italien cars

If one more politicians says ‘we can still buy our German/Italien/European cars tomorrow’ I am going to lose my shit I s2g

I don’t care about getting a European car

I care about the price of food such as fruit skyrocketing

I care about the price of fuel skyrocketing

I care about the price of basic necessities skyrocketing

I care about the possible instability of peace in Northern Ireland as a result of this vote

I care about innocent people being discriminated against without the EU being able to step in

I care about the increasing amount of racism and xenophobia seeping into our politics and daily lives

I care about all the people who were barely getting by before and will risk falling below the poverty line due rises of daily necessities

I care about Education and the NHS, which will undoubtbly be the first services to get cuts when the economy spirals

I care about the desperate refugees fleeing to a better life for their children, only to be rejected and left alone and helpless

I don’t give a shit about extravagant purchases like a new fucking car when I can’t even afford a new Rimmel eye-shadow right now