• About 65 million native speakers in Italy;
  • About 90 million speakers in total in the whole world;
  • Dozen of websites, social networks, translators, communities for expats where you can meet people who speak, teach or translate Italian for you.

And they still get the name of their businesses, menu and food WRONG!!!

But ok, if you really wanted to call your business “Blowjob”, or name your special pasta recipe “Genoan penis”, go ahead. 

anonymous asked:

Hi can i request some random johnny headcanons

yes most definitely!

-was actually born with really light hair? but it obviously got darker over time
-didn’t start greasing his hair until he met the gang
-really wants a pet but can’t have one :(
-i have lgbt headcanons for all the boys and lemme tell u this boy is GAAAAAY
-(nsfw) either a bottom or verse there is NO WAY he is a full on top
-has had a crush on someone in the gang before (i’m leaving that up for y'all to decide)
-skips school a lot :/
-really wants to go to Italy
-90% of his wardrobe is denim
-hates ketchup :P
-loves the jungle book bc he looks just like mowgli!!!!
-had probably wanted to be an astronaut at some point!
-cries when angry
-but is also SUPER SCARY when angry
-NEVER DRINKS WATER he is not a hydrated boi
-is actually not dead he was just passed out hahahahaha!!!!!

(requests are open!)