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Hopefully you'll except it, Spain, France, England, and Romano accidentally walking in on their s/o wearing one of their pirate uniforms? (Sorry if its super late!!)

((I’m sorry for the long wait!!! ç_ç/))

Spain: he would laugh at how big his clothes looked on you, but he complimented your choice of look for the day. He passed a couple hours with you teaching you how you were supòposed to act while in pirate clothes, and even told you some spanish pirate slang to go with it 

France: he’d be quite curious: all those puffy and lacey cuffs looked a bit strange on you (especially thinking that they were so out of fashion) but he smiled and adjusted your look with a proper hairdo, and he eagerly gave you some of his old maps and memorabilia as a gift. 

England: he would feel really embarrassed that you found his old clothes, but you looked so wild and powerful in them that he really didn’t mind. Of course, his pirate phase was a bit a no-no topic for him, but when he saw your innocent expression he gave in and told you all about his galeon, his crew, and the adventures they had. 

2p!England: he would be really confused at first, he didn’t even remember them being in his closet anymore. Even in those times though, his choice of colours was… out of the ordinary, but you thought that those clothes looked cool anyway. He decided to restyle them a bit for you and suit them to your body, so you two swiftly went to a fabric shop to get some new laces and buttons. You were in for a funny day!

Romano: he would grin like an idiot, telling you all about that time when he kicked France’s bum or that time when he made Feli cry. His clothes were a bit of a mixture between France’s and Spain’s ones, but they came out nicely, and of course, they looked really good on you. 


Kiku (Japan)- Kiku is usually a pretty quiet, soft spoken guy, so he’d most likely fall for someone who’s pretty mellow. They wouldn’t necessarily have to be as quiet as him, but he would prefer someone who isn’t super loud or boisterous most of them time. He’s also a huge introvert, so he likes to spend a good bit of time by himself to unwind, so someone who could understand that he needs time by himself would definitely be ideal to him. Appearance wise he likes people who have pretty short hair, but that’s not always the case. 

Feliciano (Italy)- Feli would look for someone who’s pretty upbeat and happy, much like himself. If that didn’t work out, he’d also be fine with someone who would be able to handle his bubbly personality. One of his favorite things to do is cook, so having an s/o who’s good at it or at least willing to learn with him is something he would be happy about. He’d also want an s/o was kind as well, because he values that virtue a lot. He likes blond(e)s, but only slightly, so in ways of physical appearance he’s not very picky. 

Ludwig (Germany)- Although Ludwig wouldn’t mind a serious person as his s/o, he’ probably lean more toward someone who’s more lighthearted. He tends to be a bit of a workaholic, so an s/o who can get him out of that mood would be highly appreciated. He likes to exercise pretty often too, so someone who wouldn’t mind going on things like morning jogs with him would definitely improve his view of them.  He has a little bit of a preference for people who are shorter than him, but that’s never a deal-breaker. 

Gilbert (Prussia)- Gilbert’s pretty energetic and loud, so having a less talkative s/o might be good for him. Although having an s/o that’s just as energetic as him would be enjoyable for him too. He loves to play video games, so he would love to have an s/o who was interested in them too so they could play together. He also spends a lot of his time on the internet, so he’d most likely want an s/o who could relate to that. He’s not very set on anything appearance wise either, so he really wouldn’t care what his ideal s/o would look like. 

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What nations are into bush? (Pubic hair)

In the long run it doesn’t matter, I’ll just say that first and foremost. But those who would like, to those who are indifferent, are as follows: 
((We’ll do Allies and Axis))

Romano/Lovino Vargas
America/Alfred F. Jones
France/Franics Bonnefoy
Russia/Ivan Braginsky
Italy/Feliciano Vargas
England/Arthur Kirkland
Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt
Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt 
Canada/Matthew Williams
Japan/Kiku Honda
China/Yao Wang