Hii TAYYYY, ❤️

I’m Francesca, from Italy and I just figured out the 1989 tour dates are done and probably there will be no more dates and I’m really crying because I really want to see you. You’re so important in my life,you help me every day,I need to see you, I love the tour and I don’t want to miss it but my parents don’t allow me to fly in London(or other countries) for a concert. I know, probably it not depends on you, you don’t manage these things but maybe you can do something for to add a date in Italy and I will be literally the happiest girl in the world. when I understood that the red tour didn’t come in italy I was so sad, disappointed, I cried all the time. I really loved the RED era but I missed it and I don’t want it to happens again with 1989.
I hope you can talk with the menager or someone else about to add a date over there, I’m not the only one, there are ALOT italian swiftie who needs to see you. I love you, sososososososoooo much. ❤️🐱 taylorswift
Ps. This should be The outfits for The 1989 tour plus The cat hears and the sing. I look so weird in The photo But i had so much fun do it with my bro.😂
(sorry for my bad English) :’)

SWIFTIE Please help me to get noticed by her!! tag her pleasee. 🙏🙏😭