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Rose Hip Tea, Iced Coffee, Italian Soda, Green Tea, Hot Chocolate, and Herbal Tea.

Whoaaa so many! Thank you anon! Ok here we go :D

Rose Hip Tea : Describe your first kiss. Omg ok I feel like I’ve taled about this before but I’ll say it again since it’s a fun story. So my bf and I were each other’s first kiss so we were both HELLA nervous but we both kinda knew it was gonna happen since we’d been dating for like a solid three weeks prior to this (we were noobs, k don’t judge) and so we’re just chillin, wandering around the city and stuff and we sit down like on this ledge thing and for some reason there were a fuck ton of baby birds around idk why considering it was January but whatever. So we start up the DUMBEST small talk about birds. And it was just. Awful. Lmao. So whatever it gets super duper freaking awkward and then idk what happened but we just pushed our lips together and tada. It happened. And it was…wet. Like ridiculously wet and I was like ‘do people seriously enjoy this?’ Later that evening though we tried again and it was much better. Fast forward five years later and I finally find out that it turns out the reason our first kiss was so wet was because right as I closed my eyes he licked his lips like three times cuz he was super nervous which made it all sloppy XD

Iced Coffee : Do you like reading? If so, what’s your favorite book? Why yes, I dare say I like reading haha. Mmmm favorite book that’s a hard one. Gonna go with E.T.A Hoffmann’s  The Sandman. Super short and a good read. I’d definitely recommend it ^^

Italian Soda : Describe your dream date Hmmmm. Honestly so long as it ends in cuddles I’m for it. Although…Disneyland? I guess haha. I love going there. Watching World of Color and enjoying a churro with my love <3

Green Tea : How tall are you? 5 feet 4 inches. I know. Such tall. It’s astounding.

Hot Chocolate : Are you an affectionate person? Mmmm yes very much so I think. Although I’m trying to adopt a no fucks given sort of attitude because sometimes being too affectionate doesn’t really get you anywhere lmao.

Herbal Tea : You’re at a candle shop, what scented candle do you buy? I don’t buy anything and instead promptly walk out of the candle shop lol. I hate the way those stores smell XD Also I’m not a fan of candles? Like I don’t understand how a ball of wax can cost upwards of 25 bucks?? But to each their own I mean I’ve got my weird likes too lol. So if candles make you happy go for it my bro.