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Summary: Feliciano likes wearing make up, he likes the feeling of wearing dresses and curling his hair. No, he isn’t a girl, he’s a boy and he’s proud

Excerpt: I can’t find a right part for this, but it’s about how Feliciano starts a YouTube channel about make up

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anonymous asked:

How would the Allies + Romano and Spain react to their Friend coming out as a Transgender Male?

(I actually wrote a lot more than intended for this, and you can thank Nirvana songs for it, because it turns out I work 10x better while listening to Nirvana)

America: He isn’t really majorly taken aback, but he wouldn’t necessarily have expected it. He’d probably overact like he is shocked, just because that’s how he is in life, but really he’d take it all on board quite smoothly. He’s a generally curious guy, so of course he’d be filled with questions, but if the friend appeared to be struggling enough with getting everything out, he’d try to restrain himself from pushing too much. He’d definitely be very supportive, as would all nations. He’s not the best at retaining information though, so he might be a little confused for a while, but he’d try his best to be as helpful and understanding to his friend as he possibly can be.

England: He’d be pretty serious about everything, listening to everything his friend has to say, and taking it all on board as calmly as he can so as not to make his friend anxious or anything about how he feels about it. He might need a moment to register it, and he’ll probably just be trying to put together things in his head and be trying to think of if there were any “signs” of this or anything. Nothing would really change at all except some awkward tension as he tries to change the information embedded in his mind to suit the new reality.

France: He’d be a little dramatic, but really only because he thought he’d have noticed at least something before his friend told him. He’d try to tone his energy and reaction down as much as possible, but he is naturally a loud and passionate person that expresses things in a loud and passionate way, so it might take a minute or two for him to compose himself fully. He’d probably be curious about some minor details, a little like America, but he’d only ask things if he knew his friend would be comfortable. He’d adjust and take everything in as fast as he possibly could, and be there to help them and support them in any way he can.

Russia: He’d listen in an oddly calm and understanding manner. The reality is, inside, he’s taking quite a long time to register. He’d listen and here his friend out, but he probably won’t really react until maybe the next day, when he’s had some thinking time and time to gain a decent understanding through some light research into the topic of gender identity. Despite his research, he might still have some little questions, but he’d not ask unless the situation seems okay. He’d really not treat his friend any differently than he originally did, he’d more or less just try to take it in, accept it, and move on.

China: He’ll pretty much react as loudly as France, and at first it’s just a shock thing, because that’s not the kind of thing you’re ready to here your friend tell you, and then his loudness will change to be about how surprised he is that he couldn’t pick up any signs of it before. He’ll calm down and act in a more serious manner after maybe 10 minutes of surprised statements, and let his friend dive into as much details as they please, and he’ll be there to listen and support them as much as they need and for as long as they need. He’s really just happy to know.

Spain: He’ll be really damn happy that his friend told him, mostly. At first, he’d be a little clueless, and he might need to brush up on his knowledge, but he’s definitely willing to learn, and he’ll learn fast. Even if he doesn’t know much, he’ll be trying his damn hardest to understand anyway. The only real issue he might have is adjusting to using his friend’s correct pronouns right away, due to habit of using different ones for so long, and it’s likely he’d beat himself up about it when he does fuck them up, but he’d be putting in maximum effort.

S. Italy: He’d take it a lot more calmly on the exterior than you’d expect, but the truth is he’s just joining up some dots in his head and putting together the facts before he really starts reacting. He’d keep himself as relaxed as possible as his friend tells him about everything, but he’s pretty much buzzing inside, with questions and confusion. Like Russia, he might take a day to actually take it all to heart. He’d also be a little awkward with questions, and unsure how to come out and just ask his friend things. You can bet your ass he’d do a shit ton of internet research though. He might not be great with emotional support stuff, but he’d try his hardest to get better at it anyway, no matter how awkward he sometimes appears with it.

Pasta Emoji Ratings

A classic, nice simple sauce, would eat this no problem. Probably tastes pure and the kids would love it. 7/10

Fun, simple, but dangerously close to Mac n Cheese with that level of orange saturation. They would probably steal your labeled food from the fridge, simply shameful. Not sure what the purple spots are either, not sure if i’d eat this one. 5/10

Shameful, it appears to be a few noodles left on a plate, what a waste. Would not eat someone’s leftovers. 0/10

Elegant, simple, modern. Reminiscent of a pizza, which is a fresh new way to approach the subject. The stray noodle is a little worrying, but for the most part they’re a hardworking, well put together pasta. Would hang this up in my modern art gallery. 8/10

Not sure how to feel about this one. While the sauce is one of the best renditions I’ve seen, beautiful detail, the rest of the dish is lacking. The leaves look dangerous, like those delinquents that try to roll with the pure kids, but we’re onto them. I love the symmetry of the three noodles rising from the sauce, would eat them for sure. Not so sure about the rest. 6/10

Fake. This obviously canned pasta is trying to play itself off as genuine, unforgivable. While the taste is probably fine, a pasta you’d let your daughter hang out with, it doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s a filthy liar. would not eat for fear of my health. 2/10 

A very small noodle, good with young children, tries their best at all times. It has the perfect portion of sauce for such a tiny thing, and it deserves all it can get. I would eat this, but gently, as not to intimidate it. 9/10

Magnificent! Tasty! A real winner of a dish! The attention to detail and shading simply astonishes me. This dish is to die for, and the kind you’d bring home to your mother. Simply lovely, would definitely eat. 10/10

This is just abhorrent, not tasty at all. The choice of thick white noodles surrounded by a yellow liquid, while an interesting take, is incredibly inaccurate and tasteless. Would not eat, especially with that trident thing. 1/10

flavourless, an absolute bore of a dish. White I appreciate the detail of the cell shaded noodles, they lack charisma and courage. Would be a true pure friend, someone you can rely on, but very easily manipulated and a momma’s boy. Need’s more saturation if it want’s to roll with the big boys. 4/10. 

I feel like this is a failed attempt at what HTC excelled at. The abstract look they’re going for just doesn’t execute well at all. And that black border feel’s very threatening and hostile, as if I’m not allowed to eat it. The kind of pasta who has problems with it’s masculinity. Probably wouldn’t eat. 3/10

Why the fuck is there chocolate syrup on my pasta. 0/10

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