The Ethical Sugar Baby

Brilliant news – your Sugar Daddy wants to take you shopping for some new designer gear -but wait – how do you know which designers are ethical?

It’s a complete myth that every Sugar Baby dreams of owning a fur stole and python skin handbag; there are plenty of Sugar Babies that don’t support the fur trade or cosmetic testing on animals, many more are concerned about environmental factors and the issue of child sweat shops.

With this in mind this article will provide you with a list of cutting edge and luxury designers, who won’t put a blot on your conscious.


Stella McCartney – A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney doesn’t use any fur or leather in her designs.

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (Vaute Couture) – the former Ford Model’s brand Vaute Couture (the v stands for vegan!) aims to create high-end fashion that is vegan, created from recycled fibres and produced locally. The brand is favoured by the likes of Emily Deschanel and Alicia Silverstone.

Vivienne Westwood – Doesn’t use real fur in any of her designs.

Tommy Hilfiger – Stopped using real fur in 2007.

Calvin Klein – One of the early adopters of animal friendly designs, Calvin Klein has opted for fake fur since 1994.

Shrimps – The zany London brand uses bright colours and faux fur to create a bold statement. A coat will cost around £600

Huit - an ethical swimwear brand committed to transporting goods by sea rather than air thus reducing their carbon footprint. Celebrity fans include; Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller.


Olsenhaus – Brainchild of Elizabeth Olsen, Olsenhouse creates shoes that are animal product free. Shoes range from £100 - £250.

Beyond Skin – Brighton based company selling vegan footwear. There’s a wide range of styles available. Prices start from £80 – £250. Natalie Portman has also been spotted wearing them.

Noah – Italian vegan leather - sounds like a dream come true! Noah offers a range of hand-made Italian shoes that are 100% vegan. Prices start from £100 - £250.  

Cult of Coquette – Vegan shoes that are made out of the most environmentally friendly materials available. The brand states its handmade shoes are for women who aren’t afraid to rock a heel.


Stella McCartney – A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney doesn’t use any fur or leather in her designs.

Matt & Nat – The name Matt & Nat stands for Mat(t)erial and Nature, which is the ethos of the company. Patrons of the brand include Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman.

Melie Bianco – An affordable, chic, animal friendly range of handbags for every occasion; think Balenciaga, Celine and Miu Miu styles, but without the cruelty.

Wilby – All products are animal friendly and the brand is well known for being eco, and environmentally friendly. Prices Range from £40 - £120.


Mirabelle - Worn by the likes of Kate Middleton, Mirabelle makes handmade fair trade jewellery. Think pretty pendants at reasonable prices.

Helen Moore –brightly coloured, patterned and innovative designs. She creates faux-fur clutches, muffs, collars and scarves. One of these fun accessories will cost £40 - £150.

Polly Wales - Polly uses vintage and rough jewels to produce unique and imperfectly perfect rings, necklaces and earrings. Her designs use ethically sourced gems that shun the use of child labour in diamond mines.

Please be aware that this guide is not exhaustive and is subject to change at any time. If you’re in any doubt – it’s best to e-mail the customer services department of the brand you are interested in and ask for their policies and commitments to animal and human welfare.

I hope this guide was useful and you (or your Sugar Daddy!) can enjoy shopping for some ethical high-end luxury!

~ KittensPeach ~ x

A well tailored suit, plus a nice shirt, cufflinks (men, it really isn’t that hard to put on a shirt with french cuffs and cuff links, and it adds a nice touch), and a pair of handmade Italian leather shoes. I prefer Italian suits (Brioni, Canali, Zegna) but you don’t have to spend a lot of money, just get something that fits you well, with clean and classic lines. And learn to tie a proper windsor knot.

You expect your lady to wear beautiful lingerie, take pride in your own appearance too.

Creepypasta #1040: The Anglerfish

Length: Long

I am beautiful in ways men shouldn’t be.

Pretty boy, lovely boy, with his flaxen curls framing a sweet face and big blue eyes with big black lashes. My mother, when she was in our run-down trailer and not at the bar, would say such looks were wasted on a boy and that she wished I was born a girl. I’m certain she wished I had never been born at all.

School was hellish from the start. Girls viewed me as a living doll to play dress-up with, and boys hated me because I made them confused. My third grade teacher once made a comment about my cherry red mouth, the gym coach complimented my porcelain skin. The computer teacher got fired after cornering me alone. I did not understand it – I wore run down charity store clothes, spent most of my time with my nose buried in a book, and barely brushed my hair. And yet, here was the whole school bearing down on me.

Puberty made it worse. All my classmates grew and stretched, flushed with hormones and lust. I grew some, yet no straggly hairs or bright red pimples popped on my china doll face. Instead, the star quarterback would torment me so he could grope at my long legs and graceful hips. My teachers would compliment my academic achievements and then mention that someone like me being so aloof was a shame. The theater teacher asked if I was “interested in boys” in hushed, hopeful whispers.

I was not gay or straight. I was Uninterested. Why would I waste time chasing after shallow and petty girls who were jealous of my appearance? Why would I let one of those testosterone-hopped jocks paw at my body and call me a faggot afterwards? Why would I want my fat, balding English teacher to bend me over for an easy A? They called me frigid, uptight, bitchy, rude, prudish. I wore it with pride all the way to the top of my class.

I left my little Midwest town for a college in the big city. I thought it would be easier there, full of beautiful people to blend into. Towards the end of November, my roommate tried to roofie my water bottle, and the double room became a single room very quickly. For sophomore year, I got a studio apartment on my own.

That fall quarter was beautiful, the trees like brilliant fire throughout campus, and I took a communications class required for my major. It was about giving presentations and speeches, and the school website said Professor O'Malley was to teach it – classmates had described him as a jolly old man, a little longwinded but excellent at teaching discourse and rhetoric.

I sat towards the front, my empty notebook neatly dated, and my classmates chattered all around me. I paid them no heed, eyes casted downwards, but I looked up when the door to the lecture hall opened right before class was to begin. The man who strode in was not Professor O'Malley.

He burnt white hot, reality dimming around his gravity. Everyone seemed so tarnished compared to him, dark-haired bronze-skinned Adonis among the gray and listless dead. Square-jawed and towering, his presence was so thick it was sweltering, smothering, suffocating. My classmates all gasped as his eyes swept across the class.

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336 Hours | JJ

Pairing: Dealer!Jungkook X Agent!Reader ft. Agent!Jin, Agent!Yoongi, Agent!Hoseok and Dealer!Taehyung

Summary: Y/n aka Agent 23, undercover as a rich slut to try and get Jungkook, a drug dealer to break. Of course, at first, she tortures him to try and test his loyalty to her. But Jungkook believes that two can play at that game. She has 336 hours though to get out of that place, get back home and help take down Jungkook but how can she when she’s tied to a chair? 

Genre: Smut >> Angst >> Fluff

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of sexual acts and thoughts (NOT SO INNOCENT KOOKIE)

Word Count: 3.3k

Note: You guys are just here for the smut…omigatch! you very derty…derty waters.

 “You ready?” Min Yoongi asked the girl who sat next to him, for some reason he never looked at her the way he does today. Like she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, in a way it almost looked as if he was starting to like y/n? Yoongi shook the though from his head with a quick awkward cough. “Let’s go.” He said slipping his frames onto his face and stepping out of the car, y/n by his eyes trying to look confident but inside she was scared and worried.

She was about to go live with a man she had only read and seen from afar for the next two weeks and spend two weeks after that trying to find a way to cover up and get away from him, it would be tricky but she knew she had to try. This was her chance to become an official field agent, by doing one of the toughest cases they have come up against. They walked inside the big warehouse, y/n by his side and her hands shaking.

The nude pink colour that clung to her body and showed off curves that were usually covered up with work pants, a blouse and a jacket. Th golden metal choker that went well with the off-the-shoulder look of the dress she was wearing. She was very nervous and almost tripping over in her heels but she remained excellent composure. As soon as they stepped inside, she saw him. Surrounded by six or seven body guards all dressed in black.

He wore a simple navy blue suit, a matching tie hung around his neck that sat in centre and the bottom three buttons done up to keep it in place. His polished Italian shoes tapped patiently on the floor as he waited for them to approach. A small smirk in the corner of his lips as he eyes the woman with Min Yoongi up and down, making her feel uneasy but she went along with it. They slowed down and came to a stop, about a meter and a half separating the two now.

“Min Yoongi. It’s been a while.” Jungkook said causing him to smirk slightly at the young boy, seeing how much he has grown since they last saw each other. “Indeed, it has, I see you’re getting by quite good lately.” Yoongi commented as y/n stood there, a little confused of the conversation. With tongue in cheek and a curious look on his face Jungkook’s eyes scanned the woman standing next to Yoongi. “Who’s this beautiful girl?” He asked, why did those words irritate Yoongi so much?

He can’t be jealous, this is all just a big plan and y/n would never fall for the target. “This is my assistant. Y/n, who also is my closest friend and slut.” Yoongi said, making his words sound cold and bare like he didn’t care if they hurt her. Y/n knew this was all acting and just played along with it all. “Ah, you always picked the ripest ones.” Jungkook commented and Yoongi nodded. “So, are we going to make this deal?” He asked and Jungkook nodded. “So, we have sixty thousand US dollars’ worth of cocaine here, and how much do you have?” Jungkook asked with a sly smirk on his face.

Yoongi dropped the black bag and unzipped it, showing the fifty grand that he had managed to come up with. Y/n was shocked and wondered where he got all that money from. She had never seen so much before up close. “I have fifty.” Yoongi said and Jungkook’s dark eyes darted up to look at his hyung. One of his oldest enemies yet friends. “I’m sorry Yoongi but I have certain rules. If it’s under it’s no deal.” Jungkook stated, Yoongi sighed and crossed his arms over his chest as he watched the young man dart his eyes towards y/n who still had her head hung low.

Jungkook watched as Yoongi looked at y/n with furrowed eyebrows, unsure if she was okay. A smirk crept onto his lips, he wanted to hurt Yoongi. “Unless…” Yoongi turned his attention back onto Jungkook and knew the plan was working. “I can have her. Then we got a deal.” Jungkook said causing y/n to look up and finally meet his eyes. His dark and lust filled eyes that would constantly scan over her figure like she was some piece of meat. “You drive a hard bargain Kook…but, I guess I can agree to that.” Yoongi said kicking the bag over, grabbing y/n’s arm and giving her one last look of assurance and sympathy.

‘Sorry’ He mouthed knowing he must be hurting her but he needed it to look realistic, y/n just smiled and nodded for him to do it and he threw her towards Jungkook who caught her in his arms carefully. His hands placed on her hips lightly but still a firm grip on her. “Give him the drugs so we can get out of here.” Jungkook said as one of his body guards grabbed the bag and threw it towards Min Yoongi. “It was nice to see you again Yoongi.” Jungkook stated and Yoongi nodded and walked out. “Let’s go.” His voice was stern as he pushed y/n forwards towards his car.

Suddenly y/n was having second thoughts on this whole thing, she didn’t realise everything would be so rough. She knew she bruised easily and therefore hated whenever she would be grabbed, pulled or pushed by someone with force. They both slid into the black SUV and sat quietly as the driver began driving. A black screen put up to make the back seat more private and soundproof too. It felt so cramped in there, but maybe that was because Jungkook was sitting so close to her that she could feel his minty cool breath upon the exposed skin on her neck.

 “So, you and Min Yoongi had a thing?” Jungkook asked as y/n nodded, all Jungkook wanted to hear was her voice but y/n felt like if she spoke she might break composure. Jungkook sighed and knew that this way he wouldn’t hear her voice or really get any answers. The hand that was placed on her thigh was now slipped under her dress and rubbing over her clothed clit. She couldn’t help but lean her head back and enjoy the feeling. She let out a small moan and to Jungkook it was music to his ears, finally hearing her voice.

 “You sound so beautiful.” Y/n hated having him touch her this way but this was part of the deal. She knew that if she took on this mission she would have to put up with Jungkook’s sexual desires and needs, doesn’t mean she can’t fight back at first though. Jungkook removed his hand and gave her a cold stare, as if he were trying to figure her out. “So, tell me more about yourself.” Jungkook said, that bunny grin he’s always had appearing making him look so innocent when he clearly was the devil himself.

It reminded her of one of Shakespeare’s plays, Macbeth and a line from it. ‘Look like th' innocent flower, but be the serpent under ’t.’ it was. Jungkook’s innocent face and boyish looks that could make him seem like the sweetest angel if she wanted but deep down he was conceited, greedy and disgusting. “What do you want to know?” She asked, her voice finally being heard and it was a little shaky but who could blame her. She was currently sitting next to a very attractive, deadly man who could find out about her at any given moment.

He smirked and leaned forward, his hand still resting on her thigh but his grip tightening around the skin. His body now pressed against hers as he leaned forward and pushed the hair sitting over her shoulders over of the way and onto the other side. Laying a soft and delicate kiss on the skin before placing his lips against the shell of her ear, his smirk evident against the goose bumps that were forming. “Everything.” His dark and husky voice echoed in her eyes, the word alone making her face turn red and her body tense under his simple touch.

 They arrived at a mansion, the building white and gold with many windows and balconies. A beautiful garden that would be comfortable to walk around in on a bright and sunny day unlike this dull and dark one they had. The sky was grey, dark clouds moving by quickly and smell of rain evident. They stepped out, y/n feeling more nervous than ever knowing this is where she would be staying. But she always would remind herself ‘don’t get caught and you’ll be fine.’ She wasn’t 100% sure what would happen to her if she did ever get caught.

But she knew it would end with her body being thrown into a lake and never found again. “Shall we?” Jungkook’s hand was placed on her lower back as he pushed her forward to walk with him into the place he called ‘home.’ He ran his tongue over his bottom lip and he looked at her shapes, wanting nothing more than to rid her of the dress and throw her onto his bed and fuck her until the sun goes down. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that, he had to remain professional and basically be a tease until she begged for him.

He was a dom! So, it only made sense, he loved being in control and making them scream. But teasing and making them beg on their knees for his cock was a big turn on for him. They walked inside and a woman in a uniform immediately rushed over and he threw hew his jacket, his body guard carrying the bag full of money towards his office to put in his safe. “Dinner will be ready soon sir, shall I set the table?” The woman asked and Jungkook agreed, y/n looked around.

 Getting familiar with the place since she would be staying here for the next few weeks, and finding where he keeps all his information was important too. She walked upstairs and looked at all the paintings that hung on the wall, some looked expensive with the golden patterned frame they sat in. She continued walking, stopping as she came across two large doors with golden handles, pressing it down before it opened with ease. The room was big, paintings on the wall, a large walk in closet, a few mirrors here and there. The large bed with over ten pillows sat on it.

Y/n walked over and sat down, feeling how soft and comfortable it was compared to the crappy mattress she had back at home. She ran her hands over the silky material that covered the mattress and felt cold yet so warm against her skin. “Comfortable?” She was startled by Jungkook and quickly stood up, feeling like she had been caught gawking at his wealth. And in a way, she did. He was leaned against the door frame, hands stuffed inside his pockets with his tie loosened around his neck now and a more relaxed look on him now.

His eyebrow still arched from his question and a small smirk on his plump lips. “I see you found our room.” He said walking in, slowly making his way over to the blushing girl. Our? She thought, feeling her ears catch fire at the thought of sharing a bed with him for four weeks. She was thinking about how weird it would be, she’s never shared her bed with a man before and she didn’t think she would be sharing a bed with one. Jungkook was now standing right in front of her, his index finger softly placed under her chin to tilt her head up slightly to meet his daring gaze.

“Stop thinking so hard.” With those words being said he had swiftly leaned forward so her back was pressed against the mattress and his frame was hovering over hers. His right hand holding himself up over her and the over gripping her side roughly, gripping the fabric that hugged her body as his stare undressed her. She could feel him and how hard he was as he pressed his lower half into her more, as if in a way, he was trying to find some sort of friction. He leaned down, finally connecting his lips with hers, the kiss was poison to her lips.

She felt as if she was committing a sin, and in a way, she was. She had been with guys before but when she was near Jungkook he made it feel like this was her first time. After a heated make out session, Jungkook had to restrain himself and pull back. Smirking slightly at the whimper that left her lips, as much as y/n didn’t want to she needed him but she knew he wouldn’t give it her easily. She knew that he would play some sort of game to get her to bed for him badly. But two can play at that game.

“I want to take you shopping tomorrow. I want to spoil you badly.” His voice rasped, a faint growl in it as his eyes flickered between her eyes and her red swollen lips that were still agape. “For now, you can wear my clothes.” He said pushing himself up and away from her, leaving her to lay there untouched and frustrated. But what y/n could really use right now, is a shower. She looked down at her watch and saw that it was just after six now. She didn’t realise how fast time flew. Just a few hours ago, she was being dressed up to look the part. 

Jungkook walked out and back downstairs, himself sexually frustrated just as much as y/n. He walked into his study, closing the door behind him as he turned back around to see the bag sitting on his desk. He moved the books off the shelf and began twisting the knob to open the safe. Hearing the click and it opening, he began piling the money in there. Smirking to himself at how wealthy he had become over the years. “Master Jeon! Dinner is ready!” The maid called and Jungkook walked out of the study, the safe locked and the books placed back on the shelf to look like the rest.

Y/n made her way downstairs, Jungkook meeting her at the bottom. A small chuckle leaving his lips as he held out his arm for her to take which she gladly did and walked into the dining room. It was huge, a big diamond chandelier hanging from the ceiling that lit up the room. She could have sworn that this used to be a palace because there is no other place around here like this. She sat down and Jungkook sat next to her, comfortably placing his hand on her tight.

“What is it with you and putting your hands on me all the time?” She asked, the questions sounding harsher than intended. “I just can’t keep my hands-off you baby.” He replied with a smirk, sudden regrets coming back to her to accept this mission. “For dinner, I prepared chicken, vegetables and a salad. I found that expensive wine that you’ve been wanting to open. Please enjoy.” The maid announced before stepping out, leaving the two to eat together. “Dig in.” He said smirking as he picked up his knife and fork and began eating.

Y/n felt uncomfortable but began eating any way, the food tasted like she was in an expensive restaurant, she had never had such good quality food before this day. She grew up with a very poor family and only ate rice, even now she just managed to get by in a house with some furniture around that she needed. “Does it suit your taste buds?” Jungkook asked and she nodded, reaching forward and taking a sip of her wine that she’s been thinking about for a bit. It tasted like bitter fruit at first, soon turning a little sweet on the tip of her tongue.

 “Which side do you want?” Jungkook walked out of the bathroom, a white towel hung loose around his waist as he walked over to his wardrobe. Running his fingers through his damp, cold hair that was currently messy. But what y/n couldn’t tear her eyes away from was his toned chest, how was it possible for someone his age to be that ripped? He flashed her a toothy smile at the corner of his mouth when he noticed her stealing glances. Looking up from the magazine she was reading every now and then to get a quick look. “What’s your star sign?” She asked, pushing her frames back onto her face a little more.

He smirked, knowing she must be reading those horoscopes or something in her magazine. “Virgo.” He said as she looked down to find the one, before smirking. “The Virgin. Your element is Earth. Your planet is Mercury.” She said, chuckling slightly that he was considered a ‘virgin’ apparently. Jungkook walked over to the end of the bed, grabbing her ankles and pulling her towards him. The silk pyjama shorts rising slightly, exposing her thighs. His hands rested on her knees which were bent and by his sides.

“Virgin?” He arched an eyebrow and cocked his head to the side, eyes glaring into hers. She felt so nervous and intimidated. “I can tell you, that I have probably been with more people than you.” His husky voice was intoxicating to her, but she had to resist. “I think not. I really doubt that.” She said, smirking slightly. Pushing her frames onto her face since they were slipping slightly. “When was the last time you fucked someone?” His words made her cringed but she answered the question any way.

“The other night. At a bar, he walked me home and we slept together. He was big too, thick and veiny. The way I like it.” She felt like she was going too far. Who is this person? She thought to herself quietly. “I bet I could be better.” His hands soothed the skin on her thighs and he could feel her tense under his touch. “C’mon, let’s have a round. See who lasts longer.” He licked his lips seductively, and as much as y/n wanted to she voted against it. “How about no? I’m tired.” Was all she said before pushing him away and climbing under the covers.

Turning off her lamp and his left on and the only light left in the room. Jungkook quickly dressed himself in just some sweatpants and climbed into bed next to the girl. She was already warm and her body giving off heat, he couldn’t help but wrap and arm around her waist and pulled her body into him, her ass pushed into his crotch caused him to his, he hasn’t had sex in ages and was so needy right now. But he wasn’t going to be the one to cave in.

Impressed? || c.h

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I M A G I N E 

“Y/N, this way!”

“Over here,Y/N!”

“Smile for me, baby!”

Shouts from the paparazzi came from every which way as you posed for the cameras. Flashes of bright lights practically blinded you as you held your hip with one hand and had the other dropped to your side. Those money-thirsty cameramen were yearning for your best angles as you kept walked the carpet alongside other celebrities. 

Your body was hugged with expense garments from designers with unpronounceable names. Jewelry of high gold  carats hung loosely on your body as they made sound every motion you took. Your hair and makeup was done within 4 hours to show you off to perfection. 

Being famous was very interesting for a few reasons. One being that you’ve never had so much attention before. Invasion of space was never a thing for an introvert like yourself. Because of this led to the other reason of your friends actually wanting you more. Being all rich and famous made you appealing, which made your friends want you around all the time. Especially for their Snapchat and Instagram stories. 

Another reason was being famous with people you used to go to school with. 

“Y/N?” You heard an Australian voice as you entered into the large theater. There were less paparazzi inside, but your guards were still at your tail. You turn a bit to see Calum Hood in your presence. Your old high school crush. 

“C-Calum?” You said quietly, watching as he detached himself from the rest of his lads to speak with you. He looked much more handsome than you recalled when the both of you attended school. He was wearing a lovely grey suit that made him look way too sexy for his own good. His dress shirt was a much lighter grey, complimented with a navy blue tie. Your eyes dropped down a little to see his fancy brown and Italian shoes protecting his feet nicely. 

“Like (your high school) Y/N?” Calum asked, his almond eyes wide and full of surprise. You nodded, feeling blood rush up to your cheeks as Calum dug his hands into his pockets. “Holy shit, it’s been so long!” 

“Uh yeah, it has,” you say shyly, holding onto your Prada purse tightly. The last time you saw the boy was in the middle of your last year in high school. He and his mates apparently were in a band and actually got noticed by Louis Tomlinson. That very last day, you pulled Calum aside when he was finally alone and confessed your feelings 

It was the most heartbreaking rejection you’ve ever felt. 

“You look… wow,” Calum breathed, eyeing you blatantly as you blushed even more. You admit that you developed pretty well since your high school years. Being the shy girl that nobody knew was easy, as you barely did a thing to impress. Glasses complimented by braces and shaggy clothing was your daily lifestyle. Nobody expected you to be a gifted singer. “S-sorry,” Calum realized, locking eyes with you once more as you blushed. 

“It’s alright, I don’t believe it either,” you admit, giggling nervously as you patted down your outfit. “I assume you’re performing, yeah?” You asked, watching as he nods his head. He quickly gave you a cheeky smile, making your heart stop in a snap. 

“How about you, Y/N? Are you someone’s guest?” Calum asked, feeling a little hurt. “You certainly don’t look like anybody’s guest in that outfit.”

“I’m actually performing, too,” you say quietly, having Calum look surprised once more. You smile shyly at him as you tucked a bit of your hair behind your ear. “I’m a solo artist.”

“Y-you are?” Calum asked, still shocked about it. 

“I actually won 2 Grammy’s,” you giggle, thinking fondly about your achievements. 

“What?” Calum was still astonished, staring at your wistfully as you smiled awkwardly at the ground. 

“Impressed?” You mumbled, feeling a bit of confidence strike you from speaking about your achievements. Calum nodded vigorously as he shrugged a bit. 

“Hey, uh,” Calum began, clearing his throat a bit before continuing. “You really do look fantastic tonight. You’re so beautiful, Y/N.”

“Thank you,” you took the compliment quietly, still blushing from Calum’s kindness. “You don’t look too bad yourself. Though this isn’t very ‘punkrock’ of you.” 

“Watch my performance and you’ll see how punkrock I am!” Calum exclaimed, making you giggle. Calum looked at you with awe, feeling a sense of comfort from your shear laughter. This was a much different stare from the day you confessed to him. He held a gaze of pure horror until it turned into sorrow when he rejected you. Which was fair, considering he was going on tour and all. 

You never expected to see him again, so you confessed right then and there. 

“I’m excited for it,” you assured him, giving him a more confident smile. The two of you stared at each other for a bit before the workers of the award show insisting that you guys kept moving down the carpet. “Where are you sitting by the way?”

“Like the center-middle of the place,” Calum said. “How about you?” 

“Center-front,” you hummed, seeing Calum frown a bit. He then took out his phone and unlocked it. 

“Give me your number,” Calum said, taking you a bit by shock. You took out your phone while telling him your digits. You watched as he tapped in the number and put your name as the contact. “Just so we can text during the show. Because I know I’m gonna get bored.” 

“Aha, ditto,” you agree with a smile. Calum smiled at you until one of your guards informed you that you were parting ways. 

“Your queue?” Calum asked. 

“Mhm,” you nod disappointingly. Suddenly, Calum went up and gave you a light squeeze. Being in his arms felt so unfamiliar, but so comforting and safe. You never thought you’d ever hug him. But now, in his arms, anything really can happen. 

“See you around,” Calum said as he detached and gave you a wink. 

“B-bye,” you said quietly, waving him goodbye as you watched his disappearing silhouette. As you walked where you were guided, you immediately recieved a call from an anonymous number. 

“Hello?” You answered, holding the phone to your ear. 

“Hey beautiful,” Calum’s voice rang through the phone, making you blush once more without being in the flesh. 

chessala  asked:

Prompt: how about a yuuri that crushes on a Viktor he drew and then ends up meeting him ...ohohoho

wellwellwell you know that @forovnix, @exile-wrath, and i have been plotting out an au where yuuri writes kings in couture, so i’m going to tweak this a bit

Yuuri is beyond confused. 

He’d done nothing but pull back the shower curtain, and, well.

This is not the Detroit Skating Club locker rooms. 

Yuuri steps out into the darkened room, shivering as the cold air conditioning hits his shower-heated skin. He’s a little thankful that he’d at least put on a towel, though it’s the only thing he has on him and now his hair is dripping in his eyes. His bag of clothes is nowhere to be seen, which is unfortunate considering his glasses are in there. 

The room is a dark blur, so it comes as no surprise to Yuuri when he finds himself bumping into a rack full of clothing. As he gropes blindly around him, trying to reorient himself, Yuuri discovers that this rack isn’t the only one.

The entire room is full of them. 

After some careful stepping and feeling, Yuuri manages to find the wall. And then the light switch. And having some light in the room only makes things a tiny bit better by letting him at least see the blurred shapes of the gleaming silver racks and the clothing arranged by style, size, and colour hanging on them.

With some intense squinting and internal cursing at himself for not being able to focus precisely, Yuuri makes his way around the room to pick out an outfit. Some of these clothes look and feel like they’d cost him all of his sponsorship money to purchase, which sends a shiver down his spine. The pair of jeans he’d tossed on, for example, had tags that said they were from Calvin Klein. Whoever was in charge of this closet had expensive tastes, and was also apparently Yuuri’s size.

There’s a sudden sound from the door. Yuuri scrambles to hide himself, buttoning up the shirt he’d ‘borrowed’ and grabbing his towel as he dives behind one of the racks along the back wall. The door into the room swings open, and someone steps in.

There’s a pause. Yuuri’s heart pounds in his chest, echoes in his ears. He strains to listen, hearing the smart click of expensive-sounding shoes – probably Italian leather loafers – against the cold linoleum. He closes his eyes, trying to quiet his breathing, slow his heart. The footsteps stop. 

Yuuri’s vaguely aware of the fact that he’s holding his breath. He looks up at the clothes he’s hiding behind, feels their softness on his cheeks. The other person in the room heaves a sigh. 

“Is someone in here?” they ask. Yuuri feels a chill run down his spine. That voice is too familiar – light, with a faint Russian accent. Pleasant. Charming. He’d listened to all its interviews and talk shows. Fallen asleep at night to its pleasant hum, imagining its speaker’s breath tickling at his ears.

That’s Viktor Nikiforov’s voice.

Yuuri’s heart seizes tightly in his chest.

“I know someone has to be in here. The light’s usually off.” Viktor’s voice seems to be getting louder. There’s no way that voice belongs to Viktor Nikiforov, though. Because Viktor Nikiforov is in Saint Petersburg, not Detroit, or wherever this closet is. “You don’t need to hide yourself, you know. The interns borrow date clothes from this closet all the time.”

Yuuri says nothing. Maybe Viktor will just assume an intern forgot to turn off the light on their way out, and leave. Whoever those interns are. Are there rink interns in Russia?

The footsteps begin again, getting louder and louder. Yuuri bites down on his tongue, tries to hold his breath further. But the shoes are now too close. They’re right in front of him. They’re definitely patent Italian leather.

A hand reaches out, and the next thing Yuuri realises, he’s being pulled out into the light once more, blinking brightness out of his eyes in time to see the very puzzled expression of Viktor Nikiforov.

Yuuri gapes. 

“Viktor?” he asks. “What are you doing here?”

Viktor’s eyebrows furrow. “I could ask the same of you, Mr –”


“Yes.” Viktor’s tone is clipped, polite. “How did you gain access to this office?”

“A-Access?” echoes Yuuri. “I just came out – I stepped – where are we?”

Viktor stares at him like he’s sprouted a second head. “You’re in the offices of of History Maker Couture. Now, do I need to call security?”

The room spins, suddenly. History Maker Couture. Oh no.

And that’s the last thing Yuuri thinks about before everything goes dark.

Head Over Heels (M)

Originally posted by jonginization

Smut (w/ fluff ending)

Summary:  Being a broke college student wasn’t fun.You needed to indulge in the finer things sometimes.You wanted those heels, and if it meant making Daddy Kai happy, you couldn’t say no.

Breath play, slight bondage and gagging

Word Count:

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

A/N: Hello there! I’m Smutty Jaefairy and this is my first story on the blog! I hope you enjoy it  c:

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Always & Forever (One Shot)

 Summary: It’s your 6th wedding anniversary and Bucky wants to surprise you with something special. Only problem is, he’s absolutely clueless. Time to call in the Cavalry!

Warnings: NONE

A/N: This is my first one shot. I’m truly a sap for Bucky Barnes and romance. Happy reading!!!

7 years. That’s how long you and James Buchanan Barnes have been together. 2 years dating and 5 years married. No one knew the impact [Y/N] had on the brooding super soldier. She managed to creep inside his scrambled mind, knock out the darkness and replace it with happiness, self-worth, and unyielding love fierce as a lion and gentle as a lamb. That’s why Bucky knew your upcoming anniversary had to be nothing short of amazing!!!

However, one MAJOR obstacle stood between him and the coveted “Husband of the Year” award…….James Buchanan Barnes didn’t know diddly-squat about planning an anniversary shindig!! Sure picking out flowers and candy were easy, along with ordering pizza or going out to dinner at ‘The Cre8tion Station’, a quaint little bistro [Y/N] loved, specializing in mouthwatering sushi, a vast array of soup and delicious chicken salad.  

But your wedding anniversary wasn’t some mediocre occasion and everything had to be on a grander scale. Bucky wanted to have the dinner on the Tower’s rooftop!! In order to make this elegant evening come to life, he enlisted the help of some real heavy hitters; Pepper for her event planning expertise. She knew the best decorators, florists and caterers in the world! Nat and Wanda volunteered for shopping duty. They knew [Y/N’s] taste in clothing and Bucky trusted their flair for fashion.

Let’s not forget Daddy Warbucks himself, Anthony Edward Stark. His fondness for her meant nothing was too expensive. That made Nat and Wanda simply giddy because running amuck in New York with limitless credit was every woman’s dream.

[Y/N], Steve, Scott, Thor and Rhodey were on a 5 day mission, scheduled to return on Friday. This afforded Pepper, Nat, Wanda, and Tony time to plan without interference. It would be a total surprise!!! Tears pooled in Bucky’s azure blue-grey eyes simply thinking about your wedding anniversary. Never in a million years could he have dreamt love would overtake the demons in his mind and ground him. He loved [Y/N] with every fiber of his being and wanted nothing short of perfection to make this night memorable!!!


By the time Wednesday rolled around, ‘Operation Anniversary Surprise’ was in full effect. Bucky checked the weather forecast for the 100th time. Nat and Wanda’s tasks were complete. [Y/N’s] dress was stunning; a charcoal grey Kaufman Franco Studded Sleeveless V-Neck Cocktail dress, paired with black stiletto’s to accentuate [Y/N]’s long legs. Although Bucky wanted to see her dress, Nat and Wanda forbid him from peeking until Friday.


Bucky and Tony visited “DuBose & Son Atelier.” Francois chose a Charcoal grey fitted suit, deep purple tie and pocket square. He said it brought out Bucky’s blue eyes. “Monsieur Barnes, c’est magnifique and might I add, no outfit is complete without a pair of black shoes.”

Tony pointed to a pair of black Hugo Boss Italian Leather shoes. “Excellent choice Monsieur Stark.” Bucky stepped out of the fitting room. Tony and Francois were absolutely floored. “I gotta admit Buckaroo, you look dashing. Not as handsome as I am, but it’s a close fifth.”

Turning his gaze towards the full length mirror, Bucky couldn’t believe his eyes. Gone were the shadows that outlined his scarred body; gone were the voices that ran rampant through his thoughts.

“Hmmm, not bad Barnes,” he mumbled.

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I Bet It Stung (M)

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Genre: Smut/Angst

Summary: When there’s sexual tension between you and your potential boyfriend, You come up with a reckless plan to deter an awkward hookup. Finding a fuck buddy. The thing about reckless plans though, they’re bound to backfire badly. Hopefully you can come back from this. (Mark x Reader, Bambam x Reader )

Warnings: Piercings , Boys who Dab, Underage alcohol use

Word count: 9,684

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

A/N: Here’s some Mark and Bambam (No dabbing, sadly)  smut and drama. This was fun to write. The title is  a song from Tegan and Sara’s So Jealous album. I  listened to it on repeat while doing this, give it a try if you like breakup music. I hope you guys enjoy it :’)

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Revelation: Part 2

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.3K
Warnings: Angst, swearing, fluff, Tony being an all round good guy

A/N: A part 2 was requested! Unfortunately, I’ll be leaving this fic/request here, as I am going to explore this storyline as part of a fic series in the future.

I really feel good about this fic, maybe it’s because I finished writing this at 5am and I’m super tired, but I’m really proud of this

Part 1

Your bare feet slap against the cold tiles as you move from the kitchen to the balcony, a cup of steaming tea in your hands. The weather was starting to warm up, so you decide to drag a blanket onto the balcony and watch the sunrise. With all the New York City traffic bustling hundreds of meters below you, it was louder on the balcony than it was inside. You spent a lot of your time on the balcony, just looking out over the city and trying to lose yourself in imagining what it was like to be normal. At first, the silence and seclusion had been nice, but it quickly led to days of overthinking and moments of insanity.

You’d been living in the Stark Tower for 2 weeks, you had never really asked Tony’s permission, but he hadn’t told you to leave yet. You were planning on finding your own place, but you weren’t in the right mind set to start looking for apartments at the moment. You were still an emotional mess from finding out the truth about your parents’ deaths.

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