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Accidental Confession

Ship : Bucky Barnes x Reader

Notes and warnings : Everything is lovey dovey, Pietro is alive, Author don’t speak Russian, Italic = Translation.

Request : “What about one where Natasha and Bucky speak Russian and they don’t know the reader can as well and he and Natasha talk about the reader and his huge crush on her and the reader hears this and it’s all just fluffy and cute!”  

A.N: Hello everyone :D I’m happy to share with you my last imagine (Even it’s quite short D:). First thing, if you speak Russian, you can send me a message if you want to help me to correct the imagine :3 (I used Google Translate so it’s probably full of errors)

Also, I’m looking for someone who can correct everything that I write! I can explain everything in message. /!\ You need to speak English and French! /!\

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Who thought you can speak Russian? Well, apparently, not Natasha and Bucky.

The sun starts to shine in your room, reflecting on your window, telling you to wake up. You’re sitting on your bed looking at your clock.

“It’s only 7 a.m… Well, it’s time for a good meal!” You said, jumping from your bed and going straight for the kitchen.

Outside your room you have a small talk with Wanda and Pietro, earning a big hug from her, she is doing that every time she sees you since you saved her brother. Pietro just looks at your barely covered legs, receiving a strange look from Wanda.

In the elevator, you received a hello from Steve and Sam. It’s seem like Sam try to make the Captain hang out with Sharon. Right before you leave the elevator you put your hand on Steve’s shoulder and say to him;

“Good luck with him, Captain!” You’re smiling sweetly at him.

“What does that mean?!” You heard Sam screaming at you.

Halfway to the kitchen you recognize the voice of Natasha… Speaking in Russian?

“Ты знаешь, что она тоже влюблена в тебя?” Is she is talking about you?

 (“You know she had a crush on you too, right?”)

“Я так не думаю, она не говорит, когда я здесь, и она всегда пытается выйти из комнаты как можно скореe…” Is that Bucky?

(“I don’t think so, she doesn’t talk when I’m here and she always tries to leave the room as soon as possible..”)

They’re definitely talking about you… If only they know that you’re speaking Russian.

“Я знаю ее больше, чем вы, она определенно любит вас! Чего же ты ждешь? Хочешь увидеть, как она разглядывает Пьетро на диване?” Right after her sentence you decide to enter the room with a big grin on your lips.

(“I know her more than you, she is definitely in love with you! What are you waiting for? You want to see her making out with Pietro on the couch?”)

“Hi, Natasha. Hello Bucky.” You’re passing behind Bucky who had a panicked face. Natasha let out a quick laugh.

“Не волнуйся, даже если она нас слышала, она не говорит по-русски.” Bucky look at Natasha with a frustrated gaze, not sure about this information. You’re back facing them, you’re smiling like a fool.

(“Don’t worry, even if she heard us, she doesn’t speak Russian.”)

“Надеюсь, ты прав.” Bucky looks at your back thinking about what Natasha said about you and Pietro. 

(“I hope you’re right.”)

“Что я могу сделать? Признаться ей? Я никогда не признавался в своих чувствах к девушке, даже в 40-е годы.” Natasha shrugs her shoulders. 

(“What can I do? Confess to her? I never confessed my feeling to a girl, not even in the 40’s.”)

“Это твоя проблема, не моя!” She says before leaving the kitchen. 

(“It’s you’re problem, not mine!”)

You turn your head in his way and look at him, taking a seat in front of him. You put your chin in your hand.

“So, what was the subject of this conversation?” You asked, looking right in his eyes.

“Why do you ask?” He said, crossing his arms on his torso, who look absolutely amazing in this tight shirt…

“I’m just curious…” You bit your lips looking at his long hair. Maybe it's will be great to run your hands in his hair while he is eati… Wooohoo calm down [y/n]! 

After a few seconds, Bucky get down from his chair coming in your way. He looks at you and you feel his flesh hand caressing your cheek.

You’re speaking Russian, right?” You stare wide-eyed at him, feeling surprised.

“I-I…” You’re blushing like a tomato (that’s a French expression!). His lips look delicious right now… After a few seconds, he kisses you roughly.

You’re on the cloud nine. His sharp lips feeling so good on yours…

You run your hands in his hair, going deeper into this kiss while he touches firmly your hips.

And that is, the beginning of a beautiful love story, between you and James Buchanan Barnes.


And don’t forget, if you see any errors in the text, send me a message!

Thanks for reading, see you for the next imagine  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

I have you back

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2.123

Warnings: none

A/N: I don’t know where this came from but I hope you will like it :)

Important: The sentences in italics are all in Russian, so when you read it then imagine Bucky is speaking with this super sexy Russian accent ;)

Steve ran through the secret apartment he shared with Bucky since he awoke from the cryo sleep in Wakanda. Steve was more than alarmed as he ran through the corridors. He was running to a special room. As he reached the room, Steve stormed into it without a second thought and was panting for air. He supported himself with his hands on his knees to catch his breath.

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pretty face | michael gray

anon requested tatiana’s sister and michael

block of italics means speaking in russian fyi

Tatiana had woken you up early, at least for the night you’d had, throwing your curtains open.

Wake up. I need you today”

“Ughh…to do what?”

“Keep someone company”

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m keeping my bed company today”

You flopped back to the bed, tucking your head as deep in between the pillows as you could. You felt the movement of the covers by your feet and grumbled in advance of what you knew was coming. Tatiana’s favourite way to get you up since you were children. She crawled further up and you braced yourself.

She grasped at your hair, pulling your face up, and dotting a kiss to your cheek.

Get up before I drag you down the stairs by your ankles”

“Tania, why must you be this way?”

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Nobody (Part 2)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: mentions of past torture/imprisonment

Words: 1444

A/N: Italics used for Russian translations to English. This part is Bucky and Nat’s encounter with the reader from Bucky’s point of view.

Bucky’s POV

They hadn’t been expecting this Ural Mountains hidden base to be so heavily guarded.  Steve’s intel had indicated that it would’ve been relatively abandoned considering its proximity to the Dyatlov Pass.  Nat had told him about the dead hikers from the 50s and he couldn’t deny that the details had caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand up.

However, the pair had descended upon the heavily armed Hydra base like a biblical plague, smiting anything in their path.  The Black Widow was a force to be reckoned with as she seemingly flew through the stone corridors leaving dead and sentries in her wake.  Bucky was glad not to be the one on the receiving end of one of her signature thigh choke holds.  Natasha Romanov was appropriately named “Black Widow”; beautiful but deadly.

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A/N: I don’t speak Russian, and I don’t trust google translate, so the things in italics are in Russian, okay? :)

Gif source:  Natasha  |  Pietro

Imagine being Russian like Natasha, speaking with her in Russian and giggling while seeing Pietro because you’re in love with him, and Pietro gets annoyed because he can’t understand what the two of you are saying.

——— Request for another-not-original-url ———

“Stop! Stop that… Conspiring!” Pietro huffs, appearing in front of you and Natasha with a gust of wind, the two of you just grin at him.

I think your boyfriend’s jealous,” Natasha teases, Russian rolling from her tongue as easily as ever, only making the Sokovian’s jaw clench. This only causes another eruption of giggles from you, enjoying your friend poking the bear nearly as much as she is.

“We aren’t conspiring, Pietro, we’re just talking!” you laugh, before turning towards Natasha again, “He’s cute when he’s jealous, no?