Mystery Skulls Mer AU

So I had this MSA Au idea after reading a fic sometime ago about Lewis and Vivi coming across a mer Arthur and that got me into thinking about an AU for it.
Like what if for mermaids once they hit the age of say 20 or something they have to go on land and find there soulmate? Other wise they’ll lose all trace of there humanity and turn into Sirens.

So we get Arthur who’s a some what shy nervous mer who usually keeps to himself and has a small collection of broken electronics he’s found through the years and keeps them in a dry cave some where far from mainland. He always dreams about creating these amazing devices and wants to someday find his soulmate and settle down doing what ever the humans call those vehicles.
He just liked fixing things and bringing them back to life but its hard when your usually always under water.

So one day he’s told by his uncle who always came down to the water to check up on his nephew that its time for him to come on shore and find his soulmate.

From there mermaids have it a little bit easier finding the one who there meant for, they can see these things called auras, for normal humans to mermaids there clear and just wavy, sorta like a heat wave. But for there soulmate there colorful and its obvious when they find them.

The problem for Arti is once he gets on land and Lance helps him out a bit he runs into Vivi and Lewis at the Peppers restraunt, at first he saw Vivi’s colorful aura and then Lewis as well. He get’s rather confused because he’s never heard about this happening and Lance has to tell the kid that it happens but very rarely.

Being still confused he tries to become friends with them and finds out that there intrested in the paranormal and crypitds which is what he is technicly classified as.
Arthur tries to get closer to them but after awhile he just feels like a burden, after all Lewis and Vivi are together and he feels like he’ll just ruin what they all ready have if he tries to wiggle his way further into there life.

Lewis is the first to notice Arties pulling away from them and he informs Vivi who’s confused as well. They try talking to him and he just says he’s busy learning all he can about mechanics from his Uncle as he lies through his teeth.

Eventually him keeping away from the two who are his soulmates catches up on him and its noticable, he’s more aggresive, there’s a green tint in his eye, he’s always thirsty and dissapearing a lot.

He’s slowly turning into a siren.

Vivi though donsen’t know and thinks that he may have been possesed when they visited a haunted asylum recently. So she gathers her book and supplies and decides to visit Arthur to help clense him of what ever is attached to him but on the way to Lance’s house that’s located by the ocean she notices something familiar in the water and goes to check it out.

She finds Arthur growling like a fearl animal, his tail is slapping across the water and his skin is turning green and his nails are becoming more claw like.

Anyway, that’s what I have so far but I can deffintly expand on it if anyones intrested? I also have some sketches of Mer Arti to but ahh

This all started from a fic and then an RP idea and now here we are with this AU haha

Just In Case

Whenever I
talk to you,
I can hear
the static
in your voice.
I know
you’d rather be
dancing drunkenly
at your boyfriend’s
but you’re
stuck with me
for now.
Maybe you can
bust my lip
and fill the wound
with peroxide kisses.
Maybe I can
at the
wilting moon
while you
pull the strings
on my lungs.
I know you
keep me around
as your
a toy
to disassemble
and put back together
with half the pieces
and I love
the anxiety
of the slight chance
it isn’t true
but I can tell
by the way
my body
is falling
from this cliff
off of which
you pushed me
that it’s all
a nice diversion
for you
and that’s
because when I
hit bottom,
my organs will
and the worms
will eat them
and you
would be the last person
to touch me
and that,
my love,
is better
than simply
in the static
of your song.

Today I realized that the reason I only ever really shipped NaruSaku is because I wanted Sakura to be happy. I knew she loved Sasuke but I didn’t think he’d be able to make her happy at all so I shipped her with someone who was always beside her, and would never leave her.

But now with the knowledge of seeing how happy Sakura can be with Sasuke, I don’t mind just shipping the two together. As long as Sakura is happy, I feel like shipping her with someone who would be able to provide her this.


When I am alone, I see you in the dark, I
Talk into the empty like you were with me
Started on a cold night, felt you in the low light
Noticing the reflex taking over me
I see you when I reach
Muscle memory

Thank you for 400+!! I haven’t drawn chrobin for a while, so I got some inspiration from one of my favourite songs. I drew a robin in place of a sparrow for obvious reasons. :3c

Shirazu’s last moments

Here we see Shirazu open his eyes and say “Urie…” He can still make sense that Urie and Yonebayashi were by him.

Here, we no longer see Shirazu’s eyes. “I want to see Sassan…” I believe that, at this point, his sight is starting to fade.

The next thing he says, “I…”, the panel is all black. This confirms that he can no longer see anything from his point of view.

“What if I really do just die here?” The background noise starts to sound far away as he starts to lose his sense of hearing. He hears no response from anyone when he asks that question.

He realizes what’s happening so he tries to say what he can about his sister, “Haru….” 

He wants to make sure that they hear this, so when he doesn’t hear any response from them, he asks why they aren’t saying anything. When in reality, it’s only he who doesn’t hear them anymore.

We finally see his eyes open, but he’s already in that dark place, and all his senses are nulled.

He realizes that he’s dying. So he says his last words, with the hope that someone hears his last request. He says what he was trying to say earlier. Then we see a vision of his sister’s hospital room. Top view, maybe his soul had already detached from his body? This may be the last vision that Shirazu saw: his sister in her hospital bed.

Rest in peace, Shirazu.

Does anyone just think about Hellbent and how the vans broken, Vivis asleep, and Arthur’s arms broken?
And then Lewis is speeding down the highway like a bat out of hell aiming for the van and I just keep wondering what’s going to happen and if Lewis knows Vivis in there?
Like maybe something comical happens like he gets pulled over, or maybe Arthur is able to grab Vivi with his good arm and yank her awake to get out of there quick enough.

All I know is I can’t wait for Hellbent to see what happened next because ahhh I need it.

I just need to see the moment Lewis realizes Arthur DIDN’T kill him, that he was possessed, I want Vivi to remember everything, I want to know more about Lewis background and the same with Arthur, and I just want to see the ot3 happy ahhh

Masterlist: Post-Mockingjay - One Shots, Part 1

This masterlist features one-shot fics or drabbles that take place Post-Mockingjay.  They may be pre- or post epilogue.  

This list was so long, that it had to be broken into two parts.  Please see this post for Part 2.

Please make sure to read the tags and summary before diving into the fic. Some stories may feature subject matter which is not to everyone’s tastes

As with all masterlists, if you find a story that fits but is not on this list, let us know by sending us a message or fanmail with the story link.

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Completed: 4/28/16

Updated: 7/18/17

Together (Everlark one shot/drabble)...

So… I am a terrible student. 

My exams start next week and… well I’ve written this instead of reading more notes.

Teacher!Everlark AU.  Warning: contains smut at the beginning and a heavy helping of fluff there after. Started as a drabble, probably wound up somewhere between that and a one shot. 


I drift into the morning with a smile on my lips. That doesn’t happen often; actually that doesn’t happen ever.

I was dreaming. Peeta was there, well he was there, his fingers and his tongue making me throw my head back and let the pleasure and the euphoria nearly overthrow me. We weren’t finished though, in the dream, I was still reaching for my high, reaching to fall off the edge. It felt, it still feels, so real.

It takes a second longer before I gasp and my eyes fly open.

The sheets are tossed to one side, to Peeta’s empty side, of the bed. Instead I feel his warm hands splayed on my thighs and his tongue darting between them.

“Oh, God…”

My voice is breathy and wobbly and still croaky from sleep but still Peeta stops and looks up slowly, his eyes dark and determined with desire and a contradicting boyish grin stretched across his cheeks. “Good morning,” he breathes, pressing his lips to the inside of my thigh lightly. My breath trembles through my mouth and he doesn’t hesitate before reconnecting his to my core.

I cry out in a choked gasp and then fall silent as he sucks on my clit, my head falling back and my eyes squeezing shut. I shudder and twitch and my hips keen into him, my hands reaching and tangling in his hair, gripping tightly as I fall head first to the brink and lose all of myself to his tongue on a bed of air, his name escaping my lips before I am carried away with pleasure.

His body is a welcome weight on top of mine as he crawls up to join me, his arm snaking across my waist and my head pressing against his chest. I exhale slowly into him as I come back down to Earth, knowing he is smiling without looking up to his face, and pressing one, two, three, kisses to the centre of his chest.

“That was some wake up call.”

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graciouslyliving-deactivated201  asked:

How did you study German? What are your tips? 😊

Hi! :) Study language methods depend on your level, on your inclinations/ learning style (visual, auditory, tactic), on many factors, but I´m glad to share my experience, if it helps!

I have been studying German for 4 years now and I have tried many different methods according to my progresses and my ability to learn.

First,  I attended  German courses at University for three years: we did some reading, listening and speaking in class, working with a Lehrbuch/Kursbuch.
In class we got  also grammar explanations and exercises , and as homework we had some more grammar exercises and vocabulary exercises from the Arbeitsbuch.

We also got a text comprehension with questions and the task to write down a summary. We trained a lot the grammar part but unfortunately we hadn’t much occasion to train conversation skills.

During the exam we had to present from one up to three texts and we could choose among the texts, we had worked on during the year.

I would have german lesson thrice a week and I have attended, for a year and a half a B2 conversation course at Goethe Institut Neapel.

I also attended 2 summer courses in Berlin and  a prep course to get the DaF certificate, a B2/C1 certificate for the admission to german universities.

At the beginning, regular practice is the key.

I regularly did my homework, I read and wrote small texts in german and I noted new words in a small Vocabulary notebook, that I always  carry in the bag and I take it updated.

A soon as I can, I take the notebook out and I go through the words repeating them aloud and forming sentences.

At home I also used to write down some sentences with the new words I found in the Arbeitsbuch.

Some tips on learning vocabs in german:

  • Nouns: learn genre, plural and preposition + cases;  f.ex. die Angst/ Ängste vor + Dat
  • Adjectives: learn prefixes and suffixes f.ex. lesbar, unlesbar;  learn adjectives/participles with preposition+ cases, f.ex. abhängig von+DAT
  • Verbs: learn verbs paradigms (present/past/past participle forms) f.ex. gehen, ging, ist gegangen, learn verbs with prepositions + cases, f.ex sich von etwas ablenken.
  • Prefixes and particles are fundamental. learn to distinguish f.ex verbs according to the prefix (aufmachen- zumachen,  aufnehmen-abnehmen) and in general learn the meaning/function of prefixes f.ex what have “entnehmen” and “entfernen” in common? the prefix “ent-“ has a negative meaning: entnehmen= to remove/ to extract/ tp take sth out of sth/ to deduce; entfernen= to remove, erase, eliminate)
  • Learn words in context! As soon as you reach an intermediate-advanced level, search for words in monolingual dictionaries and corpora and write definitions and explanations of the words in your vocab notebook instead of translations. Look for and note also synonyms or antonyms.  

Some Ideas to practice the language and learn:

  1. Read the news on the web. Deutsche Welle (DW) is an excellent resource for learners from B1. At the beginning, read local daily papers, they are easier than big national newspapers like Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Die Zeit, Die Welt, der Spiegel. I read die Berliner Zeitung at least once a week.
  2. Hear german podcasts: I can good recommend the ones from DW exp. die langsame gesprochene Nachrichten, Alltagsdeutsch, Sprachbar, Wort der Woche, Fokus Europa.
  3. Watch german series: I can recommend the Websoaps Jojo sucht das Glück on DW Youtube channel and among the Tv series  “Deutschland 83"
  4. Watch the Cartoons and films dubbed in German (they are easier to understand than german films.)
  5. Read aloud. Repeat aloud. Change words and try to explain the meaning of a word/ a sentence on your own words. Talk to yourself, name aloud the things you see and you look at.
  6. Stick some stick-notes on things with their name in German on it.
  7. Write a journal in German, open a youtube channel and register yourself while speaking about a theme, or telling about yourself, ecc. You will also receive a lot of feedbacks from other users.
  8. Do regular “Dictations”: by listening to the radio/to a podcast try to write down what you hear until you get it correct.
  9. Write your agenda/ grocery list/ time plan in German, organize your life in german. Do your researches on Wiki/ Internet in German, switch the language on social networks
  10. Find someone you can talk to in german, a tandem partner/rin, a pen friend, people to chat with through apps like italk, Tandem app, penpals.
  11. Ask yourself questions, be curious about new words, uses, curiosities  about Germans and their land.
  12. Learn by heart songs/poetry in german.

Masterlist: The Farewell Tour (Part 1/2)

DAY 1: Everlark Week

DAY 2: Alternate Universe Week

DAY 3: Expressions in Everlark

link to part 2

Real (Everlark drabble)...

I had this idea niggling at me all day today and now it’s 1am and I’ve written a little drabble of it. Has barely taken an hour, un-beta’d as always so all mistakes are nine mine. Hope you enjoy (a lil Modern Day AU Everlark wedding drabble).



I know I’m not supposed to do this, I know it’s not tradition. But I want to. He’s always been so good with words and I love hearing them. I want to make sure he hears me too. I can’t go after him, I’ll chicken out. I can’t go after anyone. So I’m going first. Not that anyone knows it yet.

I stand slowly and immediately the room quietens. There isn’t a great number of guests, but there’s enough. I swallow, looking down at my pale, satin dress shimmering in the dim light. I didn’t want it to be too much, I didn’t want any of it to be too much. But it had to be just right. Simple enough but special enough too. When I look up again the silence fully descends and all eyes turn to me. I bite my lip and focus on the trail of dandelions and little fairy lights on the far wall from me, little white and grey ribbons linking everything together in a perfect colour scheme matching my bridesmaids and his tie. And my eyes, he’d said, after we’d finally agreed to go with something “neutral.” I knew his favourite colour was orange and suggested that; he suggested mine and we knew it was a lost battle with my stubbornness and his convincing smile. So grey it was.

I take a breath and feel him look up at me from the chair to my right. I imagine his eyebrows knitting together and his mouth opening to wonder aloud what I was doing, a slight grin on his face as it had been the whole day. I start speaking before I know he will.

“Hi. Em, th-thank you all for coming.” I pause, unsure how everyone is going to react before I give myself a shake. This isn’t for them, I remind myself. Go. “I know that it’s not … custom for me, for the bride, to make a speech, but well, who cares about custom?” 

A smattering of titters passes over the room and I relax a little. They are all friends, it’s okay. Peeta shifts beside me, I still feel his gaze on me.

“Today, I’ll be honest, hasn’t felt real. In the best way. I’m waiting for someone to wake me and tell me that I’ve fallen sleep in my Stats class back at college and have dreamed the whole damn thing.”

Again more laughter.

“And, it’s because I don’t think I’ve felt happier.

“I’m sure Peeta will speak far better than me, and put our thanks and our feelings much more eloquently than I ever will. Which is why, no offense, this speech isn’t really for any of you.” 

I turn to look at Peeta, at my husband. I fall into his eyes, wide and joyous and locked on me. “It’s for you,” I say softly though I know everyone hears by the gentle chorus of “aw” that follows. He looks a little stunned, but happy stunned nevertheless.

“Peeta,” his name leaves my lips like an easy breath and he reaches a hand to take mine. “You know more than everyone else in this room that I am no good with words.” 

He shakes his head slightly but doesn’t cut me off.

“But I hope you know that I promise to tell you I love you a hundred times each and every day we are together. I’ll do it when I call you an idiot for leaving your keys at work, when I run after you with those same keys in the morning before you leave and tell you to drive safe. When I beg you to make your cheesebuns nearly every Sunday; when I make us tea in the morning and dinner in the evening, when I say I’ll do the dishes. When I let you watch the baseball instead of that trashy reality show I won’t admit to liking that will remain nameless;-”

I hear Johanna, my old roommate, cackle loudly over everyone else and I feel the corners of my mouth twitch.

“-when I steal your heat on the sofa, in bed. When I burrow my cold feet into you instead of putting on socks because I’d rather not have to get up, when I ask how your day was and when I warn you to be careful for a thousand different reasons.”

I pause a moment and Peeta squeezes my hand in his. I grip back and give a soft smile.

“And hopefully when you remember this moment, this speech, this day, because it is actually real and I love you. So much.”

I am aware that our guests start to clap and cheer but it doesn’t matter or even make me blush because Peeta is standing and his grin is growing and his eyes are shining. He doesn’t speak, but cups his hands on my face, his fingertips delicate and so soft, as if this is the first time he has held me like this, and eases my lips to his, all soft and warm, smooth and languid. 

“I love you too,” he speaks softly as we break away, as if he needed to tell me. I smile and kiss him again, though quicker this time. The honeymoon doesn’t officially start until we leave this room.

Chatter has picked up among our guests again so we speak lowly to each other, free of the attention of all our friends and family.

“I wish we could freeze this moment and live in it forever,” he says, letting his arms around my waist pull me to him in a loose hug. Mine snake around his torso. 

“Me too,” I sigh, leaning my head on his chest, inhaling him. It is perfect, this is perfect, today is perfect. I never knew I wanted it so much, but I did know I’d always want him. He makes me happy; he’s the biggest reason for my never being happier - aw shoot I forgot to say that in my speech! I groan inwardly, but let it go as easily as the thought came. He knows.

His lips brush my hair and I feel him plant a sweet, firm kiss there too before he speaks softly, his tone light. “I thought you said you weren’t good with words?”