• About 65 million native speakers in Italy;
  • About 90 million speakers in total in the whole world;
  • Dozen of websites, social networks, translators, communities for expats where you can meet people who speak, teach or translate Italian for you.

And they still get the name of their businesses, menu and food WRONG!!!

But ok, if you really wanted to call your business “Blowjob”, or name your special pasta recipe “Genoan penis”, go ahead. 

anonymous asked:

Do you think people are in general becoming more aware about minority/ indigenous languages and begin taking pride in them, or is it just only a langblr community thing?

Not really, not even in the langblr community I’d say.

Yeah, it’s cool that there’s some langblrs that post about these issues and about these languages, but if you go throw the notes you’ll see that like 85-90% of the notes on posts about minoritized languages come from minoritized people ourselves, and in the posts about issues faced by our communities it’s hard to find even 1 person in the notes who is not from that community or other stateless nations (for example, lately I’ve seen this a lot with the posts I’ve done about the current situation in Catalonia, or when I try to make some posts about France’s Great Linguistic Genocide).

As far as I know, only the language moodboards have gotten some attention from people from the majority culture (which is why I’ve been thinking of making a few more), but that’s only a door to the whole issue which I made to get some people know that we exist and maybe get interested, but it’s obviously not the whole thing by far.

It’s difficult for people from a majority culture to understand how it is to live as a minoritized nation (even more a currently persecuted nation), but I consider it very important that they try to.

The only exception I find to this lack of attention/interest is maybe Native Americans from the land occupied by the USA, since the internet (and specially tumblr) is very US-centric and these kind of issues get quite a lot of repercussion thanks to blogs about PoC and so, but seeing thousands of people from, say, France, Poland, Japan, India, Argentina, or basically any other country posting about this but then not caring at all when the indigenous languages and cultures of their own country are being erased, well, it shows that it should be talked about a lot more.

And in real life it really depends on the context. Here in Catalonia I’d say we have quite a lot of awareness with the issue of saving Catalan and Aranese, but obviously there’s lots of people who actively want to kill the languages or who simply believe they will die soon and we shouldn’t “waste” our time about it. And in many other countries it’s way worse, for example in Italy more than 90% of native speakers of the “regional” languages can’t read nor write them, and in North America and France many people just don’t transmit the language to their children. You just have to take a look at UNESCO’s list of extremely endangered languages.

We have to show people that their languages and cultures are richness for the world and that they should be preserved, but there’s a limited amount of things we can do without the government‘s help, and the government is always ruled by people of the majority cultural group.

I’ll use this opportunity to encourage my followers (yet again lmao) to make posts about your languages, and why you love minority languages, and spread positivity for their speakers and normalize them in front of the majority, and help foreigners learn it, and make it be present in everyday life! Most importantly, speak it to young children and in every opportunity you have!! Show that it’s alive!!