4,000 Houses for 4,000 Followers: No. 78:

Palazzo Grassi, Venice, Italy. 

This 18th century palazzo is now a contemporary art gallery, hosting major global events. 

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What jobs would the Allies and Axis have if they were humans?




Germany. I have this headcanon that Ludwig is extremely musically inclined. I can see him directing a large, collegiate level choir, starring in operatic tragedies, or being a professional cellist. Outside of the musical spectrum, I could see him being an extremely encouraging (*wiggles eyebrows*) personal trainer, danseur (male ballerina— i wrote a drabble about this once), dog trainer, policeman, and history teacher.

Italy. He’d be in the arts, either as a danseur like Germany, or interpretive dancer. He’d be a great interior designer, photgrapher, or painter. In a high school setting, definitely in charge of the art classes and drama club. He’d make an awesome school principal too!

Japan. I think he’d be an excellent magician for some reason. Like the kind you pay top money for. He’d also be a bangin’ wildlife photographer, and I think he’d be great in animal rescue. I could see him teaching a psychology class, as well. If not those, he’d definitely have an independent business, being a coffee/tea shop and book exchange, where you could get an amazing drink and bring in books to trade at the book shelves lining the walls of his shop.


America. He’d be a great masseuse with those strong hands of his. That could be a great asset in sports medecine.I see him working as an EMT too. If he didn’t do that, I think he’d star in romantic dramas a la Nicholas Sparks, or just military dramas. He could be a Marvel Superhero too, I think.

Britain. A journalist for sure, or travel writer. I could see him being the brains in an early 1900s heist, too (hmmm. I smell an au).Could you imagine him doing talk radio? Because I can. In a school setting, he’d definitely have any sort of grammar and composition classes. Outside of that, he’d be a really sweet acoustic and folky singer.

France. He’d be an awesome chef. I imagine he’d be like Gordon Ramsey, just because he strives so hard for perfection and doesn’t put up with stupidity. In a high school setting, he’d teach Shakespeare courses, fully supporting the homosexual characters that typical curriculums erase.  He’d be great in soap operas, and i feel like he’d teach comprehensive (instead of abstinence-only) sex ed. He’d be a great sex therapist, but not in the creepy way.

China. C’mon, he’s a total hippie. He’d have an herbal cellar store with natural remedies. Dermatologist? I think he’d be great in a spa, too, though I couldn’t tell you why. I don’t connect much with him as a character, tbh, so I don’t have much more on him.

Russia. Oh, c’mon, this marshmallow is totally a florist! If not that, then a gardener or botanist. Definitely in aromatherapy, too. I think he trains therapy animals too.

Canada. Elementary school teacher! Maybe even preschool! I think he’d teach sign language, work as a child psychologist, or as a social worker. If not that, an OB/GYN doctor, working with expectant mothers. Otherwise, he’d work in wildlife preservation, or as a zoologist.

~Admin Mattie