italy veneciano hetalia

Wow… Himaruya sensei sure has improved a lot trough the years! They all look so hot now!!! Specially England OwO… such a pretty face!

Found it in pinterest. 


finally finished this one. 

my Paintool SAi and photoshop crashed several times because not enough memory :”D . i need to changed the resolution and deleted some of my stuffs

anyway. it’s my first time to draw short port <3 i love it

i want to draw them like a boyband, so… i’m sorry monaco :”)

allies + axis pokemon go teams
  • Mystic: England (Arthur Kirkland, tragically), France (Francis Bonnefoy, tragically), Germany (Ludwig Beilschmidt), Japan (Kiku honda)
  • Instinct: CANADA (MATTHEW WILLIAMS), China (Yao Wang), Italy Romano (Lovino Vargas), Russia (Ivan Braginsky)
  • Trash (Valor): America (Alfred F. Jones), Spain (Antonio Fernandez Carriedo), Prussia (Gilbert Beilschmidt), Italy Veneciano (Feliciano Vargas)

I did a really sloppy quickly drawn drawing for a friendo~ @little-one00 i am so sorry for how sloppy it is omg But she read some GerIta angst and needed to combat it with fluff, so here! The babs. 

Quick GerIta doodle thing since I felt very in the mood to draw and GerIta was the pair on hand at the time.