How much does a One Piece volume cost in your country?

The ask I got from rosinantedonquixote about this made me think. So I’d like to know how much does a One Piece volume cost in your country (not other mangas, since they might have another price, just One Piece). 

Please, feel free to send me an ask or comment in this post with the price in your country and I will edit it and add it to the list. Also, it doesn’t matter if it’s in euros, dolars, pounds or whateber, I’ll convert them (probably to dollars).

As for now we have:

Spain: 6.95€ (7.36$)

The Netherlands: 15€ (15.90$)

Italy: 3.90€ (4.13$)

Mexico: 4.60$

France: 6.90€ (7.31$)

Germany: 5.95€ (6.30$)

Turkey: 6.82$

United Kingdom: £6.99 (10.23$)

Canada: 7.94$

Israel: 20$

Belgium: 7.50€ (7.95$)

Austria:  5.20€ (5.51$)

Indonesia: 1.55$

Sweden: 9.25$

Australia: 9.00$

Finland: 6.20€ (6.70$)

United Arab Emirates: 11.71$

Iceland: 13.58$

Slovenia: 12.15€ (13.13 $)

USA: 7.95$*

Singapore: 6.06$**

*Other person said that they cost 9.95$ where they live)

**Other person said that depending of the language they can cost  $6.50 in Japanese, $11.62 in English and in $5.77 Chinese.

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