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just wanna say thank you so much for using 'north italy' and 'south italy' instead of 'italy' and 'romano' it means a lot

I’m so happy!! I actually wrote a bit of a rant post about it a while back, because it’s honestly very unfair. It makes me upset when I see the two of them referred to as Italy and Romano, because it feels like everyone just pushes Lovino aside. He’s part of the country too, but no one takes it into consideration. Don’t get me wrong, I love Feliciano, but Lovino deserves so much. This is the least we can do for him.

~Admin Misha

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2p N Italy Headcanons?

(Sorry @ask-2pitaly-luciano this clashes with yours)


-don’t talk to him
-don’t look at him
-don’t breathe in his general direction
-horrible at flirting but thinks he’s really smooth
-if you flirt with him though he will blush 100% guaranteed
-still a virgin but lies about it
-slips into Italian when he gets upset
-which is frequently
-very very protective
-hates Kuro simply because he’s Kuro, doesn’t have a reason and doesn’t care
-K N I F E
-only when you’re not prepared though
-will wait if you see it coming
-always the one starting the bar fights
-also very bad at fighting
-managed to break someone’s nose one time
-very proud of it, talked about it for a week
-can fall asleep literally anywhere
-if you wake him up he will probably punch you in the face purely out of instinct
-likes classical music
-plays guitar but no one knows
-pretty good singing voice
-that’s a secret too
-or so he thinks
-basically the human interpretation of ‘smol angry birb’
-tiny. cute. violent. Perfect.


Guys I can’t get over this damn video. 
I really hope there’s footage of the full musical floating around somewhere…

I will learn Japanese if it kills me ;-;

Okay, so a while ago I was on a trip to New York and we were wandering around Little Italy. No big deal, just taking pictures and stuff, right?

So then I see this statue. It just looks like a normal statue from far away, right?

But then I looked at the picture closer and noticed some weird little thing coming off of its head. So I zoomed in and I just


Aph Italy??? Is a statue??? In New York???