make them smile a lot, commenting on that a lot and just complimenting them in general

-when he finally asked them out, he would be a bit subtle or want to do it in private so that if he got rejected, at least not everyone would know about it

APH Romano/Lovino:

-he would become a gentleman whenever they were around, opening doors, leading them through crowded spaces etc.

-he would always make sure that they knew somewhat that he was interested, not confirming nor disputing it if they asked

-he would ask them out with a bouquet of flowers and card, placing it in their hands rather bashfully

APH England/Arthur:

-he would always get a bit flustered when he was around them, trying to play if off but how do you hide a blush?
-he would always find an excuse to talk to them, even if it was one that didn’t make too much sense
-he would ask them out to a nice little cafe, telling them exactly how he feels and for how long he’s felt that way 

Why The 2P’s Are Awake At 3AM (Including Nordics) :

JUST ONE MORE EPISODE!: America, Germany, Canada, North Italy, Iceland, South Italy.

JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER!: England, China, Finland, Sweden, Norway.

Thinking deep thoughts: France, Russia, Japan, Denmark, Prussia.


Gerita week, day 6: Fighting

I had problems with this one. I slept only about 5 hours last night, woke up at 5:30 AM for work and had a long and busy day at work. And it’s difficult to me to imagine these two actually fighting (unless it’s kind of… one-sided. If you get what I mean). So I ended up drawing this random comic-like thingie. Germany is very sensitive when it comes to his cakes…