Meccariello Aurum: Model Juvenal

Made with handcoloured Annonay boxcalf, on the Aurum chisel last


Aurum: Model Quintus

Plain captoe oxford in handcoloured calfskin. Made on the Aurum soft square last.

I bought these shoes last March in Italy.  Together we’ve walked many miles through many cities throughout the world, and they have worn the elements of sand from the beaches in Barcelona trapped in the soles, to salt stains from the icy roads of Syracuse.  Unfortunately, they now make me look homeless.  So after one last trip to New York, walking far too many blocks when I should have just taken the subway, I decided to retire them. I originally bought them because one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs is “Boots of Spanish Leather” (turns out these were made in Portugal… close enough) and they also reminded me of one of the pairs of shoes Van Gogh painted.  Perhaps I will make a painting of them someday, but for now, a drawing in my sketchbook will do.  Thank you shoes for your year and a half of service, it’s been a hell of a journey.