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Some things aren’t abusive as one-offs or as infrequent events, but become such as part of a pattern. A frustrated parent saying “Because I said so” after spending an hour trying to explain “No, sweetie, we can’t afford to send you on an Italian vacation with your friend, because we have bills and a mortgage” is unfortunate, but it’s not the same as a parent who consistently precludes all discussion about anything with “Because I’m the parent and I make the rules!”

Other things become unjustifiable by degree. A parent taking away the PS4 for a week after their kid spends a week playing Final Fantasy XV instead of studying for their exams & doing their homework is maybe not the most effective approach, but certainly won’t be harmful under most circumstances. A parent taking away all leisure time and leisure activities as retaliation for the same behavior has veered straight into unjustifiable territory.

And like… this post isn’t really for the victims/survivors of abuse who read this blog. Y’all probably understand all this stuff already. It’s more to clarify things for the throngs of people who’re still under the impression that I believe that parents are being abusive every time they say “no” or do something that displeases their children.


Snowden-Gray House_DSC0896 by William Dougherty
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Snowden-Gray House 1852 Italianate. The home was built in 1852–1854 by Philip T. Snowden and his wife Abigail. He, a successful dry goods merchant and she, a successful milliner (hat-maker). From 1862–1864 it was the home of Civil War Governor David Tod. From the end of the Civil War until 1922, the family of Columbus philanthropist David S. Gray occupied the residence. Since 1922 it has served a variety of uses, including the headquarters of the Columbus Women’s Club. 


scenes from the Amalfi Coast by marin tomic  

So, let’s talk about something. In light of this song and the confirmation of the person Adam / Catpuke Hominygrits was , I think we should review Hiddleswift summer. You know at the beginning of a new relationship after such a man is in your life; you have that conversation with your new man. You get honest. Maybe not in details. At the very least, you say, my ex was not a good guy and let them know that you are waiting for the shoe to drop and this new guy to go off.

Think about the fact and the activity of the summer. Concerts, meeting families, Romantic Italian vacations, etc. Tom was trying to let her know the man he was.

And what was that statement someone said at their dinner with Holly Williams? He was very protective of her. He was always communicating with bodyguards and putting protective arms around her.

He did all of the things he did to show her that she was worth it. Every dinner. Every trip.

I don’t care if you find Tom Hiddleston attractive or not. He is a good guy.

If I ever hear the words PR stunt again in context with them, I will likely go sideways on somebody.


Piazza del Duomo is a city square in Catania,Sicily,surrounded by buildings in the unique local baroque style. The symbol of the city is the Fountain of the Elephant, made of lava stone,it dates from the Roman period.
The Amenano Fountain is a tribute to the river Amenano created by Tito Angelini.
The ruins of the Roman amphitheatre are worth seeing.
Etna Street leads to Villa Bellini.
Castello Ursino is a 13th century castle that houses the Museo Civico.
Under Catania there are several ruins of the 16 century city that was covered by the eruption of Etna.
Stop at San Giovanni Li Cuti and find a restaurant of your liking.
Enjoy an excursion to Etna,within easy reach from Catania