Emil and Mickey at a buffet dinner

Emil: *Puts a fuck ton of pasta on plate*

Mickey: *sarcastically* are you sure that’ll be enough?

Emil: Well, I love Italian food.

Mickey: Oh really?

Emil: Yeah. You know. Italian food, Italian wine, Italian boys–, I meant Italian shoes..


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3,500-ish

Warnings: disappointing sex, rough sex, dom!Sam, jealous!Sam, brief choking, brief oral, dirty talk, language, unprotected sex (wrap it up!!!)

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The heavy, gut-wrenching grunt echoes in your ear as the man on top of you (James, Jack, something starting with a J) rocks his hips slowly, his less-than-average cock slipping almost too easily inside you on every stroke.

You picked him up in a bar a while ago after listening to him drone on and on about how he was a successful businessman who ran his own international business company. Foolishly thinking with money and power must come good sex, you took him up on his offer and followed him back to his motel room. Sadly, you realize that what came with the expensive suit and shiny Italian shoes came nothing but an over-the-top ego and very little in way of sexual prowess.

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Italian Horseshoe Charm

[foto taken in Pontito, Toscana, Italia]

Along with the rest of Europe, Italian folklore uses the horseshoe nailed to the front of buildings (usually houses or barns) to ward off witchcraft, the evil eye, and bad luck. Here’s a spoken charm used after all of the rooms have been blessed and the horseshoe is nailed to/by the door:

“Oh ferro di quadrupede, tu che sei
Tanto forte, d'ogni nemico guardami.
Scaccialo e dagli morte, distruggila,
distruggila questa genia d'arpia,
con la tua forza magica,
guarda la casa mia.“

Do Your Worst (Draco X Harry)

Type: Fluff

Warnings: None

Summary: When Draco gets called in by Scorpius’ potions teacher, he gets a pleasant surprise when he finds out who it is

Word count: 885

Note: In this imagine, Harry never got together with Ginny, and Albus Potter doesn’t exist (I’m sorry okay don’t shoot me)

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Draco Malfoy never thought he’d be walking the stone corridors of Hogwarts School again. And yet there he was, expensive black Italian leather shoes making no noise on the silent stone corridors that lead to the potions classroom.

He’d been called in by a ‘Mr Potter’ to discuss his son’s progress in Potions that year, and fought back a wave of emotion at the sound of the name. He mustn’t let himself get his hopes up - the surname ‘Potter’ must be very common. He found himself, fist raised, about to knock on the door to the classroom he hadn’t entered in years.

Three sharp knocks echoed along the stone corridor.

“Come in.” called a voice from behind the door.

The door swung open, and Draco felt his breath catch in his throat, as he saw the mop of brown shaggy hair bent over some parchment. Cliche really, but he couldn’t help himself. He’d always had a curious liking for Potter, which was something he’d never admit to of course. After a few seconds, the professor looked up from his writing.

The exact same glittering green eyes met his from behind the same round glasses. A grin broke out across Harry’s face.

“Draco Malfoy?” he asked, though more as a statement that a question.

“Harry Potter?” Draco replied, much in the same manner.

Harry nodded as he gestured for Draco to take the seat opposite him, which he did, smoothing out a non existent crease in his crisp, black suit. There was a moment of awkward silence, until Potter took the inicitave to break it.

“So, how’ve things been for you Draco?” Harry asked, pushing his glasses up, something that Draco had always found oddly attractive.

“Nothing too interesting.” swallowed Draco, tugging at his tight collar. “Me and Astoria got divorced a while back, and Scorpius came to live with me. It can be difficult at times, but we manage. How about you, Potter? Met anyone special yet?”

“Nope, not unless you count my cat.” laughed Harry, watching as Draco managed to momentarily excited but still smoulderingly sexy at the same time.

The bastard.

“Anyway, you called me in to discuss Scorpius’ progress in Potions?” asked Draco, diverting the conversation away from personal matters.

“Yes, yes I did.” said Harry, running his fingers through his still disheveled hair. “Scorpius is doing exceptionally well in Potions classes, so much so that I think he finds lessons almost insultingly easy. I am of the opinion that he be moved up a year group for Potions classes, to challenge him further. I called you in merely to ask for your permission for this to go ahead. Do I have this permission?”

After a moment of silence, Harry repeated his question, snapping Draco out of his trance.

“Yes, yes of course you do.” muttered Draco, attention still elsewhere.

Merlin, Potter had aged well. He’d lost his skinny frame and filled out in muscle, with strong arms and a toned chest under his tight t-shirt.

“Do you want to come get a butterbeer at The Three Broomsticks with me?” blurted Draco, mentally slapping himself when he saw the surprised look on Potter’s face. He breathed an almost audible sigh of relief when Harry smiled.

“Of course Draco.”

*time skip*

“Draco…” Harry began awkwardly. They were far done with butterbeer and had moved on to firewhiskey some time ago, yet it didn’t make the initiation of this conversation any easier.

“I know what you’re going to ask Harry. You’re going to ask why I didn’t reveal your identity to Belatrix and the others all those years ago? Why I refused to let them torture you?” muttered Draco, allowing one strand of white blonde hair to stray into his eyes before brushing it out of the way.

“Yes, that was what I was intending to ask. You hated me Malfoy. Why save me?” asked Harry, downing the remains of his glass and setting it to one side, looking the blonde straight in the eye.

“You’ll probably think I’m rather an idiot after this, but I intend to say it anyway.” began Draco. “I’ve always liked you Potter, in more than just a friendly way. I suppose I tried to hide it, because then what would my father say? His only son, pureblood Malfoy, a fag? He would have disowned me. But I don’t really care about him any more, I just care about saying this to you, right now. I didn’t reveal who you were because how could I stand to torture the only thing I’d ever had in my life at that point that I truly loved? And now I’m aware that I’m just nervously babbling and-”

Harry cut Draco off by pressing one long, slim finger over his lips, the touch sending shivers through both of them.

“I’ve always had feelings for you too Draco.” laughed Harry. “I suppose we could have saved ourselves a lot of shit had we just admitted our feelings for each other.”

There was a moment of silence that quickly became uncomfortable, as Draco’s piercing dark eyes met Harry’s smouldering green ones.

“Harry, I’m going to kiss you now, because I honestly don’t think I can physically restrain myself.” breathed Draco.

“I’ve been waiting to hear those words for a decade Malfoy. Do your worst.”


italian shoes by mink deville ‘85

Worth It (Draco x Reader)

Type: Fluff

Warnings: None

Summary/Prompt: Just some Draco x pregnant reader fluff

Word count: 644

@rissbennett asked: Hi could I please get a series with Draco x pregnant reader? :) 💕
Hope it’s want you wanted, enjoy!

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“Y/N, love? I’m home!” called Draco, shutting the door behind him and toeing off his Italian leather shoes.

Perfectly impractical for a healer, but stylish nonetheless.

He made his way into the living room, where he could often find you curled up with a book in front of the fire when he came home, so was surprised to see you absent from your usual spot. Hearing a sudden bang from the kitchen, he furrowed his brows and quickly walked in there, sighing in relief when he realised you’d merely dropped a cake tin.

“Oh, hello my love.” you said, bending with some difficulty to pick up the dropped items. “I got the sudden fancy to bake a cake for you when you came home from work.”

“Since when have you been the housewife type? I believe that’s what we employed the house elves for, darling.” chuckled Draco, embracing you gently so as not to hurt your stomach in any way.

“This is what pregnancy is doing to me Dray,” you laughed, “it’s turning me into a shell of my former self.”

Draco knelt down so that he was level with your bump, and placed his hand on it gently.

“Have you been a good boy for mummy today my little prince?” he asked, making a delighted noise when he felt his son kick against his palm.

“He knows you’re talking to him love.” you smiled, running your fingers gently through your husband’s hair.

“Can’t wait to meet you my little man. I love you.” he murmered against your skin, taking your hand as he stood straight again. “Love, is that your cake I smell burning?”

“Shit! you yelled, eyes widening, squatting to open the oven and revealing a lump of charcoal.

Overwhelmed and hit by a sudden mood swing, you promptly sat down on the floor and burst into hysterical tears.

“Darling, it’s only a cake, we can make another one. Or we can have the house elves make one and have a nice, relaxing evening watching the… television?” he said uncertainly, rubbing your shoulder in an act of comfort.

You turned to him sharply, eyes full of venom.

“No Draco, we can’t get the house elves to do it. That’s what you always do! Do you think I’m some kind of idiot incapable of doing anything for herself?!” you yelled, and Draco took a shocked step backwards.

“No love, you know I don’t think that. I was just suggesting that maybe you’d want to rest, seeing as you’re carrying a baby around with you.” he said, each word carefully calculated.

You felt your face crumple as you burst into a fresh wave of tears, chest heaving with each sob.

“Y/N?” Draco asked uncertainly.

“You’re so good to me Dray, you’re such a good husband, and all I do is yell at you. I’m so sorry.” you sobbed.

“Honey, it’s fine.” smiled Draco. “I understand how you’re feeling. Why don’t you go and lie down on the sofa whilst I go and change into something more comfortable?”

He helped you up off the floor and led you to the living room, lying you down gently on the couch before heading off to change out of his healer’s robes. He returned quickly, dressed in a t shirt and jeans, before you held your arms out for a hug. Laying down next to you, he said,

“I never thought I’d get to this point in my life. Being so ridiculously in love with a woman who’s carrying our child.”

“Well you deserve it.” you whispered. “You’ve been through more shit than anyone should ever have to go through.”

“Well, it was all worth it in the end, wasn’t it?” he murmered, resting a hand on your bump. “I’d gladly go to hell and back, just to be as happy as I am right now.”