italy pancake

I added subtitles based on what I think is happening in these scenes in the musical. 

Yes, this is a shitpost.These are not the real subtitles and this is merely for fun. It is never my intention to make fun of the Japanese language or culture by adding these incorrect subtitles. I was only trying to provide some harmless fun. You can find the original video here! Enjoy!


[Luciano: “Are you an idiot?! I told you that mission was too dangerous! God you’re such an idiot…you’re lucky to have come home with only a cut, dipshit. You could’ve fucking died and I wouldn’t have known…” 

Lutz: “So you were worrying about me while I was out? That’s sweet, Luci~” 

Luciano: “….Shut your whore mouth ”]

….So I’ve been sucked into 2P Gerita hell and I need to satisfy my craving through roleplaying and drawing.

scribblywitch  asked:

The Axis + Austria and Hungary going to a restaurant and ordering a seemingly nice dish only for it to be ABSOLUTELY disgusting. Who would painstakingly eat it not to be wasteful, leave the restaurant or go to the manager like a middle aged woman?

(I love this ask, I got a good chuckle out of thinking about it.)

scribblywitch  asked:

How would the Allies + Axis react to being chased by an angry goose? (Please can you include Canada and Romano?)

(It’s the hissing.)


America: Given his lack of fear for anything he can punch, and the apparent punchable-ness of geese, he’d be perfectly calm if an angry goose began its charge of death. If it came too close, he’d simply take a swing at it. It’d probably just bite his fist, though, and then he would fear it. And cry. A lot.

Canada: He’d be used to dangerous animals due to his populations of bears and moose, though the vicious demon spawn known as Canadian Geese would be the worst to deal with. Still, though scared, Canada would stand his ground when faced with one, whispering, “don’t move, they smell fear”.

England: He’d try to put on a brave façade and stand up to the goose, but as soon as it got within a metre, he’d be running as fast as his old legs could carry him. In an attempt to deter its pursuit, he’d throw bread blindly behind himself, smacking the poor creature in the face with Hovis as it waddled hurriedly after.

France: Easily frightened, France would waste no time in beating a hasty retreat from the goose. It would not be to save himself he ran (well, partly) but he would most definitely not want its teeth sinking into the fine fabric in which he clothed himself. Goose tooth-imprints are not in this year.

Russia: The innocent Russian would at first bend down as the goose raced up to him, extending his arm in the hope that the goose would befriend him. As its toothed beak was displayed to him and it hissed, however, he’d begin dashing away, frightened by the malicious animal and its threatening behaviour.

China: He wouldn’t be one to run from the goose. He’d bravely stand still as the goose charged. As soon as it got close to him, he widen his arms and flap them about, hissing in the same way it did. Though he might think he looked courageous, he’d simply look like an old man arguing with a goose.


North Italy: “Oh, cute birdie!” Italy would exclaim happily as he saw the goose running at him. Like Russia, though, this happiness would fade when he looked into its demonic eyes and saw just how angry it looked, and how hungry for his flesh it looked. Luckily for Italy, he’s a pretty speedy runner - faster than geese.

South Italy: The scream that would erupt from Romano’s mouth would likely be only audible to the four-legged and fluffy. Despite saying geese were nothing to be afraid of just seconds earlier, Romano would display surprising yet remarkable cowardice in running far, far away from the goose very fast.

Germany: Thinking it might not attack him if he stayed still, Germany would very soon be proved wrong. He’d know when to run from a fight, and so Germany would dash away from the pursuing goose with commendable speed and stamina, all the training done in his free time coming in very handy indeed.

Japan: He’d be as scared as most of the other countries, but would make no attempt to run from the goose. Instead, he’d move out of the way, perhaps crossing behind a fence to prevent it from getting to him, and then feeding it more seed than he already had so that it calmed down once more.

scribblywitch  asked:

Heyo~! How would the Axis + Romano and Prussia react to everything (Apart from other humans and animals of course!) turn to chocolate?

(Hello there!)

South Italy: He’d be confused up until the point he realised his wardrobe was melting. Then he’d just be angry!

Prussia: He’d be messing around and ignoring the severity of it. He’d probably start eating things like hammers and socks.

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