REMEMBER,If We Get Caught, You’re deaf And i dont Speak Italian”

Ladies and Gentlemen! i would like to welcome My Childhood Bestfriend Monique! You might be wondering, Your still in contact with her since you were little tiny kids. Ofc not, buuut Anto Sent me her address since he was a part of our “three amici” (translation to ya’ll who dont speak italian amici means friends) thingie, and he kept in touch with her and i find myself in her apartment! And let me Tell you, SHE CHANGED, A LOT! last time i saw her she was a brunette in highschool,Not a blonde with pink tips! But Honestly We had to much to catch up to, She now has a Fiance and works as a DJ! So proud lol!

Any who.. how is everyone doing?

alehayers  asked:

Hello! I really love your blog and How you portray the 2p's. Also, Uhmmm if anyone hasn't done this yet? What if the reader suddenly turned into the opposite gender or visa versa with the 2p? -Alfie <3

((Omg hi babu /)^.^(\ I totally love your blog more okay? And you! * v * Let’s go with the 2Ps turning into their Nyos–))

2P!America: wHY DOES MY CHEST FEEL SO FUCKIN’ HEAVY *looks down* hoooOOOOLY SHIT, I HAVE TITS?! *moves around in circles* …heh heh, I look good in booty shorts, don’t I doll~

2P!China: *girly scream* OK WHY AM I A CHICK?!?!!???!!!?

2P!England: *gasps and touches hair* I have pigtails!~ Aren’t they adorable? And look at my pretty pretty dress! *gushes*

2P!France: …I can probably get guys easier while looking like this.

2P!Russia: *coughs and blushes, looks away embarrassed* I… really don’t care what gender I am anyway…

2P!Italy: Oh no… *tugs on skin-tight uniform* I am going to miss being a sexy Italian gentlemen… *pouts* however… this mini tie is cute… *giggles*

2P!Japan: First stop: gothic Lolita shop.

2P!Germany: nO WAY, WHAT THE HELL?!?! *looks over outfit* at least my clothes are killer! *laughs*

2P!Canada: I feel… like such a school girl… there’s a maple leaf pin in my hair–

2P!Romano: *SCREEEEECHES* MY DREAM OF BEING FEMALE FOR A DAY HAS COME TRUUEEEEE~ LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THE GIRL ME IS, WILL YOU?! *starts dancing around happily* …but not as gorgeous as boy me

2P!Prussia: This… f-feels weird… *flustered* w-what if I need to change-?! >.<