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Hope your weekend is off to an awesome start! 😁 I’m hanging in my exhibition room at the Roma Cartoon Festival 😉😜 Oh boy this heat is somethin else! ☀🌡You should come check out my live painting at 4pm to 5pm on The Stage at the festival! 🖌✨ In a few hours I’ll be painting this little lady plus answering some Q and A! 😊🎨 I’m pretty excited to get to paint. It’s so relaxing and also fun to be able to share my techniques in public 💖Hope to see you lovelies there! 😙💕

Let’s kick off the weekend with day two of the Roma Cartoon Festival  💪😆 I’m so ready to rock this con today! 😁 I’m over in the Guido Reni District and I’ve got a guest artist exhibition room full of goodies for this show! 😊💕 There’s new apparel from Live Heroes, totes, hand-made necklaces, scarves, pouches, original art, prints and a whole lot more!👕👜👛🖼✨  There’s so much to see! ☺If you’re going to the show drop in and say hi ❤

Eurovision 2017 Finals Highlights

Aonother year, another list! 

Belarus made out 

Austria’s man on the moon / Dreamworks guy

Moldova’s three couples got married

Italy jazzing with gorilla

Romania’s YOODELIHOO *boom* 

Azerbaijan and their horse 

Ukraine’s giant head thing

The best thing about having Eurovision in Ukraine
 - we got Verka Serduchka

And then there was the guy in the Australian flag who mooned 200 million viewers on stage with Jamala