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FROM THE MEDITERRANEAN COUNTRIES: Cretan Hound (Greece), Italian Greyhound (Greece/Turkey), Maltese (Malta), Serbian Hound, Sarplaninac (Albania/Macedonia), Neapolitan Mastiff (Italy), Tornjak (Bosnia), Lagotto Romagnolo (Italy), Cane Corso (Italy), Spinone Italiano, Dalmatian (Croatia), Pharoah Hound/Kalb Tal-Fenek (Malta).

*Disclaimer: The Dalmatian may or may not be Croatian as Wikipedia says it is.

Himaruya just updated with a sketch of a girl called Littorio (so go check out the hetascanlations translation of his update) and I had no idea what a Littorio was so I googled her.

Turns out she’s an Italian Battleship that was in service from 1940 to 1948.

So… we have personifications of specific battleships now.

And if this means all battleships have nation type personifications, then their lives must be even more difficult than those of the actual nations.

According to her wikipedia article, Littorio herself was badly damaged by the British less than 6 months after entering service, and as a result put out of action for 5 months. After that she took part in many escort missions until 1943, when Italian fuel shortages meant she was left inactive for another 6 months.

After the fall of Mussolini Italy signed an armistice with the allies and Littorio was renamed Italia. She and the rest of the Italian fleet were interned in Malta for the rest of the war, but on the way they were attacked by the Germans - now their enemies after Italy’s withdrawal from the Axis - and her sister ship Roma was sunk.

After the war she was given to America as a war prize, and they eventually scrapped her in 1948.

And I don’t know… reading all that with the image of this cute personification in my head is somehow one of the saddest things I’ve ever done.

Graziano Pellè celebrating his first goal for Italy during his debut for the Italian national team.