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Ok so this might sound like some shitty creepypasta but it’s 100% true. 

This is my old kindergarten. It has been closed and abandoned for years, and last month my friends snuck up into the abandoned building to take a look around, cause that’s what white people™ do, ok?

The place has been covered with mold and honestly? Looks like it’s straight outta some zombie movie.

Like, this is some “The Last of Us” shit right here. There’s even a mushroom!

Not even kidding, this looks like some edgy horror game teaser:

Anyways, I’m all in for the Creepy Haunted Kindergarten™ aesthetic

How Hetalia Characters React To A Horror House
  • America: *Screams at every single thing, even if it's not meant to be scary. One of the first to get out because he literally smashes into everything just to escape*
  • Canada: *Is too scared to scream, so everyone assumes that he's braver than he actually is*
  • England: *Makes friends with the monsters. Is the last to leave because he's busy making small talk with every one of them*
  • France: *Is more scared of how hideous the monsters look rather than how scary*
  • China: *Complains to the monsters that creatures from his legends are much scarier*
  • Russia: *Scares the monsters*
  • Italy: *Refuses to go in without Germany; clings to him, and every time a monster appears, he begs him to tell it to go away*
  • Germany: *Literally babysitting Italy the whole time. Goes through the house unfazed by any monster because GERMANY*
  • Japan: *Admires the monsters; compares them to his own legends; gets inspiration for manga plots and cosplay*
  • Romano: *Pretends not to care but is actually scared out of his mind. Insists on going in with Spain because he wants to hear the 'tomato bastard' scream (in reality he just wants protection); ends up clinging to Spain*
  • Spain: *Laughs as the monsters appear; tries to make conversation with them but ends up having to take care of Romano*
  • Prussia: *Brags about how awesome he'll be in there; ends up screaming like a little boy*
  • Austria: *Has to drag Prussia out*
  • Hungary: *Beats up the monsters so they're out of Austria's way*
  • Switzerland: *gUNS*
  • Liechtenstein: *Nothing can touch her because THE POWER OF CUTENESS*

The Capuchin Crypt is an exceedingly macabre space made up of several tiny chapels located beneath the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini in Rome, Italy. The ancient crypt contains the skeletal remains of around 3,700 Capuchin monks who are displayed in eerie positions in their original robes. The walls are also built up with their skulls and femur bones. The Catholic church insists the place is an important reminder of the swift passage of death and should not be feared, although several paranormal teams have heard creepy chanting coming from the walls and have even claimed that the skeletons move on their own as if they are still alive.

Hetalia Headcanon

While America can’t write great poetry like England or romance novels like France, he can write amazing horror and mystery novels. The kind that make your skin crawl and keep you up all night thinking about it. Italy hid under his covers for a day after stumbling upon one of Alfred’s stories.


Poveglia Island

Also known as the most haunted island in the world was recently purchased for 704k by Luigi Brugnaro.

The island has a very eerie past. A major aspect of its past is that it was a dumping ground for plague victims.

There are buildings on the island that are built over plague burial grounds. Thats pretty much asking to be haunted.

“Work crews on nearby Lazaretto Vecchio were digging the foundation for a new museum when they came across one such grave pit, filled with the remains of more than 1,500 plague victims.”

External image

External image

When graves were dug up to add more bodies to them, they would often find bodies that were bloated and had a mouth full of blood. Their immediate conclusion was that the body was a vampire and was feasting on the blood of the dead. So, a stone or a brick would be placed in their mouth to stop them from eating. Of course, modern forensics has found that a build up of gases is the cause for the bloated body and the blood seeping mouth.

External image

It was also used as a mental hospital and there are also rumors that a doctor engaged in inhumane experiments with his patients. Along with plague deaths and medical related deaths, there are also many suicide related deaths.

There is no doubt about this island’s haunting past, but now this island has a future. Brugnaro has bought (technically leased) the island for 99 years and plans to spend a small fortune to renovate it. Building stuff on a burial ground is always a good idea.


Gli occhi più dolci sono quelli che hanno pianto più lacrime.

I sorrisi più belli nascondono i segreti più profondi.

I cuori più nobili hanno subito le peggiori ferite.

—  American Horror Story