italo ferretti


Diplomatic Ties part 282: Italo Ferretti.

Not a big fan of Ferretti’s ties. They are certainly well made but usually a little too gaudy for my taste. But they can work if you combine them with something calmer, like this grey Stile Latino suit. PS is from Vanda and the cufflinks are vintage jade.


My thrifting luck continues. This week I picked up these two ties for $2 a piece. One is a beautiful vintage large-scale Italian hand printed paisley from Abercrombie and Fitch, and the second is a luxurious Italo Ferretti tie in an interesting red, orange, black, and blue pattern. Ferretti makes many of Brioni’s ties, and you may recognize the same country of origin, care, and fabric content label.

Not pictured here are two Fall/Winter jackets I probably won’t have an opportunity to wear anytime soon. One is a Canali Silk/Cashmere tweed jacket with a nice 3 roll 2.5 lapel and double vents ($15), and the other is an olive corduroy sport coat from Brooks Brothers (also $15) which I’m tempted to add some suede elbow patches to.