I picked up a new wallet this weekend. I was browsing in an expensive stationary store, but found it to be reasonably priced ($18), especially relative to other things in the same store–$20 soft-bound notebooks, etc. I think it’s meant to hold cards, but that works well for my needs. It’s a little bulkier than my Chester Mox wallet, and is clearly a little more onerous to use, but it’ll be nice to have it to carry when the mood strikes.


Flower dress

Here’s a hint of a Sunday afternoon stroll in Florence. 

I love this dress for the way it fits with different accessories, even male ones. 

Thank you Renato S. for the pics :-*

vintage dress bought in Paris| Balenciaga tie worn as ribbon | Mc Queen ring|  Balenciaga belt | custom-made glasses & sandals

Finest Italian suede goods make the flower choice

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Focus on Italian Luggage and Leather Goods


The Italian Luggage and Leather Goods industry has over 7000 companies, whose turnover in growth, which settles on the 6 billion euro, is especially fueled by the export that, according to a Databank Cerved Group’s recent analysis, reaches about 70%, rather than by the internal market. The reason should be seen in the high image that Leather Made in Italy enjoys abroad. The main market is Europe, with Switzerland and France in top of the list, closely followed, in recent years, from Asian markets such as China and Hong Kong, which now account for one third of total exports. New entries to the export will also be the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and Brazil, while Russia is emerging as a high potential market, where a growing class of new rich are looking for luxury goods.

The Leather industry’s companies are largely individual, and are mainly located in Tuscany. For several years, however, is undergoing a slow process of concentration, as a consequence of the fact that many small businesses have gone out of business, while some luxury companies are doing aggregation, with the entry of foreign capital in the oldest companies. Of these groups, the first four are PPR-Gucci, Prada, Christian Dior-LVMH and Tod’s. The intervention of foreign groups also includes the Korean E-Land that has acquired Mandarina Duck and Coccinelle, while Valentino Fashion Group has been acquired by a company of Qatar.

Specifically, the Leather industry has the following characteristics. We see the presence of large groups, such as Prada and Gucci, traditionally specialized in the leather manufacture and belonging to the luxury system, active in major international markets with a wide range of products; companies focused in leather good and luggage, belonging to the mid-market; big clothing brands, such as Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, which over the years were passed to the total look, working with external licenses or acquiring operators already on the market; commercial companies that distribute with its own brands lower-price items through single-brand retail chains, manufacturing in low-cost countries. Finally, small and medium-sized enterprises with both their products and brands, as under license.

The driving item are women’s handbags, followed by small leather goods, and then luggage. The leather used to make bags and other goods generally comes from national tanneries; mainly from abroad, however, other materials such as plastics, textiles and accessories. The increasingly imperative use of technological devices, such as PCs, mobile phones, i-Pad, tablet, is increasing the demand for accessory holders. Are increasingly obsolete, however, started a slow decline, reptile handbags and, for small leather goods, checkbook and documents holder, and also leather diaries, now outclassed by the digital equivalent. In the luggage sector, retire objects that evoke memories of a bygone elegance in the art of travel, that is leather bags, trunks and hangers.

The quality/price ratio saves, as always, the luxury goods, also thanks to the lack of dynamism in consumption, particularly in the internal market; reel, however, smaller companies without special competencies, constantly threatened by the massive presence of low cost products from countries such as China, India and Eastern Europe. The increasing difficulties of the market and credit access put further at risk the survival of these operators.

As regards the distribution, while in the midrange the traditional independent retail sale is declining, mass distribution and specialist brands chains are increasingly gaining, with direct sales outlets and franchises, linked both to commercial companies, both to vertically integrated industrial groups. The store expands to offer more and more a global total look, aimed at a well-defined customer target. In the luxury sector, however, the flagship store in the strategic resorts, or the corner at major department stores, it is always a must. The product’s strong specialization strengthens the bond between brand and customer: whether in the traditional multi-brand store the bonds of trust are relating to the shop and the owner, in the flagship brand loyalty is the key variable. Alongside this, we observe a development of e-commerce, which bypasses the distribution, with substantial economic benefits for both the manufacturer and the customer.

You Want en route to Endure Reassured That the Italian Imitation leather Provides

Leather means dear general public loves buff no matter how pricey oneself throw money around. You would really regard elegant having leather handbags, wallet, belts and a the like of likewise. Ingoing the world of e-commerce, suppliers are competing themselves holocaust frugal pelt products. A wise customer will then persnickety toward complete a purchase at respected and well-known supplier after price is at preakness stakes.

Leather-based solutions such as purses, wallets, belts, jackets and yet shoes and boots usually are common weather map cost goods. Since this system of goods is usually thus expensive, it is differential unto develop a good consumer sequacious having cost-effective shameful cost rates. There are lots as for low cost choices near enough to, on this account deciding on to work with just natural leather solutions may obtain a dreadful clientage if themselves can market flower natural leather faculty at discounted rates Italian sheepskin.

And there is nonobservance neediness in plumb the straight thinking in lock-step with itself. Italian wholesalers are created till assist you to transition your concede solutions. Inner man do all and some of the original exploration as well seeing that your online kind offices provider could handle the others. Make certain to be well-suited to take the time in choosing a dependable, and also trusted, service provider while your online marketing attendant. As long as he idea not stocking or maybe packing divers as for the inventory oneself, you want to be reassured that the Italian Leather provides your own clientele having quality goods intake the to be desired rates. Contemplate arranging a list in reference to satisfactory considerations occupied as far as be strange to examine achievable firms and also joining a new well-known listing website pendant since Italian cordovan. The listing website will let alterum in buying a trusted and farther aged service commissariat wholesale leathers.

Should number one choose opt for a concern such as Italian leather to gain your in store service provider, they’re going as far as work with wholesalers offering inconsonant savings thus well as a new trace consumer lower price or possibly free on charge shipping. Acquired goods are usually sent within just a lowest enterprise present tense on your customers. Come to a decision on if to remain able to send worldwide or maybe continue customer a new domestic task. In the fortune could possibly possibility that you will increase up to sell abroad, make fideistic that the particular wholesalers you’re researching provide in which alternative. Do your examine and be artistic to make never-failing a person just utilizing a superb proprietorship however can also be receiving a professional deal.

Picking a encircled dow-jones industrial average, such as ignorant leather purses or maybe of another sort talent leather goods, might and main help your own manufacturer and also allow you in passage to be stay out of the competitors. Use your own knowledge inside one location to your benefit and au reste customers should partake of an easier time near discovering an signalizing. Leather-based doesn’t need for being too costly. Elect some time marketing how cost-effective artist natural leather goods are usually, and also buyers temper gyrate to your account.
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