hellloooooo! sorry my hiatus lasted a little longer than i expected.

my boyfriend was visiting from out of town and then i started to prepare for next semester. soooo i’ve been really busy but it’s been a ton of fun!

anonymous asked:

hi i dont even follow u ur post about ur new kitten just popped up on my dashboard via that dumb "here's a blog" thingy and i just wanted to say that Midna is an EXCELLENT name for a cat omg okay that's all lol <3

oh jeez i’m sorry i wish i could opt out of that feature ): ): 

thanks it really suits him because he’s very mischievous and follows me around like a shadow~!!

Anonymous: A few years ago I would have hated on girly girl gamers but if there is one thing Tumblr has taught me it’s that we shouldn’t shame other women for presenting themselves the way they feel fits them best. Being a feminine girl that games isn’t bad at all. My main thing, for everyone, is just please don’t be an obnoxious gamer if you’re gaming with me. Have fun, play, and be laid back. None of this “Oh I’m better than you because genitals!” or trash talking. That shit’s not cool from any gender.

I’m glad tumblr (and it’s users) have been such a positive influence! Shaming anyone for how they represent themselves is so horrible for society as a whole. and most of the time it is very hypocritical “LABELZ R FOR SOUP CANS” “but ew look at that SLUT”. And I think we ALL agree about obnoxious gamers who have to flaunt their knowledge (in a mean way, you can be proud of your knowledge without putting others down for not knowing as much). Many times those that put people down for how they dress or represent themselves as gamers, also pull the elitism card (I’ve been playing longer, I know more, I’ve read allll the books) it’s just pathetic. some people just like to play casually and don’t know the name of every supporting character. oh well. Moral of the story don’t be a mean human being that judges others on such superficial things.

Anonymous: What is your least favorite Zelda sidequest?            

I really don’t like most of the collection side quests. Poes in Twilight Princess, Golden Skulltulas in OoT. Stuff like that ): I always skip some or miss them or have a ton of trouble finding them. I really liked the gratitude crystal collection in Skyward Sword though because there was plot with the collecting, it didn’t seem like “ugh I’m doing this just for the prizes”

Anonymous: Sorry if you have answered this before, but what are some of your favorite zelda games?

 No need to be sorry! I don’t mind re-answering c:

-Wind Waker is my all time favorite. I love Toon Link and the game is so expansive…TONS of exploration. It has bright colors/style with a great soundtrack. I really love the female characters (tetra and medli in particular)!!! so cute and dksjdhsw perfect.

-Twilight Princess. I LOOOVE the aesthetics, absolutely gorgeous. Midna is my favoritefavorite companion, so sassy and bossy. I loved the twili realm and the styles, the contrasting of black and bright teals, magenta. It was amazing to see the interaction between the Hero’s Shade and Link. I just feel that the storyline was reaaaaally rushed towards the end and it didn’t feel resolved. plus i freaking hate motion controls

okay okay i made a personal blog

thanks to anyone who offered saved urls! i didn’t want anything fandom related but i was able to make a blog with one of the old WoW names i used to go by~

i’ll probably post video games besides loz, some daily life stuff?, anime, cute animals, and pretty much anything else that i want to!