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More Kisses~

South Italy: He’s a lip biter, oh yeah~

Germany: A little short but really sweet & tender.

Prussia:Just goes for it full throttle every single time, but it’s just because he loves kissing so much.

Spain: Gets way too into it for even the most casual of kisses and especially in public. It makes people uncomfortable.

North Italy: Always very flirty and teasing~

Japan: Pretty short and small, but he always goes back in for more.

Alrighty, this is for the anon who requested these lovely kisses~! This is the same as the last, day-to-day kisses. If ya guys want hot and heavy, feel free to request! Hope you darlings enjoy this~! I know I did. ;)

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I hope your holiday was super enjoyable. I wondering if you can do this prompt, but only if your no busy. Prompt: Spain always been protective of Romano, needless to say he scared anyone who try to go out with him. Romano in secret relationship with America which is not really a secret since everyone knows about it except Spain since he be quite oblivious. Thank you for your wonderful stories.

“Oh my god,” Gilbert says as Alfred and Lovino walk into the meeting hall after their lunch break. Lovino is pouting with Alfred’s well worn bomber jacket over his shoulders. Antonio looks at them oddly with a small scrunch in his eyebrows.

“Since when have they been close?” He asks in an innocent way that is not so innocent. Gilbert makes a laughing or choking noise and Francis places a gentle hand on his shoulder as if to calm him.

“Mon amie, did you not notice?” He asks cautiously. Antonio tilts his head like a confused puppy, his eyes going back to Lovino and Alfred talking to each other. For as long as he can remember, he’s been the one to protect Lovino from unwanted attention. Any tie someone dared to get close Antonio would be there to sweep Lovino off his feet, literally pick him up and take him away, to protect him from the encounter.

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legacy, what is a legacy? it’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see

so basically i’m going with the idea that rome knows lovino is a sign that his time will be up, because he can sense that he isn’t just another of their kind but…a successor. and it’s bittersweet; naturally noone likes the thought of dying— it’s an ending. but lovino is also…continuity. that some part of him lives on and endures, even if in a different shape and form. and that he loved lovino even if he admittedly wasn’t very good at showing it all the time. 

i’m just having too many emotions about baby nations as you can probably tell from my recent stuff

most teenagers hang posters with sexy guys on the walls

well me too

  • Ancient Rome: (Pulling a coffin out of his car) Hey, give me a hand with this coffin, will ya? I'm doin' a memorial service for the marble statue of me. Something small, but classy.
  • North Italy: Sorry, Grandpa Rome, but we've got a big break in the case!
  • Seborga: Break in the case!
  • South Italy: We're heading to the town right now to interrogate the murderer.
  • Seborga: We have an axe! [chainsaw noise] REE, REE, REE!
  • Ancient Rome: Hm, it seem like the kind of thing that a responsible parent wouldn't want you to do... Good thing I'm a grandpa. Avenge me, kids! AVENGE MEEE!!
Why the Hetalia characters are in detention
  • Germany: people around him wouldn't stop talking when the class was supposed to be working silently and he got so mad he accidentally broke a desk.
  • Italy: was one of the people who wouldn't stop talking.
  • Japan: turns out he was hacking through the school's internet filters so he could watch anime and play games.
  • America: showed up to first period 15 minutes late with mcdonald's breakfast. again.
  • Russia: called America an "idiot victim of capitalism" when he came in late with mcdonald's.
  • England: set off the fire alarms trying to heat his lunch in a teacher's microwave.
  • France: caught having sex with someone in the back of the auditorium.
  • China: his teacher finally figured out that the food she was smelling in class every day was him. How did he hide entire meals from her from months?
  • Canada: has been marked absent from a lot of classes because teachers thought he wasn't there, and is too polite to correct them about it.
  • Prussia: brought a bird to school.
  • Austria: sassed the gym teacher because he didn't want to run laps, then pretended to faint to try and get out of it.
  • Romano: told the counselor she could go fuck herself with a tomato when she tried to push him to take a Spanish class.
  • Spain: isn't even in detention just came by to say hi to his friends.
  • Netherlands: when the school's vending machines were taken out, he started an underground business selling candy, chips, and soda that used to come from them. He's only in trouble because students aren't allowed to sell things without authorization--they don't even know about the weed.