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Someone You’re Not

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Game of Thrones

Jon Snow/reader

Your gran might just deck me in the face for this. 

Warnings: Mentions of being cast out, faking identity, prejudice toward illegitimate children, swearing, mild violence, fluffy!smut. 

Summary: You had to attend a ball, which you didn’t want to go to, but thankfully, a certain bastard is there to save you. However, as your relationship with Jon grows, he finds himself having to pretend to be someone he isn’t in order to stay by your side. What will happen when someone stands in the way of love?

Author’s note: This was gonna be the Cinderella fic, but I thought this would be better for many reasons. Also, this one’s a little late because I decided to change it like halfway through so I had to go back and edit it all. I FINALLY FUCKING FINISHED IT, TOO, LIKE, I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF LMAO 

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